Apostle Dr. Elizabeth Pedro, also known as CGPA (Commander of the Most Noble Order of Global Peace Ambassadors), is a transformation coach and mentor on a mission to uplift women and girls worldwide. With a firm belief that every woman is a celebrity, she tirelessly supports, informs, and advocates for women’s issues, using her platform to inspire change and empowerment.

Championing Women’s Empowerment

Dr. Liz is a prolific writer, motivational singer, and global speaker, gracing stages across five continents and over 15 countries. Her engaging speaking style combines humor with real-life stories, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact. As a certified marriage and relationship coach with the Institute of Marriage and Family Affairs (TIMFA) USA, she is also the CEO of Serenity Coaching/Counseling Services, offering valuable guidance on personal and marital matters.

Apostle Dr. Elizabeth Pedro

Philanthropy and Impact

Recognized as one of the 50 most influential women in Edo state, Nigeria, Dr. Liz is a dedicated philanthropist. Through her award-winning organization, Women Helping Women, she provides skill acquisitions and startup funds for women in her community and beyond. Her commitment to sustainable development goals and gender equality is further reflected in her role as the founder/CEO of Agape For All Nations Int’l (Afani) and Women Helping Women For A Sustainable Tomorrow, NGOs focused on empowering women to reach their full potential.

Bringing Hope Through Empowerment

Driven by a vision to empower women and girls, Dr. Liz’s mission is to help individuals discover their unique selves and unleash their potential. As a peace ambassador to the UN, she advocates for peace, equality, and empowerment on a global scale. Her book, “A Woman in Her War Room,” serves as a guiding light for women seeking empowerment and fulfillment in their lives.

Awards and Recognition

In March 2023, Women Helping Women received The United States President Lifetime Achievers Award, a testament to Dr. Liz’s unwavering dedication and impact in the field of women’s empowerment.

Other awards include:

  • Humanitarian Ambassador Award
  • Ambassador for Hope
  • Remarkable Mothers Award
  • Award of Excellence in Exemplary Christian Leadership

Apostle Dr. Elizabeth Pedro

Family and Legacy

Apostle Dr. Elizabeth Pedro is happily married to H.E Amb Rev. Shadrach, and together they exemplify a commitment to service, community development, and humanitarian activities. Dr. Liz’s remarkable journey is not only changing the narrative of Edo women but also inspiring individuals worldwide to embrace their greatness and create a brighter future for all.

Apostle Dr. Elizabeth Pedro embodies the spirit of empowerment, resilience, and compassion, leaving an indelible mark on the world and paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

A woman who was doused in acid by her father when she was just two-months-old has shared an inspiring new year message.

Anmol Rodrigous was curled up in her mother’s lap when her father poured a can of acid on them, killing her mother, and disfiguring newlyborn Anmol.

At 23, Anmol now runs her own survivor foundation. She has not only overcome the physical and emotional pain but has also become an inspiration to many women like her.


Woman doused in acid by her dad because he wanted a son shares inspiring new year message


Anmol, which means priceless in Hindi, claims to be the happiest girl in the world. She lives alone in Mumbai, India, where she arranges funds for her ongoing reconstructive surgeries and runs an NGO Acid Survivor Sahas Foundation, through which she has helped 20 such women getting employment and organised a lavish wedding for a friend.

Anmol says:

I love my life as it is. Not even once have I felt that I am different. This could also be because I only remember seeing myself with one eye and wrinkled, burnt skin.

I have very happily accepted myself and this has given me hopes and confidence to keep moving in life.

My whole life was spent at an orphanage in Mumbai. I am told that I was only two months old when my father had attacked my mother and myself with acid.


She left the orphanage 2 years ago when she finished from college. She now makes £117 a month from giving her ideas to make creative sets for the shows and saves some of her money for her NGO.

Anmol gets in touch with women leaders and politicians to arrange work opportunities for girls like her.


Woman doused in acid by her dad because he wanted a son shares inspiring new year message


The young girl says she loves to dress up and wishes to become a model. She has already been offered model assignments by two designers to promote their jewellery on Instagram.

Sharing an inspiring message for others in her condition, she said:


I want to become the first commercial acid attack survivor model who can not just promote fashion but also spread awareness that acid does not end life.

This is really exciting and I am soon going to get the opportunity what I have been longing for.

I hope my stint will inspire women like me to not cover their face in a veil, instead walk confidently with their face.

Acid can only change our face but not ruin our soul. We are same inside out and we should accept ourselves who we are and live our lives happily.


Credit: LIB

ARISE TV News Anchor, model, and philanthropist, Idia Aisien, has  officially launched an NGO that is especially close to her heart – the International Development Initiative in Africa (IDIA).

Many people know Idia as the glamorous personality on their TV screens, but what few know is that she has always been passionate about giving back to the continent, and has been doing so for many years, albeit, silently.
However, she has now decided to officially launch the NGO because she desires to effect change on a massive, sustainable scale.The IDIA Project was founded based on the premise that more people have access to various media channels; and viewer engagement online is growing rapidly. However, most of the content is negative—depicting natural disasters, political instability, recession and economic downturn.

The International Development Initiative in Africa seeks to attract
increased investment, capital flow and funding; by instilling hope and a
renewed faith in Africa through providing an Africa-owned framework and narrative for development. Standing as the continent’s media partner and platform to showcase its progress at regional and  international levels through our reports.

IDIA’s mission is to eradicate poverty, promote sustainable growth and development, integrate Africa in the world economy, and accelerate the empowerment of women, men and children by telling the other half of the story.

To this end, they will showcase Africa’s commitment to good governance, democracy, human rights and conflict resolution; and the recognition of bodies that are creating exemplary platforms that will increase employment, attract investment and long-term economic growth.

Watch trailer about the initiative:

Stay tuned for more updates on The IDIA Project.
Visit: theidiaproject.com
Social Media: @theidiaproject


Says:”I have spent 8 years of my life working to make a difference in the lives of women and youths”

AYECI Africa is a non-profit organization on a mission to improve the prospects and living conditions of the most disadvantaged population in Africa, through a variety of interventions that expands access to education and employment opportunities. The founder, Ifeoma Adibe, didn’t set out to become all these. She loathed the idea of becoming a Polytechnic student because of the discrimination that exists between universities and polytechnics.She channeled her frustration into establishing ASPIRE , a student empowerment initiative. In this chat she talks about being tempted to give up, her eureka moment why she created AYECI and other issues.

Early childhood dream

Growing up as a young girl I recall nursing the ambition to one day becomes a beauty queen. I’ve always been fascinated by the world of beauty pageants, not solely because of the pageantry and glamour but I was drawn and inspired by the way beauty queens used their platform to address social issues and help those in need. Year after Year I remember keeping a journal of the reign several beauty queens and a portfolio of the social projects they were involved in. As a teenager, this experience helped me develop a strong sense of devotion for charitable work and fostered my interest to be part of the process of bringing hope and improving the quality of lives for those in need.

Today, I am a social entrepreneur, an advocate for women and child’s right . I may not be your regular beauty queen but I’m living out the ambition I nursed to help people in need become better.

Discovering my passion for charity

I developed a strong sense of passion for charitable work as far back as when I was 14years old. However, my work in advocacy and development didn’t start till I was about 18years as a freshman in Lagos State Polytechnic. At that point, heaven knows I would have given anything to not be part of that school system, I detested the school environment, didn’t want to associate with the students in it. Most heartbreaking was when I discovered that majority of the students who graduated from the Polytechnic were not given equal opportunities in the workplace no matter how good they were academically. They were usually treated as second rate graduates compared to students from the universities. I just wanted to be in Unilag, Uniport or University of Abuja.

My eureka moment

During my second semester as a freshman, I recall attending a personal development summit. After that session I told myself it would do me no good to continue hating on the polytechnic school system, I alone had the power to change my mindset and make something positive out of my situation.

This singular decision propelled me to start a student initiative on campus in 2006 called ASPIRE- African Students Partnership and Relevance. With a vision to help change the way undeserved students viewed themselves and also empower and engage them to take on the responsibility of driving social interventions in their school community. In less than 4years with the help of other team members, we grew the initiative to four campuses with over 400 student members. Managing the activities of ASPIRE and its growing student network was my first major role in youth development and advocacy. The effect this singular decision and corresponding actions had on students, led me to discover my passion for advocating for the rights of underserved young people and women.

Strong women inspire me

I don’t just have one person who has the greatest impact on me, except for Jesus Christ. His leadership quality, humanitarian attribute, teaching skill, the way he served the people who followed him, the way he loved and selflessly gave. Everything about his life and time on earth greatly impacts and continues to inspire me. Asides from him, stories of women in the bible like Queen Esther, Hannah; Deborah also has a great impact on me. Coming back home I’ve been greatly inspired by the works of several strong African women like: Liberian, Sara Kaba Jones of Face Africa, Kenyan; Dr Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg of Akili Dada, Nigerian Toyosi Akerele-Oginsiji of RISE, Nigerian; Toyin Saraki of Wellbeing Foundation, Nigerian; Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye of Rubies Ink.

Inspiration behind the creation of AYECI

The inspiration behind the creation of AYECI Africa is to respond to the cry of the undeserved woman and young person seeking for opportunities to better their lives. We work to create an environment where every young person and woman without recourse to status gets access to the learning opportunities they need to realize their full potential. As an organization, we believe improved access to information, learning opportunities and meaningful engagement empowers people to fight poverty, inequality and contributes to the future success of their communities


As an organization we’ve worked with several organizations to implement so many incredible projects. Our first funded projects: THE EDUCATE-A-COMMUNITY PROGRAM is a community based learning project that provides basic and functional literacy training and livelihood grants for educationally disadvantaged women and out-of-school youths. The program currently operates three learning centers in (Ikorodu, Isolo and Ijede) that serve over 220 learners. In 2015, we graduated 37 learners who completed 9months of literacy classes from our Ikorodu

learning center.In September 2014, we launched the #1MillionGiftofLiteracy Campaign a 5-year long campaign with the aim to increase the reading habits and literacy skills of 1,000,000 women and children across West Africa. We are currently leveraging the support of corporate organizations through an annual football charity activation (Play for Literacy) to help us meet our fundraising goals for the campaign. We’ve also succeeded in engaging celebrity advocates like Lami Phillips, Olori Supergal, JJC, to support our literacy campaign.

As part of our career development platform, we also organize an annual workplace mentorship program in collaboration with SAP to match fresh school leavers with corporate organizations for a 3weeks workplace mentorship that would help them make informed.

“I felt like giving up”

Yes, several times I have felt like giving up. When you work in a sector like mine, you always have to source for funding and defend every kobo spent. Often times it takes a lot to get the right kind of personnel to work with and resources to keep operation going. There are always setbacks that would make you want to throw in the towel. However, the fulfillment I get from empowering people and having to witness the t effect of the time and effort invested in their lives, their families and communities is a motivation that keeps me going. I like the thought of waking up and going into the world to do some good! One good deed everyday

Greatest reward

People’s measurement of achievement and reward differs. For me, I consider the number of lives as one of my greatest rewards. These rewards are ongoing and I’m excited to see how my work will continue to transform the lives of people in need.

Advice for budding social entrepreneurs