In the dynamic world of makeup and beauty, one name stands out as a testament to passion, experience, and the transformative power of cosmetics—Elizabeth Lawrence, the Founder and Creative Director of Darliza Makeovers Inc.

Genesis in Lagos, Nigeria

Elizabeth’s love affair with makeup commenced over 15 years ago in the vibrant streets of Lagos, Nigeria. The lively energy of the city served as the incubator for her creative spirit, laying the foundation for a journey dedicated to unveiling beauty in its myriad forms.

From Lagos to Calgary: A Beauty Odyssey

Fast forward to the present day, and Elizabeth finds herself in the picturesque city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Amidst stunning landscapes and diverse communities, she continues to explore the transformative power of makeup at Darliza Makeovers Inc., driven by a mission to celebrate and enhance natural beauty.

A Multifaceted Journey

Elizabeth’s venture in the beauty industry has been marked by diverse experiences. From active involvement in The Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria to contributing to the success of Make Music Nigeria, her path traversed through renovation, construction, interior design, and even trading in women’s apparel. Each experience has provided invaluable insights into beauty, aesthetics, and the authentic needs of clients.

Makeup as Empowerment

Beyond a mere profession, for Elizabeth, makeup is a potent tool for empowerment and confidence. The philosophy at Darliza Makeovers Inc. revolves around enhancing natural beauty, creating a spark of confidence, and turning everyday moments into something truly special. This belief is deeply rooted in the strength and grace described in Proverbs 31:17.

ForbesBLK Member and Community Advocate

Proudly affiliated with ForbesBLK, Elizabeth is passionate about uplifting the voices of Black entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, and creators. This commitment extends beyond breaking barriers; it’s about building a community of transformative collaboration.

Join Elizabeth on this journey of empowerment, inspiration, and the celebration of beauty at Darliza Makeovers Inc. As she continues to unveil the inherent radiance in each individual, let her story inspire confidence in every woman.

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