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In the ever-evolving landscape of professional excellence, women continue to shine as trailblazers, inspiring countless individuals with their achievements and contributions. In this article, we proudly present seven remarkable female professionals who stand as beacons of inspiration and empowerment. From innovative entrepreneurs to visionary leaders, these women have carved their paths to success, leaving an indelible mark on their respective industries.

Join us as we celebrate their journeys and glean valuable insights from their remarkable stories. Discover the strength, determination, and brilliance of these inspiring female professionals who are transforming the world and motivating others to reach new heights.

1. Pamela Anoliefo- The Scrum Master Trainer

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Pamela is a trailblazing professional who immigrated to Canada with a burning passion for positive change and growth. With over 15 years of experience as a result-oriented Release Train Engineer, Scrum Master, and Project Manager, she has become a driving force in transforming organizations from traditional Project Management to Agile methodologies. Pamela’s successful track record spans diverse industries, including Fintech, Retail, and Financial Services.

Her expertise in Agile and Scaled Agile teams, along with her dedication to coaching and mentoring, makes her a true industry leader. Read more about her work here

2. Fola Adegoke – Trailbalzer In Cybersecurity

Winfinite Consulting

Fola Adegoke is the founder and lead Career Coach at Winfinite Consulting. She is a trailblazer in the field of Cybersecurity. With a passion for empowering professionals and a comprehensive understanding of career challenges and opportunities. With her expertise and passion, Fola has become a trusted guide and inspiration for professionals seeking success in cybersecurity.

Her journey is a testament to the power of determination, knowledge, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. Check Fola’s work here

3. Kemi Ogunkoya – The Leadership Expert

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Kemi  is a celebrated leadership development strategist, management consultant, and author of the acclaimed book “The Leadership Guardian.” With a decade of experience under her belt, she has been at the forefront of conducting and facilitating impactful leadership development workshops both nationally and internationally. Kemi is also the mastermind behind The Dozen Model Leadership Framework, a powerful tool that has empowered countless individuals on their leadership journey.

4. Banke Oki-Balogun- The Educator

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Banke Oki-Balogun is an exceptional educator with an unwavering passion for empowering young minds and transforming education. Hailing from a remarkable lineage of educators, armed with a Masters in Education and International Development from the Institute of Education, University College London (UCL), and a distinction in Master of Public Administration from Queen Mary University of London, Banke is recognized as a true authority in the field of education, even earning her a well-deserved Ph.D. scholarship from Queen Mary, University of London.

Her true innovation lies in the creation of Naijatutors Konnect, a groundbreaking online platform that harnesses the power of technology to connect exceptional Nigerian tutors with students across different geographical regions, bridging the educational divide and ensuring children receive the academic support they deserve.  Check Banke’s work here 

5. Oyinkansola Alabi – The Emotions Doctor

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Oyinkansola Alabi, popularly referred to as The Emotions Doctor, is the Founder of Emotions City. Africa’s Leading Emotional Intelligence Centre. She is a Productivity Enhancement and Life Validation Strategist. A Psychologist by training, helps individuals, achievers and Organisations increase performance using emotional intelligence tools and proprietary methodologies.

Oyinkan is the first female founder of an Emotional Intelligence Academy in Africa and is the convener of Africa’s first Emotional Intelligence Week.

6. Nora Agbakhamen – The Impact Storyteller

Media Visibility Bootcamp

Nora is a storytelling expert who is making waves as one of Nigeria’s most influential figures on LinkedIn. Through her work, she empowers businesses to get noticed and thrive by leveraging the power of content and storytelling. With a decade of experience as a skilled content creator and writer, Nora possesses the knowledge to elevate brands, boosting their credibility, visibility, and profitability.

Holding a Mass Communication degree from the University of Maiduguri, Nora’s passion for honing her craft led her to earn a certificate in Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking from Harvard University (HarvardX) and a certificate in Investigative Journalism from BBC MacArthur Foundation. Additionally, she has acquired multiple certifications in the art of storytelling, further solidifying her expertise in this field.

7. Ashley Wright – The Bitcoin Queen

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Ashley Wright is a young entrepreneur and motivational speaker from Toronto, Canada. Starting her first business at the age of 17, she went on to create two successful ventures: The Wright Success, focused on self-development and business coaching, and Study Cryptos, an online academy simplifying Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology learning. Ashley’s passion for empowerment and innovation shines through as she inspires individuals to become their best selves and makes complex subjects accessible to all.

We celebrate these amazons for their tenacity and professionalism.

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Fola Adegoke is the founder and lead Career Coach at Winfinite Consulting. She is a trailblazer in the field of Cybersecurity & IT Audit training. With a passion for empowering professionals and a comprehensive understanding of career challenges and opportunities. With her expertise and passion, Fola has become a trusted guide and inspiration for professionals seeking success in cybersecurity. Her journey is a testament to the power of determination, knowledge, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams.

In this article, we will explore Fola’s remarkable journey, the inspiration behind Winfinite Consulting, and how her immigration to Canada four years ago transformed her life.

Fola Winfinite Consulting

Early Influences

Fola’s childhood laid the foundation for her current career. Growing up in a loving and supportive environment, she nurtured a thirst for learning and problem-solving. Her talkative nature and communication skills developed during lively conversations with family and friends, unknowingly shaping her future role as a Cybersecurity Career Coach. Fola’s dreams of becoming an Engineer instilled her with a passion for critical thinking and puzzle-solving—essential qualities in the cybersecurity industry.

The Birth of Winfinite Consulting

Her strong desire to promote diversity and equality in the industry led her to establish Winfinite Consulting. Witnessing the struggles faced by immigrants in finding rewarding jobs due to non-recognition of qualifications, she leveraged her expertise in Cybersecurity and IT Audit to guide and empower them. Fola’s guidance became highly sought after, driving her to create Winfinite Consulting as a platform to empower individuals from all backgrounds. The goal was to provide practical, hands-on training that would prepare aspiring professionals for the challenges they would face in the cybersecurity industry.

The Journey of Winfinite Consulting

Since its inception, Winfinite Consulting has experienced remarkable growth and success. Fola’s coaching approach, centered around individual aspirations and development, has empowered numerous professionals to transition into high-demand cybersecurity careers. The positive impact of Winfinite Consulting is evident in the success stories of individuals who have unlocked hidden potential and secured rewarding jobs. Fola’s expertise as a thought leader, trainer, and speaker has garnered recognition and earned her nominations for prestigious awards.

Challenges in the Cybersecurity Landscape

Fola encounters various challenges in her line of work. Keeping pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape requires constant upskilling and staying updated on industry trends and regulations. Bridging the skills gap and addressing the talent shortage in the cybersecurity industry is another significant challenge. Fola strives to attract and nurture diverse talent by providing practical training that prepares students for real-world challenges. Balancing security and usability is an ongoing endeavor that requires innovative approaches and a deep understanding of both security principles and practical usability.

Inspiring Women in Cybersecurity

Fola’s work has become a beacon of inspiration for women in the field. By breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes, she showcases that gender is not a limitation in pursuing a successful career in the male-dominated cybersecurity industry. Fola actively promotes the inclusion of women, sharing her knowledge and experiences to motivate them to embrace their skills and passions in this exciting domain. Her journey and positive impact serve as inspiration for other women to believe in themselves, overcome challenges, and make their mark in cybersecurity.

Other Projects and Activities

In addition to her work at Winfinite Consulting, Fola is currently focused on automating processes to enhance efficiency as the company continues to grow. For example, she is implementing a Learning Management System to streamline onboarding.

Fola Winfinite Consulting

Enjoying the Journey

Fola finds great joy in meeting new people, learning new things, and keeping up with evolving threats and risks. The combination of fulfillment and excitement that her work brings is a constant source of motivation. Guiding individuals with no prior experience to achieve their goals in cybersecurity, witnessing their transformation.

Empowering Change

As a Woman of Rubies, Fola embodies the qualities of strength, resilience, and compassion. She has overcome numerous obstacles throughout her career, displaying unwavering determination and tenacity in carving a successful path. Sarah’s commitment to driving positive change extends beyond her own achievements. As a Career Coach and trainer, she dedicates herself to empowering others, especially women, to succeed in the face of adversity. She firmly believes in the power of diversity and inclusivity, and she actively works towards creating opportunities for underrepresented individuals in the cybersecurity sector.

Inspiring the Next Generation

To young women aspiring to enter the cybersecurity sector, Fola has a powerful message: believe in yourself and embrace your unique strengths and perspectives. She emphasizes the importance of constant learning and challenging oneself in a dynamic industry like cybersecurity. She encourages aspiring professionals to seek mentors and supportive communities that can guide and inspire them on their journey. She firmly believes that every individual has the ability to make a positive impact and contribute to the cybersecurity landscape.