It is interesting how you can build a business out of the most basic things you do in your personal life. For Kátia, her idea to earn a living by making edible bouquets came when she first made one to encourage her eldest daughter to eat more fruits. And just like most of us, Kátia decided to take a photo of of it before her daughter started eating and shared with her friend who posted the picture on Facebook. People became interested in it and asked who made it and that very day, Kátia got her very first order and customer for her edible bouquets. And like they say, the rest is history.

Kátia Agy, known as a singer and TV presenter, and now, the founder of Food Lounge Mz. Her business is focused on making edible bouquets using fresh fruits and chocolates. For the past 7 years, this business has been the main source of income for Kátia, and now also her three employees.

What inspired Kátia to begin this business was the desire to become independent, and to be able to work from home to be close to her daughters. She was also inspired by the love she has for making, creating and decorating food, especially for being able to transform a plate of fruit or a simple chocolate into something interesting that grabs the attention of those who are going to eat it.

Kátia simple turned her passion into business.

She gets maximum pleasure with each bouquet creation. Indeed, The Food Lounge Mz has found a way to make people eat fruits and chocolates and get maximum pleasure and happiness from doing it. Making a bouquet to be devoured by someone is a huge responsibility and the amazement and satisfaction on the face of the recipients are constant sources of celebration. They simply sell happiness through their explosion and mixture of flavors!

For Kátia, her satisfaction as an entrepreneur comes from having more control of her time, freedom to imagine and create a concept. Also, being able to help her clients get the best gift for their loved ones and lastly, seeing her clients recommend her to other people.

For women who wish to, or are already starting a business, her advice is: Do not stop! Do what you have to do, trembling, afraid, but don’t give up. Cultivate your dreams with the same claw that is characteristic of women in all other aspects of life! Do not listen to those who consider your business without wings to fly, because even the eagle had several falls before it managed to fly high. Remember to pray, believe, work with discipline, stay focused and make it happen. It is in your hands.

Coffee is certainly a popular beverage. Okay, pause for a moment, as a woman find out if this is your drink. This is not to scare you, in fact, studies have shown this drink has some health benefits when consumed moderately. This is a perfect read for moms or soon-to-be moms who love coffee in the morning.

Understanding what you put inside your body is so important for women. Health issues can be monitored and regulated in this manner. Alissa Vitti, an expert on women’s hormones, offered her perspective on coffee consumption. Women are advised to drink less coffee or to avoid it altogether. Take a look at her reasoning and decide if you still like coffee.

Pregnancy and miscarriage rates may be affected by caffeine:

This drink has a significant impact on fertility for both men and women, and yet it’s rarely ever mentioned. Men and women who drink three cups of coffee a day increase their miscarriage risk by 74%
Caffeine is linked to reduced fertility and, therefore, difficulties conceiving
The consumption of caffeinated beverages during early pregnancy (before you know you’re pregnant) increases the risk of early pregnancy loss
IVF conception rates were lower among men who drank two to four cups of coffee a day
Due to increased cortisol levels and adrenal stress, coffee disrupts ovulation
In addition to depleting vital vitamins and minerals (like fiber and folate) and causing gut health problems, coffee depletes vital vitamins and minerals.

Micronutrients are depleted from the body:

A healthy body relies on micronutrients to produce happy hormone. The caffeine in coffee can easily deplete your body of these nutrients. body. According to a review published in the Journal of Food Science and Quality Management, caffeine can cause nutrient depletion of important nutrients, like vitamin B6, and interfere with nutrient absorption of essential minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium and B vitamins.” From mood management to sound sleep, caffeine can leach the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Caffeine disrupts hormonal function for 24 hours:

Caffeine (in coffee, tea, and other beverages) decreases insulin sensitivity and increases stress hormone levels. A woman’s metabolism of coffee may differ from a man’s:
By entering the liver, caffeine is broken down by the CYP1A2 enzyme. The enzyme needed to break down significant amounts of caffeine is produced by only ten percent of the population. Estrogen is also degraded by the CYP1A2 enzyme. According to some studies, caffeine consumption may impact estrogen in some women by interfering with the enzyme CYP1A2. Women with impaired CYP1A2 function may have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease (the number one killer in the United States). Reducing caffeine consumption may reduce health risks more in women with impaired metabolism (which can lead to estrogen dominance and hormonal imbalance!). Your genetic status can be determined by genetic testing.

It might be worthwhile to consider how much interest you have in coffee or its quantity.  Ladies, I wish you good health.


All work and no play has never benefitted anyone. Everybody loves to unwind and take some time off work and life and just enjoy some peace and calm. But the expenses required to take that needed rest is overwhelming so people choose to keep working and hoping for that day when they can afford that vacation.

This is the reality of a lot of people around the world and this prompted South African entrepreneur, Millicent Motsoeri, co-founder of Heita Ngamla Holidays, to establish a vehicle for customers to pre-pay for their vacations over time, thus, making them more accessible to everyone.

Heita Ngamla Holidays is a vehicle for members to pre-pay for their vacations.
This works by allowing members accumulate funds via debit order then book a holiday package of their choosing at the time convenient to them.

At the point when the member wishes to travel, there is a top-up option when the funds are insufficient. Heita Ngamla Holidays members are guaranteed a hassle free, easily adaptable booking system, with customized packages just the way each client wants.

Heita Ngamla Holidays was created for working class people to ensure their participation in quality vacations. They started the travel club in 2008 when they discovered that people love to travel, however they were often faced with financial difficulties when the time came for them to take a leave from work and go on that dream holiday.

Millicent was introduced into entrepreneurship as a university student. She worked part-time promoting Fast Moving Consumer Goods in supermarkets. She also did a stint at Dial-A-Student passing out flyers at busy traffic intersections.

Her 9-5 life began with employment as a business administrator which was really fulfilling for what she studied to do, but that was short lived because she had discovered that she is people-centered and love working with people.
This self-discovery led her to network marketing. The networking thrill soon became a passion to create innovative solutions for solving everyday problems. Thus, she co-founded Dial-A-Helper in which they trained carefully screened domestic helpers who were subsequently placed and managed for their clients.

The entrepreneurial journey is a different one for each person and for Millicent, her greatest satisfaction comes from being able to write her own cheque while doing what she enjoys doing.

Millicent admits that in life and in the entrepreneurial world, at times things will seem and feel as if the more you move 100 steps forward, time and pressure take you a thousand steps back, because in your eyes your peers are progressing to greater heights and you are not.

She says when these moments come, remember your dream is big and it won’t take a day to build, hence you must persevere and be patient because you are a winner!


For all those cooks who want to bring extra flavour into their meals, mi butter, founded by entrepreneur Vhongani Shumba in South Africa has the answer in a jar.

Vhongani is the founder and CEO of mi butter SA, founded in 2016, a proudly local woman-led company introducing the market to the world of flavoured butters.

She is a marketing and brand manager by day and small business developer by night. Vhongani has brought her company to life by her own hard work and tenacity, and today is involved in the daily operations of the business, providing strategic insights and ensuring that the quality of mi butter meets customers’ expectations.

MI Butter blends butter with herbs, spices, extra virgin oil, roasted garlic and other flavourings.

One of the great things about the butters is that they make your meal preparation easier. The seasoning has already been done for you; it’s all in the butter so you can keep your dishes simple.

Vhongani uses glass bottles that are recyclable to package the products as her own way of assisting in the reduction of SA’s carbon footprint. For every empty mi butter bottle returned, their customers get R2.00 off their next purchase of mi butter.

For Vhongani who describes herself as “an entrepreneur at heart”, her greatest satisfaction as an entrepreneur doesn’t come from the profits generated from the sales of her products but rather, the joy that comes from doing that which makes her happy and doesn’t feel like work. That’s how she explains her feelings when she is blending her butters.

This is why she advises all intending women entrepreneurs to find that which makes them happy because they will sleep less, earn less money, and work very hard. She implores them to have deep love for whatever business they decide to do.

Every woman wants to feel and look good, and finding the right stylish clothing for any occasion plays such an important part in that process.

In Nigeria, entrepreneur Ijeoma Onuoha, founder of fashion business Asoebigirl Limited and creator of the brand, Touchbyasoebigirl, is bringing her stylish designs within reach of every discerning woman. 

Ijeoma Onuoha is the founder and head creative designer at TouchbyAsoebigirl, a female fashion brand founded in 2017 under the parent company Asoebigirl Limited. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Technology from the University of Port Harcourt and a certificate in the Essentials of Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School.

Your dreams are valid regardless of what your present situation looks like. Just start!

Touchbyasoebigirl is a female fashion brand (parent company Asoebigirl Limited) created to meet the fashion needs of women through affordable but stylish clothing.

Their customers are fondly called “Touch Woman”. A Touch Woman is a woman that stays stylish regardless of what time or day or occasion it is, and to this end, Touchbyasoebigirl caters to different events; corporate look, casual, events and weddings, swim wear, lounge wear etc.

Their pieces are tailored uniquely to cater to individual styles and personality and their customer base currently extends beyond Nigeria into other African countries (Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Cameroon), UK, Europe and the US/Canada.
They recently launched a collection called the Touch Executive Woman which offers finely tailored pants suits that show the sexy, confident and powerful sides of the women that wear them.

She was inspired to be a fashion entrepreneur by her mother who has been a fashion designer for more than three decades. What she picked up as means of unwinding from work stress has now become a major source of income for her.

In her words, “Every time I walk into a room, I start to look for where there are needs (in some situations, I create the needs), and then find ways to meet these needs. You can say I have always been a sales woman. I started my first business at 19 years old while in University, I sold make-up products for a couple of years, sold thrift jackets from the UK and even lifestyle products like BP machines. The idea of multiple streams of income forever appeals to me and this explains why today I have a business running in fashion while I maintain a 9-5 job in the Healthcare industry. I guess we can say entrepreneurship comes naturally for me.”

Ijeoma Onuoha has over 7 years of work experience in Business development, relationship management and sales across different industries including Telecommunications, Media and most recently, healthcare.


Naomi Osaka has partnered with Netflix for a three-part docu-series about her rise to fame. The self-titled documentary, which is narrated by Osaka, follows her career after her 2018 U.S Open victory.

“The series is about Naomi’s journey, within a snapshot of her life,” Academy Award nominated director Garrett Bradley said in a press release. “But it’s also about life’s purpose, about personal worth, about the courage that it takes to allow one’s personal values to inform their work and vice versa. More than anything, I’d hope people can feel the power of empathy and to feel encouraged to take chances in life, perhaps especially in moments where the stakes can feel impossibly high.”

Osaka’s win against her idol, Serena Williams, catapulted her career pretty quickly, which she didn’t expect and wasn’t quite ready for.

“I think the amount of attention that I get is kind of ridiculous,” she said in the trailer. “No one prepares you for that.”

The Netflix synopsis states:

With unprecedented access, we follow Osaka during a historic two years in which she works on her game but also begins to find her voice. Whether she’s defending her grand slam titles — while wearing masks in defense of Black lives — mourning the unexpected loss of mentor Kobe Bryant, or finding her independence, the challenges Naomi faces on a personal level begin to align with those in the public sphere.

Empathetic in its approach, the series chronicles Osaka’s hectic training and travel schedule, explores the layers of pressure she is under and reveals how she spends her time off the court hanging with her closest family and friends.

Today she’s the number two tennis player in the world and is highly decorated but her success is plagued with episodes of depression.

Before withdrawing from this year’s French Open, Osaka expressed she didn’t want to participate in media interviews during the event because of how it affected her mental health.

The beauty and wellbeing benefits of shea butter are well known, but now for those looking for a premium brand and product range which is organic, vegan, and suitable for the most sensitive skins, help is at hand from Kinapure.

In Ghana, Kina Africa, founded by entrepreneur and health specialist, Mildred Mawusi Agbana (Millie), and trading under the brand name Kinapure, is creating a range of products that are handcrafted, organic, cruelty-free, 100% vegan, hypoallergenic and non-GMO.

Mildred Mawusi Agbana is the founder and ceo of Kinapure (USA) and Kina Africa (Ghana). The brand is a premium health and wellness brand that is focused on building an organic and sustainable business that contributes to people’s health, while impacting the lives of rural women in Ghana through training, support and the ongoing construction of an ultramodern shea processing centre in the Savannah Region of Ghana.
Mildred has worked as a registered nurse and a chronic care manager in the USA for 10+ years and is currently pursuing her MBA.

“My biggest advice to women starting their own business is to put fear aside and try. Start small and invest less money in the beginning. Test your idea and seek help from your local organizations and other online resources. This will improve your success as an entrepreneur.”

Kina Africa LLC was founded in 2016 and its subsidiary Kinapure in 2018.
Kinapure produces the highest-grade of shea butter and other organic products, incorporating Nutrient-rich, Clean, Functional, Organic, Non-toxic, Non-GMO and Cruelty-free ingredients to deliver powerful skincare solutions.

Mildred’s journey into the world of entrepreneurship happened unplanned. According to her, “My child, Gabby developed really bad eczema when she was only a baby. As a nurse for 10+years now, there are various treatments I know for various skin conditions. I tried them all from the most expensive skincare brands to the most organic homoeopathic solutions but nothing seemed to be working for her. Some did for a while, gave her a little relief but it was never permanent and it kept feeling like a never-ending war. My friends and family couldn’t even carry or play with her. She was so uncomfortable, fussy and didn’t enjoy being touched. She would cry and cry because she was itchy and uncomfortable all the time and as her mother, whenever she cried, I cried along with her.”

“Finally, I brought up the issue with my mother and she reminded me of the power of the shea nut, the same one she used when she was pregnant with us (her children) and the same one she used for us when we were younger and had skin and hair issues. I went ahead to create a mixture with the shea butter and some other potent ingredients and used it on Gabby. I realized that even on the first day of use, Gabby had become relaxed, calm and was sleeping better. Within a few days, Gabby was already sleeping better and smiling brightly like she used to. My friends and family were impressed by the quick improvement in my daughter’s condition and asked me to make some of the elixir for them. No matter their skin tone, race, age or gender, they all came back with amazing feedback and results after using it. After realizing the elixir, I had unknowingly created rapidly advanced the quality of my daughter’s life and others, there was no turning back, this miracle product had to be shared with the world.”

Both of Mildred’s maternal grandparents were traders and they taught her the ins and outs of trade. They were able to pay for her school fees with the money they made from selling. This inspired her to becoming an entrepreneur.

“My biggest advice to women starting their own business is to put fear aside and try. Start small and invest less money in the beginning. Test your idea and seek help from your local organizations and other online resources. This will improve your success as an entrepreneur.”

Michelle Hammond, the founder and CEO of Ruahh was born and raised in Ghana but moved to the United States to complete her Bachelor’s degree.
Today, her business and brand, Ruahh, is focused on fusing her Ghanaian culture with modern design to create chic accessories for women that are symbolic and unique. In weaving her African pride into her brand, she invites everyone to explore her culture, understand its nuances and share in her sense of belonging.

Ruahh fashion brand provides chic and unique accessories for the versatile woman and her adventures. Crafted from high quality materials in an array of exuberant colours, they create pieces that combine comfort, convenience, and style.

The name ‘Ruahh’, which means ‘spirit or breath of God that fills all living beings’, is especially symbolic, as Michelle hopes to breathe new life into the concept of versatile style.

Even though she didn’t come from an entrepreneurial background, ever since she was a child, she always dreamt of starting a company making something she would wear. At a young age, Michelle would make clothes for dolls and sell them to her friends. She thought nothing of it then but over the years growing up, that stirred up a passion of starting or owning a company someday.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2020, Ruahh was born. Starting this business when there’s a global crisis has caused problems with vendor sourcing, shipment delays and rejections, but she admits that every challenge has provided her the opportunity to hone her creative skills and learn new things in business.

The motivation to begin the brand came when as a mother of two, Michelle always needed a multi-purpose but stylish bag that could effortlessly double as a diaper and casual bag. And she searched but couldn’t find any bag that she was satisfied with. As all her findings were either too expensive, not stylish enough or without an acceptable quality. So, she decided to create a bag that didn’t sacrifice style, quality or functionality for every woman who values versatility. That was the drive behind Ruahh.

Since its inception, she has added earrings that are vibrant in colour and adds a beautiful statement to any outfit for any occasion.


“Starting a business can be both exciting and disappointing. While you keep your expectations, dreams and faith high, be patient with yourself and the process. It does eventually pay off.” Michelle advises women who want to launch a business anytime in their life.

What qualifies you as an entrepreneur is how much solutions you’re willing to deploy to the current existing problems in your immediate environment.
This is what Monica Musonda did with her food company, Java Foods. She realized that in Zambia, people do not eat right and feed well despite how big the agricultural sector of Zambia is. She set out to ensure that her people are able to access nutritional and healthy food through her innovation and processing of healthy plant-based foods.

Monica Musonda is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Java Foods, a Zambian based food processing company. It is committed to providing high quality and nutritious food from local products at affordable prices. Java Foods’ first product was “eeZee Instant Noodles”, which is Zambia’s leading instant noodle brand today. Monica is a dual qualified English solicitor and Zambian advocate. She has held senior positions in private practice with Clifford Chance & Edward Nathan.

She has also worked as in house corporate counsel at International Finance Corporation and for Dangote Group. Her experience working with Aliko Dangote, one of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, gave her the impetus to start Java Foods.

Monica founded Java Foods to provide affordable nutrition to the southern African market. Her company seeks to revolutionize the eating habits of the youth market by offering them affordable and nutritious food options made from local products.

Her food company was born out of the need to provide mothers of children under five years of age multiple options of nutritious foods to choose from. Not only that, she also works to make sure they are affordable and available for every one, regardless of their economic differences.

As part of the challenges she has faced as an entrepreneur, she explained in her words, “When you are an entrepreneur, another of the challenges is to keep going when you encounter hurdles and when the going gets tough – it is not easy. At these times, there is a human tendency to want to panic, and as an individual you question whether you can do this, whether you can see the business through to its full potential and to a level that people expect of you. Even when you are growing as a business, there is a fear and a doubt that remains, and you are almost afraid of your own success. In recent times when Zambia was going through its depreciation, I personally experienced doubt in such times, but I felt that despite the challenges, it was too soon to give up. I found great people I could speak with, both men and women, but I found that particularly other women were interesting to engage with in order to get feedback on how they manage to balance the pressures of expanding a business with maintaining their own personal and family lives. Often, I found it so worthwhile to engage with other women and get their insights and hear their own experiences in similar circumstances. The great thing was that I heard from other women entrepreneurs that the experiences I was going through were normal and that despite the challenges, the journey would be worth it and the challenges got over in time. So now as I move forward with the next phase of my own entrepreneurial journey, I am interested to speak to more women who are doing similar things in business, as their insight is really useful. In the past, I have had more male mentors, but now a combination of perspectives is refreshing. Today, I hear from so many other women entrepreneurs that they have gone through similar experiences on their business building journeys and have successfully come out the other side of many challenges – this is always reassuring to hear.”

Best advice?… “Firstly I would say, don’t be afraid to start. I think we find in Africa that women carry so many things, they have so many great ideas, but often are afraid of starting. The point is that you are not going to build a factory on day one, but you can start small with what you can manage – the idea is to just start.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is founder and Managing Director of soleRebels, the world’s fastest-growing African footwear brand and the only Fair Trade-certified footwear company in the world.

Growing up in a poor suburb of Addis Ababa, Bethlehem decided that there was only one way to defeat poverty – use local craftsmanship to make products that can compete in the global marketplace. She decided on footwear and today 70,000 pairs of shoes leave her factory every year.

From the humblest of beginnings, Bethlehem has built soleRebels into the planet’s fastest growing African footwear brand and the  very first global footwear brand to ever emerge from a developing nation. She has created world class jobs, and empowered her community and country, whilst presenting a galvanized, dynamic face of African creativity to the global market.

Bethlehem was born and raised in the Zenabwork/Total area of Addis Ababa, one of the most impoverished and marginalized communities of Ethiopia. Growing up Bethlehem saw that Ethiopia had plenty of charity “brands” but not a single global brand of its own, so she set out to change all that.

In early 2005, fresh out of college in Addis Ababa, Bethlehem founded the trailblazing footwear company, soleRebels to provide solid community-based jobs. Tapping into her community’s and the nation’s rich artisan wealth and heritages, Bethlehem started re-imagining what footwear could be.

Seven years, many shoes and hundreds of creative, dignified and well paying jobs later, soleRebels is the planet’s fastest growing African footwear brand and the world’s first and only World Fair Trade Federation [WFTO] Fair Trade certified footwear company.

Constantly elevating the idea of what her brand can achieve, Bethlehem has led soleRebels to become the first ever brand from a developing nation to open branded, stand-alone retail stores around the globe including in Asia and the EU.

soleRebels has been expanding rapidly and today exports to no fewer than 45 countries and is targeting 50 stand alone soleRebels retail stores across the United States by 2018 and 500 worldwide by 2022.

Now hailed as the Nike of Africa, Bethlehem is proud that soleRebels stands as living proof that creating innovative world-class brands is the best road to greater shared prosperity for developing nations like Ethiopia.