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Oge Obi, an investigative journalist who is said to be the brain behind award-winning BBC Sex For Grade documentary, has allegedly attempted suicide.

The attempted suicide comes few days after a renowned journalist, Ruona J. Meyer called out Kiki Mordi, the face behind the explosive documentary for allegedly taking sole credit for the creative work and sidelining Obi, who worked on the project under a pseudonym – Kemi Alabi.

The allegation generated outrage from many Twitter users and Kiki Mordi in a reaction the following day refuted accusations that she robbed people of their ideas in respect of the multi-award-winning documentary.

However, Obi earlier today, Sunday made three alarming tweets where she revealed her intention to take her own life.

In the first tweet, she wrote; “pointless”, afterwards she asked her followers to help her make a choice between two harmful substances.

Obi later made a post of her in tears, apolgizing for her next line of action, which appears to be the attempted suicide.

Shortly after this, a Twitter user who appears to be her friend, @joshbillzz announced that the young lady indeed attempted to take her life as she was found lifeless at home.

Oge Obi, Journalist And Sex For Grade Documentary Team Member, Allegedly Attempts Suicide

He revealed in a now-deleted that Oge was rushed to the hospital after she drank two bottles of sniper. The man added that they had to break the door in other to get inside the room.

Oge Obi, Journalist And Sex For Grade Documentary Team Member, Allegedly Attempts SuicideGiving another update, @joshbillzz stated that Obi was at General Hospital after being given an antidote for the poisonous substance she ingested but that the young lady was in pains, as at the time of filing this report.

He afterwards gave a reason for the deleted tweet, saying that he was trying to respect Obi and her privacy.

Source: Mojidelano.com

While the protests were ongoing, certain photographers caught some iconic moments which have since been popularized on social media.

EndSARS - Iconic Shots. [Twitter]
EndSARS – Iconic Shots. [Twitter]

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, the EndSARS protest peaked as Nigerians across the world unified their voices in fighting the scourge of police brutality. They were also supported by foreign figures like Drake, Lil Baby, Tion Wayne, Santan Dave and more.

While the protests were ongoing, certain photographers caught some iconic moments which have since been popularized on social media. For what they mean and in those moments, they exemplify the Nigerian need for freedom and our unified voices in the struggle to win.

Here are our favourite seven shots;

6.) Mr. Macaroni sleeping on the floor

Debo always loved a good protest and here, he is one of the few to propel these protests to this level.

EndSARS – Iconic Shots. [Twitter]

While this would have made sense as a victory parade, we will still take it. While checking the picture, play ‘F*ck the Police‘ by NWA.

5.) Wizkid with his fists in the air

EndSARS - Iconic Shots. [Twitter]EndSARS – Iconic Shots. [Twitter]
EndSARS - Iconic Shots. [Twitter]EndSARS – Iconic Shots. [Twitter]

According to Ogbeni Dipo, before Wizkid got to the Nigerian High Commission in London on October 11, 2020, it was a total chaos. His presence calmed things and his shots were taken.

4.) Standing on a mobile Police station while waving the Nigerian flag and an #EndSARS white flag on the same stick. He was also dressed like a skier. MAD!

EndSARS - Iconic Images. [Twiter]EndSARS – Iconic Images.

This represents loving Nigeria while striving for something greater, while also trampling on the police. On the stick he holds, the Nigerian flag is below a white #EndSARS flag. His fashion also embodies the struggle.

It is poetry in motion. Long live the Lekki toll gate blockage.

3.) Running for your life and still not having the police

EndSARS - Iconic Shots. [Twitter]EndSARS – Iconic Shots. [Twitter]

In Abuja, peaceful protesters had hot water sprayed on them. But in those moments, two beautiful women who were also protesting produced an iconic moment.

While running from the scene of the assault, someone captured the hot water they were trying to avoid. One of those girls then gave a middle finger to the police van while backing it. That is an amazing evidence of the struggle.

2.) Kiki Mordi

EndSARS - Iconic Shots. [Twitter]
EndSARS – Iconic Shots. [Twitter]

Kiki Mordi exemplifies the fight for justice. The Emmy-nominated journalist pulled up to the Ajah, Lagos protests on a Mack truck while leading a call-and-response.

This is the kind of shot you show your kids.

1.) Aisha Yesufu A.K.A statue of #EndSARS

EndSARS - Iconic Shots. [Twitter]EndSARS – Iconic Shots. [Twitter]

EndSARS - Iconic Shots. [Twitter]EndSARS – Iconic Shots. [Twitter]

Popular Nigerian OAP and entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa in a recent tweet said that Feminism is not hatred towards the male gender.

She said this in respond to some followers who insinuated that she and Tonto Dike hates men.

Toke replied that she does not hate men, but ‘I hate patriarchy and I speak against “male privileges” ‘

She opined that feminism is speaking against patriarchy, it is inclusion and some men are in support of it.

She tweeted ;

“Know the difference and set yourself free.

Feminism is not hatred towards the male gender, I just can’t stand the male privileges that exists.

It is speaking out against patriarchy, it is inclusion and there are men who support feminism too.”


There is a lot of information on the cyber space on rape and the legal impediments of rape; some right some wrong. This article aims to separate the facts from fiction and also to provide some guide for rape survivors if they intend to pursue a criminal case against alleged rapists.

In a nutshell, rape is non-consensual sexual intercourse. When a man has sex with a woman without her consent (in Nigeria – apart from in the FCT Abuja, only women are capable of being raped). When a woman has non-consensual sex with a man it is termed sexual assault. Sexual assault is similar to rape, but is not rape. ( Lawpadi 2018) ( this has been expanded to all states where VAAP has been signed)

1. Myth One: Age of consent in Nigeria is 11; This information is false; the Child’s Rights Act of 2003 sets the age of consent at 18; however the challenge here is some states domesticated the law and reduced age of consent in their states while 11 states are yet to domesticate the Childs Rights Act. (Domestication of a law means when a law is passed by the Nigerian National Assembly and signed by the President, states also have to pass the law and the state governors also sign hence making that law applicable in those states). Advocacy should be focused on getting the remaining 11 states on board.

2. Myth 2: Since 1960 there has been only 18 Rape Convictions in Nigeria; This information is also false. Though I am unable to get a current figure the number of convictions is no where around 18. Even though this figure is still low, the challenges of getting convictions have mostly been from under reporting by victims and family members who believe the court and legal system may not give them justice. In some cases families have received compensation from the alleged rapists and refused to pursue cases further, in other cases lack of diligent prosecution , also poor training of police officers who receive reports of rape cases have discouraged victims from pursuing cases further. It is in response to this that some states have established helplines for sexual and domestic assault and some NGOs have worked to help victims get justice.

Aishatu Ene

Myth 3: Rape Laws are Lax: While laws could be better in some areas eg; marital rape and redefining rape to mean sex without consent for both genders; the current laws are quite harsh on offenders. The VAAP law now has addressed some of these concerns.

There are 4 laws that deal with rape around Nigeria; The Criminal Code – this is applicable in all the Southern States
A. The Penal Code – this is applicable in all the Northern States
B. The Criminal Laws of Lagos – this is applicable only in Lagos State
C. The Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act – this has been domesticated by over 16 states currently
D. The Child Rights Act – this is only applicable in the States which have domesticated it ( Law Padi 2018).

These are the stipulated punishments for sexual crimes in Nigeria;
i. Assault with intent to commit unnatural offence (against the order of nature) is punishable with 14 years imprisonment
ii. Indecent assault on males is punishable by 3 years imprisonment
iii. Rape is punishable by life imprisonment, with or without caning.
iv. Attempt to commit rape is punishable with 14 years imprisonment
v. Indecent assault on females is punishable with 2 years imprisonment
vi. Abduction is punishable with 7 years imprisonment
vii. Abduction of girls under sixteen is punishable with two years imprisonment
Please note that ignorance of the age of the girls or as regards consent will not ground a defence. ( Wale Joseph November 2015; My Job Mag )

Step By Step Guide to reporting Rape Cases in Nigeria:In the sad event of a rape; Rape Survivors may find these steps helpful:

1. Do not take a bath
2. Call for help and guidance: emergency response numbers nationwide is 112; in Abuja include; 112, 08078111126), Lagos : 112, 08137960048 E-mail : info@dsvrtlagos.org.
Kaduna: 09064528082. Enugu; 08060084441

3. Make a report at the Police Station; A report of the incident is very important to get the case started, it is very important to remember and report every detail as this will help get the offender. If the victim is calm enough it may help to write out details before going to the station. If the police response is not satisfactory kindly report to 08057000001 police complaint line. The IGP has recently pushed for establishment of gender desks in all Police Stations, a victim or family members should request for the gender desk or officer at a station.

4. Get Medical help and a medical report; Family or friends can rush the victim to the hospital while making a police report. It is important to go to the hospital so the victim can receive immediate medical attention to prevent infections and pregnancy and for medical evidence of a rape which is needed for a strong prosecution case. Also some hospitals have social workers who will offer immediate counseling for victims. A government hospital is preferable for prosecution purposes even though the Court of Appeal has ruled that reports from Private Hospitals are now admissible.

5. Speak with a Lawyer: It is very important to speak with a good lawyer to guide you through the process of getting justice; some NGOs offer this service. A good lawyer will ensure that there is diligent prosecution and guide against public statements that may compromise the case.

6. Speak to a trained counselor; Some NGOs offer post trauma counseling services; it is very important for a survivor to get counseling as rape is a highly traumatic occurrence. While a victim may look and act fine they may suffer Post Trauma in different forms which only a trained counselor can spot and guide through.

7. Use of Social Media: In some rape and sexual assault case social media has been instrumental in getting justice especially when the police is lax in investigations, also funding is important in pursing rape cases, medical examination; in cases where the alleged rapist has fled to another town funds may be needed to facilitate an arrest unfortunately the police will say they are not adequately funded to carry out inter- state arrests ; Social media can help with such funds and also act as pressure to ensure diligent investigation and prosecution; however not all details should be put on social media as some details could alert the suspect, and compromise the case hence the need to have some guidance from a lawyer.

Supportive Roles for Rape Survivors

:1. Family: Family should offer support and not judgment; in cases of minors parents should not disregard reports, tale signs in their children. It is also important to consider the victims health in all decisions and stop the practice of receiving compensation to kill cases. Victims must receive immediate medical attention and family must ensure this is done

2. Police: The Police must be trained to understand rape as a serious issue and take the right and honest steps to investigate cases. Better funding for investigation of cases will remove the burden from the victim who may be discouraged by the expenses in pursuing a case. Gender desks at some police stations is commendable; regular training and refresher courses on new laws is required. Also gender desks should be set up in all police stations so victims can recieve adequate assistance from the police to encourage follow up with prosecution.

3. State Prosecution: Work with the police to ensure diligent prosecution of rape cases. Open communication lines with victims and families. Ensuring that the burden of funding doesn’t lie with the victim and their families.

4. NGOs: Help provide/ source funding for prosecution, work with police and prosecution to ensure victim is well represented, act as a pressure group , provide support and counseling for victims, advocate for domestication of progressive laws on sexual violence, child’s rights act, VAAP law and the sexual offences bill. Also advocate to state Governments to set up response hotlines to domestic and sexual abuse.

5. Social Media: BE RESPONSIBLE IN REPORTING RAPE CASES; Responsible reportage by bloggers and social media users is important to ensure prosecution and for the victims recovery. Using the victims pictures, sharing pictures or videos of the rape if available are not helpful; sharing videos and pictures of a rape of a minor can be regarded as distribution of child porn which is a crime. Sharing pictures of a minor without blurring the face who has been abused is also unethical. While we are all passionate about ending rape and punishing offenders, it is responsible to remember as hard as it may be that the alleged rapist under the law until proven guilty still has a presumption of innocence.

6. Sexual Offenders register: States that have domesticated the VAAP law also operate a sexual offenders register where convicted rapist and sexual offenders are published. NAPTIP as a national body also operates a national sex offenders register.


Goodnews: Akwa Ibom has signed the VAAP law so they are no longer on this map

Kiki Mordi revealed she is not bothered by those threats as the project was inspired by her personal experience which led to her dropping out of the University and becoming a graduate.

In an exclusive interview with Sahara Reporters, she said,

I have received subtle threats since this work was completed but I am not bothered because the BBC takes the security of employees seriously.

Before embarking on this project, the team prayed a lot and also sang because it helped to calm the nerves. But I had to go through the training I received over and over again because I wanted to get it right.

The biggest goal of this work was to be louder than the aggressor because sexual harassment is very loud. I wanted it to be silenced.

I am happy that a lot is changing already since the documentary was release and I can confirm to you that one of the lecturers at the University of Lagos caught sexually harassing a prospective student has been dismissed by the institution.

I believe it doesn’t stop there until there is a conviction. We have to break that culture of impunity.

Since the video went viral, the exposed UNILAG lecturer has been suspended and barred by the Management of the University. The Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria also announced the suspension of Boniface Igbeneghu on Monday.



Credit: Bella Naija

Nkiru Mordi is a Port Harcourt born On-Air personality that goes by the alias Kiki Mordi. She created a petition online against police extortion after some policemen barged into her home accusing her and her boyfriend of being cultists.

According to her, the policemen searched her home and when they found no evidence of them being cultists, they were taken to their station and demanded N200, 000 to kill the case.

The petition titled ‘End Police Extortion Now’ has a goal of gathering 1,000 signatures.

She tweeted,

If you no one hears from me tonight, ask State CID zone 5 for where I am… Goes without saying, I have a great extortion story to tell

Our only offence? Being young and having a car. Nothing else.

They’ve carried their robbery from highways to actually busting into your house. Police

I had a really wild day today with the police I just realized being a Nigerian isn’t safe. You are only safe because it’s not yet your turn!

I’ve had altercations with police before at the high way, they try to frustrate you into giving them “small thing” I never judge them…

Because a policeman, my friend, confided in me that they don’t get enough funding & it’s the “small thing” they use to fuel cars to operate.

But my experience with the police today was very wild! I’m still pretty shaken up but thank God I’m home. Safely.

You guys won’t believe that policemen barged into MY HOUSE today. This was not a highway issue, MY FUCKING HOUSE. WOW!

I was upstairs prepping for work when I heard the doorbell… My boyfriend got the door and was met with a dirty slap.

They barged into the house and started yelling. I only saw one at first, plain clothed. Asked me “IS THIS YOUR BOYFRIEND”? He was yelling

I was mad scared, I thought we were being robbed! So I was quiet. He asked a couple more times and I look a boyfriend, confused as hell

He started accusing us of being cultists? Hian. That was when other police men came with Police T shirt came, I then realised they were cops

“Oga stop shouting tell me what’s going on I’m sure I can help you” He tells us they had a tip off that we were cultists. Again.

I assured him we weren’t cultists perhaps he has the wrong address? He starts asking about the cars parked downstairs. Asked for our names..

I thought you had a “tip off” I told him I was a journalist He went downstairs, scribbled my boyfriend’s misspelled name on a “warrant”

I didn’t say anything. He searched through the house, saw some condoms in my wardrobe and said “Name original oh, this one nor be cheap”

I didn’t smile back. He searched some more for this imaginary gun. He didn’t find. Next thing he wants our laptops, I’m not surprised.

He’s seized some phones already o. I had 3 in my possession so I’m guarding them safely. Bros what exactly did we do? You’re harassing us..

He said he was taking boyfriend to police station for further investigation. At this point I’m VERY scared. I’ve called heaven and earth

So I went to take a picture and they launch at me. Tried to drag my phone with me. Drama. We eventually agreed to go to the station with dem

They took our laptops as “evidence”

This story is quite long because this started about 10 or so this morning. Long and short, I was shamed at the police station for being loud

They hurled all sorts of sexist comments. Because say you go school. Mane dey talk you dey talk. I get your type for house etc

One female police even threatened to beat me and cure me of my “sharp mouth”

The attention was no longer on the cultist charge but on my “sharp mouth” They went through our laptops. Nothing!

I need to point out that at home when they saw a car key, they asked for the name of he car, I said BMW, he just smiled. I was like oh…kay

About six hours later, they’re asking for 200k to “die the case” Are we not cultists and kidnappers again? Hian

Lawyer came to “bail” us out with 20k… They charged boyfriend with “suspected cultism” and me for “obstruction of justice”

I don’t even know if they’ll come back. They know where I live. I don’t feel safe at all. But I’m home now, thanks for asking.

My whole day… I didn’t even go to work, I haven’t eaten, I couldn’t change my tampon… I’m still shaken up

To think, after we had a new neighbor move in with 4 cars I’d been worried about kidnappers showing up, THE NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE SHOWED UP!

Shaken up, preparing to move. I’ve called agent already, I can’t.

The funny part about all these is people have told me it happens a lot, and I just became a target. Please tell me, HOW CAN I SLEEP?

They kept asking about the cars. The cars drew them to he compound. Talk about stalking.

So basically they barged into the compound and randomly knocked on doors. We just happened to be the ones at home. Y’all need to stay woke!

They were asking who owns what car and who had traveled! Still feel safe in your homes?