Media Visibility Bootcamp

Elevate Your Influence: Master Media Strategies to Amplify Your Voice, Visibility, and Impact

For Business Owners, Professionals, and Leaders.

In this bootcamp, you will:

Are you ready to amplify your visibility and leave your unique mark on the world?

The Women of Rubies Media Visibility Bootcamp is more than just a learning program; it’s a transformational journey that equips you with the necessary skills to amplify your voice, elevate your brand, and make a lasting impact. The program uniquely blends expert-led training, hands-on exercises, and a supportive community to ensure you achieve maximum growth.


Industry Experts and Professionals you will be learning from:


Chichi Uchendu (Six figure mom)

Chichi Uchendu is a passionate advocate for financial literacy and a skilled Digital Marketing Consultant. Through her platform, "Six Figure Mom," Chichi teaches women essential principles of financial literacy, equipping them to take control of their financial future. In her role as Team Lead at Dynamics Virtual Assistant, she helps businesses across the globe leverage the power of online platforms.

Media Visibility Bootcamp

Nora Agbakhamen

Nora is an exceptional content creator and LinkedIn influencer. With a decade of experience in content creation and storytelling, she helps businesses gain visibility and increase revenue. Nora's rapid growth on LinkedIn, where she's nurtured a community of over 100,000 individuals, is a testament to her expertise and influence.

Media Visibiloty Bootcamp

Brenda Okorogba

A multi-award-winning service and learning experience designer, Brenda is the founder of Momentswithbren Consulting, a professional training and coaching company. Known for creating targeted learning solutions, Brenda has helped diverse students and professionals secure significant funding, transition into dynamic careers, and develop their leadership abilities.

Media Visibility Bootcamp

Tosin Ajibade(Olorisupergal)

Tosin Ajibade, also known as Olorisupergal, is a Nigerian media entrepreneur, blogger, and influencer. Through her popular blog,, she has become a leading figure in Nigerian media and entertainment. With a strong social media presence and engaging content, Tosin has amassed a large following and has been recognized with numerous awards for her contributions to the industry.

Media Visibility Botcamp

Gusi Tobby

Gusi Tobby is a social impact strategist, communications expert, and PR and Media relations specialist. She's made significant contributions in diverse industries such as Finance, Fashion & Lifestyle, Social Development, and Telecoms. She's the founder of Girl Hub Africa, Nigeria's largest all-female volunteering organization, focused on closing gender disparities.

Women of Rubies Fireside chat

Esther Ijewere

Esther Ijewere is a renowned PR strategist and the inspiring founder of Women of Rubies, an empowerment platform celebrating and amplifying the achievements of remarkable women. Esther's strategic approach to public relations and storytelling, coupled with her commitment to fostering a supportive community, has made her a respected figure in the industry.

Why should you be part of this?

Amplify Your Voice:

Learn strategies to effectively communicate your message and engage with media platforms, journalists, and influencers.

Build a Strong Personal Brand:

Discover techniques to create a resonating brand, leveraging social media and other channels to boost visibility.

Master Media Interviews:

Acquire essential skills for confident and impactful media interviews, including message preparation and handling challenging questions.

Networking Opportunities:

Connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and successful personalities for guidance and collaboration.

Practical Insights from Experts:

Gain insider tips and tricks from renowned media professionals, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

Personal Growth and Empowerment:

Develop self-confidence, assertiveness, and a growth mindset to excel in various media platforms.

Fireside Chat

Funmi Ayowole

Funmi Fatona-Ayowole, Founder of The Soul Clinic, provides mental health support for Canadians. As an emotional health and wellness coach, speaker, counsellor, project manager, and team lead, Funmi empowers individuals and visions by unlocking their potentials through coaching and counselling. Her personal mission is to contribute to healing the world, leaving a legacy of impact, health, and wealth for the next generation. At TheVirtualSoulClinic, a tech-driven non-profit organization, Funmi connects trained volunteer coaches with people in the community who need mental health support via virtual safe spaces. Through evidence-based QuickScan and 15-minute support calls, the non-profit offers mental health first aid, listening non-judgmentally and helping clients take initial steps on their healing journey.

Maryam Muritala

Maryam Muritala, a foreign trained lawyer specializing in Business, Technology, Copyright, Trademark law, and Contract Management. With her expertise, she serves as an experienced Business Development Consultant, assisting entrepreneurs worldwide in launching successful businesses. Maryam is the visionary behind Canada Vendors, a Business Development and Advertising Company that utilizes digital marketing tools to provide structured visibility to businesses across Canada and the diaspora. At Canada Vendors, they offer Business Development Consultations and Solutions, digital brand advertising, connecting service providers with potential clients, and hosting Business Networking Events. During the lockdown between 2020 and 2022, they interviewed 255 small businesses across various communities in Canada, offering support during challenging times. Additionally, Maryam Muritala is the convener of Brand Expo, a remarkable brand visibility event that showcases various brands across Canada.

Nikki Porcher

Nikki Porcher

Nikki, the founder of Buy From A Black Woman, is on a mission to empower, educate, and inspire Black Women Business Owners while advocating for their support through #BuyFromABlackWoman. Her nonprofit equips Black Women with the tools and resources they need to succeed in business, leading to over $2.7 Million in revenue for Black Women Founders in the last year. Through educational programs, funding, and an online directory, Nikki’s organization connects and supports a thriving community of Black Women Business Owners globally. As a veteran and former public school teacher, she brings her expertise to create a more equitable world for Black Women. With impressive partnerships and a dedicated platform for Black Woman-Owned Businesses, Nikki continues to inspire others on their entrepreneurial journey. Learn more about Nikki and Buy From A Black Woman at and

Ariyike Akinbobola

Harvard X-certified in Child Protection, a coach for immigrant families, a highly sought-after media personality, a multi-award winner, and a consultant for aspiring authors on Amazon self-publishing. Through her Ariyike Arise Initiative Africa, she funds education for children in disadvantaged communities. Ariyike believes in making a positive impact, donating masks in 2020 and winning the Immigrant Leader award in 2021. She’s an advocate for Female Genital Mutilation abandonment and a literacy ambassador for Project 99A in Canada. Her Amazon Bestselling books, Beautifully Coloured and The Cost of our Lives, showcase her talent. Celebrated as one of the 16 Inspiring Women Making a Difference In Canada by Women of Rubies.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Women of Rubies Media Visibility Bootcamp is a comprehensive program designed to equip women with essential skills and knowledge to enhance their media visibility. The bootcamp covers strategies for media engagement, storytelling techniques, personal branding, and effective communication.

This bootcamp is ideal for emerging female entrepreneurs, career professionals, women in leadership roles, women in creative industries, advocates and activists, as well as PR and communication professionals looking to boost their brand visibility and media engagement skills.

The access fee for the bootcamp is $100. This includes full access to all sessions, exercises, expert guidance, networking opportunities, and access to the recorded sessions.

You can enroll for the bootcamp by clicking one of the payment options here. Follow the prompts to secure your spot.

All sessions will be recorded and made available to all registered participants. This means you can catch up on any missed session at your convenience.