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One of the most powerful communication tools in the world today is “Media”, from print, electronic to social media. We can’t downplay the role of the Media Industry in anyway. It has always been , and will continue to be the major tool of visibility in the world. Elsie Godwin is using her voice as a media girl to add value and contribute to Nation building.

Elsie Godwin is a Versatile Media Personality – Television Presenter/Producer, Social media Strategist, Influencer, Content Creator/Curator, Voice Over artist and Blogger behind the award-winning Literary, Lifestyle and Relationship blog ELSiEiSY.COM.

She is currently a Lead TV Show Anchor & Programs Producer at PlusTV Africa.  She has interviewed over 150 successful business men and women in Nigeria and Africa. She is passionate about telling stories of and having conversations with successful people in order to help mentor the younger generation.

She hails from Abia state, a graduate of Computer Science from the Lagos State University (LASU) and an alumnus of FATE Foundation. She was one of the inaugural members and the first welfare Officer of the Digital Media Practitioners of Nigeria (DMPN).

Elsie Godwin has won awards for her personality and her Blog. Her online activity is playful, easy going with principles. She is passionate about blogging, content creation and New Media. As an influencer who is a google partner, She currently works with various agencies to help share stories of great personalities and brands. She lends her voice in raising awareness on the fight against Rape, Domestic Violence, Mental Health Issues, struggles of Orphanages, unnecessary stigma and so much more. She share her inspiring journey with Esther Ijewere in this motivating and insightful Interview.

Growing Up

Yes, it sure did. I believe our life’s journey starts from the second we are birthed. Our decisions and trajectory will be influenced by our surroundings and orientation. My outlook on life and how I relate with people is largely influenced by my upbringing and the relationship I had with my mother. She was that woman who defiled societal standards. She was pretty open to me in a way that helped me draw wisdom from her wealth of experience. Also, I would say life has prepared me for today and is constantly shaping me for a tomorrow.

My blogging Inspiration

My personal journey inspired this. I needed to share my story, innocently. I just wanted to be open to an audience  that could learn from me and I from them in return. When this urge to share my ‘heartbreak’ story and my opinions started, I knew nothing about blogging. The blog space at the time drove the conversations on twitter (unlike now) and I wanted to add more to that conversation. I was constantly looking at things from a different angle. I realized that my perspectives weren’t really novel but entertained behind closed doors. I got a lot of – “You cannot talk about this”, either because you are a woman or it just doesn’t sit right on the moral compass of some individuals. I constantly battled the idea of me having to experience something but not having the right to talk about it. From my emotions, to interactions’ with people, my expectations, my dreams and even natural occurrences. There were just too many “can’t say” flying around and I wasn’t ready to conform. So I created my space to offload. This space has however, continued evolving as I do as a person and mirrors areas I am particularly interested in. More of Relationship, General Lifestyle and Opinions.

The Journey so far

Its been rewarding. Starting the blog was all the exposure and push I needed. Regardless of how many people do not fully understand the concept and many layers of blogging, I always tell people I was a blogger first, before radio, television, production, influencer marketing and whatnot. Blogging has helped me learn better than education in Nigeria has helped me. I am aware of the choices that are available to me and the right to making those choices or not. Above all, actively knowing that you own a space on the world wide web that can help shape the life of another is a rewarding responsibility that I do not take for granted.

Being a TV  anchor, producer and influencer, and managing it all

Its time consuming but amazing. It is easy for me because I have identified how all that I do connect with my passion. I love helping people foster beautiful relationships and making better decisions through conversations. Know your right, know the facts and choose your poison. And all I do, in one way or the other, help me achieve my passion, albeit in a much broader sense.

My Work at  Plus TV Africa

At surface level I am a television anchor. I am the Lead Anchor/Producer for Tea Time  -a lifestyle and entertainment news analysis program and the anchor and producer for One on One – a show that features no-holds-barred conversation with notable men and woman in Africa. But beyond the surface, I am actively involved in production and programming at Plus TV Africa. From programs ideation, to ensuring quality conversation and standard control. I am part of the programs review committee and we work closely with the Managing Director, Mr. Kayode Akintemi, to ensure that the vision of Plus TV Africa of being objective, fair and balanced is achieved. Producing is a lot of work and its never about you as a person. It is always about the content. You have to be selfless to be an amazing producer and that’s a journey on its own.

The  society and appreciation of  social media influencers 

I think the term ‘social media influencers’ has been watered down in Nigeria. Personally, I loved the idea of what influencers use to be. Influencers never use to set out to become influencers. They just lived their lives and with time you begin to see the impact of their lifestyle and their communication style. But I guess everything evolves and we have to as well. People now deliberately want to be influencers and it makes me wonder what the quality of their influence is. Are you only interested in numbers, thereby being a channel to disseminate information or is your thought process and lifestyle worth emulating and shaping the narrative? I cannot focus on what the society think of influencers without the so called influencers answering the above question for themselves.

Challenges of being a Social Entrepreneur

Attention span for good content keeps reducing daily and its worrisome. Take for example, Big brother Naija reality TV show – I love the show, it is great content and I think its an empowering platform as well. However, compare the attention society gives to platforms like BBNaija and other reality TV shows that can be argued to be more rewarding based on impact on SMEs, employment and the country’s GDP, It’s a far cry. Don’t get me wrong, big brother naija is not Nigeria’s problem and also not the cause of our low attention span but we can be better. And frankly speaking, this is not solely about the youths, its about everybody, old and young. The amount of sponsors a show like The Next Titan can boast of, even in the corporate world, cannot be compared to that of BBNaija and of course, the key decision makers in those organizations cannot be categorized as too youthful. I truly wish we would pay more attention to quality contents and have better conversations.

 Women who inspire you to be better and why

I could mention Ava Duverney, Oprah Winfrey, Maupe Ogun, Tope Oshin,…the list is endless for me. These women have got one thing in common, they are using their platforms and influence to change the narrative. They understand they influence they wield and they are dangerously using it. But then, the everyday woman inspires me, women I have encountered and worked with, Kelechi Okoro of the healthertainer brand, Dr. Iyewande Dada of Mentally Aware Nigeria, Fausiat Balogun of DEVCOMS, Tosin Ajibade of Olorisupergal, Esther Ijewere, Jane Egerton Idehen, Ized Uanikhehi, Sally Kenneth Dadzie, women in my circle and so much more

Every woman is worth more than Ruby, but what makes you a woman of rubies and more

I guess responding to your questions makes me one. LOL. But yea, I personalize everything to make sense of life. So for me, I am a woman of rubies because I am still here, I am a survivor, a warrior, a queen among queens, and I am consciously living a life of impact. I am a woman who supports people. Having interviewed about 200 successful individual in the space of 16months, I am helping tell the stories of success in Africa. I am being the voice of the people and I am helping change narratives and mold opinions for better decisions. I am Elsie Godwin and I am leaving my mark.

What advice would you give a young woman who wants to be a social media influencer

Find purpose and live it while documenting your journey on social media.

A lot of negativity has been linked to Twitter in recent times, as a social media influencer, how do you think we can correct this ?

What do we pay attention to? A lot of positivity is also going on as well on twitter. Our media platforms can help amplify positivity. We just need to stop paying attention to irrelevant sources.

In celebration of the International Women’s Day, Pulse Movies highlight some of the most inspiring female directors and producers who are making impact in Nollywood industry, in no particular order.

Mo Abudu

Ever since Mo Abudu ventured into filmmaking, she has turned herself into a reputable auteur and a force on both the big screen.

Mo Abudu is the Chief Executive Officer of EbonyLife TV and films. [Instagram/MoAbudu]
Mo Abudu is the Chief Executive Officer of EbonyLife TV and films. [Instagram/MoAbudu]

Her magic wand produced top Nollywood blockbusters like ‘The Wedding Party’ franchise, ‘Fifty,’ ‘The Royal Hotel Hibiscus.’ Abudu was also responsible for some TV production that includes ‘The Governor,’ ‘Desperate Housewives Africa,’ ‘Sons of the Caliphate,’ and ‘Fifty the Series.’

‘The Wedding Party’ and ‘The Wedding Party: Destination Dubai,’ which grossed hundreds of millions of Naira, are huge success currently ranking as the top two highest grossing Nollywood movies.

In 2017, Abudu was mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter’s annual list of the ‘25 Most Powerful Women in Global Television alongside Angelica Guerra (Latin America), Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner(United Kingdom).

In 2018, Abudu made headlines again with ‘Chief Daddy’ after which she got herself a seat as one of the academy directors for the prestigious Emmys.

Biola Alabi

Biola Alabi is notable for spearheading the berth of one of Africa’s biggest movie awards, Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, while she worked with Multichoice Nigeria.

Managing partner at Biola Alabi Media Consulting Firm, Biola Alabi
Managing partner at Biola Alabi Media Consulting Firm, Biola Alabi

After her exit from the cable TV company, Alabi began working on her production house, Biola Alabi Media. The company delved into movie production and have successfully found space as a major player in the industry.

With the production of ‘Banana Island Ghost’ and ‘Lara & the beat,’ the company has made an impactful contribution to Nollywood.

Alabi went a step further to host a TV show on Arise Network. She has since been a host of the TV station coverage of the Academy Awards, Oscars since 2017.

Kemi Adetiba

Kemi Adetiba carved a niche for herself after shot series of music videos for top Nigerian musicians that included Olamide and Niyola.

Kemi Adetiba has become a leading light for several female filmmakers with her success.
Kemi Adetiba has become a leading light for several female filmmakers with her success.

A graduate of the New York Film Academy, Adetiba has worked as an On-Air Presenter, TV show host before she started shooting music videos.

A filmmaker, and television director whose works have appeared on Channel O, MTV Base, Soundcity TV, and BET, Kemi Adetiba made her entry into Nollywood when she worked on ‘Wedding Party 1’ for EbonyLife films.

Adetiba was also responsible for some issue based series and documentaries that include ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘King Women.’

The success of the feature film saw her making her second feature film, ‘King Of Boys,’ a political thriller that ruled 2018.

Aside from breaking her own record with ‘The Wedding Party 1,’ Adetiba was listed as a game changer in 2019.

According to a Nigerian economist, Bismarck Rewane, Kemi Adetiba amongst the 15 people who he believes will shape the country’s economy.

Tope Oshin

Tope Oshin was the only female director on M-Net’s hit soap opera ‘Tinsel’ in its first five seasons – she shot about 350 episodes of the show.

Tope Oshin's movies in 2018 got several movie awards nominations.
Tope Oshin’s movies in 2018 got several movie awards nominations.

She has produced and directed several acclaimed movies such as ‘Fifty,’ ‘Journey to Self,’ ‘In Line’ among others.

She is also known for directing series such as ‘Hush,’ ‘Hotel Majestic,’ ‘The Apprentice Africa,’ ‘Shuga’ (Season 3 and 6).

Oshin has also directed several short films including ‘The Young Smoker’, ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ and ‘New Horizons.’

In 2016, she directed the documentary, “Amaka’s Kin: The Women Of Nollywood,” a memorial to influential filmmaker Amaka Igwe, who died in 2014, and had before her death, paved the way for most female filmmakers.

In 2017, she shot the critically acclaimed movie, ‘We don’t live here anymore’ and in 2018, she returned to the cinemas with ‘Up North.’

Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji is one of the accomplished Nigerian movie stars with mentions in international media.

Genevieve Nnaji made a first with her movie, 'Lionheart,' which was released in 2018.[YouTube/MPM Premium]
Genevieve Nnaji made a first with her movie, ‘Lionheart,’ which was released in 2018.[YouTube/MPM Premium]

The actress has featured in over 200 movies since her career kicked off 20 years ago. She also featured in the film ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ based on Chimamanda Ngozi’s book of the same name about the Nigerian-Biafran War from 1967-70.

In 2015, Nnaji made her debut as a producer when she co-produced ‘Road to yesterday’ which she also featured in.

In 2018, she made her directorial debut with the movie, ‘Lionheart.’ The movie became the first Nollywood movie to be acquired by Netflix before release. It was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and got good reviews.

Nnaji has since signed a management deal with a top US talent management firm and has been working on new grounds to break into Hollywood.

Bolanle Austen-Peters

The managing director and founder of renowned Arts and Cultural organisation, Terra Culture, Bolanle Austen-Peters ventured into filmmaking with “93 Days,” a stirring depiction of how the deadly Ebola virus was contained in Lagos.

Bolanle Austen-Peters' directorial debut, 'The Blings Lagosians' features top Nollywood actors. [Instagram/TheBlingsLagosians]
Bolanle Austen-Peters’ directorial debut, ‘The Blings Lagosians’ features top Nollywood actors. [Instagram/TheBlingsLagosians]

Bolanle Austen-Peters Production is popular for producing critically acclaimed musicals such as “SARO the Musical,” “WAKAA!” and “FELA and the Kalakuta Queens.”

In 2018, Bolanle Austen-Peters took it a notch higher as she made her directorial debut by shooting her second feature film, ‘The Blings Lagosians.’

Biodun Stephens

Biodun Stephens resigned her job as an On-Air Presenter to study filmmaking and scriptwriting at the London film academy.

Biodun Stephens is a filmmaker and writer that has been impacting the Nigerian movie industry. [Biodun Stephens]
Biodun Stephens is a filmmaker and writer that has been impacting the Nigerian movie industry. [Biodun Stephens]

Upon her return, she immersed herself into making a change in Nollywood and partnered with Koga Entertainment to make the movie, ‘The Visit,’ which went on to open doors for her.

Working with several individuals, Stephens made headlines again with the interesting drama, ‘Picture Perfect’ in 2017.

In 2018, Stephens joins Tope Oshin as one of the female filmmakers working with M-Net and Multichoice Nigeria to create content for Africa Magic.

Stephens is billed to released a faith-based feature film, ‘Joba’ in 2019.



Credit: pulse.ng

Nollywood is wearing a new feminine look and we are loving it! These awesome breed of female filmmakers are giving life to the Nigerian film industry and pushing film beyond its limits. We call them the table turners! They inspire us and we can’t help but celebrate them.

  1. Tope Oshin Ogun

She is a foremost filmmaker who prides herself as an Amaka’s kin. She kicked off her career as an actor and now sits as one of the most highly regarded and influential female directors in Nollywood. Her most respected works include box office record breaking movie Fifty, Journey to Self, Till Death Do Us Part, Hope and popular TV series such as Tinsel and Hotel Majestic. She is indeed giving the male folks a run for their money.


  1. Kemi Adetiba

Kemi is Nollywood’s latest superwoman! She made a ground breaking entrance into the film industry by directing 2016’s most watched and talked about romantic comedy, The Wedding Party. She is popularly known for her award winning directorial skills in music videos. She is a fierce visionary and we can’t wait to see what’s next up her sleeves.

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  1. Blessing Effiom Egbe

Blessing is successfully carving a name for herself as one whose films we can always anticipate. She is a model turned actress, award winning producer and CEO of B’Concept Network Production. Some of her film releases include Two Brides and a Baby, One Room, This Thing Called Love, Iquo’s Journal, popular series Lekki Wives and much anticipated The Women.

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  1. Stephanie Linus

Stephanie is more than just the looks. The model-turned-actress and producer has carved a spot for herself as one of the most inspiring filmmakers in Nollywood. In 2015, she got film lovers and critics gushing about her self-directed movie, Dry, where she strongly kicked against the societal abuse of the girl-child. The movie won her commendations from international film bodies as well as global awards.


  1. Omoni Oboli

Omoni makes us keep wanting more. When it comes to acting and directing, she makes the best of both worlds. She made her directorial debut with her 2014 movie, Being Mrs Elliot, which won her ELOY Awards’ Big Screen Actress of the year. Since then, there’s been no looking back. Her most recent film exploits include Wives on Strike, The First Lady and Okafor’s Law.


  1. Michelle Bello

She has had her feet in TV and music productions. Her first self-produced and directed 2007 feature film Small Boy got two nominations at the American Black Film Festival and two awards at the Africa Movie Academy Awards. Her second 2013 feature film Flower Girl won the ‘Best African Film’ at the 2013 Black International Film Festival and ‘Favourite New Nollywood Film’ at the UK Screen Nation Film and Television Awards 2014. It also earned her the ‘trailblazer’ award at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

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  1. Funke Akindele Bello

She is definitely one of Nollywood’s favourite female producers. In 1998, she made her acting debut in United Nations’ Sponsored TV Series I Need to Know. By 2009, she got her major industry break through the production of her award winning highly hilarious movie Jenifa. At present, she writes, co-directs and produces Jenifa’s Diary, a TV series and sequel to Jenifa, which is enjoying massive audience view in and outside the country.


  1. Mildred Okwo

She is a foremost film producer and critic. She has made quite a stay for herself in the industry and has become known for her excellently creative way of telling the typical Nigerian story through film. She serves as a member of the Nigerian Oscars Selection Committee. Her directorial exploits include multiple award winning romantic-comedy film, The Meeting and the recently released film Surul’ere.

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  1. Mary Remmy Njoku

The actress turned filmmaker took Nollywood by a bang in 2016 with the twin launch of her Film Studio, Rok, and SKY TV Channel, Rok on Sky. The Channel which prides itself as airing ‘awesome originals’ aims to promote African story contents to the world. The studio’s popular productions include TV series such as Husbands of Lagos, Bloodline and Single Ladies. She is definitely set to take Nollywood places.

Source: LeadingLadies Africa