For decades, women across the African continent have known how good shea butter is for the skin. This is why Ruth Wewura Guribie, the founder of Sava Shea Company Limited in Ghana, is creating a natural skincare brand that celebrates this much-loved local ingredient.

Sava Shea Company Ltd is a female-owned cosmetics company established in 2015 in Ghana to solve the growing need for natural skincare products by manufacturing and distributing high quality skincare products. Their products are made from premium quality unrefined shea butter handcrafted by rural women in the Northern parts of Ghana and infused with oils and other natural ingredients that are purchased locally.

Their products are simple, natural, and portray to the world what Ghana has to offer in skin care. Their products include Body Creams/Butters, African Black Soap Shower Gel, Lip balm, Hair/Beard growth Oil and unrefined shea butter.

She was motivated to start Save Shea when she discovered that most of the skincare products she used were full of synthetic chemicals; some of which were not even listed in the ingredients. Her skin was being soaked in a cocktail of chemicals everyday with unknown long-term effects. So she decided to start listening to her body and stopped using these products.
Thereafter, she began experimenting in the kitchen making products using only natural oils and butters that she knew were safe and could be sourced sustainably.

You will have many reasons to quit at some point, but don’t. Be passionate about what you do and communicate it in the way that feels most inspired, natural and unique to you.

Quite simply, if a product is made using organic ingredients, you are guaranteed that it has the environment and sustainable practice at heart. So, she felt producing organic skincare products would be her way of helping the process of slowing down the ever increasing speed at which our world is degrading. She never wanted to be just another company making natural products. She wanted to make sure her customers were enjoying best quality products for the most reasonable price she could sell them at.

“Of course, I started this business with the goal of financial success. However, this company is so much more. Save Shea represents me. It is a manifestation of my passion, dedication, skills, and talents. It’s been 5 years since I started this journey, and like any other start up founder, I have had my shares of highs and lows. I certainly had some interesting learnings along the way, which has helped me become a better person and an entrepreneur. I have learned that I am not capable of doing everything nor knowing everything, so I had to learn to get the right people on my team, ask for help, and say no to things I was incapable of delivering. I knew the journey was going to be both exciting and painful, but just as my mother had always taught me growing up, this was MY journey and both my successes and failures are direct results of ME and by ME! I am ready to walk it through and make it work despite the odds.”

Sava Shea is differentiated from other brands on the basis that we focus on manufacturing products that are safe for all skin types and ages, effective and free of chemicals.


The beauty and wellbeing benefits of shea butter are well known, but now for those looking for a premium brand and product range which is organic, vegan, and suitable for the most sensitive skins, help is at hand from Kinapure.

In Ghana, Kina Africa, founded by entrepreneur and health specialist, Mildred Mawusi Agbana (Millie), and trading under the brand name Kinapure, is creating a range of products that are handcrafted, organic, cruelty-free, 100% vegan, hypoallergenic and non-GMO.

Mildred Mawusi Agbana is the founder and ceo of Kinapure (USA) and Kina Africa (Ghana). The brand is a premium health and wellness brand that is focused on building an organic and sustainable business that contributes to people’s health, while impacting the lives of rural women in Ghana through training, support and the ongoing construction of an ultramodern shea processing centre in the Savannah Region of Ghana.
Mildred has worked as a registered nurse and a chronic care manager in the USA for 10+ years and is currently pursuing her MBA.

“My biggest advice to women starting their own business is to put fear aside and try. Start small and invest less money in the beginning. Test your idea and seek help from your local organizations and other online resources. This will improve your success as an entrepreneur.”

Kina Africa LLC was founded in 2016 and its subsidiary Kinapure in 2018.
Kinapure produces the highest-grade of shea butter and other organic products, incorporating Nutrient-rich, Clean, Functional, Organic, Non-toxic, Non-GMO and Cruelty-free ingredients to deliver powerful skincare solutions.

Mildred’s journey into the world of entrepreneurship happened unplanned. According to her, “My child, Gabby developed really bad eczema when she was only a baby. As a nurse for 10+years now, there are various treatments I know for various skin conditions. I tried them all from the most expensive skincare brands to the most organic homoeopathic solutions but nothing seemed to be working for her. Some did for a while, gave her a little relief but it was never permanent and it kept feeling like a never-ending war. My friends and family couldn’t even carry or play with her. She was so uncomfortable, fussy and didn’t enjoy being touched. She would cry and cry because she was itchy and uncomfortable all the time and as her mother, whenever she cried, I cried along with her.”

“Finally, I brought up the issue with my mother and she reminded me of the power of the shea nut, the same one she used when she was pregnant with us (her children) and the same one she used for us when we were younger and had skin and hair issues. I went ahead to create a mixture with the shea butter and some other potent ingredients and used it on Gabby. I realized that even on the first day of use, Gabby had become relaxed, calm and was sleeping better. Within a few days, Gabby was already sleeping better and smiling brightly like she used to. My friends and family were impressed by the quick improvement in my daughter’s condition and asked me to make some of the elixir for them. No matter their skin tone, race, age or gender, they all came back with amazing feedback and results after using it. After realizing the elixir, I had unknowingly created rapidly advanced the quality of my daughter’s life and others, there was no turning back, this miracle product had to be shared with the world.”

Both of Mildred’s maternal grandparents were traders and they taught her the ins and outs of trade. They were able to pay for her school fees with the money they made from selling. This inspired her to becoming an entrepreneur.

“My biggest advice to women starting their own business is to put fear aside and try. Start small and invest less money in the beginning. Test your idea and seek help from your local organizations and other online resources. This will improve your success as an entrepreneur.”

A weird drama ensued at what was supposed to be a secret wedding between a married man and his probably ignorant bride as the former’s wife stormed the venue with her children and disrupted the ceremony.

“He even slept with me this morning!” – Woman storms hubby's secret wedding with children
“He even slept with me this morning!” – Woman storms hubby’s secret wedding with children

An interesting video shows her invading the church auditorium unexpectedly with a baby strapped on her back, at the time the bride and the supposed groom were standing before the altar and a huge crowd of attendees to receive the pastor’s blessing.

According to the woman, the supposed groom was her husband with whom she had children. She went on to allege that the man even spent the last night with her and the children, so she was surprised to see him tying the knot with another woman the next morning.

She added that she and her husband didn’t have any issues and they had not separated either, so she was taken aback to have learned and confirmed it for herself that he was getting married to another woman.

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A kindhearted teacher from Ghana has set the bar high for other educators by putting her all in her job. Naomi Awomeh has brought a new meaning to the word service as she always endeavors to leave smiles on her pupils’ faces.

Emmanuel Kobea the selfless lady who works in a small village spends her free days sewing and repairing her learners’ clothes. As if not enough, the kind woman does it all for free.

During her lunch breaks, instead of indulging in a scrumptious meal, the teacher takes out her tools and focuses on stitching and repairing clothes. And while she is busy turning tatters to presentable attire, Naomi teaches her pupils how to stitch. Her story first gained traction on social media when Emmanuel Kobea, a young man who was touched by the kind teacher’s laudable initiative in the school, shared her photo. “One of my daughters in the Lord, Awomeh Naomi teaches at Kubease near Ejisu. She learnt dressmaking during her vacations while in college. She in turn, teaches her pupils needle work and patches their worn out uniforms during breaks,” he wrote.

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She obtained her privot pilot license at 19 years of age and her commercial pilot license at 21 years of age.

Meet Ghana's Youngest Female Commercial Pilot

 Audrey Maame Esi Swatson

American actress, model and entrepreneur, Lisa Raye McRoy, is now a queen mother in the Central Region in Ghana.

According to The SourceLisa Raye was enstooled at the Cicada Restaurant and Club in Los Angeles, U.S., just a day before her birthday, which fell on September 23.

Raye was handpicked by the Paramount Chief of Agona Kwanyako and the entire Kyidom Traditional Divisional Council.

Her contributions and humanitarian efforts over the years in Ghana earned the Chicago-native the royal prestige, which she has described as an honour “beyond my wildest imagination.”

As a queen mother, Raye has been given lands to build schools for girls so that she can train and uplift them in career-changing skills, reports lisptickalley.com

Commenting on her enstoolment, Raye said: “I plan to do all that I can by using my platform to bring positive attention to this region. I will serve humbly. I’ve had lots of accomplishments in my life, personally and professionally, but I didn’t get to this point alone. It’s taken a great team of people along the way. To have such an honor bestowed upon me by my own African people is a testament to my hard work and character. It’s like a dream coming true before my very eyes.”

Since the 17th century, enstoolments, or installation of chiefs and queens, have become common. Started by the Ashanti people of Ghana, queen mothers play an important role in local governance and “wield social power and influence.”

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Queen Lisa Raye with King Larweh
Queen Lisa Raye about to cut her birthday cake
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It’s all good. Crowning of Queen Mother of Ghana w/my family last nite. Simply Beautiful #LifeRocks #BirthdayWeekend

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Oh you a Queen Queen 👸🏽 #LisaRayeMccoy was crowned Queen Mother of Ghana. The enstoolment ceremony was held yesterday, the day before her birthday, at the Cicada Restaurant & Club in downtown Los Angeles. Enstoolment, or installation, is one of the last great African tribal traditions. It was started in the 17th Century by the Ashanti people of Ghana. McCoy will reign over Ghana’s Central Region. The Chicago native earned her new regal title for her humanitarian efforts over the years and was handpicked by the Paramount Chief of Agona Kwanyako, the chiefs and the entire Kyidom Traditional Divisional Councils. “This honor is beyond my wildest imagination,”she said. “I plan to do all that I can by using my platform to bring positive attention to this region. I will serve humbly.” The actress continued, “I’ve had lots of accomplishments in my life, personally and professionally, but I didn’t get to this point alone. It’s taken a great team of people along the way. To have such an honor bestowed upon me by my own African people is a testament to my hard work and character. It’s like a dream coming true before my very eyes.”

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Ghanaian singer, Becca got married to her Nigerian husband, Tobi Daniel in August 2018 at a private ceremony in Accra and together they have a baby girl.

Last night at an event to premiere her new song, Becca was asked by fellow actress Haillie Sumney how she was able to deal with the negative comments that came her away beacuse she married a Nigerian.

In her response, Becca said; ‘when i got married to a Nigerian, there was mixed reactions and I was really surprised because I know Ghanaians are the most hospitable people in the world, so I wondered if the reaction would have been different if i married an American or an European’.


How I dealt with negative comments after marrying a Nigerian - Ghanaian singer, Becca


‘But after doing music for 13years, I know there’s nothing that can deter me becasue you can’t be perfect in the sight of everyone and the moment you are a public figure, you lose the right of privacy and things like that are expected‘ she added.


Watch the video below…


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The Ghanaian market has introduced a revolutionary sanitary pad courtesy two female students from KNUST.

Miss Otoo-Quayson and Matilda Sampong decided to solve challenges women go through monthly by producing sanitary pads out of banana stems.

Miss Otoo-Quayson said, “According to statistics about 95% of girls in rural areas miss classes during this period and we thought to do something about this,”

Conferring to the young ladies aside from the sanitary pads from the west being expensive, they are also harmful to the reproductive organs. They said these sanitary pads are made out of plastic, dioxin (cellulose gel) and a little cotton.

Banana stem sanitary pad
Banana stem sanitary pad

Plastics found in sanitary pads are known to complicate embryonic development resulting in organ damage aside polluting the environment. Also, dioxin is listed by the WHO as a highly toxic environmental pollutant and has been linked to immune system damage and cancer.

Miss Otoo-Quayson and Matilda Sampong (KNUST students)
Miss Otoo-Quayson and Matilda Sampong (KNUST students)

Therefore, the new sanitary pads made from banana stems is very welcomed because not only is it environmental-safe alternative but it is also cheaper compared to conventional sanitary pads. According to the duo, these new sanitary pads are priced at just 2 cedis per pack which is comparably cheaper than conventional sanitary pads sold at 5 cedis per pack.


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Yes, women are not allowed to give birth in the village.

What happens is that when a pregnant woman is in labor, she’s taken out of the village and allowed to return only after the child is born.

A pregnant woman spoke to the BBC, asking that the practice be abolished.

Watch the documentary below:

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In a special episode, BBC FactFinder and BBC Africa Eye partnered to answer the question – just how much can your memories help you to track down your past?

Brigitte Sossou Perenyi, 20 years after she was freed, went on a journey to understand what the Trokosi practice really is and why her family gave her away.

The Trokosi practice, prominent in West Africa, forces girls to live and work with priests in religious shrines, for the rest of their lives, to “pay” for the sins of family members.

Although the practice has officially been banned in Ghana, it’s still happening there and in other parts of West Africa but on a smaller scale.

Brigitte had documented her journey to finding answers. Watch it below:

She spoke to BBC about how finding answers gave her the courage to move on. Watch below:

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