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In collaboration with Moments with Bren, Women of Rubies recently hosted an invigorating IGS (Ignite, Goals, Success) Live session facilitated by Esther Ijewere and Brenda Okorogba. This transformative class delved into the power of visualization through the creation of vision boards, aimed at helping participants identify core values, set SMART goals, and take actionable steps towards their aspirations.

IGS Masterclass

Clarifying Core Values and Intentions

At the heart of the session was the exploration of core values and intentions. Participants were encouraged to reflect on the guiding principles that shape their decisions and actions. Whether it’s integrity, creativity, compassion, or service, clarifying these values provided a solid foundation for aligning goals with personal beliefs.

Crafting SMART Goals

With values as a compass, participants were guided in crafting SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This strategic approach ensured that goals were not only meaningful but also actionable and realistic. By setting clear objectives, participants were empowered to take deliberate steps toward their desired outcomes.

Creating Vision Boards

A highlight of the session was the hands-on activity of creating vision boards. Through a collage of images, words, and symbols, participants visualized their aspirations and dreams. From career milestones to personal growth, each element on the vision board served as a powerful reminder of the future they aim to manifest.

Daily Intentions and Reflection

As part of the ongoing journey towards their goals, participants were encouraged to set daily intentions and reflect on their actions. By consciously embodying their intentions and evaluating their progress each day, individuals gained valuable insights into their behaviours and habits, paving the way for continuous growth and self-awareness.

Embracing Creativity and Sharing Goals

Throughout the class, creativity flowed freely as participants expressed their visions through art and storytelling. The act of sharing vision boards and goals with the group fostered a sense of community and support, inspiring each other to reach greater heights.

Participant Reviews:

“Justina Oguntona’s Review: I absolutely loved it! The class opened my eyes to a lot of things, starting from uncovering my intentions and creating values that align with my intended goals. It provided me with the opportunity for self-reflection, which is essential for personal growth. Additionally, I appreciated learning about the spirit of discernment, enabling me to distinguish between vision builders and vision killers. Overall, it was a truly enriching experience!”

“Helen’s Reflection: The class was truly an eye-opener for me. It has inspired me to be more deliberate in achieving my goals this year. The insights gained from uncovering my intentions, aligning values with goals, and fostering self-reflection have equipped me with the clarity and determination needed to pursue my aspirations with purpose. I am grateful for this empowering experience!”

“Funmi’s Takeaway: The class emphasized the importance of giving ourselves grace and being kind to ourselves, even as we strive to achieve our goals. This lesson resonated deeply with me, reminding me of the significance of self-care and compassion on the journey towards success. By embracing this mindset, I feel empowered to pursue my aspirations with a balanced approach, nurturing both my ambitions and well-being. It’s a powerful reminder that self-love and growth go hand in hand.”

“Ejiro Osakede’s Goal Setting Reflection: One of my key goals this year is to set intentions, make impact, and influence society positively. This class has been instrumental in helping me clarify this goal and chart a path towards its realization. By learning the importance of intentionality and reflecting on the impact I aim to make, I feel empowered to take deliberate actions that align with my values and vision for societal change. I am excited to embark on this journey of purpose and contribution, knowing that each step I take brings me closer to making a meaningful difference in the world.”

The Women of Rubies IGS Vision Board Class was a powerful reminder of the importance of visualizing one’s dreams and taking intentional action towards them. By clarifying core values, setting SMART goals, and creating vision boards, participants embarked on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

As we move forward, let us continue to embody our values, pursue our goals with determination, and support each other on our paths to success

Presentation slides from the class will be sent to registrants and our Rubies Collective Community members.

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The dawn of a new month brings fresh opportunities to pursue your dreams and career goals with renewed vigour. However, aspiring to success is just the beginning; knowing how to achieve it is equally crucial. Here are six essential tips to guide you on your path to success in your career, business, or workplace.

1. Ask Questions: Cultivate Curiosity

Embrace curiosity and ask questions relentlessly. Curiosity kindles excitement, leading to fresh ideas and newfound experiences. Consistently seeking answers to pertinent questions is one of the most effective ways to gain insights and perspectives rapidly. You never know; the answers to your questions could hold the key to your next breakthrough.

2. Listen Attentively: Embrace Diverse Perspectives

No one should be considered beneath you, and it’s essential not to let closed-mindedness and strong opinions hinder you from listening to others. Keep your door and ears open because nobody possesses a monopoly on knowledge. The ability to listen to diverse opinions is a valuable skill that can broaden your horizons.

3. Be Authentic: Forge Your Path

Not everyone will share your viewpoints or endorse your methods, and that’s perfectly fine. Stay true to your authentic self and strive for excellence in everything you do. Your unique approach and confidence in your abilities will set you apart. Remember, it’s more important to believe in yourself than to worry about what others think.

4. Cultivate Persistence: Never Give Up

Success often involves facing setbacks and enduring challenges. Renowned author J.K. Rowling worked on her iconic Harry Potter series for a staggering 17 years before its completion. This remarkable journey reminds us that failure is not the end; it’s giving up that leads to failure. Keep your eyes on your goals and maintain your resilience, even in the face of adversity.

5. Embrace Continuous Improvement: Challenge Yourself

Comfort zones can be limiting. Instead of resting on your laurels, keep pushing your boundaries. Strive to be better when you’re already good, and aim for excellence when you’re the best. The journey of self-improvement is a continuous one, as there is always room for growth.

6. Seek Support: Leverage Resources

You don’t need to be a superhuman to achieve greatness. Seeking help and utilizing available resources is not a sign of weakness but a smart strategy. Talented individuals are ready to offer their expertise; don’t hesitate to employ their services to aid your growth and success.

In your pursuit of success this year, remember that it’s a journey filled with ups and downs. By asking questions, listening, being authentic, persisting, challenging yourself, and seeking support, you equip yourself with a powerful toolkit to overcome obstacles and realize your goals.

Bidemi Mark-Mordi is a Wisdom Coach and  Kingmaker with over two decades of impactful ministry. As the Apostolic Lead for The Well Oasis International, she’s guided over a million individuals through her daily broadcast “Commanding Your Morning.” A member of the John C. Maxwell Founder’s Circle Coaching team, she offers transformative workshops, while her Verbatim Communications empower effective communication.

Bidemi’s vision extends to Dukia Radio, a platform for family, purpose, and leadership empowerment. An author of 23 books, her mission is clear: to help others BECOME. Married to Mark Mordi, SAN. Bidemi’s legacy is one of empowerment and transformation.

Bidemi Mark-Mordi

The Unplanned Path to Purpose

Bidemi’s journey to becoming a Wisdom Coach and Kingmaker was not a meticulously crafted plan but rather an alignment with a higher purpose. She desired a life that mattered, one where she could live to her fullest potential and glorify God. Unlike most, her goal was not centred on fame or applause, but on a life that was deeply meaningful and impactful.

 Embracing Personal and Spiritual Growth

Key to Bidemi’s journey was the realization that she was uniquely created by God for a purpose. This revelation transformed her perspective, erasing self-doubt and uncertainty. She realized that her uniqueness was a treasure waiting to be discovered, wisdom that she could share with others. Bidemi’s journey was not about competing with others but striving to fulfill her purpose and glorify God. Her commitment to discovering and deploying her unique gifts led her to a path of significance.

 From Words to Wisdom

As Bidemi embarked on her journey, she recognized her gift of communicating wisdom through words. While she initially considered her power to be in words, it was pointed out that her true superpower was wisdom. This revelation pushed her to share her wisdom with others, a journey that led her to obtain certifications in coaching and theology. The transformational impact of wisdom shared through her words was evident in the lives of those she influenced.

Empowering Mornings with Bidemi: Commanding Your Morning for Purpose and Positivity

Every morning holds the promise of a fresh start, an opportunity to set the tone for the day ahead. Bidemi, a beacon of wisdom and empowerment, understands the significance of these early hours. Through her daily live broadcast, “Commanding Your Morning,” Bidemi offers a unique approach to morning empowerment, helping individuals embrace purpose, wisdom, and positivity from the moment they wake up.

“Commanding Your Morning” isn’t just a broadcast; it’s a transformative experience. Since its inception in May 2017, this initiative has become a source of inspiration for countless individuals seeking to infuse their days with intentionality. Bidemi’s insights, drawn from personal experiences, biblical teachings, and leadership principles, resonate with participants eager to navigate life’s challenges with renewed clarity.

One of the remarkable aspects of Bidemi’s broadcasts is their healing power. Many participants have attested to the positive impact her words have had on their lives. Battling depression, overcoming obstacles, and finding newfound hope are just a few of the transformative outcomes that have emerged from “Commanding Your Morning.”

Bidemi Mark-Mordi

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, prompting Bidemi to transition her broadcasts exclusively online. During this tumultuous time, “Commanding Your Morning” became a lifeline for individuals seeking solace, guidance, and connection. Testimonials poured in from around the world, underscoring the profound influence of Bidemi’s ministry during these uncertain days.

At the heart of “Commanding Your Morning” is the desire to foster a deeper relationship with God. Bidemi’s broadcasts equip participants with tools to engage with God’s Word, empowering them to embark on a journey of personal growth, spiritual enrichment, and purposeful living. By starting their days with intentionality and wisdom, individuals can command their mornings and set a positive course for their lives.

Bidemi Mark Mordi’s dedication to empowering others through “Commanding Your Morning” serves as an inspiration to embrace each day with purpose, positivity and the unwavering belief that each morning is a chance to shape a brighter future.

 Impact Through Ministry and Coaching

Bidemi’s journey led her to roles of immense influence, including her role as the Apostolic Lead for The Well Oasis International and as a member of the J.C. Maxwell Founder’s Circle Coaching team. Through her ministry and coaching, she impacted lives worldwide. The challenges faced in this realm were twofold – the power of mindset and the importance of attitude. Bidemi’s approach focused on renewing minds through the Word of God and waiting for individuals to be ready for change. Her commitment to nurturing purpose and transforming attitudes was instrumental in her impact.

 Balancing Family, Purpose, and Leadership

A remarkable aspect of Bidemi’s journey was her ability to balance her roles as a wife, mother, and accomplished professional. She learned to work within seasons, prioritizing her roles and responsibilities. The emphasis on family, purpose, and leadership was foundational to her radio station’s mission. Bidemi’s life exemplifies that balance can be achieved when one focuses on what is required rather than what is urgent.

A Mother’s Love: Bidemi’s Journey of Sacrifice and Empowerment

Bidemi’s journey of empowerment and leadership is deeply intertwined with her role as a mother. As a mother of four, she navigated the intricate dance of raising her children while answering the call to empower others. This balancing act required sacrifices, strategic planning, and a commitment to both her family and her mission.

In her own words, “When I started the work, my children were all aged five and under. They were my main consideration in how far I could push on the journey to Become. Whatever didn’t make room for me to be able to play my role effectively as their mother, I put on the ‘something to do in a later season of my life’ folder.”

Bidemi’s recognition of the importance of family and her dedication to being present for her children underscored her approach to her life’s work. Her journey reflects a profound truth: the pursuit of purpose doesn’t come without challenges. Bidemi’s sacrifices, determination, and strategic choices allowed her to navigate the delicate balance between nurturing her family and making a lasting impact on the lives of others. This resonates with mothers and individuals alike, who strive to find harmony in their responsibilities and aspirations.

Bidemi Mark-Mordi

Bidemi’s Journey of Authoring 23 Transformational Books

Bidemi’s literary journey is not just about numbers; it’s about the transformational power of words. Her books cover a diverse range of topics, from personal growth and leadership to spirituality and purposeful living. Titles like “The Real Rules of Life,” “Wisdom of the Seed,” and “Sista Power (Discovering the power of collaborations)” are just a few examples of the valuable insights she imparts.

Through her insightful writing, Bidemi aims to equip her readers with the tools and insights needed to navigate life’s challenges and embrace their fullest potential. From her very first book to her most recent publication, Bidemi’s writings resonate with authenticity and a deep understanding of human experiences.

Her unique blend of personal anecdotes, biblical teachings, and practical advice creates a tapestry of guidance that speaks to people from all walks of life. Bidemi’s dedication to authoring 23 books is a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering others. With each page she writes, she strives to provide a source of inspiration, encouragement, and transformation.

Bidemi’s literary legacy serves as a beacon of light, illuminating the path for individuals seeking wisdom, growth, and a life filled with purpose. Her books are more than just words on paper; they are tools for personal development, empowerment, and the realization of one’s true potential.

 Trailblazers of Inspiration: The Women Who Shape Bidemi’s Journey

In the journey of life, the influence of extraordinary women can have a profound impact, shaping perspectives, values, and aspirations. Bidemi Obarimike, a Wisdom Coach and Kingmaker, draws strength and inspiration from three remarkable women who have played instrumental roles in her path of purpose and empowerment.

1. Mrs. Victoria Obarimike: A Mother’s Sacrifice

Bidemi’s journey of empowerment finds its roots in the sacrifices and resilience of her own mother, Mrs. Victoria Obarimike. Through challenges and adversity, her mother’s unwavering commitment to raising Bidemi and her siblings left an indelible mark. Mrs. Obarimike’s tenacity, resourcefulness, and unyielding love became the bedrock upon which Bidemi built her life’s purpose.

2. Coach Anna McCoy: A Champion of Growth

Coach Anna McCoy stands as a pivotal figure in Bidemi’s journey. As a Coach, friend, and mentor, Anna brought a transformative perspective that shifted the trajectory of Bidemi’s path. Anna’s unshakable belief in Bidemi’s potential, coupled with her relentless support, propelled Bidemi to embrace her purpose with newfound vigor. Her influence ignited a spark of growth and empowerment that continues to burn brightly.

3. Audrey Joe-Ezigbo: A Bold Visionary

Audrey Joe-Ezigbo’s audacious spirit and boldness have been a driving force in shaping Bidemi’s journey. With her fearless determination, Audrey pushed Bidemi out of her comfort zone, encouraging her to embrace her potential and venture into uncharted territories. Audrey’s emphasis on living authentically and boldly inspired Bidemi to step into her role as a Wisdom Coach and Kingmaker, unapologetically owning her purpose and impact.

Bidemi’s Impact at Dukia Radio and Verbatim Communications

Bidemi’s work at Dukia Radio and Verbatim Communications stands as a testament to her commitment to empowering lives through the power of words. As a Wisdom Coach and Kingmaker, she utilizes these platforms to inspire, guide, and uplift individuals on their journey of personal growth and purposeful living.

At Dukia Radio, Bidemi’s voice resonates across the airwaves, bringing a message of hope, wisdom, and empowerment to listeners around the world. Her daily live broadcasts, including “Commanding Your Morning,” have become a source of encouragement for countless individuals seeking guidance and inspiration in their daily lives. Through her words, she imparts transformative insights that have the potential to change lives and perspectives.

Through Verbatim Communications, Bidemi extends her impact even further by empowering individuals and organizations to communicate effectively and authentically. Her coaching and guidance help others unlock the power of their words, enabling them to connect, inspire, and influence with clarity and purpose. Her commitment to helping others find their authentic voice reflects her belief in the transformative power of communication.

Bidemi’s work at Dukia Radio and Verbatim Communications is a shining example of how one person’s dedication can create ripples of positive change. With every broadcast, every coaching session, and every interaction, she leaves an indelible mark on the lives of those she touches. Her commitment to empowering lives through the airwaves and meaningful communication is a reminder that words have the power to shape destinies and inspire greatness.

 A Call for Early Purposeful Living

Bidemi’s vision for a better world centers on introducing purposeful living at an early age. She believes that children should be equipped with the capacity to discern, discover, and deploy their unique gifts. By incorporating purpose-driven education from early years to teenage years, Bidemi envisions a future where individuals are better prepared to make positive contributions to society.

Conclusion: A Journey of Purpose and Impact

Bidemi Mark Mordi’s journey from a desire for a meaningful life to becoming a Wisdom Coach and Kingmaker exemplifies the power of purpose, faith, and determination. Her story showcases the transformational impact of embracing one’s uniqueness, renewing the mind through God’s Word, and empowering others. Bidemi’s commitment to nurturing purpose and fostering growth in others reflects a life dedicated to glorifying God and making a positive impact on the world.

Bidemi Mark-Mordi

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Have you ever sat down and tried to read for work or school and wondered if there was a way that you could learn the material faster and not forget what you’ve learned? I have great news, there is! Learning these five techniques will make a world of difference in how fast you’re able to learn your new technique, and how well you’re able to make it stick in your brian afterwards.

1. Measure a smaller unit of success

Let’s be honest, when it comes to learning new things it isn’t always a breeze. You start reading information and a few times you probably comes across something that confuses you or is an area of difficulty. No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to find a way to get yourself to learn the mater.

Your first reaction may be to try and figure out what you don’t understand all at once. When you do this, you slow the learning process down. One of two things will happen: you’ll either never learn to do them well or it will take you a long period of time to do so. Instead, deconstruct the new skill or technique into much smaller components and work on them individually until you can put them all together.

2. Drill one thing until it becomes a habit, then move on

Everyone has multiple areas in their life where they’d like to make some improvements. Maybe you want to change your eating habits to be healthier, go to bed earlier, or go to the gym consistently. Even if you’re committed and have the best intentions to work towards your goals, it’s just natural to fall back into old habits eventually.

Each day, train your mind to focus on one thing at a time so you don’t lose focus. When you do this, you stop your mind from going off into a million different directions thinking about all the other things you need to do. It’s overwhelming and can be discouraging. Once you’ve made a habit or reached a new goal you’ve been working towards, then you can move on to the next one.

3. Short periods of study every day is better than long, sporadic cramming sessions

We’ve all crammed our brains with information in a short period of time, especially in college the night before a test at 8 AM. But if you think about it, how much of that information did you actually retain several days later? Probably not much.

You learn best from repetition. If you sit down and try and study for 6 hours and then come back and try to review, there’s a pretty good chance you will have remembered very little. When you study a little bit each day, you’re able to go back and review information from a shorter time span which will help you learn faster. This requires will-power so be strong!

4. When starting, test many different methods; when growing, stick with one

When you’re starting out with something new, start testing out a bunch of new methods that will help you learn faster as well as one that you enjoy. When you find it lock it down and stick to it. You may find at some point that things are beginning to level out or you’ve hit a plateu. This will be the time that you take a step back and think about the place you’re currently in. Things have changed now, you have changed, it’s time to switch things up so you can keep progressing.

5. Debrief to avoid making the same mistakes

When you’re learning new things, you’re going to make mistakes along the way no doubt. It’s difficult for some, but this is an iportant time to ask for help from someone who can show you where the mistake was made and what you can do next time to avoid repeating said mistake. When you mess up, you’re going to want a second pair of eyes on you to help you out. Find that person that will guide and help you jump over those hurdles.

Hopefully you’ve found the 5 tips above helpful. You’ll notice a significant different in how quickly you learn new things. Remember, no matter how slow you’re moving, progress is progress. Good luck!

Author: Erica Wagner