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We’re excited to announce a highlight of our Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp: a captivating Fireside Chat with distinguished speakers renowned for their influential work across various sectors. These industry leaders are true icons, ready to share their profound insights and inspiring journeys with us.

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Azeezat Adejare: Lawyer and Culinary Entrepreneur

Fireside Chat

Azeezat Adejare is a figure of legal understanding and culinary innovation. A licensed attorney, she has woven her expertise through the fabric of legal practice, earning recognition for her commitment to justice and client advocacy. Beyond the courtroom, Azeezat has embraced her passion for African cuisine, establishing herself as a culinary entrepreneur. She is a pioneer in redefining and promoting African food, intertwining cultural heritage with contemporary taste, garnering her admiration within the culinary community.

Her achievements span diverse realms, reflecting her multifaceted interests and capabilities. Azeezat’s journey is a testament to her versatility and dedication, breaking stereotypes and fostering community through her dual pursuits. Her work has garnered attention, positioning her as a community pillar elevating African cuisine and advocating for legal empowerment.

Chinanza Favour Youth Ambassador and Author

Fireside Chat

Chinanza Favour is a distinguished Youth Ambassador and Author whose work has made a substantial impact in the realms of personal transformation and global empowerment. Hailing from Nigeria, she has become a beacon of inspiration for her dedication to fostering positive change and uplifting communities.

Chinaza is a Youth Ambassador who advocates for education, leadership, and personal development. She also works towards gender equality and youth empowerment at local and international levels. as an author and in youth empowerment, she highlights her commitment to positively impacting the world, especially among young people seeking personal growth and global empowerment.

Wendy Wintech: Content Creator and Youtuber

Fireside Chat

Wendy, or Chyluv, is an award-winning tech professional with a decade of experience. She serves as a Senior Agile Business Analyst at a major North American logistics company and is a Program Manager at BlackTECH. Wendy is passionate about bridging gender inequality in the tech industry and has earned recognition, including the Community Champion Award and Women in Tech Excellence Award. She holds a degree in Computer Science and a master’s in Human Capital Management, with expertise in Business Development, Agile Business Analysis, Strategy, and Content Creation. Wendy is also certified in several areas. She values quality time with her family, including her spouse and four children.

Rinret Gofwan: Mental Health Expert

Fireside Chat

Rinret Gofwan, an expert in behavioral change and emotional well-being, specializes in trauma therapy, emotional intelligence coaching, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). With a strong educational background, she holds degrees from the University of Abuja, the University of Jos, and the University of Maiduguri, including a Master’s in International Relations and Strategic Studies. Rinret is also the visionary founding director of the Miriam Gofwan Women and Children Foundation.

Emily Wale-koya: Women’s Empowerment Coach

Fireside Chat

Emily Wale-Koya is a renowned figure in personal branding and online entrepreneurship. With a background in law, Emily transitioned into the digital space and has since made a significant impact. She created the School of Personal Branding to assist people in uncovering and optimizing their brands.

Emily’s accomplishments are notable. She has successfully coached and mentored numerous individuals, empowering them to transform their online presence into profitable ventures. She empowers women through Women of Rubies by sharing insights and experiences.

Emily Wale-Koya’s LinkedIn profile showcases her extensive personal branding and entrepreneurship expertise. Her impressive achievements include turning dreams into 7-figure realities, a testament to her dedication and proficiency in the field. Her journey from law to digital entrepreneurship exemplifies the power of reinvention and the pursuit of one’s passion to succeed in the ever-evolving online landscape.

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Wendy Nwajiufor is an award-winning professional with over 10 years of valuable experience in the ever-evolving tech industry. At present, she holds the distinguished position of Senior Agile Business Analyst with one of North America’s largest logistics companies and serves as a Program Manager at BlackTECH. However, her impressive journey doesn’t stop there.

Wendy is the brilliant mind behind WinTECH, a visionary initiative born from her unwavering passion and commitment to reducing the gender gap in the tech world. She believes in fostering a more inclusive industry for everyone, regardless of gender, and she’s taking concrete steps to make this vision a reality.

Collaboration is a key element of Wendy’s approach. She has worked closely with corporate organizations and other stakeholders to deliver impactful programs and initiatives aimed at advancing women in the tech sector. Her dedication and tireless efforts have garnered well-deserved recognition, with awards such as the Community Champion Award by YMCA and the Women in Tech Excellence Award by Remarkable Women Inc.

A Versatile Education and Skill Set

Wendy’s educational background is as impressive as her professional achievements. She holds a degree in Computer Science and has earned a master’s in Human Capital Management, a perfect combination of technical knowledge and human resources expertise.

Her encompasses various facets of the tech and business world. Wendy excels in Business Development, Planning and Coordination, Agile Business Analysis, Strategy and Transformation, and Content Creation. With over 48,000 YouTube followers, she has successfully built a substantial online presence and community.

Wendy Nwajiuofor

Certifications That Speak Volumes

Wendy Nwajiufor’s commitment to excellence is evident in her numerous certifications. She is an SAP ERP Certified Human Resources (HR) professional, a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), and holds the Certified Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification. These certifications reflect her expertise in diverse areas and her dedication to continuous professional development.

Balancing Work and Family

Beyond her career, Wendy treasures quality time with her family. She is happily married to the love of her life and is the proud mother of four adorable children. This harmony between her professional and personal life is a testament to her ability to excel in multiple domains.

Wendy’s journey in the tech industry is not just about individual success; it’s about creating a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse future for all. Her work and achievements exemplify the positive impact one person can make on a global scale.

Connect with Wendy (Chyluv) on her social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Wendy Nwajiufor
  • Instagram: Wendt Nwajiufor
  • YouTube: Wendy Nwajiufor
  • Email: wendynwaji@gmail.com

You are offered a nice job position, in a nice communication agency, well located. You feel great.This was supposed to be the biggest announcement of 2019 so far.

First day : everyone is smiling at you, welcoming, but you don’t know how to act, feeling everyone’s look upon you. 15 days later, you’re done. Nobody speaks to you.

My first (and peculiar) reaction : asking Google about that. Because that state of loneliness hit me so hard that something in my head told be to check on the internet if I could share this with other people. I found several psychological/kind of depressing articles, but didn’t find anything appropriate. These were just a bunch of people complaining without giving advices about it.

Being connected to a social circle has never been so important as far as Facebook, Twitter Instagram or Snapchat have (or at least one of them) taken over our lives. (Really ?). But Internet is another problem.

At work, indifference is the greatest contempt

People at work can be even more cruel and can really destroy you for no particular reason. When you’re highly implicated, work hard, do the best you can and all of a sudden you feel so bad because you see people gathering themselves to talk, make private jokes, working (or acting like working) closely together, trust me, it is normal to feel left behind.

Welcome to ostracism. A land where your imagination is tortured everyday. It is not about being sensitive, because sensitivity is different from one person to another. It is strictly about being ignored.

So how can you handle at work ?

Right now, your boss is not talking to you anymore, and you’re one of these scared “millenial” that thinks that work should be a place where you can express yourself, in a blossoming workspace, with some intricate and thrilling frameworks, imagining stories that matters. And you’re not doing any of these things. You’re not fitting to the work spirit of the company, and now, panic-stricken.

All social interactions with your coworkers are slowly going down, to the point of not even saying “hello/goodbye”. It’s going wrong for real. And this ostracism can lead to depression, because feeling useless and hopeless

1 — Stop complaining

Did I mention that I’m French ? 
I think it is truly specific to my country. People are complaining every minute in advertising/digital agencies. About clients, about emails, about the amount of work, about the boss… This is clearly annoying. Their time spent complaining could be used doing real-work no ?

So if you’re being ostracized, be strong, and simply face this fact as it is. Being down-to-earth is very useful when facing that kind of situation. It is important to visualise the situation to better go forward and being less stressful.

2 — Dig up your mind

Ok so, now that you have understood the situation, let the anger and worries go and stop trying to make clumsy conclusions or getting ahead of yourself, asking “but why is this happening, what did I do, did I made something wrong, maybe I’m not good enough…” In every overrated advertising agencies, people are mostly the same, so you will face this situation in every one of them. Just sayin’. I’ve been working in agencies for 4 years, and it’s been exactly the same, most of the people are faking work.

“Think outside the box, make things that change things” (and other posh mottos), they said. Agencies are mainly copy and paste. They are baking and re-baking ideas since 1980’s, but with higher prices, using the same Istock / Getty / Shutterstock/ Thinkstock image banks. Using the same reportings with so low Facebook interactions, not even asking themselves what people would like to see when interacting with brands. It is really funny since I’m writing this from my desk, in a nice advertising agency, observing people writing emails, sending Gif or tagging themselves on the last Tasty recipe on Facebook.

If you are feeling alone and like you’re in the spam box, it’s seriously no big deal. You have now time to think about yourself and step back at how different you are, simply by speaking your mind and asserting yourself .

3 — Just do something else with your free time

Now that you are barely transparent, you can do things far more interesting than nothing. 
Meaning : “Great ! I’m out of this sham and mockery system.”
Read, take time for yourself, leave your phone, learn something you didn’t know. In a nutshell, be curious.

If you read this, you can now take a deep breath and play down the situation. And if you want more cool, follow me 🙂

By: Jennifer Capestan