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Schick Magazine stars the glamorous Nollywood actress and producer Beverly Naya on the cover of their first issue since the pandemic, themed the Love Yourself issue.

Beverly talked about loving yourself in your skin, her award winning documentary, “Skin,” and much more.

The Magazine made the big reveal on their social media saying:

“🌎💖✨ SCHICK presents our new cover star, Nigerian actress and producer, @TheBeverlyNaya 🇳🇬 🌟 With the release of her award-winning documentary ‘Skin’ which has inspired a generational shift around the perception of beauty, the undeniable force is on a mission to make her mark with a powerful voice ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 She gets candid about self-confidence and being comfortable in her skin, in our “Love Yourself” Issue 💛✨💫

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Beverly Naya revealed to Schick:

I had to create a documentary to raise awareness of the negative effects of colourism. I needed the powerful message of self-love and self-confidence to travel much farther.

On Black creatives:

I want to see more Black actors and crew members well-represented in big films and not just the ones that specifically tell a black story to a black audience.

On self-love:

Self-love is empowering and liberating because it allows you to own who you are wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

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Beverly Naya is a dark and lovely Nigerian actress, who was born in Nigeria, but raised in London. At 17, she began acting while studying philosophy, psychology and sociology at Brunel University. She also studied script writing in Roehampton University.

‘The wedding party’ actress was named the “fastest rising actress” in the City People Entertainment Awards in Nigeria, when asked why she returned to Nigeria by Encomium Magazine she said and I quote

After I graduated from university, I just knew that I wanted to act, I knew I wanted to act, and in London I could shoot a film probably once in a year and that’s it. Whereas coming to this industry, I can build a brand as well as shoot films more often and be given a more diverse amount of scripts. So, I decided to come back for that reason.”


In 2014, Beverly Naya launched a campaign titled ‘Fifty Shades of Black’, aimed at inspiring young girls to feel confident about themselves.

Recently, she also started a documentary termed ‘Skin the documentary’. This is intended to tackle skin bleaching, and exploring the meaning of beauty in different shades of black.


She also won the award for Fast Rising Actress at the 2011 City People Awards.

She won the Most Promising Talent category at the 2010 Best Of Nollywood Awards.

She also won the award for Fast Rising Actress at the 2011 City People Entertainment Awards.

We love you Beverly.

Beverly Naya said that societal pressure on people to get married is the major  reason for wrong marriages.

Speaking to Sunday Scoop, the actress said: “I don’t do things I shouldn’t be doing. It’s easy when one is living one’s life and one stays away from certain things. That’s it really. I am not hiding anything. If I were hiding anything, it would have been revealed by now. I just don’t do things that would lead to scandals. It’s just the way I am.”

The ‘Skin the Documentary’ founder advised that society should put less pressure on women to get married. She said, “It’s only an expectation if one allows it to be an expectation. It’s all about what one feels and when one is ready to do (certain) things. When one starts allowing people determine how one lives, it becomes an expectation. It becomes pressure. It all begins and ends with one.

The actress also said: “I also believe that pressure on women to get married should be reduced, especially in this part of the world, . That’s how people– men and women–end up in wrong marriages.

It’s obvious Naya is confident about sharing this with a mind of her own. And to say recently, there have been lots of abusive marriages revealed on the media.

Skin’ the full feature documentary by Beverly Naya has been chosen as the opening film of the 2019 iREP documentary film festival.

Naya made the announcement on her official Instagram account few days ago and later confirmed it to Pulse in an interview.

I mean this is an honour for us and a very big step for ‘Skin’. Our documentary was selected and has been chosen as the opening documentary film,” Naya told Pulse.

The documentary featured Eku Edewor, Diana Yekini, Phyno andBobrisky as some of the Nigerian celebrities that shared their views on colourism.

‘Skin’ is a documentary on colourism by Beverly Naya directed by Etim Effiong.

The documentary was revealed as one of the officially selected documentary films of this year’s iREP International Documentary Film Festival.

The annual international documentary film festival celebrates the best of documentary films in Africa and beyond.

For 2019, organisers noted that nothing will be different as the film festival kicks off on March 21, 2019, till March 24, 2019, at Freedom Park, Broad Street; and Nigerian Film Corporation, Ikoyi, Lagos.

FORBES AFRICA has released its 2018 Under 30 list and you can be sure that there are Nigerian women on it. These women are said to be challenging conventions and rewriting the rules for the next generation of entrepreneurs, creatives and tech gurus.
Described as Africa’s most promising young change-makers, Forbes says, they could be the billionaires of tomorrow, even though they are yet unknown.
You could learn some things from these women who talked about their goals, how they started their businesses, doing business in Nigeria and their achievements.

26-year old founder of Anita Brows Beauty, popularly known as ‘Anita Brows’, is an Irish-Nigerian professional makeup artist, beauty educator, and entrepreneur. With over seven years of experience, she has built an award-winning brand, creating jobs for young Nigerians.
“My move to Nigeria was the defining moment for me in the beauty industry. It was the moment my hobby became a livelihood and then became a business. I didn’t choose this path by faith, this path chose me. My goal is to change the face of makeup and beauty artistry.”

28-year old Bidemi is the founder of LSF|PR, a public relations agency based in Lagos. Growing up, Bidemi acquired skills in project management, sales and communications from her father, who built a taxi service and real estate company from nothing. Her father convinced her to study law and she interned in law firms but she stopped to follow her passion in media.
“Securing my first client was very difficult because I had no public relations experience; I would visit different blogs in Nigeria and look for contact numbers in the article credits and call the designers requesting to work with them for free.”

28-year old Kene Rapu launched her first product line, ‘Slippers by Kene’ in 2011. She uses locally-sourced materials to make slippers and sandals. According to her, running a business in Nigeria is hard work.
“The odds are against us, as more businesses are expected to fail than to succeed. From lack of adequate power supply, to sufficient skilled man power, to the costs and scarcity of materials, the list goes on. I remember on my hunt for property for my factory last year, I met a gentleman who made it extremely clear he would not, under any circumstances, rent his property out to women.”

29-year old Gozie is the founder of Coker Creative, a boutique event company. She spent her holidays interning for event companies. When she graduated from school, she went on to pursue a master’s in Strategic Management.
“Planning events is something I have always done, so much so that growing up, I was nicknamed ‘the organ’, short for organizer. I derived joy planning all my family and friends’ celebrations, from vacations to birthdays, and even anniversaries. I used my graduation thesis to test my business plan for what we now know as Coker Creative.”

27-year old Maya is the founder of Ingressive, a tech integration company that provides market entry services and tech research for corporates and investors.
“I launched Ingressive LLC to solve the funding pipeline, redirecting global focus and capital to the continent.”
She also founded Ingressive Capital, a multi-million dollar venture fund focused on early-stage African tech.
“We have worked with thousands of African tech-enabled youths. Our client list includes over 50 investors and technology companies. Our clients have gone on to fund more than 20 African startups. I have funded three high-growth African technology companies, and we’re continuing to invest now.”

28-year old Eze is the founder of Aso Ebi Bella, an online community connecting traditional fashion enthusiasts with SMEs in the fashion, beauty and wedding industry primarily in Nigeria with growing interests across Africa and beyond.
“The #AsoEbiBella journey started with a hashtag I created in 2013 while I was an employee of BellaNaija.com where I convinced my employer to launch a then bi-weekly, now weekly AsoEbiBella feature on their site as it garnered millions of website views, it became my side hustle.”

29-year old Yemi is a singer and songwriter. She sings in English, French, Swahili, Portuguese and Pidgin English.

28-year old Joyce is the founder of Joyce Jacob Beauty, which launched in 2009. She has worked on the sets of many local and international music videos, magazine photoshoots and TV commercials.“The vision behind my brand is to empower women of all ages, of all backgrounds and race to feel beautiful at all times through the power of beauty and makeup. Part of that vision is to have a premium line all women can use and create a truly authentic African beauty brand.”

29-year old Beverly is an actress and entrepreneur. She studied script-writing and film-making in the UK before relocating to Nigeria to join the Nigerian film industry.

28-year old Sonia is a writer, filmmaker and actress.

26-year old Tania is a model and an entrepreneur. She is creative director of Ziva Lagos, a fashion brand.
“Ziva Lagos is dedicated to boosting the Nigerian trade and labor market. Hence all fabrics are locally sourced and the clothes designed and produced in Nigeria.”

Source: woman.ng

The journey to having and maintaining a healthy, long, and full natural hair is not an easy one and if you are not a patient person, it can be quite frustrating. Doing the ‘Big Chop’ takes a lot of courage and determination, most especially for people that don’t really fancy low-cut. But hey, the whole natural hair must-do routine which includes weekly or bi-weekly shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning, protein conditioning, GHE, pre-pooing, daily-spritzing, wearing a satin bonnet/sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase, etc, will be worth it in the long run…only if you exercise patience.

Let’s check out photos of five Nigerian celebrities that are really inspiring and giving us serious natural hair goals!