Tope Mark-Odigie stands as a beacon of transformation, leveraging entrepreneurship as a catalyst for societal advancement. With a fervent belief in real estate as a pathway to wealth creation, she tirelessly advocates for good governance to foster an enabling environment for Nigerians to thrive. For over a decade, she has graced television screens as an award-winning host of Nigeria’s most popular breakfast show, captivating audiences with her insights and infectious energy.

Visionary Solution Provider

As a visionary solution provider, Tope has collaborated with corporate organizations, non-profits, and government agencies to develop effective strategies addressing unemployment and promoting behavioral transformation. Her commitment to mindset reforms underscores her dedication to achieving collective societal growth.

Leading Initiatives for Empowerment

At the helm of REB360, Tope serves as CEO, spearheading initiatives focused on empowering individuals and fostering wealth creation through real estate. Additionally, she is the driving force behind WIRE Africa (Women in Real Estate, Africa), an NGO dedicated to facilitating the participation and financial empowerment of African women in the real estate sector.

Tope Mark-Odigie

Inspirational Figures

Tope draws inspiration from three remarkable women who have left an indelible mark on her life. Her mother, Mrs. Olayinka Odubella, epitomizes resilience and success, instilling in Tope the values of perseverance and determination. Ibukun Awosika, an entrepreneur and devoted servant of God, embodies the essence of success across multiple domains, serving as a guiding light for Tope’s aspirations. Lastly, Oprah Winfrey’s journey from adversity to unparalleled success serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and resilience, inspiring Tope to reach greater heights.

The “Game of Money” Conference

The “Game of Money” conference epitomizes Tope’s mission to demystify the complexities of financial management. By assembling a diverse lineup of coaches, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals, the conference aims to impart invaluable insights on wealth creation, inflation management, and financial resilience. Through this platform, Tope seeks to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and corporate sectors, empowering individuals to master the intricacies of the financial landscape and achieve financial freedom.


Tope Mark-Odigie’s unwavering commitment to empowerment and societal change serves as a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship. With her vision, resilience, and passion, she continues to inspire growth and create lasting impact in communities across Nigeria and beyond.

In the dynamic landscape of business innovation, Vivian Ekwegh stands as a trailblazer steering the ship of Declutterdotcom into uncharted waters. As the formidable CEO of this transformative venture, she has not only reshaped the perception of household item resale but has also become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring women entrepreneurs. Let’s unravel the remarkable journey of Vivian Ekwegh, the visionary leader shaping the contours of e-commerce.

A Visionary Leader’s Genesis: From IT Sales to Declutterdotcom’s Helm

Vivian’s journey into the world of household item resale is rooted in her passion for finding unique, quality items at affordable prices. From her early days of spotting bargains to launching her first-grade thrift business in 2018, Vivian’s vision evolved into the creation of Declutterdotcom in 2019. Her goal was clear—to bridge the gap between the price of new and used items, creating a convergence platform for sellers and buyers. What began as a personal passion transformed into a thriving online platform that has since grown to be the foremost declutter company, facilitating the sale of used items while allowing buyers to save on quality household goods.

Vivian Ekwegh Declutterdotcom

Strategies for Success: Building a Clientele of 60,000 in Four Years

In just four years, Vivian has strategically positioned Declutterdotcom as the go-to platform for household item resale, boasting an impressive clientele of over 60,000 customers. The journey involved re-educating people about used items, creating a niche market for barely used items, and leveraging her network as a brand ambassador. The foundation of integrity, quality sourcing, and trust-building has made Declutterdotcom a success even without a physical location, thriving purely in the online space.

A Fusion of Expertise: IT Sales, Digital Marketing, and Academic Brilliance

With six years of experience in IT sales and digital marketing, Vivian’s trajectory in the tech industry has been nothing short of remarkable. Her early career milestones include being the Business Lead for Cisco sales at Technology Distributions and later serving as the Sales Account Manager at Cisco Nigeria. Armed with a first-class honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Benin, Vivian seamlessly melds technological expertise with business acumen, contributing significantly to the growth and success of Declutterdotcom.

A Trailblazer Beyond Business: Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Beyond professional accomplishments, Vivian Ekwegh has become a beacon of inspiration for women aspiring to lead in business industries. Challenging traditional norms and consistently breaking barriers, she encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to “Just START!” Her journey underscores the transformative power of ambition, determination, and strategic thinking.

Vivian Ekwegh Declutterdotcom
Vivian Ekwegh, Founder- Declutterdotcom

Combatting Online Scams

Addressing the escalating issue of online scams within the declutter resale space, Vivian delves into the challenges posed by fraudulent activities. Emphasizing the imperative for a collaborative effort, she stresses the necessity for legitimate vendors to work together, educating clients to recognize potential scams and collectively preventing any deceptive practices in the industry.

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In the rich tapestry of Canada‘s multicultural landscape, stories of resilience and triumph often stand as pillars of inspiration. Among them, the remarkable journey of Rose Cathy Handy, an immigrant from Cameroon, shines brightly. From being the CEO of H.E.R Consulting and Services Inc. to founding the Celebrating Immigrant Black Women Excellence (CIBWE) Awards, Handy’s story is a testament to the transformative power of determination and community.

Creating a Vision of Empowerment

Rose Cathy Handy’s journey commenced with a simple yet profound vision – to create an event that not only uplifts the women of her home country but also celebrates and elevates Black women, both immigrants and natives to Canada. This event would become a platform to showcase their achievements, resilience, and perseverance in the face of adversity. With this vision, the CIBWE Awards were born.

Rose Cathy Handy

Shining the Spotlight on Achievements

The inaugural CIBWE Awards marked the realization of Handy’s dream. Beyond recognition, the event ignited a sense of unity and empowerment among Black women. It celebrated their strength and contributions, offering a space for their stories of triumph and success to be heard and appreciated.

A Sister’s Legacy and a Growing Movement

Handy’s commitment to her sister’s memory became a driving force behind her work. Beyond a single event, CIBWE expanded its scope and evolved into an organization dedicated to acknowledging and honoring the accomplishments of Black women across Canada and even beyond its borders.

Empowerment Through Unity

CIBWE has become more than an event – it’s a movement that amplifies the voices of Black women, providing a stage for them to share their journeys and insights. The organization showcases achievements across a myriad of fields, from business and leadership to arts and academia. In a world where representation is vital, CIBWE stands as a symbol of unity, empowerment, and positive change.

Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Change

The journey of Rose Cathy Handy, from immigrant to visionary leader, exemplifies the profound impact that passion and determination can have. Through CIBWE, she has crafted a legacy that serves as an inspiration to Black women, demonstrating that their excellence knows no bounds.

Uniting Dreams for a Brighter Future

As we applaud Rose Cathy Handy’s accomplishments and the remarkable journey of CIBWE, we are reminded that progress begins with a dream and the unwavering resolve to transform that dream into reality. Handy’s story underscores the power of unity and the potential to create a world where every achievement is celebrated, regardless of the challenges faced.


In honor of Handy’s sister and the countless Black women striving for greatness, her journey shines as a beacon of hope. It reaffirms that when individuals unite to uplift and empower each other, a brighter future is within reach, where achievements are limitless and empowerment is shared by all.

Slow and steady still wins the race. If you’re a broke CEO and your parents are giving you hell, ask yourself: do I need to make money now or do I keep at this for as long as it takes?

We’re gradually moving away from the norm and edging toward change. We question a lot of things, feel powerful because we’re armed. We’re armed with the power of social media. One tweet can change your entire life and this is interesting because exploiting the full potential of this power guarantees us a future our parents never had.

We’re also overly inquisitive and more receptive to new ideologies. We’re embracing newer forms of fashion designing, interior designing, cartoonists, animators, and we’ve even redefined comedy. It is also very intriguing that success can just happen in a minute. You can create something right now that a lot of people will love and before you can say jack the whole world is vibing to your tune (mans nuh hot).

But the universe has an interesting management technique in which everything must balance out. Anything with an advantage must have a disadvantage. Because we’re overly creative, someone is always faster and doing better somewhere. When you think you have this fabulous idea, with adequate research, you find that someone is already doing it. But then, the major disadvantage here is that because we’ve seen that success (which we’ve equated to money and fame) can happen in an instant, it has made us impatient and blind to the process and journey to success. No one wants a business idea that will take a while to flourish. We want the money and we want it now.

However, leaving all these aside for a moment, what I’ve found to be common among millennials is the friction being a broke startup CEO introduces to our relationship with our parents. If you’re someone like Maraji who is at the top of her industry, I don’t think your parents would mind much that all you do is sit at home and make funny videos for Instagram. But if you’re still unpopular and no one pays you six figure amounts to make a video, and you somehow still lean on your parents for financial support, and then refuse to pursue a nine to five, I think we can all agree that the relationship with your parents won’t be so smooth. Arguably, this is the case for nine out of every ten millennial. Having an idea or passion that you believe in, but money is scared of your account.

It probably isn’t helping that we now toss around big titles like CEO, executive director and the likes. “Start-up” sounds so posh and befitting, but half of us don’t even know that we need to be small businesses and not start-ups. Let’s digress and study a bit.

According to Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Blank, the biggest difference between the two company types is in their top objectives. Small businesses are driven by profitability and stable long-term value, while start-ups are focused on top-end revenue and growth potential. In simpler terms, starting a small business means you’re in for making money ASAP, but a start-up is an innovation, a distinct idea that has the potentiality to grow big enough to change the market over time (Apple inc).

Here’s how to know: what do you want out of your life in five years? Financial freedom or a really great idea with the potential to blow up? This helps you choose between the two business types according to your goal in life.

We all want to make money now and live that easy life of being financially free and providing for the parents. But here’s a fun fact: Financial experts say that about eighty percent of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria fail within the first five years of their existence, due to lack of experience and other wrong business practices. Let’s face it, Nigeria isn’t exactly an easy place to do business.

We often learn this too late, the effort required to turn an idea, product or service into a groundbreaking and lasting success is nothing short of herculean. There is a huge difference between the idea and the business of the idea. The steps involved are, of course, numerous and complex: refining the concept, defining the market, creating the business plan, conducting the market research, selling the plan to investors, lining up vendors, partners, and suppliers. We get really pumped reading and listening to motivational speeches and tapes but this in no way eliminates the work that needs to be done. Excitement does not sustain a business.

What then is the cure for a broke CEO?

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with starting your entrepreneurial or start-up career with a small business. Building a solid financial base will help create a longer personal financial runway for future start-up ventures, while also eliminating being a broke CEO in your father’s house. Also, establishing a successful small business can build credibility and networks through the business community, which will be hugely valuable when launching a startup that requires outside and huge investments.

Our youthfulness and creativity has cut us open to a lot of pressure. Pressure to make money as soon as possible, pressure from parents, pressure from social media, seeing this one and that one celebrating yet another milestone with a photoshoot and long caption. Pressure gradually builds up to anxiety, self doubt, inferiority complex and even depression.

We all just need to be patient. We need to exit this self imposed pressure and anxiety of trying to be a multi-millionaires in three years. This happens for some people, but not everyone, and the one person we’re truly in competition with is ourselves. Slow and steady still wins the race. If you’re a broke CEO and your parents are giving you hell, ask yourself: do I need to make money now or do I keep at this for as long as it takes?

About Chisom Winifred

Chisom Winifred is a creative/freelance writer, content creator and a self published Author. She’s also the co-founder of C&C Digital a social media management firm, dedicated helping small businesses monetize social media using smart online marketing strategies. Find her on Instagram @chisomwinifred or visit her blog www.chisomwinifred.com

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Funmi Omo is the first female CEO/MD of African Alliance Plc.  She joined African Alliance about 28 years ago, and has become the first CEO to champion the unveiling of a new corporate identity.

An innovative and transformational leader, ‘Funmilayo Omo brings over 25 years of experience and a proven track record of success into her role as the Managing Director of African Alliance Plc.

She began her professional career in 1991 at African Alliance, before it was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, as the Head of Department, Individual Business. Her drive and penchant for excellence led to her promotion to the position, Head of Technical, Insurance Operations, where she successfully led the retail marketing team to expand the business volume by over 1000%. Following that, she rose to the position of the Chief Operating Officer in 2006, where she was solely responsible for providing strategic direction for the company’s business operations.

In 2012, Funmilayo resumed the position of Executive Director, Operations at African Alliance Plc, overseeing an 80-staff team comprising of three departments. There, she doubled the gross premium income of the company within 3 years. During the period, she pioneered the design of the annuity products of the company boosting the annuity product range of African Alliance Plc to become a top-3 market player in the industry. She was credited for championing the design of the life administration application and supervising the transition of African Alliance Plc from semi-automated application usage to fully automated management; a change that saved the company countless man hours, thereby improving efficiency and turnaround time.

As an innovative leader with a keen insight into the insurance market terrain, Funmilayo pioneered the design, modelling and marketing of Takaful in African Alliance Plc as the pioneer family Takaful Office in Nigeria. She also developed and successfully launched micro insurance as a Strategic Business Unit in African Alliance Plc.

In addition to her BSc. (Hons.) degree in Insurance from the University of Lagos, Funmilayo is an Associate Member of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Insurance, London, an Associate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management and an Associate Member of the Certified Pensions Institute of Nigeria. She is an alumnus of the Lagos Business School and the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

Funmilayo served on the Board of Trustees, Ajaokuta Steel Complex, Axiom Air and National Iron Ore Mining Company (NIOMCO) until 2016. She currently serves on the board of Frenchies Food, as well as on the board of PAL Pensions Alliance, an associate of African Alliance Plc.

She is also a passionate philanthropist committed to taking young children off the streets and has so far impacted the lives of several disadvantaged children in her local community.



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