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On this episode of “Toke Moments“, Toke Makinwa is sharing her protest experience and describing the different types of people you see at a protest.

She says,

What a week, what a season, what a moment….. What a time to be alive. The protest against Police brutality in Nigeria has put Nigeria yet again in the centre of major world wide conversations and I am super proud of every young Nigerian for pushing for change. The #EndSars #EndPolicebrutality #EndSwat #Sarsmustend movement is on going and you can be a part of it too. the History books will definitely not forget this generation. I went out on the streets to protest and the energy was out of the world, watch my protest experience and share yours too in the comment section.

Watch the video:

Popular Nigerian OAP and entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa in a recent tweet said that Feminism is not hatred towards the male gender.

She said this in respond to some followers who insinuated that she and Tonto Dike hates men.

Toke replied that she does not hate men, but ‘I hate patriarchy and I speak against “male privileges” ‘

She opined that feminism is speaking against patriarchy, it is inclusion and some men are in support of it.

She tweeted ;

“Know the difference and set yourself free.

Feminism is not hatred towards the male gender, I just can’t stand the male privileges that exists.

It is speaking out against patriarchy, it is inclusion and there are men who support feminism too.”


Media personality, Toke Makinwa might have just announced her plans to have a wedding before 2020.

She took to her Instagram page announcing her birthday coming up in November, using a hashtag that got our attention – #Lastyearsingle.

She wrote:

*Temp Post*
PSA .. Calling on all travel companies, let’s make magic together this November, I turn 35 and I want a solid girls trip to my dream destination Phuket – Thailand 🇹🇭 I want to wake up to the sounds of the ocean, visit nearby islands, drink some rum and live it up as it’s my last year as a single girl ready to give marriage a second chance and of course the bambinos too. So if you’ll like to sponsor my friends and me to create the best content ever, let’s do it big in November.
#TMat35 #The35Club #Lastyearsingle
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Media personality, Toke Makinwa has revealed that she had plastic surgery in a series of tweets.

The media personality took to her Twitter page on Thursday, December 27, 2018, where she talked about her 2018 lessons in review.

“This year I stopped complaining and changed things. I hated my body, I fixed it, (best decision ever). I hated hanging around certain people who made me feel small; I dropped them, I learnt to forgive (I still struggle but it’s a journey), I learnt to be at peace. #2018Lessons,” she tweeted.

It didn’t end there as she also revealed that she tried to give love a chance in 2018 but it didn’t work out as planned.

“This year I tried to give Love a Chance again but let’s just say “if a fish and a bird fell in love, where would they make home”??? Still figuring me out but it was the best times I had #2018Lessons,” she tweeted.

Media girl and vlogger Toke Makinwa hosted the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria contest with IK Osakioduwa in Bayelsa on Saturday and she looked smashy in her outfits, the radio presenter also wore her confidence like a beautiful dress and looked stunning. The contest which saw Miss Imo state take home the coveted crown and organized annually by the Silverbird group has been in existence for several decades and has put Nigeria on the global map several times.

Here are pictures of Toke and IK during their hosting duties.

In an Instagram post  yesterday, multimedia personality Toke Makinwa narrated how two experiences cost her some opportunities in her career.

She went on to encourage people to keep fighting for their dreams until it is achieved as, according to her, she’s gotten better opportunities. She wrote:

When God is involved, it can never be for less. In my life I have seen him come thru so many times I’ll be selfish if I keep it to myself. I remember when we started the OnBecoming tour, we approached a number of companies for sponsorship and one particular incident left me sooo broken. We had been talking back and forth and all was looking exciting till the news of the legal suit hit the press. I remember I was in Ghana and the night before OnBecominginGhana was amazing. I woke up in such high spirit till the news filtered the air and then I got that call, our “potential” had pulled out. I read that text over and over again in tears, they pulled out because they didn’t want to be thrown in the middle of it all (who can blame them) boy was I hurt, I was broken. I had put so much into this project and prayed so hard yet here I was disappointed, I felt I wasn’t good enough, I couldn’t pray and then it hit me, this has happened before, I remember when the news of my marriage hit the press I was in the middle of signing a 20million Naira deal, all was good to go till news broke and it seemed like what everyone was talking about. They pulled out. It was bad timing. I remember how I held the toilet bowl all night, I have never felt that kind of pain in my life. I have worked hard, prayed hard and God knows I needed that money. My life had changed overnight, I was trying to hold on to everything and it seemed like everything was working against me but God came thru, he provided much more than that deal and I have never had to look back to think “if only” I had that money, he kept blessing me. In both cases God over compensated me???? SA is looking really good ????, I can’t wait to share who our sponsor for the OnBecominginSA is, they are not just flying me to SA, my entire team is coming to and everything is paid for in full. Why do I share this you may ask? Perhaps you woke up this morning feeling defeated, you are about to stop trying, you’re so sure your idea sucks and no one will support you, hold on. You are closer than you know,. God has bigger and better plans for you, he knows you’ve cried all night, he knows what this means to you, he will come thru even better ❤️

When something is beyond some people’s comprehension, they call it a lie. It’s called Grace…:-). Media Personality, Toke Makinwa who is currently in USA for her book tour lectured a group of graduate students in NYU on Wednesday, April 19th. She shared new photos from the lecture and addressed people who claimed she lied about it. She wrote;
Aww…thank you Prof L.
Getting feedback of my guest lecture at NYU warms my heart. This was my first attempt at teaching and it went really well. To share my knowledge on brand building even while I’m still learning can only be a blessing from God and I am available to be further used by him. Was I nervous? Hell yeah. But just the thought of a Nigerian girl sharing her success story to a room full ofI multinational students was enough to push me. Funny thing is while the lecture was going on God used the ignorance of many to further illustrate my point to the class. The students checked me out online and found out I was trending and it led to questions about dealing with negative feedback from customers and how to deal with the not so great comments and it was nice to use a practical example. You can’t take the good alone, try as much as possible to cater to every customer there will be some that are completely hard to please and that’s ok! Keep working on your product, keep evolving and pushing the envelope, don’t get distracted, keep at it till you perfect your craft and even after you think you have, there’s still some room to become some more.
I pray my life inspires someone out there to be BOLD in the face of storms, I hope you take a chance and live unapologetically. #onbecomingaglobalbrand#NYU #guestlecturer #TMtotheworld #ProfessorTM

Toke Makinwa was recently in Ghana to promote her book “On Becoming” and she had a chat with MyJoyOnline TV’s presenter as she talked about the need to write a book, helping other vulnerable women with her book, the fact that she was still promoting the book even with a pending lawsuit and more.

The media personality also talked about possibly writing other books, the difficulties of dating again and much more.

Watch below.