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Omoshalewa Onayemi is a Tri-qualified lawyer licensed to practice in Alberta, Ontario and Nigeria.

She currently works at a global recruitment firm and handles all the commercial and legal operations of the business Canada-wide.

Apart from being a career woman, she is a serial entrepreneur, a blogger, and an influencer.

She channeled her passion for fashion and food into businesses. She established, @kz_by_shally, a one-stop hub for all things fashion and accessories.  Omoshalewa Onayemi also launched @the_yum_cuisine, a food blogging page where she also sells e-meal plans and e-recipes.

Meet the founder of Naijapreneur Canada
Canadian-based lawyer – Omoshalewa Onayemi T, Founder, Naijapreneur Canada

A mom to 2 princesses, she blogs about all things motherhood from bump to birth and beyond, on her page @mumsaffair_ng

Shally O” as she is fondly called by many, is also a community personality who dedicates her time to promoting and creating visibility for Nigerian businesses in Canada through her platform @naijapreneurcanada.


Dear Tobi Amusan,

As I watched you give your all in that race, your determination and tenacity shone brighter than ever. Despite the challenges that tried to break you mentally, physically, and emotionally, you stood strong like a tree planted by the river, as described in Jeremiah 17:7-8. Your journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the unwavering spirit of a true champion.

Over the past month, you faced setbacks and hurdles, but you didn’t let them deter you. You made it to the final against all odds, and your presence on that track was a remarkable feat in itself. The fire of your determination blazed in your eyes when you confidently told the journalist that you’ll be back next year, even stronger and more resolute.

Your journey has not only inspired millions of Nigerians but also people all around the world. Your example is a beacon of hope for young women everywhere. Through your actions, you’ve shown them that no matter the challenges they face, they can aspire and never give up. You’ve illuminated the path for others to follow, demonstrating that obstacles are no match for a determined heart.

To every young woman out there, remember this: in moments when those around you can’t handle your light or comprehend the grace you carry, share the story of Tobi Amusan. When circumstances conspire to push you out of your comfort zone, remind them that if Tobi could rise above it, so can you. When people judge your capabilities based on where you’re from, let them know that purpose knows no boundaries—it only understands grace.

Tobi Amusan

And when anyone doubts your integrity or the potential for greatness within you, introduce them to Tobi’s unwavering integrity even in the face of scrutiny. When your dreams are belittled as unrealistic, point them to this black woman who silenced her doubters time and again.

Tobi Amusan, you embody the essence of doggedness and determination. You wear the face of a true champion—the face of our champion. As you stand tall, you remind us all that every setback is an opportunity for a comeback, and every challenge is a chance to shine brighter.

On Air Personality, Adenike Oyetunde, Sharon Okotie, and Olivia Malachy, graced the cover of La Mode Magazine’s October Issue.


The October issue was themed, “Beyond Disabilities” which was  in line with the annual event of La Mode Magazine “Green October Event” which had several celebrities in attendance.

The aim of the theme is to inform individuals and communities that a disabled fellow is like anyone else, they’re just living life in a different way.

26-year-old Nigerian comedienne Wofai Ewa, popularly known as Wofai Fada, has shared her moving grass to grace story.

In a new Instagram post, Wofai who became popular for her many funny skits on Instagram, said before the fame, she used to hawk pure water, ice cream, sell mangoes, oranges, water leaves in her home state Cross river. She even sold second hand clothes aka okrika, did ushering jobs before running away from home to move to Lagos.

Read her post below:

Thank God
I don’t look like what I’ve been through ..just went through some of my old Facebook photos, the struggle got me all emotional 😩
Can’t believe
I’m now a testimony.
Most of you ,that knew me in community secondary school ,ugep must have bought my ice cream before 😁
They used to call I,and my sis @mimzewa “ice cream girls”😩 she couldn’t take it. She ran to America 😂

I never really concentrated in class , cos I always want to rush to the park with my cooler of ice cream and pure water for passengers coming back from Enugu to the park 😄
From selling of burns ,
hawking of mango, water leave , oranges
To buying and selling of okrika from Balogun market, to uncial ,
selling of drinks in different clubs ,catwalking for various designers ,without pay ,hosting weddings and all events ,
Ushering people in and out Different occasions,
Running away from home to Lagos
becoming who i am today
Is a miracle.
Thanks to @Obazi_kubor for letting me squat with you, when I first came . I won’t lie. Lagos has been good to me 😊
God promised to take care of me,and he hasn’t failed me ! He hasn’t even started ……. He did the final gbosa! For me recently. I can’t say it yet. Cos it still looks like a dream to me 😩
I’ve never typed a message this long before, but something told me to do this today.
Cos it might inspire someone.
NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS !! God is seeing all your struggle .
Thanks to @makeupbyashabee for making me be part of your campaign .
Ps… I’m still available for all these services , call me if you need me 😁
Above all, my business @just_afang
Will be open soon. And the hustle continues.
Please help me clap for JESUS👏👏👏👏

She shared: