Sharing information around the globe has become trendy across social media platforms due to the improvement in technology. Blogging is one of the main communication platforms accessible in this digital age.

A blog is an information platform where a writer or team of writers craft interesting content on a wide range of subjects such as news, food, fashion, lifestyle, and many more.

Nigeria is blessed with numerous talented bloggers trending on social media with active followers of their blogs. Women are ranking top in the list of influential, popular, and successful bloggers in Nigeria.

These 13 top female bloggers are experts in creating detailed and engaging content that captivates readers and entertains steady advertisements. These blogs focus on a variety of topics that Nigerian society can relate to and find interesting.

Below are the top 13 female bloggers in Nigeria you should follow this year.

1. Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji uses her more than 15 years of experience to dish out entertaining and outstanding content. She owns Lindaikeji.blogspot.com. Her blog releases stories and news, which consists of political news and celebrity updates that are unique to her blog. Linda Ikeji who is also known as the Queen of bloggers is one of the most popular, wealthiest, and influential bloggers in Africa.

Top bloggers
Linda Ikeji

2. Uche Pedro

Uche Eze is the CEO of ‘Bella Naija’ which is one of the most trendy and winning blogs in Nigeria. Her blog posts consist of a detailed analysis of African weddings, beauty, fashion, music, entertainment, lifestyle, and many more. Numerous newbie bloggers draw inspiration from Uche Pedro.

Top female bloggers
Uche Pedro

3. Tosin Ajibade

Tosin is popular for dishing out entertaining and lifestyle content from her blog ‘Olorisupergal.’ She is an accounting degree holder from Lagos State University (LASU). Her top-notch blog posts have attracted several awards, and nominations consisting of Leading Ladies Africa, and YNaija’s 100 most significant women in Nigeria.

Olrisupergal-Tosin Ajibade
Tosin Ajibade- Olorisupergal

4. Laila Ijeoma

After quitting her job as a banker she turned her focus on blogging as a profession. Over the years she has demonstrated that blogging is a profitable career. She joins the list of top bloggers in the country. Fashion, lifestyle, politics, and celebrities gist are covered in her blog_ LailasBlog.com

Laila Ijeoma top blogger
Laila Ijeoma

6. Yemisi Aiyedun – Sisi Yemmie

Yemisi Aiyedun also called Sisi Yemmie, is a top Nigerian blogger. A mass communication graduate from Igbinedon university. Her blog ‘sisiyemmie.com’ publishes fashion tips, food and restaurant reviews, lifestyle, beauty, and many more. Her unique approach to numerous topics has landed her multiple awards.  Three words for Yemisi’s blog are engaging, entertaining, and educative.

Top Female Bloggers
Sisi Yemmie

7. Kemi Filani

Kemi is a journalist and blogger. She owns one of the most visited blogs_ KemiFilani which offers valuable information on Love/weddings, spirituality,  juicy celebrity gossip, news break down in contemporary styles, and movies.

Kemi Filani blogger
Kemi Filani

8. Stella Dimoko Korkus

Another successful female blogger that covers a wide range of topics such as entertainment, gossip, events, inspiration, lifestyle, news, fashion, and a lot more is Stella Dimoko Korkus .  Over the years she has become a daring journalist and her blog stelladimokorkus.com reflects that.

Top female bloggers

9. Moji Delano

Moji Delano  is an online media aficionado, lawyer, communications strategist, and entrepreneur, She is behind  popular blog; mojidelano.com, and  also the owner of SMD media.

Top female blogger
Moji Delano

10. Ladun Liadi (Oladunni)

The blog ‘LadunLiadi‘ was founded by Oladunni. She publishes blog posts on fashion, trends, celebrity updates, and hot gossip in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. Her blog is captivating, juicy, and interesting.

Top female bloggers
Ladun Liadi

11. Chidimma Umeh

Chidimma Umeh is the founder of ThatIgbochick blog. A beauty, lifestyle, and fashion blog that virtually shares detailed information on facial cosmetics, make-up, and fashion. She passionately writes on the listed subject and this attracts make-up and fashion lovers to her blog. Her posts are engaging and entertaining as she also writes about interesting aspects of her personal life, beauty tips, traveling, and others. Her blog is also known as dimmaumeh.com.

Dimma Umeh Thatigbochick

12.  Kate Ijeoma

Kate loves to write  about women, their fears, struggles and challenges  on her blog. She tell stories of women no matter where they come from in a bid to inspire and encourage them to embrace their uniqueness. Her blog  feminine.com.ng blog educates women on the importance of having a voice and identity.

Top female blogger
Kate Ijeoma

13. Tobi Ayeni

Tobi Ayeni a Banking and Finance graduate at covenant university is one of the top female bloggers in Nigeria who founded missitechy, a technology-based blog that bloomed tremendously over the years.

Tobi is multi-talented because apart from being a blogger she is a digital marketer and proficient in regulating online communities, generating campaigns, unraveling insights, accessing metrics, and educating clients about the above listed.

Top female blogger in Nigeria









The Arise Arise Initiative (@Ariyikeariseinitiative) held their end of the year Declutter for Charity outreach at Olodi Twin Treasure Academy, Ajegunle, Lagos where they donated School bags, Shoes, Clothes, food items and toiletries  to Children in Ajegunle.
The team was led by the founder of Ariyike Arise Initiative), Nigerian Humanitarian/ Media Personality, Ariyike Akinbobola and the founder of Dreams of Brighter Days Initiative, Eric Obuh aka Vocal Slender. The slogan for their end of year outreach “Your junk is someone else’s treasure” was a reminder that if you give out those things you don’t need anymore, they will be treasured by those who do not have.
The Children jubilated as they were given the opportunity to choose what they wanted from the donated items of both new and fairly used items. Some of the Children took off their old, worn out shoes and wore the Shoes they just got from the Ariyike Arise team. The kids enjoyed themselves and went home motivated as they listened to the guest speakers talk to them about the topic of discussion: Impossible is just a word, I’m Possible.
Some of the Children under the Ariyike Arise scholarship were delighted when they met the founder and members of the Ariyike arise team. The Children also displayed their talent with a Musical Performance for the guest speakers.
The event was supported by Bellanaija, Elanred Store, Equipped to Excel, Pavian Cakes, Crystal Lenox, Plural Inc Entertainment and Mademoiselle Foundation.
To support our next outreach, please send a mail to ariyikeariseinitiative@gmail.com
Photo credit: @kinglemuelklicks

Some years ago, when I was in Law School, I posted something vile on my Facebook page. I believe it was during President Jonathan’s administration. I’m not sure what exactly he did at the time, but I was enraged – like so many other people around me and in diaspora.

I was so angry at whatever had happened at the time that I wrote something very nasty about the President. It was actually insulting.

The next day, I received a call from my Dad asking me what I posted on Facebook. I was confused; my Dad was not on Facebook, and secondly, because I write a lot on Facebook so I was wondering which particular one he meant.

“I don’t understand, Sir” I said.

In an angry tone he told me to remove whatever it was I wrote on Facebook immediately. I had completely forgotten about what I had written the previous day. So I went back to my wall wondering how my father knew what I wrote on Facebook. It must be a family member that can not mind their business, I concluded.

The only damaging post on my wall was the one about Jonathan. So I took it down. I was miffed that my freedom of speech was being infringed on by my Dad and whomever reported me to him. Nonsense.

Years later, I began to understand the essence of keeping your thoughts and everything you put on social media in check.

What is Social Media?

Wikipedia defines social media as “media use web-based technologies, desktop computers and mobile technologies (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals, communities and organizations can share, co-create, discuss, and modify user-generated content or pre-made content posted online. They introduce substantial and pervasive changes to communication between businesses, organizations, communities and individuals”

Now we understand that social media basically is a technological innovation that gives you a platform to communicate, interact and engage people most times “real time”.

Now let us look at what social media reach means :

It is defined as the total number of people you are able to reach across all of your various social media networks.

It is no wonder that many businesses are now dominating cyberspace and utilizing the many advantages of social media as an effective marketing tool.

The ‘koko’ is you are able to reach more people with your content on social media as a business or as an individual.

So as an individual, I’m present on all social networks, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter. So anything I post will not just be seen by my immediate followers, but their followers as well – especially if they share it to their space. My content is spreading. Your content could be good or bad, but it will definitely leave an impression about you.

What kind of impression do you want people having about you? Sometimes, we don’t care what people think; but what if whatever you leave out there could harm your career, relationship, family or business. Would you think think twice before posting anything and everything that comes to your mind?

Trust me, you don’t want your careless post reaching the wrong hands.

I read with dismay a comment on Funmi Iyanda’s post about marriage not being for her, and the guy that insulted Michelle Obama not having male children. News has it that he was suspended at work for his thoughtless comment.

When are we going to learn constructive criticism and stop being cyber bullies? What are you going to benefit from putting people down all the time? Even the Bible says “I will bless those who bless you and curse them that curse you”.

The rate at which we are so quick to insult people on social media is alarming! There are so many young impressionable people out there, what message are we passing to them?

Let your words/comments be geared toward building and destroying because they might eventually come back to haunt you.

It might have far- reaching consequence than you envisage, if not now, then later.

Be careful what you post on Social Media.

Source & Credit: Bellanaija

Please hold on, I really don’t mean to scare you. However, 75% of corporate employees fail in business; be it a side business or a full time business after years in corporate employment. Have you ever wondered why it is so?

At a time, I thought it was a jinx, as I could not imagine how a high flying employee could fail woefully in a personal business. I have also had my fair share of failures but now I know better.

Let me share a bit of my failure story.
One beautiful afternoon, I got a call from a colleague and he introduced me to a wonderful health product. The interesting part was that I would get paid for using the product and get commissions from inviting people into the business. It was a networking business.

Being a sales person at work, I saw this as a walk over and I invested in the business immediately. My dear reader, I never smelled any commission as I could not introduce any one to the business. It is over six years now and I still have some of the products in my home. Let’s just say I leant how to fail honourably.

In the last three years, I have invested in three businesses and I am bold to say that I have made considerable success in each of them. This success rate did not just happen, it is because I have learnt from my previous failures and I’d love to share same with you. For the sake of this article, we will call our case study Sunshine.

Sunshine works with a pre-listed job description and role assignment. For 7 years, Sunshine resumes to her job function each day, working through her duties in a breeze and she has imbibed this way of life subconsciously. She sees life in this form of stability and order. This is the mindset that Sunshine takes into the business world. Sunshine does not know that building a successful business requires a level of disruption. Things hardly work out as planned especially for start-ups. Order is her first shocker in the business arena, as there is every cause for alarm.

Sunshine is a very busy hard worker and she hardly has time for social functions except family events. During one of such events, she got talking to a cousin of hers. He cousin invites her to a trending business and voila, her mind is made up. She resumes to the office and tries to contain her excitement till she shares her new found business idea with her colleague at work. Her colleague leapt for joy at the idea and Sunshine went ahead to invest in the business. Sunshine has set herself up for failure as she did not research her market and only got counsel from her busy colleague just like herself.

Sunshine once failed in a business before she started. This is because Sunshine was waiting for the big lump sum as her initial capital to start. Eventually, sunshine got her huge capital and invested all into her business. She made the huge mistake called OVER CAPITALIZATION. She invested more in finesse instead of founding values. I have been there so I know. The chilling boxes I bought when starting out in my event planning business are presently used as storage boxes in my home.

There are still other factors like Trust and Processes but I will be stopping here for today. I hope this article has helped you think things through, even as you start your business.

Do feel free to comment on other factors you know so as to help that corporate employee venturing into starting a side business.

Source: Bellanaija

I once watched a Dove T.V commercial  in which two doors were open; one tagged ‘beautiful’ and the other tagged ‘average’. Both doors were beside each other leading to a mall and the ladies were to choose whatever door they passed through based on their how they viewed themselves. It was funny to watch a lot of females, including extremely stunning ones, go through the average door.

This could have been for a lot of reasons; maybe they did not consider themselves beautiful or maybe they were afraid to ‘dare’ call themselves beautiful. Haba, they were supposed to be humble, and maybe they were afraid of backlash.

In life there we will always be faced with two choices: to be beautiful or average (okay, there’s a third one, to be downright ugly)… but we need to teach our daughters to choose beautiful;

  • When feelings of doubt, insecurity and low self esteem creep in, she is to choose beautiful.
  • When people are malicious, when they gossip and backbite, she is to choose beautiful and show love.
  • When evil lurks around, rather than be average and complain, she will choose beautiful by doing her best to bring a change.
  • When being mediocre is easier, she will choose beautiful by striving to utilize all her God given potential.
  • She will do her best, give her all, bring others happiness (okay, I’m stealing Beyonce’s lyrics but you get the drill).
  • But most importantly, she will never compete with anyone or allow anyone put her down because she knows that she is a masterpiece, God’s definition of beauty.

Shout out to all women.  In a world that strives to put us down and force their labels and definitions on us, may we be bold enough to always CHOOSE BEAUTIFUL.

Photo Credit: Paul Hakimata | Dreamstime.com

About Peculiar Okafor

Peculiar is a Marketing communications personnel, she believes that one can have a full life without being bitchy and she wants it all ‘A good career, love, laughter, wealth, you name it.

She blogs at www.daworkdiva.blogspot.com.ng.

Source: Bellanaija

Here is our list of the top eight social media influencers in Nigeria , who are making a difference and very consistent with their crafts.

Linda Ikeji of LindaIkejiBlog(LIB)

Linda Ikeji, known as ‘Queen of bloggers’ is a blogger, entrepreneur, and former model. She also runs a non-profit project themed ”I’d rather be self made;No thanks”, where she assists young girls aged 16-25 who have great business ideas and are willing to venture into entrepreneurship. She is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria. She launched her own social network recently, called Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) which has gotten thousands of users already.


Tosin Ajibade of OloriSuperGal (OSG)

Tosin Ajibade, known popularly as Olorisupergal (OSG), is an entrepreneur, blogger, digital content strategist, and a writer. She is known for her lifestyle and entertainment website, OloriSuperGal.com, as well as a South African edition. She is also the organizer of the New Media Conference, that is held annually in Nigeria.


Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa is a media personality, vlogger, and author. She co-hosts The Morning Drive on Rhythm 93.7 fm and also hosts her YouTube vlog series ‘Toke Moments’. She once hosted Trending on HipTV. She wrote and published her first book ”On Becoming” last year. She plays a big role in starting off fashion trends.


Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu of LAILASBLOG

Laila Ijeoma of Lailasblog is one of the most loved blog/blogger and influencer. A banker and a mother, she started Lailasblog.com in January 2013. Lailasblog serves you the best of Nigeria news,Entertainment news, Gossip and that’s just the beginning.


Uche Eze Pedro of BellaNaija

Uche Eze Pedro is a blogger, writer, social media expert, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of BellaNaija, an online entertainment, fashion and lifestyle magazine. Uche runs an inspiring and informative entertainment portal; you can’t help but become addicted to her unique style of blogging and has been influencing social media for over a decade now.


Yemisi of sisiyemmie.com

Yemisi Odusanya, popularly known has sisi yemmie is another social influencer who penetrates into the social media with her Nigerian food and lifestyle blog. Contents on her blog ranges from relationships, career, beauty to parenting. She is one of the many powerful tools that dictate trends.


Helen Ozor Of heleneventsblog

Helen Ozor, owner of heleneventsblog also plays a huge part in the Nigerian social media scene. Her blog covers events, giving people free brochure into party designs, trends and even party ideas.


Jemimah Adebiyi of Sisijemimah

Jemimah Adebiyi of Sisi Jemimah, is a food blogger. She is the author and recipe developer at SisiJemimah.com; a food blog which features delicious, family friendly recipes with thoroughly detailed step-by-step preparation methods, supported with clear, accurate photos.