Supermodel Naomi Campbell has launched a YouTube channel!

Called “Being Naomi,” the supermodel intends to share her life with all her fans out there, especially the ones in Africa.

Speaking to a Wizkid tune playing in the background, Naomi shared clips of herself through several milestones in her career.

WWD reports that Naomi intends to share a livestream of the Global Citizen Festival in Johannesburg on her YouTube, and will on December 13 be telling the story of how she was discovered in a feature titled “My Journey.”

“I am honored to be able to share my life on YouTube and to have the unique opportunity to communicate my story in my own voice,” Naomi said, sharing that there’s no reason to keep all that’s happening in her life to herself.”It’s going to be one hell of a ride.”

OAP Uwanma Odefa is out with a new Vlog where she shares her thoughts on love, life and everything in between, and this time she’s sharing 5 places to find true love.

She says:

Thanks to Banky W and Adesuwa who have shown that true love can be found anywhere, including your DM! Though they’re not the first, they’ve made sliding into the DM of your crush less tasteless. Let’s examine 5 places to find true love in the 21st Century.


OAP Uwanma in her latest vlog shares with us 5 mistakes women make in relationships.

She says:

“Sometimes, when a relationship gets screwed up, it’s the fault of us ladies. We have all been guilty of incessant nagging, unrealistic expectations, bad cooking and even worse sex skills. But there are less obvious mistakes we make that send our men running for the hills! Most times, not deliberately, but sometimes we intentionally sabotage true love. This is not to say men don’t and can’t screw up; they do. But today, we are focusing on the 5 mistakes women make that end their relationships, and usually on a disappointing and sour note! Save a relationship



Nowadays, there are so many food choices, however, the unhealthy ones seem to be more available than the healthy ones. Today on Ariyike weekly, it’s all about food choices. Nutritionists, Doctors, People who have had personal experiences with food choices and People who want to learn, Please get in here and let’s share our views on the healthy food choices we need to make and the unhealthy ones we need to ditch this year.