Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko


Women of Rubies, a pioneering platform dedicated to celebrating and empowering women’s accomplishments, is excited to unveil the second edition of its highly anticipated Media Visibility BootCamp. This transformative event, designed to empower female business owners and emerging influencers, is set to become a quarterly occurrence, following the resounding success of the inaugural BootCamp in August.

The Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp transcends conventional learning experiences. It is a transformative journey meticulously designed to equip participants with the skills required to amplify their voices, elevate their personal brands, and make a profound impact in their respective fields. The program seamlessly integrates expert-led guidance, interactive exercises, and a nurturing community to ensure attendees reach their maximum potential for growth.

Visionary Leadership

Esther Ijewere, the visionary Founder of Women of Rubies, expressed her enthusiasm about the event, stating, “We are thrilled to host the Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp once again, an exceptional event aimed at empowering and uplifting women in the realm of business. Our goal is to provide participants with the knowledge and resources needed to magnify their voices and achieve their pinnacle potential. It’s time for women to shine brightly and leave their indelible mark on the media landscape!”

What to Expect

The second edition of the Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp will take place virtually on December 9th and 10th, 2023, offering limited slots. Participants are encouraged to secure their spots promptly by registering at womenofrubies.com/mediavisibility. This event promises a stellar lineup of speakers, thought leaders, and experts in the media, marketing, and business sectors.

Media Visibility Bootcamp 2.0


Meet the Panel

The distinguished speakers for this edition include:

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from these accomplished professionals, gaining priceless insights and pragmatic advice to enhance their brand visibility and influence.

Fireside Chat Highlights

The BootCamp will conclude with a captivating fireside chat featuring prominent speakers:

How to Register

For more information about this event, the agenda, and registration details, please visit womenofrubies.com/mediavisibility.

Get in Touch

For media inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, or further information about the event, please reach out to:

Email: admin@womenofrubies.com

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to amplify your voice and enhance your media visibility. Join us at the Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp and be part of a supportive community that empowers and uplifts women’s achievements. Register today at womenofrubies.com/mediavisibility.

Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko (MSc, FCCA, CPA), a multifaceted professional, defies the confines of one professional niche, seamlessly blending her career as an accountant with a passion for personal development and branding. Her journey is nothing short of extraordinary, demonstrating the boundless potential of embracing diverse skills and passions

A Multifaceted Professional

At the core of Adeola’s professional identity is her prowess as a triple-certified accountant. With qualifications in Nigeria, Canada, and the United Kingdom, she boasts a global perspective that enriches her approach to finance and business. Her academic journey took her to the University of London, where she earned an MSc in Accounting, equipping her with a strong foundation for her career.

Yet, Adeola’s story extends far beyond the world of finance. She possesses a profound passion for personal development and branding. This drive has led her to become a personal development coach and branding expert, helping individuals unlock their full potential and present their best selves to the world. Adeola’s extensive experience and expertise in these areas set her apart, as she’s successfully trained over 10,000 people in personal development and branding.

An Inspirational Speaker

Adeola’s influence is not limited to her career; it extends to the global stage. She’s an international speaker whose words have resonated in different countries, both online and offline. As the Licensed Organizer of TEDxBingerville, she played a pivotal role in bringing the renowned TEDx experience to the city of Bingerville in Cote d’Ivoire. Her commitment to sharing ideas and inspiring change has been celebrated in the organization of this TEDx event, a testament to her dedication.

A Prolific Author

Adeola is not just a speaker; she’s also a prolific author. Her literary contributions include six published books and an impressive collection of 17 e-books. Her written work delves into personal development and branding, sharing insights and strategies that have the power to transform lives. The reach of her books extends far and wide, with a profound impact on over 15,000 readers who have found inspiration and guidance within their pages.

Principal Partner of Crystal Edge Professional Services

In her role as the Principal Partner of Crystal Edge Professional Services, Adeola has embarked on a mission to empower individuals and businesses through training and brand consultancy. This Lagos-based company focuses on enhancing the skills and capabilities of professionals and organizations, reflecting Adeola’s commitment to the betterment of others.

Awards and Recognition

Adeola’s contributions have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the numerous awards and honors she has received. As a multi-award-winning coach, she’s celebrated for her significant achievements in the personal development and branding spheres. Among her accolades are two international awards that recognize her expertise and impact.

Media Presence

Adeola’s voice and insights have reached a wide audience through her media appearances. She’s been featured on various platforms, including Arise News London, TVC Nigeria, WEB-NG TV, Galaxy TV, Girls Show RTV on GOTV, Nigeria Tribune, Style-born Magazine, Jidekaiji Magazine, and more. Her ability to communicate effectively and connect with diverse audiences is a hallmark of her influence.

Initiatives and Events

Adeola’s commitment to inspiring positive change and empowerment has led her to initiate and lead significant events. These include The Global Brand Summit, The Branded Woman Awards, The Iconic Brand Awards, and the Personal Branding Affirmation Challenge (PBAC). These platforms are designed to amplify the voices of individuals and businesses, showcasing their unique strengths and contributions.

A Mentor and Role Model

Adeola’s role extends to being a mentor to some and a role model to many. Her impact reaches beyond her professional achievements, as she serves as an inspiration for those who aspire to blend diverse passions and skills into a meaningful and fulfilling career.

Embracing Life Beyond Work

While Adeola’s professional life is undoubtedly impressive, she also values the importance of a balanced and fulfilling personal life. Her love for music, fashion, and the arts adds depth and richness to her identity. Above all, she treasures quality time spent with her family, underlining the significance of embracing all aspects of life.

Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko’s journey is a testament to the boundless potential of embracing diverse skills and passions. She stands as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for others to follow. In a world teeming with specialists, she reminds us that there’s value in crafting a unique, multifaceted journey.

If you want to connect with Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko and follow her journey, you can find her on her social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko
  • Instagram: @adeolaosideko
  • LinkedIn:Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko
  • YouTube: Adeola Osideko

So, here’s to the multi-talented, inspiring figure who proves that a multifaceted approach to life can lead to extraordinary accomplishments. Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko is a name to remember and be inspired by.

Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko, a branding expert, social media influencer, and coach has taken to her Instagram page to express her displeasure on how people bully celebrities, public figures, and influencers for the kind of life they chose to live, saying they are misleading their followers.

She said “influencing is a huge responsibility because you become a role model to many of the people you influence (willingly or unwillingly). You because the lens through which many see the world, the yardstick which they use to measure right from wrong. This is something aspiring influencers should have in mind as they seek and work towards the highly coveted influencer title.

I understand and agree that public figures, influencers, and celebrities need to watch how they live their life as long as they are there in the public and have a lot of people looking up to them, but the plain truth is that we do NOT have control over how they live their lives. We only have control over how we allow them to influence us, who we choose to follow, and who we choose to make role models. We have control over a lot of other things but not HOW THEY SHOULD live their lives.

She said, “in my opinion, I think it is better we concentrate on what we have control over and leave what we do not have control over.”

Another thing she stated is that we should not expect perfection from these people because they are not angels or mini gods, nor are they semi-gods. They are like every other human out there with blood flowing in their veins.

Let them breathe, they did not choose to be your role model, you choose them. Enough of this witch-hunting going on the internet, people now subtly bully others by hiding under the guise of ‘and you call yourself a role model’. Pick what resonates with you about them and trash the rest, stop the bully “she said.

Adeola further explains that everyone should have a standard of life for themselves. “Nobody should be your standard except God, because even sometimes, our parents do not meet up with the standard of life we want, not to talk of strangers we meet on the internet”, she said.

She encouraged people to have a standard for themselves through spirituality and personal development and stop making social media influencers their standard because no human is infallible.

“Get your life together and stop looking for people to blame for your bad decisions. If good values have been instilled in you from home, then you will not be easily swept away by the glitz, glamour, fake life, or immorality of the so-called role models. There is no need to witch-hunt anyone, you choose them, they didn’t choose you, some are not even aware that you exist”, she continued.

Adeola also advised parents to train their children well.

“Instill good morals in them so that they are not easily swept off by the things on the internet,” she said.

She also mentioned people should not idolize them, “don’t make these people a mini-god, they should not be objects of worship. It’s okay to love them, appreciate them, cherish them, give them gifts (if you can), and support them, but don’t idolize them and stop digging up their past to use against them. This is simply manipulation and blackmail which is done by people with low self-esteem looking for cheap attention.”

We all have a past; we all have things we have done that we are not proud of, what makes you think these people are an exception? Don’t witch-hunt people for things they did in the past when they didn’t know better. Learn to make room for their inadequacies and don’t expect too much from them”, she said.

Adeola further debunked some myths that people have about influencers and celebrities.

“Do not think that these people are rich, and they MUST give you money. Forget the glitz and glamour, a lot are not as rich as you think and even if they are rich, nobody OWES you anything. Moreover, stop expecting them to give you free access. They owe no one free access to their inner chamber. If they have decided to keep their circle small so, be it. It’s not pride, it’s simply being wise and setting boundaries since they’re in the spotlight.

Finally, whoever you are following, you are following them at your own risk. Choose your ROLE MODELS wisely”, she continued.

At the end of the day, they will only live their lives the way it pleases them, even if we talk about it from now till tomorrow. The onus lies on us all to choose who we follow and how we allow them to influence us”, she concluded.



A popular author once said that your personal brand follows you wherever you go and sometimes even lingers behind when you leave a room. That’s exactly what Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko is advocating for in the society, training people to prioritise their personal brand and discover their potential.

Trained Accountant, chartered in Nigeria, the UK and Canada, Adeola works full time with the African Development Bank in Abidjan, Cote d’ Ivoire, as finance professional.

MINTA (Mummy In the Abroad) as she’s fondly called by her fans, she is a First-class graduate of Accounting and holds an MSc in Accounting from the prestigious University of London. Senior Director of Crystal Edge professional Services (a training and branding consulting company), she is a personal development coach, branding expert and social media influencer. An international and TEDx speaker, she has spoken in different countries (online and offline) and has published six books and 14 e-books. She has successfully coached over 10,000 people in personal development and branding. Over the last three years, Adeola has helped individuals and business owners build strong and reputable brands online and offline. She is also the founder of the Coached By Omobabirin, a Facebook community of over 20,000 members.  The Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire -based coach shares her inspiring story with ESTHER IJEWERE in this Interview.

Childhood Influence
My childhood wasn’t that rosy. I grew up with my two siblings and my mother who was widowed at age 27. Growing up was a bit tough; because she had to solely fend for herself and us from her meager salary as a teacher.

But there are so many things my childhood taught me that I am grateful for today. They are; independence, living within your means, good planning and never being entitled to other people’s things. All these I picked up from my mum who was so determined to educate us no matter what. I picked up these life skills unconsciously, but later, they became very useful to me as I navigate life as an adult.

I grew up as a very outspoken child, audacious and very confident. I am daring about life and would do all I can to get what I want; I believe in the saying that when there is a will, there’s a way. My childhood wasn’t without some cracks too, which affected me negatively as an adult, but self-awareness and personal development have been helpful in smoothing these areas.

In all, my childhood has shaped and prepared me to be the responsible, self-driven, and audacious adult I have grown up to be.

Inspiration Behind Coached By OMOBABIRIN
Coached By Omobabinrin is a Facebook group where people of like minds gather to share values about purpose, business, various entrepreneurship skills, digital skills and so many other personal development skills. The group was founded as a community where people can share ideas and grow together.

Personal development is a necessity for everyone and should be made available as much as possible; that is one of the reasons why the group was founded so that members can learn from one another by posting meaningful content.

Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko

Studying Accounting
Accounting for me was borne out of the passion and love I had for mathematics then. In my early secondary school, I wasn’t doing so well in my Mathematics though, which was a big concern for my mum; she later got a Mathematics teacher for me, which changed the whole narrative. I fell in love with calculation and that made me opt-in for Accounting. And yes, Accounting has been interesting for me; it’s been close to 14 years of practicing and no regret whatsoever.

The Journey So Far
It hasn’t been rosy, but we keep going. The fact that I am only available to manage it part-time makes it more challenging. Based on my choleric nature, I love to be in charge and do my stuff my way (because I feel nobody can do it like me), but I had to learn to delegate and communicate what I want to achieve to my team members, while I watch them do it. This has also helped me raise awesome people with whom I can confidently leave the job, because I trust their abilities. Delegation is one of the major area’s leaders must learn and I am glad I adjusted fast to this reality.

Impact Of Coaching Over 10,000 People On Personal Development
Sasha Azevedo said, ‘when you love people and have the desire to make a profound positive impact upon the world, you have accomplished the meaning to live.’ One of the things that bring so much joy to me is transferring knowledge and impacting lives; it comes so easily. I do it with so much excitement and a sense of fulfillment follows.

Personal Development is a journey that makes us better as humans and I am glad I can impact people to become a better version of themselves on a daily basis; either directly or indirectly.

Being The Publisher Of Six Books And 14 e-books
Almost every day, I get one or two pieces of feedback from people about my books and how helpful it has been to them. My favorite is my first book, Building Great Relationships, because it’s a book that preserves humanity and our social values and humans.

The six books I have published are Building great relationships, Building a personal brand that makes money, The chronicles of MINTA series 1, My dreams are valid, The business of coaching, and The chronicles of MINTA series 2. The other 16 unpublished books and some of the e-books; I use them for my training and coaching programmes.

Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko

Working In a Francophone Country As An Accountant, And Managing Other Commitments
My passion for what I do drives me ‘Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you -Oprah Winfrey.’

When you are passionate about what you do, it will be easy to make room for it, no matter how tight your work schedule is. Yes, passion is the fuel that drives my energy and I have also learned to ask for help when I need it. ‘You are never strong enough that you don’t need help – Cesar Chavez.’ Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign that you value yourself, as well as other people.

Abidjan as a Francophone country has been a great place to live, although there is a little struggle with learning the French language. To be honest, it has not been easy living in a French country as an Anglophone person, but change is the only constant thing and I just had to adapt. I have a bit of struggle, but my children have been helping me. For children, it is quite easy to pick up the language fast than an adult, but generally, Cote d’Ivoire is a good country; they are hospitable and friendly. Even though there are some of their culture and norms that are strange to me as an Anglophone, we’ve got no choice than to adapt. That is part of what personal development is all about.

There are so many of them, but I will mention a few. Gender bias is still prevalent; some male clients and audiences tend to be disrespectful sometimes and I can attribute that to me being a woman. This may not be true though, but that’s how I see it.

Another thing is having to do so much, managing time and balancing life, family, work, business, faith, and social life. But I have come to realise that at the end of the day, we cannot achieve a balance. Oftentimes, one aspect of our lives demands a lot more from us than the rest. What is important is to prioritise, ask for help and take good care of yourself. Rest, eat well and take a break when the need arises.

Another one is unhealthy competition in the coaching industry. This one is really deep, but then we have got to learn how to manage it. I believe it’s everywhere and as humans, we feel somehow insecure, especially when we have low self-esteem.

Other Projects And Activities
My major project, for now, is The Iconic Brand Award coming up in November 2022. This is the 4th edition, and it has always been within Nigeria, but this time around, we are planning to have it in Lagos Nigeria, and the London United Kingdom.

Entreprenur.com recently released an infographic all about why employees quit their jobs. 82 per cent of employees report they don’t receive enough recognition. The Iconic Brand Awards is an annual event organised by my business, Crystal Edge Professional Services, and it’s all about recognising brands (personal brands and business brands) doing well in their various fields. Asides from that, it’s a networking and dinner event where people can meet, greet, connect, wine and dine and have some really good ‘year-end’ time.

Three Women Who Inspire Me And Why
I admire all women out there doing exploits, but since I am to mention just three, I will go with these three. Dupe Olusola: I met her not quite long on Instagram and I am totally in love with her personality; I love her dress sense and her smartness as a woman. We literally share a few things in common and this made her relatable on all levels. I love how she balances work and her social life; I do not like boring people, so she is a spec of a bubbling career woman.

The second person is Ibukun Awosika: I love her love for God and the things of God. Being a person of deep faith myself, I love people who are dedicated to serving God even in the marketplace place. She is a good example of a proverbs 31 woman; I love her bluntness, entrepreneurship spirit and her commitment to youth and women empowerment.

The third person is my former boss, Morenike Ogunnowo; she is a woman I love and respect. We worked together some years back and since then, we have grown a bond of sisterhood. She is hardworking, kind and very industrious; she inspires me a lot to know a healthy work-life balance is achievable.

My Role As The Editor Of Crystal Magazine
My organisation published a magazine in 2020 called The Crystals. It’s a magazine that showcases various brands and their work; it also has some educational content and industry news. That was the first edition, and we plan to have another edition very soon.

Educating The Society On Personal Branding
Creating awareness online via content creation on social media platforms is one of the best ways to educate people on personal branding. Branding is no longer what it used to be when it is just for business. An individual is a brand and must nurture that brand to blossom.

Personal branding is now important at all levels, unfortunately, most business owners do not realise the importance of personal branding, because they think branding is all about their business only. However, the truth is that if you want to create a successful business, you must create a successful personal brand. Personal branding helps people know you, like you, and trust you. And people who know you will trust you more and do business with you.

Achievements Recorded As A personal Development Coach And Influencer
I started the journey in 2015, took a break in 2017, and came back with full force towards the end of 2018. Since then, it’s been an amazing journey, not without its ups and down though. Some of my achievements are that I have coached, trained, and groomed thousands of people who are also doing well in their respective niches. I am a role model to so many people and I have inspired them positively, which I see as a big achievement. Other achievements are that I have been able to build a lot of brands with my name in terms of businesses and events such as The Iconic Brand Award event, The Global Brand Summit, the Personal branding Affirmation Challenge, Crystal Edge professional services and I have spoken on so many platforms, both globally and locally. I have been able to organise a TEDx event and become a TEDx organizer. I have also received multiple awards from different quarters recognising my works, impact, and influence.

What I Wish To Change In The Branding Sector
It will be to ensure people who portray themselves as coaches and experts, get enough training and certifications. The coaching industry is not well regulated, and anyone can wake up one morning to say ‘I am now a coach.’ As much as we can say this is okay to allow people to become whatever they want to be, it may also mean we will be having some bad eggs with poor quality of services, which may affect the goodwill and reputation of the industry. A well-regulated industry will help to checkmate individual activities and protect the image of the profession. Your brand is your personality; polish it.

Being A Woman Of Rubies
My price is far above rubies. I am a woman of impact who is making a significant change in society. I am a positive influence on young people, professionals, and business owners and I have successfully helped a lot of people build profitable, sustainable, and reputable personal and business brands.

I am a woman who supports other women and is always looking out for how to add value and make significant changes in society. I am a woman who is not afraid to see other people soar; I am a woman of rubies.

In Five years…
I see myself as an industry leader who has built capacity, who has grown, and someone who’s work is now recognised globally. I want to see myself on international platforms more, sharing my message to inspire, educate and empower people. I want to be able to confidently say I have coached, trained, and mentored thousands of people all over the globe.

Advice For Young People Setting Out To Build An Influential Brand
Be focused, avoid distractions, know what you want and go for it, regardless of what people think about it. Be kind, confident, and bold, the world is yours. Growth is not a day work; growth is a gradual process. Don’t compare your journey with someone else’s; your fight is different. Believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams.