Wearing makeup everyday without removing them properly tends to block skin pores causing constant breakouts and blemishes that dull and age the skin giving it a lackluster appearance.

For days when there’s no need to wear makeup, the skin should be cleansed, moisturized and left to breathe but if you must wear makeup, ensure to remove every bit of it and replenish the skin of the stripped moisture.

For ladies who tend to wear makeup everyday or often, note that these listed bits should be done often.

1. Deep cleansing

After using a makeup remover, take the residue off with a deep cleansing astringent or a facial wash that totally gets rid of leftover makeup to make sure the pores are thoroughly clean and closed.

Whether you wear a lot of makeup daily or every other day, this step is extremely important.

2. Exfoliation

Exfoliation essentially helps to reveal newer, softer skin by getting rid of dead skin cells that build up over time. When dead skin cells are not removed, the skin pores get blocked, it loses its shine and brightness so this is an essential part of skin routine and especially when you wear makeup often.

This can be done weekly to ensure the skin is not unnecessarily stripped of moisture.

3. Facials

Getting regular facials done by professionals is a must do periodically to make sure the skin stays in great shape. Opt for facials specially tailored to suit your skin; a professional is always in the best position to do this.

4. Serum (For rejuvenation)

In between getting the skin cleansed, treated catering to it overnight is also a must. Make sure that after the washes and cleansing every night, it’s replenished using products that work on it (the skin) even while you sleep.

5. Sun Protection

Whether you wear makeup daily or periodically, ensure you have sun protection always. Use moisturizers, makeup etc with enough SPF (sun protection).

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