A graduate of Chemistry Education from the University of Lagos, Uchenna Mofunanya is the founder and CEO of the internationally acclaimed ShapeUp with Mrs. Murphy, a Weight Management, Fitness and Lifestyle Consult. She is a UK certified Nutrition coach , Fitness, Diet planning  , and Weight Management coach. Uchenna also holds a diploma in Pharmacy from the University of Lagos.

A woman of diverse interests, Uchenna Mofunanya has also functioned as a model for various local and international brands. She was one of the finalists at the Silverbird organized Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant, 2006.  The winner of multiple awards, her work as a lifestyle consultant is trailed with amazing body transformation testimonials that has helped restore confidence to a lot of women across the world

Born and raised in the Northern part of Nigeria, Uchenna Mofunanya has always been a sports and fitness enthusiast and has maintained a healthy outdoors life. She was the captain of both the female Basket Ball and Volley Ball teams of FGGC, Jos during her time. She has continued to excel in different leisure and competitive sporting and fitness engagements. She is the winner of the Maiden edition of Three Crowns Fitness Challenge, 2016. The mother of three continues to serve as a role model for women across the globe, and works as an advocate for body-shaming awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating. She shares her story in this interview.

Childhood Influence

I grew up as the last child of a family of four in a middle-class home. This position automatically made you everybody’s errand girl. I was always busy on my feet. Besides this, I was your “go-to” girl, the person everyone always brought their problems to, the one who always had a solution. I’d say that in a way these circumstances helped horn my knack for problem solving and helping people. On the fitness and nutrition aspect, my mum is a nurse and her love for healthy eating definitely rubbed off on us positively (even if we didn’t appreciate it then),  so I grew up knowing the basics of nutrition.

Growing up, I was one of the tallest girls in school and therefore could not really hide from participation in sports. I never really liked track events so I was pushed into basket ball, volley and football.  I performed brilliantly in these sports was made captain in each of them. And when you start winning laurels, it becomes more like an addiction for you. The need to maintain the winning streak made fitness a habit.  My childhood had its challenges, but I guess everything worked together for good.  Looking back now, I can say my childhood played a major role in my career today, I didn’t stumble on it,  I believe God prepared me from the start.

Inspiration behind Shapeup

Shapeup with Mrsmurphy was born out of a passion to help families become healthier and the need to raise a healthy and happier generation.   I feel the need to help women regain their body confidence especially after having babies. I have seen families break up and a lot of women lose their self esteem due to poor lifestyle choices. It all started as a hobby (passion) and then grew into a business. Over the years, I had helped a lot of friends, neighbors , strangers and colleagues achieve their body goals by eating healthy, drinking healthy and teaching them easy ways to stay fit. The results and testimonies from these encounters encouraged the international business consult that is Shape up with Mrs Murphy today. Entreprenural spirit, passion and the need to stand out has driven me to get further learning, courses and certifications on family health nutrition, weight- loss and fitness from local and international schools. The growth of Shape Up with Mrs Murphy is hinged on the bedrock of continuous learning. I invest a lot in the acquisition of new material and information to help my clients.

In a way,  the results I get from what I do has encouraged the need to do more and the growth of the company. I’m able to create  awareness for good nutrition as an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, combined with physical activity to help people reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote overall total health one individual at a time .

Being a coach, nutritionist, Mom, wife and managing it all

This hasn’t been easy but with some effort I’ve been able to find a near perfect balance between my family and my job. Being an online business, I must say it wasn’t easy at first because enquiries come from different people in different places with different time zones. But I had to set working hours for myself, even though it’s a bit of a struggle to adhere strictly to this,  it helps me to regulate. That way, when I have to work,  I work and when I shut down,  I spend time with the family. My husband’s job keeps him away for the greater part of the day,  so I work around the timelines.  I also took up the responsibility of driving my kids to and from school, that way I get to spend a lot of time with them.


Some of my biggest challenges stems from the dept of mediocrity in the industry. When people try to compare me to this or that coach whose procedure did not work.  When I am put in this position where I have to validate myself or my work.  It’s more like paying for other people’s crimes.  But I’ve been able to deal with this, one client at a time. From one happy client to another, gradually the wheat is being separated from the chaff.

Other Projects & Activities

I’m actually working on a lot of projects at the moment.  I’m excited about them and still trying to find my feet. I’m still trying to keep it under wraps, but rest assured it’s going to involve a lot of outdoors and collaborations with a lot of local and international brands. But once I’m done, you’d be one of the first people I’d mention it to.


I could mention this award or that recognition but really my greatest reward professionally actually happens every day.  When I see the smile on my clients face and whenever they achieve their health and body goals, it’s a success for me.  This feeling for me is very fulfilling

Women and weightloss

I’d like them to become more health conscious, the moment they do,  they’d understand and appreciate the beauty of fitness and weight loss. So many people are overweight and very fit, some are underweight and not fit, many are also overweight or underweight and not healthy.  We have several body types, the ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs, so not everyone can be skinny, not everyone will be skinny,  but everyone no matter their size can decide to be healthy by making daily conscious efforts to stay fit,  eat and drink healthy. Obesity and lack of exercise are silent  killers. Take care of yourselves, the world still needs you because you’re here for a reason

Appreciation of women in the fitness sector

I believe we are in some ways, but maybe not as much as we should. Ours is a young and thriving industry. In the past decade a lot of achievements and milestones have been recorded. So slowly but surely the works of the genuine practitioners are being recognized. I emphasize the word ‘real’ because in our business just as in any other potential laden business, there are a lot of charlatans and imposters. And in some cases, this category are in the majority and have the potential of clouding the real successes of the real practitioners. You’d be amazed how many times I’ve had to battle fake practitioners stealing transformation pictures from my page. We do get accolades but it can only get better.

My Inspiration

When it comes to being fit and healthy, I am mostly inspired by the vision of who know I can become. The realization that I’m still work in progress. And of course the tiny everyday changes and improvements that go unnoticed by the average eye. I love competing with the woman I was yesterday.  My aim is to evolve into a better version of myself daily.

Being a Woman of Rubies

As a UK Certified life style consultant, i specialize in helping women achieve their body goals. I have helped restore many marriages, relationships and helped a lot of women restore or gain self worth, esteem and confidence. Based in Lagos Nigeria but with clients all over the world, I take it as my calling to help women be their best possible self. I support women empowerment programs all over the world especially in Nigeria and l have been recognized by diverse female groups for my service in the elevation of women

Advice to Women

I’d love  women to know they are beautiful irrespective of their height, weight, race, IQ and religion.  We all need to love ourselves more and not always seek validation from anyone,  we need to become more Health focused,  we need to become more prudent and wise,  we need to think of our daughters and sons before we act today, we need to start asking ourselves questions in the mirror “will my kids be proud of my behaviour”? We need to start genuinely supporting one another.

We need to love and respect each other, knowing that the beauty of a Garden is in the flowers blooming together.

Shapeup with Mrsmurphy is an online weight management consult.  

We help people lose weight and achieve their flat tummy goals in record time without drinking “slimming” teas, pills,  supplements, starvation or sleeping in the gym.

We offer various packages for weight-loss and the best part is you can be anywhere in the world .

We also help nursing moms get back their body in record time.

Our approach to weight-loss and flat tummy is using all classes of food or achieve our body goals.

We teach healthy eating, and healthy drinking as well as the need to be physically active.

We give healthy focused talks and create sensitization on the healthy lifestyle to platforms like schools,  offices and other events.

To contact us,  please Call or Whatsapp +2348022288925 , 08064601880 , +2348064601880 ,

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Nollywood actress/producer and mother of three handsome boys, Omoni Oboli has shared secret tips on how she has managed to maintain flat abs and a toned body.

She revealed that she didn’t snap back to her slim figure immediately after the birth of her boys but had to work hard to get her figure back.

So, she shared the secrets to her flat abs, noting that they were the things she did over the years.

Read her post below:

My secret to flat abs:
I did a smoothie only diet for 4 days and lost some weight and my stomach got a lot flatter in the process. Following that, for now, I have just one meal a day around lunch time. I have my tea and smoothie for breakfast, I can either have smoothie again for dinner or just have some carrots or apples with a handful of nuts.
These are some of the things I have done over the years to get back my pre child bearing abs…
The first thing is discipline!

1: First thing I drink when I wake up in the morning is a glass of warm water with lemon. (I always squeeze the juice of my lemon in my tea or water before throwing it in. Who else does that? 🤣)

2: My green tea: I have my green tea every morning. I squeeze in some lemon or lime, add 2 spoonfuls of Apple cider vinegar (with the mother in it) and some ginger juice. You can add some honey (honey is actually beneficial to the body)

3: I don’t eat as much carbs as a lot if you think I do. The people around me will testify to that. There are times that I am bad and I go on a carbs spree but I caution myself early and make restitutions.

4: I try never to eat carbs at night. Carbs make you bloat in the morning so stay away from them at night. Long and continuous consumption of carbs at night will lead to an extended stomach.

5: I use vegetables and some nut flours to make swallow. (I like my soups and I don’t like just licking them) So I make almond swallow, cauliflower, cabbage, egg plant or even carrot swallow. See next post for video on how to make one of them.

6: I drink lots of water and fresh juices. Carrot juice is particularly good for the skin. I mix it with ginger and celery (most times).

7: I drink other types of tea during the day apart from green tea. Some of my favorites are mint, rooibos tea and camomile at night.

8: Exercise is very important not just for weight loss but for your health and general well being so don’t forget to exercise but 80% of weight loss or staying trim is done in your kitchen!

I would tell you the benefits of these foods and drinks I take but the post will be too long so google is your friend 😉
I will share more tips with you another time.
You’re welcome 🙏

The beautiful things about morning is that they largely determine the rest part of the day.  To keep that get-fit momentum going all day long, start your day off right with these morning habits that will motivate you even more.


Basking in the sun’s rays can help you drop pounds. Why? Morning light helps regulate your internal clock, which aids your sleep schedule (crucial for weight loss). Morning sunshine also contains higher levels of blue light, which has the strongest effect on your circadian rhythm. You only need 20-30 minutes of morning sunlight between 8 a.m. and noon to get in on these benefits!


Mindfulness is a key strategy when it comes to weight loss. It’s all about taking a focused, intentional approach to your life by really tuning in to your body and mind. Even better, it can stabilize your emotions, potentially making you less likely to give into stress-based eating. Take a few minutes at the start of each day to sit quietly and focus on the rhythm of your breath.


Driving to work is easy, but it may not be best for your waistline. A study published in the journal BMJ shows that people who walk, bike, and take public transportation have lower BMIs and body-fat percentages than those who depended on their cars to get to work. Even walking to the closest bus stop or train station can be beneficial.


While the jury’s still out on whether breakfast is essential for weight loss, a healthy dose of protein in the morning looks like it can help you drop pounds. Protein takes a long time to digest and pushes your body to secrete the gut hormone Peptide YY, which helps increase feelings of fullness.

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From a vision she pursued as a college student, Juliana Richards built a women’s wear company from the ground up, and she has emerged as a global player in her industry. Not only is Richards a real-life success story, but she is a role model for Black business people striving for excellence.

This Nigerian-born woman — a mother, wife and entrepreneur — is founder and CEO of Slim Girl Shapewear, one of the world’s most lucrative lines of women’s wear. Richards’ brand name, which spans three continents, consists of a wide array of fitness apparel, lingerie, retail stores and an online boutique. Through hard work, dedication and by following her mother’s example, Richards is at the top of her game.

Shapewear are undergarments that slim the waist and smooth and control one’s figure. For years, women wore girdles, corsets and other underclothes to help shape their bodies. Now, the U.S. shapewear business is a booming and dynamic industry at $684.9 million, according to NPD Group, a New York market-research firm. However, the intimate apparel market as a whole is a massive, global $32 billion industry, according to the Lingerie Journal.

And Slim Girl Shapewear is a major worldwide player, with a retail store and corporate headquarters in Atlanta; two stores that Richards recently opened in Lagos, Nigeria; a call service center in London for the European market; and a store in Doha, Qatar. In addition to physical stores, she has an online retail presence (1800cinchers.com or slimgirlshapewear.com, and slimgirl.ng for Nigerian customers), and a social media presence (Instagram and Facebook, @slimgirlshapewear or @1800cinchers).Richards said her business was born out of necessity.

“I have always been an e-commerce nerd. We launched Slim Girl Shapewear naturally. I wanted something firm to shape me up, couldn’t find the right toughness or texture, so I started my own research,” she recently told Atlanta Blackstar.

“Now Slim Girl Shapewear has branched into providing quality lingerie, bras and panties for women of all sizes. We speak to the everyday woman,” Richards said. “We do a lot of research and work with a lot of data to help us provide relevant service to our customers. Customer service is huge for me. We have dedicated live chat, phones, email, social media support, all to be of assistance to our customers. We are always listening to what people are saying.”


Richards turned Slim Girl Shapewear into a global business in a relatively short period of time.


“We have more than 50 staff members all over the world. We have men and women of all ages and backgrounds working with us, with multiple languages,” Richards said. “One of our factories is in Colombia. It took us about one year or two to get to this point,”

Richards began the company as a college student at Georgia State University. After college, while working at JPMorgan Chase Mortgage, she gave up her comfortable job to pursue her dream full time.

“It was extremely normal because we had been into other ventures before, so we just did what we were doing before, but this time it was turbo charged,” she said of the process of transforming the business into a global company.

Although Richards makes it sound easier than it certainly is, what she has accomplished is nothing short of impressive

In her native Nigeria, this fashion mogul saw new mothers wrap their bellies with cloth to help get them back in shape.

“Waist training is the process of using a body shaper as a form of shaping your waist and reducing belly fat. This is a technique used in other cultures with very long, hot cloths for new moms,” Richards said. “In our modern day, no one will help you wrap your belly so your waist trainer is your new best friend.”

Richards said that her life and upbringing in Nigeria —and her mother — influenced her business sense.“My mother is who I call a serial entrepreneur. I learned how to start and do research from watching her commitment in her business. She always said she wanted us all to do better than she did. I can honestly say she is proud of where I am,” she said. “As a Nigerian, we are very ambitious. I have never met a Nigerian — home or abroad — who can be stopped by any obstacle. A Nigerian always sees a way out of anything. If that is good or bad, I’m not sure. LOL.”

Richards said she has faced a few challenges, primarily as a thirty-something businesswoman.

“I have faced more challenges being a young woman in business than anything else. People tend to underestimate what you do, which is understandable,” she said.

Richards offered some valuable lessons for others who are trying to make it out there.

“I have had to learn how to be assertive and stand firm in a man’s world and be sure of what I want in order to get what we see today. These, I believe, are normal lessons along the way for any young entrepreneur. Me being a Nigerian woman has been a blessing because I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth; I learned how to work hard as a result,” she added.

This dynamic entrepreneur has shown how success can come through diligence and hard work, struggle and sacrifice.

“I have learned that I am very hard-working, which is a code word for workaholic,” Richards admitted. “I can be such a square sometimes and so nerdy when it comes to getting things done right.”

But her hard work has reaped benefits, as word has spread about Slim Girl Shapewear throughout the Black community.

“We have actually gotten a lot of support from the native African and African-American communities that I am humbled and appreciative of. There are times we have people who call our stores asking if it is a Black-owned business,” Richards noted. “I can honestly say I am flattered because I must be making enough noise or impact for people to take time out to inquire.”

“Either way, it’s all been love from everyone. As a Black entrepreneur, it is important to not expect people to discriminate against you. Keep an open mind and you will find that there are other Black businesses like yours who have paved the way and are respected today. It all comes down to your reputation as it is with any ethnic group doing business,” she said.

In a shapewear market that has been propelled in recent years by celebrities and TV product placements, Richards elevated her brand by attracting high-profile celebrity endorsements. Among those who have endorsed her line are Carmen Electra, Khloe Kardashian, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Lira Galore and Erica Dixon of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. And Richards’ brand has been featured on popular daytime talk shows The Real and The Wendy Williams Show, and in numerous magazines, such as OK! Magazine, Health Magazine, New York Magazine, Vegan Life and Body Magazine.

“It’s interesting to me because I never stopped after getting ‘No,’ or ‘Try again later.’ There were some [celebrities] who we pursued for over a year after they declined. They eventually started paying attention … It’s been a blessing.”

While her worldwide clothing empire is her claim to fame, it is not her only job: Richards is also a mother and a wife.

“Balance is my challenge,” she admitted. “As a recovering workaholic, I am learning to turn off work at 5 so that I can spend time with my 2-year-old. Because of our other stores that are in different time zones, my day starts at 2 a.m. EST. So I’m still trying to find my balance.”