Yemi Alade shares her performance “on stage” makeup look, explaining how she gets performance ready with Maybelline and Vogue Magazine.

Viewers get to see her favorite make up product on the channel which has about 6.94 million subscribers.

Yemi Alade is the latest celebrity to grace Vogue‘s Youtube channel.

“I’m sharing some secrets, guys—get your notepads,” she laughs as she gets into her skin-care and makeup routine.

Acknowledging the fact that she has not always had a go-to beauty regimen, she says, “You should see my makeup from [the early] days. I’m not sure what I was thinking. It was like my own personal hurricane was hitting my face.”

Alade’s starts with cleansing her face with a special made charcoal soap. Then she moisturises with coconut oil before filling her eyebrows with a dark brown Maybelline pencil.

Watch the video below:


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