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The secret of multitasking is that it is not actually multitasking. It’s just extreme focus and organization. Lola Adamson fits the bill. She is an Actor, Storyteller and Content Creator. Her love for film, art and music blossomed at a very young age. Inspired by her famous artist dad; Kenny Adamson, It is safe to say she took after him.

Lola is passionate about the film industry, motivating and entertaining people. Her Love for all things film paved the way to storytelling which led to her writing and reading real-life stories, untold stories and fictional stories on her platform, Short Stories with Lola.

She was a publicist and talent manager for 9 years. Managing some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as DJ Cuppy, Tiwa Savage, MI Abaga, and a host of others.

In 2017, passion and purpose kicked in and placed her on the path to pursue her acting career, which led to her recent appearance in Eddie Murphy’s “Coming To America 2”. She shares her inspiring journey with Esther Ijewere in this exclusive interview.

Growing Up

I grew up in a creative and expressive environment. My dad is an artist, Kenny Adamson. Growing up, I spent most of my time with him. He was a single parent and I was his only child then. He taught me to express myself and to never be afraid, not even when it comes to risks or failure. He would teach me to learn from it and be a better person. I watched my dad earn a living doing what he loves. I’d always be in the studio with him watching him sketch and paint. Listening to a wide variety of music with him as he worked, I would see the joy on his face as he tapped his feet and stroked his brush on the canvas. After each painting was done, we would sit on our stools, no music, no sound, just the 2 of us staring at the painting. Sometimes if he was alone, he’d call me to come sit with him and he’d ask “Tell me what you see”. It was simply beautiful.

When times were hard, I never heard him say “Let me learn a course or dive into a different field because we need money”. He would say “This is all I know; this is the gift and talent God has blessed me with. God has equipped me with the tools I need to earn and with God’s help, I will always succeed

Why I became a storyteller and pitched my tent in the movie industry

From a very young age, I always knew I wanted to be an actor, it always came first. The desire has been in me since the age of 7. Deciding what course to study at University, theatre arts came first but I ended up studying International Relations for my undergrad and International Business for my master’s. At that point, I feared I had outgrown any opportunity I had, I was afraid and lacked any form of confidence in pursuing a career in the film industry.  After many years working in the music industry, I realized the moment I wasn’t happy anymore that something had to change. I deserved to be as happy as the clients I was managing, they were following their dreams, so why wasn’t I doing the same? And so in 2017, I decided it was time to pursue passion.

I always thought of myself as a storyteller. It’s part of the reason why I am extremely passionate about the film industry. The desire to pursue acting opened the door to storytelling.

Short stories with Lola

In June 2021, I was thinking of what else I could do to bring in money for myself. I didn’t have a job then and I also didn’t want anything to take me fully away from pursuing a career in acting. I took a notepad and sat outside, I told the Holy Spirit to bless me with ideas and He said to list the things I love doing. I wrote out 6 different things and I got lost, didn’t know how to continue so I closed the book and told the Holy Spirit to bring me back to these ideas when it was time.  A few weeks later, during my therapy session, my therapist said “if I say you’re a storyteller, what does that mean to do?”. I was surprised but also really wasn’t because it’s a part of me. She continued and said, “Lola God wants you to start writing and telling stories”.

A week later, I opened my notepad and found myself on the page where I wrote out the things I loved doing and storytelling was the 6th thing I wrote. I started crying, It made sense. God spoke but I was unsure of how to move ahead, Then He spoke through a familiar voice. I recorded my first story that week. That’s how Short Stories with Lola was born.

Changing career paths from talent management into film and acting

We’re all on different paths. For some, that one career is the path to do all God has said they would do in life. Purpose is a journey, not a destination. God will always move us and change things in our lives, there’s always more He has for each of us. Purpose evolves, it has different layers just like an onion. It was made a mystery for us to find. With my story, each layer has helped unlock the next. Do not limit what God can do in your life. Do not put God in a box. Take the first step and move and as you move you will see, learn and understand more. For some people, within their purpose for a season is another purpose.

The transition process 

To be honest, I still kind of worry sometimes but thank God for my therapist and life coach who has helped me with the process of challenging and eliminating limiting thoughts.  I know I am not Crazy for following this path. There was a time I thought I had outgrown any chance I had, I lost confidence in myself, was scared people would laugh at me so I locked myself in the cage of fear for over 15 years. Inspired by Ava DuVernay’s story, I told God I was ready.

I knew the minute I made my decision, it would not be easy. I believe I mentally prepared myself for the struggle, disappointments, rejections etc, and that has helped me hold on. I take it one day at a time.  For me it wasn’t and still isn’t a “will it ever happen? Am I good at this?”. I know that I am a talented actor, I know God didn’t make a mistake blessing me with this beautiful gift and I know it will happen. The when and how is what I leave to God.

I feel drained sometimes, the frustration sets in and I say to myself “I don’t know why I didn’t bring Tech or business head into this life o, I’ll be making money now instead of wondering if they’ll cast me or not. Or if I had just stayed in the music industry I’d have grown so much and living life like my colleagues” Lol. I know that’s the stress talking because I always end with “I will keep pushing”.

Impact and lessons from managing some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry for 9 years

The one great important thing I learnt was “in this industry, you need to have tough skin”. That alone teaches you there will be disappointments, rejections, and disrespect but you know who you are and what your focus is. Humility will teach you how to be calm and ignore some things because really, not every action requires a reaction.  And also, never mess with your contracts. Don’t just leave it for people to read for you. Be aware of what you’re signing, and how it favors and affects you. Hold yourself accountable because it’s also not just about you, there are other souls tied to your destiny.

The highlight of my appearance in “Coming to America” 2

Being on the same production set with people I idolized growing up was unbelievable. A blessing. Looking at the cast and thinking “This is real Lola, they’re real, it’s not a dream”. It was like God showing me the more He has for me if I keep believing, trusting in Him & doing the work. I was on set for 3-4 days, 14-16 hours each day, in winter. Many special moments but my fav was talking to Wesley Snipes at breakfast, telling him I’m Nigerian. He saw me hours later at lunch & said “Bawo ni”, I lost my mind. I still wonder how he knew I was Yoruba. Lol

Seeing Arsenio Hall maintain his character as Baba when the tapes weren’t rolling was an amazing learning experience. It wasn’t just a background role for me, I was in class, learning. I didn’t worry about taking pictures with the cast, I’ll take better ones with them real soon, on set.

3 women Who Inspire me to be better and Why

1, My late aunt, my dad’s twin sister. She was a mother to me, she raised me. My Aunty Taiye was all about peace. She was sweet, her words were always encouraging and soothing. As a kid, I always admired her dedication to her catering service. She catered to a few banks in VI back in the early 90’s. You’d see people from all walks of life around her, praising her, praying for her. She cared for many children in her life and watching her do that gave birth to the desire to always want to do something for children.  She was the true definition of “your life isn’t just about you”.

 2.  Laila Johnson Salami. I’ve known Laila since she was about 18 or 19, we met before she finished university and she has always inspired me. She’s always known what she wants and has gone for it. I’ve watched her grow from then to now as one of the best news broadcasters in Nigeria She’s achieved all this at the age of 25. I’m excited for her future and proud to call her friend.

3. Rihanna. I admire her love for, and passion poured into making her country a better place. I love how she pours into her home. I desire to do that. I always say she got lemons and made the tastiest lemonade with it, lol. I love how she’s herself, there’s a vibe to her authenticity. She’s who she is and does what she does. Her journey is one for the books

Challenges of being an actor and storyteller

The major challenge with acting is dealing with the rejections or no response to projects I’ve auditioned for. Another is finances. This dream requires sacrifice, you must pour into it and spend a lot till it starts paying you. And with finances, you need a good job. Now a really good job will require my time and passion for it as well. Lol. It’s like a roller coaster sometimes.  With storytelling it will be writing fictitious stories, sometimes I am blank for weeks till something comes in. Other times are trying to convince people to share their stories.

Being a Woman of Rubies

Oh wow, lol. Wouldn’t be nice to list things. Really, It’s God. It’s God in me. That’s who makes me a woman of rubies and more. I always pray that when people see me, they see God. That alone gives me unexplainable joy.

To anyone having a hard time going after their passion because they’re afraid of plunging into unknown territories

What is the worst that can happen? We will all die one day. Do you want to die knowing you tried or knowing you didn’t try at all? It’s better to take risks, and learn from your failures than not try at all because you let fear keep you trapped. It all starts in the mind. The mind is like a stubborn child who likes to throw unnecessary tantrums because it’s scared of what it doesn’t know. You are in control, not your mind. Who are you leaning on? Who’s leading you? Who are you surrounding yourself with?  Let God be your main focus, He will then equip & bless you with the right tools & people that will help motivate & push you to be the best version of yourself, living out the desires He has placed in you.

The art industry in Nigeria, support for artists, and the need for improvement

In recent years I believe the industry in Nigeria is starting to support female actors and storytellers. It’s been a long time coming but it is happening now, Women are making great moves and it gives me so much joy to experience it.  I would say the area of education, that’s the foundation. Let’s normalize reading books, and learning about other great women who have walked this earth and accomplished great things and impacted the world with their stories and characters portrayed.

Talent management and future goals

I really don’t like to say never because the truth is, we don’t know what will happen or how we will feel in the next year. But, it’s not something I want to go back to. I’ve been offered a job in Atlanta to work with a new record label and I passed on it.

Tiwa Savage had a talk with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s “The Zane Lowe Show” about her new song “Temptation” featuring Sam Smith. She tells Zane how the collaboration came to be, the growth of the Afrobeat genre, the music coming out of Africa and more.

On her collaboration with Sam Smith she said:

When I walked in, because we had a recording session with… We had nine rooms in a hotel and I had different pieces of writing, and I walked into this particular room and I heard this record, and I heard the chorus, and I was just like, “This song is so special.” I sat with it for days just trying to get the perfect topline.

And we did everything, and my label are like, “Which songs do you want to do a feature on?” And I said, “There is this one song that I hear an artist on,” and they were like, “Who is it?” I’m like, “I hear Sam Smith.” But I know that’s never going to happen. So, that’s it. We just walked away from it. I promise you, I wasn’t even thinking that anything was going to happen. Literally, I think maybe six months later, my manager calls me and my manager’s like, “Sam is going to do the record.” I said, “Sam who? What are you talking about?”

Even still, I was just like, no, this is impossible. Five days later, she calls me and she pulls a Khaled on me. She says, “The vocals are in.” I opened my email, I heard it, and I literally had goosebumps, because we don’t know how amazing Sam is.

I was like, Wow, this is incredible. And it just changed the whole face of the project. Do you know what I mean? Because this is really happening for afrobeat, not even just with Tiwa.

Telling Apple Music about the Afrobeat genre and the music coming out of Africa, she said:

I’m so grateful, not just for that record, but what this means for my genre and the movement that we’re pushing. I was having this conversation with my mom the other day, and I said to her, when she moved me to London, I was bullied so much for being African. I used to try and change my accent, and pretend like I wasn’t African. And it wasn’t cool.

And now being African is one of the coolest things, and Afrobeat is the fastest growing genre. And for me, it’s a blessing to live and witness both, to see how it went from not being cool, to being one of the most sought after genres. And not just that, the music is shining a different light on the continent. Africa, we have to rewrite our story. I think it’s been written in so many different ways. And so many people have the wrong impression of Africa. And now having huge legends like Beyoncé doing a movement such as Black is King, and shining just a different light on my continent, it’s just amazing.

Celebrities are vehicles of social change, and their impact is felt through their work and the value they add to the society. While Nigerians are getting agitated about the lock-down , some celebs are using their platforms to spread hope and love, to show that truly we are all in this together.

Here are some of the celebs who have been spreading Love and Light through their platforms since the beginning of the Lockdown

Toyin Abraham

Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham is doing her part to ensure that people have what to eat following the lockdown announcement .Toyin has donated foodstuff and other basic necessities to people across the country – The mother of one sent bags of rice, garri, hand sanitisers to her fans and those in need.

Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood actress, Tonto  Dikeh has shared a great burden of God to humanity and she is really seeing it through. The actress is one of the independent donors to the economically vulnerable Nigerians as Coronavirus halts all activities in the country and keeps everyone at home!

She has continued her charitable act through her son’s foundation, King Andre Dikeh Foundation and this time, 2000 women and children were beneficiaries of the cooked and raw food shared as Covid relief.

Foluke Daramola

The beautiful Nollywood actress have been very supportive and shown compassion for Veterans who are in dire need amid the lockdown. From Cash to food donation, she alongside her team have been going round to support these veterans who are almost forgotten. Her Organisation has in no little way brought these men and women of the screen to our consciousness.


Celebrity dancer Kafayat Shafau is reaching out to the needy during this difficult times, through her “Add a Cup” initiative. The Guinness world record breaker dancer has given out food and hand sanitisers to several Nigerians across the Country

Toyin Lawani

The serial Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer have been very supportive during the lockdown. Toyin through her company fed 2000 people recently and also gave some cash to those in need, and continue to use her platform to advocate to help those in need get help


Damilola Adegbite

Tinsel Star and actress Damilola is another celebrity who has shown support towards those in need during the lockdown, especially Single Moms in Need. Prior to the pandemic, Damilola has been an ardent supporter of single moms, It is no surprise that she gave out cash and money to them during this Pandemic.


Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage, who in a recent live chat disclosed the humbling effect the virus has on her, also pledged her support for single moms in need. The Music star gave hope to some of her fans on the live chat and promised to suport more via her partnership with Oba Farms.



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Beyonce had Nigerian superstars, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Mr Eazi, Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade and other African artistes on the album “The Gift”. However, most people are not aware that Niniola also worked on the album alongside other Nigerians.

The singer wrote and performed the track “Find Your Way Back” which contains elements of her hit single “Maradona”.

Niniola took to her Instagram page to reveal that working on the album was a dream come true and thanked fans, her team, and family for their support.

In her words, MARADONA!!!” The Song that keeps giving! When the advance royalty cheque comes in from featuring on @Beyonce’s Album, “THE GIFT”, and you can’t but give thanks to God. ???? Being a contributor to the “Find Your Way Home” Song off Queen B’s Album was a dream come true for me and I cannot wait to share with you, greater news and opportunities that this has opened me up to, internationally. 

As always, a big thank you to all of you for continuing to support the Niniola brand. Special thanks to my Label, @@drumrollrecords, my Management Company @Naijareview my Publishers @kobaltmusic my lawyers @rbmmnigeria and everyone that continues to work behind the scene to ensure I achieve my God-given potential. I love you all.

Credit: tooexclusive.com

On August 30, 2019, ace Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage announced her new single, ‘49-99.’

'49-99' is also set to drop later today at 4:00pm GMT. (Instagram/TiwaSavage)
’49-99′ is also set to drop later today at 4:00pm GMT. (Instagram/TiwaSavage)

At first, a few people thought it was an album, but it’s a single which dropped yesterday at 4:00 pm GMT. A listening party was also held for the single in London, England, UK on Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

During the listening party, she had a Q&A session during which she revealed what ‘49-99’ means. According to her, ’49-99′ stands for ‘Forty nine, ninety-nine’ and not ‘Four thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine’ or ‘Four nine nine nine.’

Explaining the reasoning behind it, she says, “It’s a phrase that was coined by the godfather of afrobeats, Fela Kuti. It means, ‘49 sitting, 99 standing.’ Errm, suffering and smiling. For those who are not Nigerian, we have these transit buses which we call a ‘molue’ and it has 49 seats.

So instead of it to have 49 people to commute to work and back, you have 49 people sitting and double that standing, hanging… That’s just a reflection of the economy and the imbalance with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. So the song, even when you first listen to it – it’s a great record (laughs) – it’s one you can zanku to and dance to.

But I wanted something; I wanted my first global single to have a message that we are suffering and smiling and music is a powerful tool. And I wanted a title which could be a conversation starter like 49 people sitting and 99 people standing… like we’re suffering and smiling.

People then clapped for her. During the chat, she also explained the process and thought behind the song. She explains how she was in her room and got a call from Pheelz and Olamide who told her, “We created something and we think you should come and listen to it.”

On getting to the studio, she thought Olamide was trying to feature her on song. But then, when she heard the beat, she thought, “A spaceship (lift off). So I said, ‘let me sit down (laughs).”

During the chat, she also gave a shout-out to her fellow African female artistes like Yemi Alade, Omawumi, Teni, Niniola, Waje and so forth.

Currently, she’s doing an interview in New York City, New York, US.

You can watch her discussion on ‘4999’ below;

Credit: pulse.ng


Tiwa has  cancelled her performance at the upcoming DStv Delicious Festival in Johannesburg on the 21st of September.

Sending her prayers to victims on her Twitter handle, she wrote:

I refuse to watch the barbaric butchering of my people in SA. This is SICK. For this reason I will NOT be performing at the upcoming DSTV delicious Festival in Johannesburg on the 21st of September. My prayers are with all the victims and families affected by this.


Credit: Bella Naija

Nigerian celebrities, Funke Akindele Bello and Tiwa Savage are the richest female Nigerian celebrities on Instagram.

According to the Instagram Rich List 2019, Akindele at 45th position is the richest female Nigerian celebrity globally with over 8 million followers and earns 50,500 dollars which is (over 18 million Naira).

Singer, Tiwa Savage who follows closely at 48th position is second richest with over 7.5 million followers, earning 47,200 dollars (17 million Naira).

The list, compiled by Instagram scheduling tool HopperHQ, shows that billionaire entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner with Instagram followers of 141 million, is the world’s richest entertainer, has a worth of $1,226,000 per post.

Singer and actress, Ariana Grande is second on the list with an Instagram followership of 158.4 million and a worth of $996,000 per post to emerge second ahead of Ronaldo.

Kim Kardashian is fourth on the list, followed by Selena Gomez in fifth position and Beyonce in the seventh position.

See list below

Credit: Fabwoman

Though the likes of Tuface Idibia, Davido, Wizkid, Olamide, Flaour and the rest have continued to dominate the country’s music scene, recent events show that female singers are no longer confortable playing second fiddle. Unlike the days when it was all about the boys, some music chics are gradually making big moves that will eventually narrow the gap and change the narrative.

Just recently, Effyzzie Music Group singing sensation and mama Africa, Yemi Alade, teamed up with American Hip-Hop/Rap star Rick Ross to serve up the remix of her buzzing single Oh My Gosh. The singer’s Instagram is presently flooded with the behind-the-scene shots and videos of the new single, which was directed by Ryan Snyder. The song, which was produced by ace producer DJ Coublon, with strings by talented guitarist Fiokee, was mixed and mastered by raving sound engineer, Swaps. Meanwhile, the original version, also produced DJ Coublon, was released in 2018, with a video directed by Ovie.

Yemi, who said she is keen on taking Africa to the world with her songs, said the track is already trending in Nigeria and UK. The song, according to source, will be featured on Yemi Alade’s album titled Woman Of Steel, which will drop later this year. The work will feature collaborations with prominent acts like Rick Ross, Duncan Mighty, Funke Akindele, and Angelique Kidjo.

Earlier in the year, the songwriter hit a one hundred million view mark on her YouTube platform and emerged the second Nigerian artiste to attain the feat. Alade made this achievement with the video of her hit single, Johnny, which she released in 2014. She has performed around the world and shared the stage and songs with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Shina Peters, Wizkid, Becca, M.I, Waje and others.

Just when it seems the buzz had subsided, Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, announced an exclusive global recording agreement with Tiwa Savage, one of Africa’s biggest stars and an artiste whose success spans music, fashion, film and television.

Under the agreement, her future music will be released internationally through UMG’s operations in more than 60 countries worldwide, with projects executively produced by Efe Ogbeni of Regime Music Societe and Vannessa Amadi-Ogbonna.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and later received a scholarship to study Professional Music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts before embarking on a career that has seen her achieve creative success across a multitude of mediums, 2018 remains Tiwa’s most successful year to date, which saw the singer-songwriter crowned Best African Act by the MTV European Music Awards, making history as the first female to win the accolade.

In the same year, she also became the first African female to sell out London’s IndigO2. In December, Tiwa was handpicked by Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin to perform alongside Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and Jay Z live at the Global Citizen Festival in Johannesburg to a 70,000 strong audience and millions across the globe in celebration of the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

An accomplished live musician, she has performed around the world, including a notable performance at Jay Z’s Made In America festival in Philadelphia in 2017. Tiwa was named one of the world’s Top 100 Inspirational Women in Fashion by Vogue US then later featured in British Vogue’s December 2018 issue as one of 10 women that are changing the face of music globally. She has released a string of singles including Mr Lova Lova ft Duncan Mighty, Diet and Tiwa’s Vibe all of which hit the No. 1 spot across charts within Africa, securing her position as one of Afrobeats leading artists.

A resilient force within Africa’s ever-growing entertainment industry, she has also managed to carve a career as a reputable songwriter, conquering the charts in Africa whilst balancing her roles as an entrepreneur, mentor and mother.

Throughout her career, Savage has been active in her philanthropic endeavours, supporting various youth engagement organisations and breast cancer screening projects across Nigeria and further afield. Through her work with MTV’s Shuga, Savage is also keen to share further knowledge of HIV/ AIDS prevention and awareness within the continent. One of Africa’s most followed women on social media, Savage was the first African female to represent Pepsi as an ambassador and represents leading global brands including Nike, MegaGrowth Hair, MTN and Star Beer.

Throughout summer 2019, Tiwa will play a string of international festivals including the UK’s Wireless Festival, Afropunk in Paris and Oh My! Festival in Amsterdam.Commenting on the deal, Tiwa Savage said, “My biggest goal is to make Africa proud. I’m so excited for this moment and I’m thankful to Sir Lucian Grainge and my new UMG family for their belief in my dreams. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my career and I’m more ready than I have ever been.”

Adam Granite, EVP Market Development, Universal Music Group said, “We are looking forward to partnering with Tiwa and her team to help her music reach new audiences around the world. As one of Africa’s most successful, influential and dynamic singer-songwriters, Tiwa has truly global ambitions and UMG is committed to help her in achieving them.”

Efe Ogbeni and Vannessa Amadi-Ogbonna of Stealth Management said, “We’re very proud to be a part of this ground-breaking partnership between Tiwa Savage and Universal Music Group. Tiwa is undoubtedly the most hardworking and talented female artist crossing over from Africa to the rest of the world, and UMG has demonstrated its commitment to the Continent by placing its formidable machinery behind her amazing career. Partnerships like these symbolise the hopes and dreams of so many talented artists back home in Africa and it is an honour to be the executive producers of her project.”

In a moving message to Tiwa on her new deal, Mavin Records Boss Don Jazzy said, “Our darling Tiwatope. We at Mavin would like to say a very big thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us, a friend, a sister. It’s been an epic journey with you and we are very proud of what we have achieved together.“As you start this new chapter in your life we want you to know that we are solidly behind you and can’t wait for the world to see what we have always believed you can be. Your jersey as the First Lady of Mavin will forever be yours, as we do not intend to fill that position with anyone else.

“We love you from the bottom of the heart and pray GOD’s blessings to continue to follow you. Amennnn.” Meanwhile, X3M Music has announced the departure of one of its recording artistes Simisola Ogunleye, following the expiration of her recording contract. The Lagos-based label confirms, in a statement signed by A&R executive Vincent Nwanze, that both parties have determined to not renew the contract.

In a career that is still unfolding, Simi as she’s fondly called, has emerged one of the most remarkable music talents of her generation; combining a peerless skill for writing and arranging, with a vocal prowess like none before her.

That special voice, an unassuming look, and writing talent are what attracted her to X3M when she was signed in 2014. She immediately warmed hearts with the hit single Tiff, which earned her a Headies nomination. Her debut album for X3M (her career second) was released to local and international acclaim in September 2017, and named album of the year in 2018, by The Headies Awards.

Her final album for X3M music Omo Charlie Champagne was released on April 19, 2019. X3M music is reputed to have a bias for original, alt music; especially in an industry dominated by pop.

‘We only sign artistes that we love and believe in. We know our taste in music is rather different; but we only sign talents who meet that taste. Fortunately, we have been able to find millions of music lovers here and abroad, who share similar tastes, as is evident in the success of all the artistes we have worked with, including Simi, who is without any doubt one of the biggest music talents in the country today…’

Though nothing has be said regarding Simi next move, many suggest that the Jamb Question singer might be working out something with her newly wedded husband and singer, Adekunle Gold. On the other hand, rumour has it that the singer might be on the verge of inking a new music deal with an international music platform soon.

Source: CHUKS NWANNE for Guardian

Tiwa Savage who hasn’t been active on social media since her last post in December 2018, has sent out a number of tweets explaining her need for a break and also subtly announcing her exciting new endorsement deal with Star Radler.

She reposted a number of tweets about the endorsement.

Tiwa Savage’s endorsement comes just a few weeks after Burna Boy was also announced as Star Lager beer’s brand ambassador.

The Upcoming Artist Guide@Thejollofdiary

In other news, Tiwa Savage is the latest addition to Star Nigeria for Star Radler, following Burna Boy’s signing as Star Lager Beer ambassador.

This makes Tiwa & Burna Boy first ever ambassadors of the Star Brand. 💰

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Tiwa Savage


Miss you guys, sorry I needed a lil break. Got some great news to share soon … 2019 just about to start for me 🙏🏼🔥🔥🔥

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Tiwa Savage


I will sooner than you expect, just needed a Lil break to spend time with my family and my son … work is about to start 💪🏽

Replying to @TiwaSavage

Tiwa please come back to instagram. I miss you 😘

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Tiwa Savage has bare it all about her battle with low self esteem

The Mavin queen also revealed that she only looks beautiful by the help of make-ups and push-up bras. Stating that sometimes she is intimidated by the glamour on social media.

“I get a lot of messages from young girls who are depressed with low self-esteem because they don’t feel pretty like the social media girls they see every day and my heart breaks because I feel like that too sometimes.

“We are all in this together, I’m not perfect, and not the prettiest, sexiest, richest but I’ll remain kind and seek after God’s heart because none of the others matters to Him.

“Ultimately God’s approval is all we need”, she said.

She added that contrary to public belief, she hardly sees herself as a pretty woman.

“Some people are born beautiful, flawless skin, long curly hair, fair skin but some of us grew up looking at the world’s definition of beauty and found ourselves not fitting into that standard but with the help of makeup, filters and push up bras we feel a little closer.

“What happens when you take all that off and you stare at yourself in the mirror, do you still think you are beautiful?

“You should because you are and when we meet our creator face to face it’s those with the kindest hearts that will stand as most beautiful.

“So while we work on the outside make sure we work on our hearts.”