Nkiru Mordi is a Port Harcourt born On-Air personality that goes by the alias Kiki Mordi. She created a petition online against police extortion after some policemen barged into her home accusing her and her boyfriend of being cultists.

According to her, the policemen searched her home and when they found no evidence of them being cultists, they were taken to their station and demanded N200, 000 to kill the case.

The petition titled ‘End Police Extortion Now’ has a goal of gathering 1,000 signatures.

She tweeted,

If you no one hears from me tonight, ask State CID zone 5 for where I am… Goes without saying, I have a great extortion story to tell

Our only offence? Being young and having a car. Nothing else.

They’ve carried their robbery from highways to actually busting into your house. Police

I had a really wild day today with the police I just realized being a Nigerian isn’t safe. You are only safe because it’s not yet your turn!

I’ve had altercations with police before at the high way, they try to frustrate you into giving them “small thing” I never judge them…

Because a policeman, my friend, confided in me that they don’t get enough funding & it’s the “small thing” they use to fuel cars to operate.

But my experience with the police today was very wild! I’m still pretty shaken up but thank God I’m home. Safely.

You guys won’t believe that policemen barged into MY HOUSE today. This was not a highway issue, MY FUCKING HOUSE. WOW!

I was upstairs prepping for work when I heard the doorbell… My boyfriend got the door and was met with a dirty slap.

They barged into the house and started yelling. I only saw one at first, plain clothed. Asked me “IS THIS YOUR BOYFRIEND”? He was yelling

I was mad scared, I thought we were being robbed! So I was quiet. He asked a couple more times and I look a boyfriend, confused as hell

He started accusing us of being cultists? Hian. That was when other police men came with Police T shirt came, I then realised they were cops

“Oga stop shouting tell me what’s going on I’m sure I can help you” He tells us they had a tip off that we were cultists. Again.

I assured him we weren’t cultists perhaps he has the wrong address? He starts asking about the cars parked downstairs. Asked for our names..

I thought you had a “tip off” I told him I was a journalist He went downstairs, scribbled my boyfriend’s misspelled name on a “warrant”

I didn’t say anything. He searched through the house, saw some condoms in my wardrobe and said “Name original oh, this one nor be cheap”

I didn’t smile back. He searched some more for this imaginary gun. He didn’t find. Next thing he wants our laptops, I’m not surprised.

He’s seized some phones already o. I had 3 in my possession so I’m guarding them safely. Bros what exactly did we do? You’re harassing us..

He said he was taking boyfriend to police station for further investigation. At this point I’m VERY scared. I’ve called heaven and earth

So I went to take a picture and they launch at me. Tried to drag my phone with me. Drama. We eventually agreed to go to the station with dem

They took our laptops as “evidence”

This story is quite long because this started about 10 or so this morning. Long and short, I was shamed at the police station for being loud

They hurled all sorts of sexist comments. Because say you go school. Mane dey talk you dey talk. I get your type for house etc

One female police even threatened to beat me and cure me of my “sharp mouth”

The attention was no longer on the cultist charge but on my “sharp mouth” They went through our laptops. Nothing!

I need to point out that at home when they saw a car key, they asked for the name of he car, I said BMW, he just smiled. I was like oh…kay

About six hours later, they’re asking for 200k to “die the case” Are we not cultists and kidnappers again? Hian

Lawyer came to “bail” us out with 20k… They charged boyfriend with “suspected cultism” and me for “obstruction of justice”

I don’t even know if they’ll come back. They know where I live. I don’t feel safe at all. But I’m home now, thanks for asking.

My whole day… I didn’t even go to work, I haven’t eaten, I couldn’t change my tampon… I’m still shaken up

To think, after we had a new neighbor move in with 4 cars I’d been worried about kidnappers showing up, THE NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE SHOWED UP!

Shaken up, preparing to move. I’ve called agent already, I can’t.

The funny part about all these is people have told me it happens a lot, and I just became a target. Please tell me, HOW CAN I SLEEP?

They kept asking about the cars. The cars drew them to he compound. Talk about stalking.

So basically they barged into the compound and randomly knocked on doors. We just happened to be the ones at home. Y’all need to stay woke!

They were asking who owns what car and who had traveled! Still feel safe in your homes?








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