Eating too much salt over a long period of time may bring on several health issues.

May raise blood pressure
Research suggests that salt-rich diets significantly increase blood pressure and that lowering the salt content of a person’s diet can help lower their blood pressure levels.

For instance, two large reviews report that a reduction in salt intake of 4.4 grams per day may lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure (the top and bottom numbers of a reading) by up to 4.18 mm Hg and 2.06 mm Hg respectively.

However, the observed reductions were close to two times larger in individuals with high blood pressure, compared with those with blood pressure in the normal range.

Moreover, these effects are thought to be significantly stronger in salt-sensitive individuals than in those who are not salt-sensitive. Obesity and aging are also though to amplify the blood pressure-raising effects of salt-rich diets.

May increase stomach cancer risk
Several studies link a high salt diet to a higher risk of stomach cancer.

A review including more than 268,000 participants suggests that those with median salt intakes of 3 grams per day may have up to a 68% higher risk of stomach cancer than those with median salt intakes of 1 gram per day.

Another study further suggests that people with high salt intakes may have a two times higher risk of stomach cancer than those with lower intakes. Still, this study doesn’t clearly define what is considered high or low salt

The mechanism behind salt’s effect on stomach cancer isn’t fully understood.

However, experts believe that salt-rich diets may make a person more vulnerable to stomach cancer by causing ulcers or inflammation of the stomach lining.

Effect on risks of heart disease and premature death
The link between salt-rich diets, heart disease, and premature death is still somewhat controversial.

Some studies suggest that high salt intakes cause a rise in blood pressure and a stiffening of blood vessels and arteries. In turn, these changes may result in a higher risk of heart disease and premature death.

For instance, one 20-year study notes that participants who consumed less than 5.8 grams of salt per day had the lowest mortality rates, while those who consumed more than 15 grams of salt per day had the highest.

However, others suggest that high salt diets have no effects on heart health or longevity and that low salt diets may actually increase the risk of heart disease and death.

These differing study results may be explained by differences in study design, methods used to estimate sodium intake, and participant factors, such as weight, salt sensitivity.

While it’s possible that eating too much salt doesn’t increase the risk of heart disease or premature death for everyone, more studies are needed before strong conclusions can be made.

Eating too much salt in the long term may raise your blood pressure and increase your risk of stomach cancer. It may also increase the risk of heart disease and premature death, although more research is needed to confirm this.

Just in time for a yummy snack, vlogger Sisi Jemimah is sharing a recipe for a yummy recipe for the best homemade chicken pie.

Dough Ingredients:

500 Grams of Plain Flour
250 Grams Butter or Margarine
1/2 Cup Milk or Water
A Pinch of Salt

Filling ingredients:

300 Grams Minced Chicken OR
500 Grams Chicken With Bones
3 Medium Carrots Chopped
2 Irish Potatoes Chopped
1 Medium Onion Chopped
1 cup Chicken Stock
2 Heaped Tablespoons Cornflour/plain flour
1 Teaspoon Thyme
1 Tablespoon Garlic Powder
I Tablespoon Chicken Seasoning of your choice
Salt to Taste

Watch the video below:

  1. 1. Drinking Water

It varies from person to person or conditions but approximately you should drink a gallon of water every day . Maximum activities of human body are dependent on water for their proper functions. There is no one right answer to how much water you need, as it depends on each person and their lifestyle—you may need to modify your fluid intake depending on how active you are, where you live, your health, and if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.
Lack of appropriate quantity of water may cause a lot of disorders, so it is recommended to take a proper quantity of water daily.
2. Proper Exercises

Woman Running in City

For a hygienic body daily or interval base exercises are necessary which keep body fit. In exercise walking is the best exercise for heart fitness, overweight, proper digestion, refreshment of mind and proper functions of internal organs. Exercise boosts your metabolism, burns more fat, and takes less time to complete. Exercises depend on situations of person but generally it is recommended to walk two miles daily or as much as possible for an individual. Other exercises like weight lifting, jumping and swimming etc. make the body function work properly.
3. Use of Balanced Diet

Food is the basic need for the functions of human body. The human body needs a specific quantity of different ingredients for function so, it is recommended to use such a diet which contains all proper ingredients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and iron. Fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, pulses and food containing carbohydrates must be used in a proper quantity. These things contain the most quantity of diet which a human body needed.
4. Proper Sleeping
A suitable sleeping is the most important thing for a fit body and its absence may cause a lot of disorder and even severe disease if you are adopting all above tips but you are not taking a proper sleep all your body function may disturb. Sleeping time varies from age to age but for child minimum time is 8 hour for a young person minimum 7 and for aged persons 6 hours sleeping is necessary. For pregnant ladies more time is needed for sleeping as compared to normal ladies. Disturbing sleep may also cause physical disorders. Here some more health and fitness tips and tips to sleep better.
5. Taking Rest

All human body organs needed rest for their normal functions human body is like a machine and if this machine is over worked is may lose its balance. Over work both physical and mental may cause loss of health and much disorder. Continuous work and absence of rest is bad for a healthy body. There is no specific time for taking rest but as much rest as your body feels fresh and comfortable is recommended. It is also recommended for ladies and especially for pregnant ladies to take as much rest as possible because they needed it more than a normal person.
6. Entertaining Activities

For proper work human brain and body need aesthetic activities which make your mind work properly that is control center of whole human body. If you have a sound and proper functional mind you may possess a sound body and human body needs such activities which refresh your mind. For this activity visit of pleasure place , meeting friend, visiting clubs and cinemas is suggested.
7. Participating in Sports

In-door and outdoor games are key for a successful life. Games which demand mental exertion and physical energy are important for good health. Especially for ladies, who are less involved in sports activities as compared to men it is recommended to participate in sport activities. Indoor games like chess snooker and cards may increase your mental capability. Outdoor games cover a vast area depending on your interest and physiques are also necessary.
8. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the part of most civilization’s moral values as well as part of world religions. It soothes both your body and mind. Water is the most common agent used for cleanliness which has amazing positive effects on human mind and body. Cleanliness saves you from a lot of epidemic diseases and makes body fresh. Cleanliness not in the matter of hygiene but in food saves you a lot of worries.
9. Apt Dressing

In the matter of dressing no specific genre can be suggested but the dressing which makes your body comfortable must be preferred. Sometime very tight dressing may make the body uncomfortable and disturbs health as well as your work.
10. Following a schedule

Thing can only be useful and beneficial if they are performed at their proper time and one’ access may not disturb other or they must be given their required time. Food, exercise, sleeping, rest and sport if performed at their proper time they will be effective and beneficial for body otherwise their irregular practice may be futile. So it is suggested to follow a proper schedule.

OAP Uwanma Odefa is out with a new Vlog where she shares her thoughts on love, life and everything in between, and this time she is listing out the 12 Things Single Ladies Hate to Hear.

She says:

We live in a society where women are made to feel like marriage is the ultimate goal and lifelong ambition a woman should aspire to. And when, at a certain age, she hasn’t met this goal; society, family and friends begin to pile on the pressure, directly and indirectly, subtly and aggressively. Some do this with good intentions however, they inadvertently make the single lady feel inadequate, judged, pressured and faulty/faulted.

source”: Bellanaija

Image source: Google

Skincare can be kept simple. You should follow a routine for the skin, one that suits its type. These are three basic tasks any skin type, for a busy morning routine.

Washing the face with cold water

For that glow after a night nap, wash you face with cold water. Even if you are not stepping out of the house, washing your face and keeping it clean, is the first step towards achieving a naturally-glowy look. This would not strip your skin to dryness and would give it a refreshing look.

Use a moisturizer

Right after a wash, you need a moisturizer to help seal in moisture. The best time to slather in a moisturizer is when your skin is damp, according to research from a Dermatology Academy. Moisturizing is not a night care routine alone. A face moisturising cream will be handy.

Don’t forget a Sunscreen

The next best thing you can do is apply some sunscreen. If you only had time for one skincare product each morning, it should have some amount of sunscreen. Shea butter acts as a natural sunscreen if you know it, or you might want a store bought sunscreen product which is fine and suitable to your taste. But ensure to keep it simple.

Something quite new from what we’ve known her for, Tonto Dikeh has announced that she’s launching a unique culinary and entertainment show soon, and it is titled “Grub & Rub with King Tonto“.

And more to it– The show will be featuring celebrities, discussing life, relationship, politics, religion while eating.

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She shared the news on Instagram she wrote:

You all know that I am way to good a foody.. so, I decided to start am a new YouTube show, . J show promises to be mouth watering, exciting and Fun in all the different ways… I want you to see what I see. .
So, The Purpose of this show, is to be a flag bearer to the culinary world in Africa and offshore.
It will be a way to promote different culinary business around the world and also bring you different Food culture ,also make it easy for you to know where Good food are been sold in any part of the world you travel to.

It won’t be just an eating show but we would also we discussing about life, relationship, politics , religion etc mildly while eating…

With a lot of drama
As a huge Foodie I have decided to bring food and entertainment together .
Guys it’s going to be the best show online I promise you..
The Name of My new show is GRUB & RUB WITH KING TONTO.

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Tonto Charity Dikeh, has issued a  warning to the public in a scary manner. As the Federal Government extends the period of lockdown, the number of infected cases has still been on rise. And it seems like some people still go against the order.

“Stay at home or book an appointment with the funeral home,” she said.

The Nollywood actress posted on her official Instagram page:

“Guess who is open to do your hair, nails and eyebrows? The funeral home! If you want an appointment, keep running around.”

Tonto is known as one who isn’t shy with her words as she voices it as it is. Probably the reason her friends aren

A certain grandmother who was diagnosed with Bosom cancer, cancer of the womb and skin cancer has also defeated the coronavirus.

Her 26 year old granddaughter Jade Elrick said;

“We tried to call but the nurses wouldn’t even hand her the phone because of infection control.

“We’re honestly so happy to have her back, it is such a relief.

“After she’d watched the TV when she got back she asked my dad if he’d seen the news about this virus going around and he’d told her that’s what she’d had – she was none the wiser.

“But we aren’t surprised she’s back as she’s really tough – she’s had Bosom  cancer, cancer of the womb and skin cancer and she’s still going.”

Gran-of-seven and great-great-gran-of-one Dorothy was taken to hospital by ambulance on March 27 after she found herself more breathless than usual and with a raging temperature.

Grandmother Dorothy who has also beaten three types of cancer in her life, was kept in a private isolated room for the week she was in hospital.

But the mum-of-two and great-grandma-of-seven was given the all clear and discharged from hospital last week to be reunited with her son.

According to Jade, the NHS staff were over the moon that Dorothy had recovered from coronavirus because of her age and health condition.

Her family suspect Dorothy caught the virus from carers who visit her home, four times per day, and are urging people to stay indoors to protect other elderly people.