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If you want to gain weight, it’s very important to do it right.

Binging on fatty foods and soft drinks may help you gain weight, but it can destroy your health at the same time.

If you’re underweight, you want to gain a balanced amount of muscle mass and subcutaneous fat rather than a lot of unhealthy belly fat.

There are plenty of normal-weight people who develop diabetes, heart disease and health complications due to obesity. Therefore, even though you want to put on weight, you have to make sure you eat healthy foods and still lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 5 valuable tips on how to put on weight and still keep your health intact!

Eating protein-rich foods will help you put on weight
Eating protein-rich foods will help you put on weight

1. Eat lots of protein

The important nutrient for gaining weight is protein. Muscle is made up of protein and without it most of those extra calories will simply turn into fat. Studies have shown that taking eating a high-protein diet can cause extra calories to turn into muscle.

However, keep in mind that protein is a double-edged sword. It’s also highly filling, which may reduce your hunger and appetite significantly, making it harder to get in enough calories.

High-protein diets include meats, fish, eggs, many dairy products, legumes, nuts and others. Protein supplements are pricey but they are also effective towards putting on weight.

2. Load up on carbs

Many people try cutting down on carbs and fat when trying to lose weight. However, if you want to gain weight, cutting out these food groups will make it more difficult to add pounds.

Ensure you add high-carb and high-fat foods to your diet if weight gain is your final goal. You should be eating lots of protein, fat and carbs at each meal.

It is also a bad idea to do intermittent fasting. This is useful for weight loss and health improvement but can make it much harder to eat enough calories to gain weight.

Eat at least 3 square meals a day to help work towards your weight gain goals.

Lifting weights can help you put on weight and get fit too
Lifting weights can help you put on weight and get fit too

3. Lift heavy

To make sure that the excess calories go to your muscles instead of just turning into fat, when at the gym you should focus on strength training not just cardio.

Try and go to the gym and lift 2–4 times per week. Lift heavy and try to increase the weights and volume over time. If you need help easing into it at first, try hiring a personal trainer.

Doing some cardio is fine to improve fitness and well-being, but don’t do so much that you end up burning all the additional calories you’re eating.

4. Milk powder

Instant milk powder is a simple way to bulk up your meals, from sauces to soup. Simply stir in the powder while you’re cooking. Wait for it to dissolve before you serve the dish.

Milk powder can make your dish creamier and has the much-needed calories to help you get closer to your goal.

Peanut butter is an effective and delicious way to put on weight
Peanut butter is an effective and delicious way to put on weight

5. Use peanut butter

Peanuts are packed with protein and fat. It offers an ideal meal portion for people trying to gain weight naturally. A single tablespoon of peanut butter has around 100 calories.

Peanut butter also contains vitamins like magnesium, folic acids, Vitamin B and Vitamin E. Apply a thick layer of peanut butter to a whole wheat bread for a healthy breakfast and to boost up your calorie intake.


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One grew up with the notion that certain ailments are more ‘age’ induced than anything else but in the last couple of years, ailments like cardiac arrest, stroke, and others, have killed more young people that I know than the aged folks.

I mean young men in their 40s!

So, when one sees aged folks in their 70s, 80s and even 90s still basking in good health-I am always compelled to ask WHAT IS THE SECRET OF THAT HEALTHY GENERATION?

Yes, I call their generation a healthy one because the advent of science and technology ought to enhance our chances at longevity, but the reverse seems to be the case.

These days…people die young-a direct opposite of what used to obtain in the days of our forebears.

I doubt if there were ailments like cancer, stroke, stress, hypertension, etc in those days and if there were-they were probably not as rampant as what obtains these days…making me suspect that the ‘health woes’ of this generation lies in our lifestyle.

A generation that is supposed to have an enhanced shot at longevity (what with our exposure to science and technology) is experiencing more deaths amongst its young than the supposed Stone Age generation.

In examining the impact of the lifestyle of this generation on our lifespan-we must not fail to look into issues like excessive pursuit of materialism(and its attendant stress),unhealthy consumptions and sexual perversion.

Is it not in this age that we hear of stuffs like anal, two/three-some sex?

I still question the reasoning of people who indulge in such…as if the ‘normal style’ is not risky enough!

I observed a few days retreat at a friend’s house-a few years back…a house that boasts of every modern ‘treats’-inside the fridge…ice cream, cake, chocolates, beverages, but not a single fruit!

In fact, the only cooked food I found in there was a frozen eba. Yet, he would be the first to tell you that he does not ‘swallow’ at night, does not consume red meat-plus other health dos and don’ts that he observes.

I think back to our aged folks in the villages who ‘swallow’ at any time of the day, eat all sorts of meat and still lived to a ripe old age.

Where could we have gone wrong then, if we are still dying young, despite our vast knowledge of modern health dos and don’ts?

A doctor friend once told me that a vast majority of young men (between the ages of 35-50) are impotent…according to some medical findings. And their type of impotence is such that they can’t even fertilise an egg without medical assistance or sustain an erection for more than a few minutes.

Again, one is forced to compare this dampening reality to seniors that are known to still ‘fire down’…even with off-springs, to show for their ‘labour.’

Think of what obtains now with female fertility and compare it to the time of our mothers-whose major headache was how to cater for the numerous brood they seemed to churn out with so much ease.

Their days even seemed to witness less complicated childbirths, despite the non- availability of sophisticated medical procedures.

This is a generation that seems to have it all when one considers how easy science and technology has made our existence…yet it would seem like the older generation had a better quality of life.

Does our modern lifestyle still accommodate communal existence like in the days of our fathers? Any wonder why there’s so much loneliness out there, despite claims of the world now being a global village?

I tell whoever cares to listen that boredom is a modern phenomenon-it never used to exist in the days of old because their setting had what I call THE HUMAN TOUCH-which our generation is losing at an alarming rate.

Science and Technology has inadvertently made us too ‘comfort-zoned’ for our own good. Easy life is what leads to boredom. We don’t go out of our way to do things for and with each other anymore.

These days, infusing the human touch in relationships becomes an inconvenience of sorts.

We send money and ‘technology toys’ to perform acts that require the human touch…why waste time and energy to go visit an ailing loved one when you can just Whatsapp “get well soon.’’

Ever wondered why people have so many friends on the social media but still feel lonely in real life?

Some of us even make more efforts with our ‘virtual relationships’-than we bother with our real-life relationships.

High time we realised that certain things cannot just take the place of the ‘human touch’ in life.

The human touch is what our forebears never joked with and that explains why issues like boredom, loneliness, suicide, depression, etc were alien to them!



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Dr Victor Fayomi, a General Practitioner at a private hospital in Gwagwalada, FCT, says crying is therapeutic in managing emotional stress.

Fayomi said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by letting off a little water. Let your tears flow and where they go, let your sorrow follow.

Overtime, crying and shedding tears were considered bad and usually associated with ill health, grief and sorrow. However, this is not totally true.

Tears have also flowed as a result of good news, sound health, joy and laughter, he said.

Fayomi said the first sign of life, of a healthy one which must be seen within life’s first minute, was the aggressive cry of a new born baby.

He said it was better to let the tears flow in grief, disappointment, sorrow and when a loving relationship suddenly hits the rock.

Fayomi said bottling up ones emotion could actually break down ones health, saying that sorrow which had not vent in tears might make other organs weep.

Crying does not only reduce emotional stress, it also helps to improve our mood.

When we cry, our nasal passage is also cleared as crying helps to loosen up mucus in the nose.

Children will usually also fall asleep after crying, it stands to reason that crying helps put children to sleep, he said.

Fayomi said crying should not be seen as a sign of weakness, adding that it should be done when the need arises.

In an attempt at staying healthy, be sure to make your crying occasional; that is, only when indicated.

Too much of it, and when too often, may signify a sign of depression.

The key is this, cry only when indicated, do it moderately, get refreshed, lighten your mood and move on, he said.

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You have been working out and trying to eat healthy, but the pounds still are not coming off. Its frustrating, we know. Thankfully, there are lots of little changes you can make to get on the right track. These are a few of the most surprising things that might be holding you back.

You are following a diet and exercise plan that isn’t tailored for you.

Everybody is different: thats the message Bruce Lee, the executive director of the Global Obesity Prevention Center at Johns Hopkins University, wants to send when it comes to weight loss. Theres been a lot of fad dieting and fad exercise programs, Lee says. The reason that a single diet plan and the same exercise routine dont work for everybody is that we all live different lives in unique bodies that have their own needs.

You have to tailor what you do to yourself, he says. Instead of following a specific diet or exercise plan, dont be afraid to try lots of different things to find what works for you.

Eating healthy foods and healthy portions needs to take a front seat.

Weight loss isnt just about working out: Its also about what you eat. But many people still dont pay enough attention to food and portion size, Lee says.

You wont have much success sustainably losing weight without getting your diet under control, for two reasons. First, without the proper fuel, even getting into the gym or out on the road is hard. Youll drag. Second, diet and exercise are both factors shaping weight loss, Lee says, and trying to figure out which one is more important is sort of like asking which is more important, your arm or your leg? That means you should pay as much attention to what youre eating as you do to how youre working out, which may mean investing more time in meal planning.

Intimidated? To start with, he suggests keeping a food diary and writing down everything you eat for a couple of weeks. Then figure out where you can trim unnecessary calories from your regular diet, as well as unnecessary dollars from credit card bill. Eating healthy has gotten expensive, Lee says. This method will help you figure out how to make your money count.

Youre only exercising at the gym.

Sure, your time at the gym is helpful in losing weight, and we’ve got tips to help you make the most of it. But the exercise outside the gym-and the mindset that goes with it-that will help you make long term changes to lose weight and keep it off. When it comes to exercise, Lee says, if you cant keep doing it, its not going to work.

That doesnt mean stop going to the gym-it just means you may need to change your mindset a bit. Your day-to-day life has plenty of opportunities for meaningful exercise, like taking the stairs, walking instead of driving, or adding half an hour of vigorous playtime with your kids to your daily schedule. Taken all together, these activities help ensure that even if you dont make it to the gym quite as often as you mean to, you can still do things that make a long-term difference in your fitness and weight.

The number on the scale is moving-but slowly.

Many people who lose weight dont keep it off: Take the oft-cited example of Biggest Loser contestants. When you lose weight, your bodys resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn just by living) slows down. When contestants on the show lost large amounts of weight-an average of 100 pounds-over seven months, their RMRs decreased significantly.

That means they had to work harder than they previously would have had to just to keep the weight off. Researchers who followed up with 14 of those contestants six years after they left the show found that their resting metabolic weights had remained low, which contributed to them gaining back some of the weight they had lost. The key to sustainable weight loss is time, not giant scales and reality television. What you have to do is retrain your body slowly, Lee says.

Unfortunately, theres no single thing that will make you lose weight. The good thing is that your weight loss goal might help you make your whole life better. Its more about lifestyle and long term changes, says Aaron Roseberry, a biologist at Georgia State University who studies obesity and eating.

Youve hit a weight loss plateau.

Plateaus happen: its all in how you handle them. Be patient, and dont give up on your goals, because slow and steady is the key to sustainable weight loss. What you have to do is retrain your body slowly, Lee says. If you see your weight on the scale not going down for a while, that may mean its time to reassess how youre approaching diet and exercise and see if theres something you need to tweak. Check out our list of the most common reasons people plateau for some ideas.

Still bummed? There are other indicators that youre getting healthier you can look to for motivation, like waist size. Abdominal fat, also known as visceral fat, surrounds your internal organs and is the most unhealthy kind of weight to carry, Roseberry says. Keep track of your waist measurement and how your belly looks: even if youre not losing overall weight quickly, youll be able to measure a loss in belly fat as you get healthier.

You need more sleep.

Sleep is essential, both for mental acuity and to help your body recover from working out, but it can be hard to get enough good sleep. Besides making time for that 7-8 hours of shut eye, ensure you’re getting quality sleep by evaluating your sleep environment and looking at your habits for things that could be decreasing sleep quality. If you need a little extra, try folding in a nap. Oh, and don’t hit snooze. It wont help.

You need to think about mental health.

Mental health can affect [weight] in a multitude of ways, Lee says. From stress which can change your hormones, to depression, which can cause someone to withdraw from others and not take care of themselves, these unseen factors can have huge impact. If you’re having trouble losing weight, maybe its time to look at the things in your life that may be impacting your mental health and evaluate how you can address them. For some people, that might mean seeing your doctor or seeking out a therapist, something that our editor wrote last year can still be very stigmatized for men. Know that you’re not alone, and that you are doing whats best for you by considering your mental health.

You need to see your doctor.

In some cases, underlying conditions that your doctor can treat or help you manage may be the reason why youre not losing weight. Head to your doctor (with that food diary in hand, preferably) and see if they can help you figure it out.

Medications youre on may also be affecting your weight loss, such as antibiotics, says Lee. You can stop in at your local pharmacy and ask if they can help you evaluate what youre taking and if it might be holding you back.

Where you live and work is making it hard.

If the only place near your work to grab lunch is the Wendys, chances are youll lunch a the Wendys-at least more than you would if you had other choices. If the nearest grocery store to your house doesnt have a lot of healthy options, youll probably buy and eat fewer health foods.

A common mistake people make in thinking about weight is to believe its all on you, Lee says. He suggests taking a systems approach to weight loss: In order to figure out why you’re not losing weight, look at the systems around you that make you keep it on. Once you’ve assessed your environment, you can figure out how to optimize the things in it that you can control. Whether that means folding in a lunchtime walk at work because your neighborhood isn’t easy to walk in during the evening, packing your lunch rather than eating out, or starting to eat breakfast, small changes can make a huge difference.

Unsure what to look at? Three factors affect weight, Lee says: diet, physical activity, and metabolism . Chances are you can make some changes in your life to affect all three. But don’t be too hard on yourself: Were so outcomes-focused, Lee says. And there’s only so much you can control.

You need a little help from your friends.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone: when it comes to habit changes, Lee says the people who participate in those habits with you can also help you change them. If you and the guys meet regularly for wing night, try mixing it up with a healthier option, or better yet, hit the courts for a game of pick-up basketball. Enlisting your friends to help you lose weight might also help them get started on a healthier path.


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Some years back, I woke up one morning with an excruciating pain in my right hand and wrist. The pain was so much that I had to seek medical help. When the diagnosis came, they called  it carpal tunnel syndrome; it’s also called pinched nerve
I was expecting to be given a jaw-breaking named drug but alas, I was given a drug called neurovit  forte and the components are vitamins B1, B6 and B12!  So as usual, I discussed the condition with my father. Yes, I always discuss things like this with him because he is the real scientist (a professor of Botany) while I am an English language graduate – a self-taught scientist.
He had a story to tell me too! He told me about a family friend of ours whose daughter suffered paralysis and after a series of tests, it was discovered that she lacked one of the B vitamins!  She was given doses of the particular B vitamin, and she recovered!
So, I said to myself: what’s so special about this vitamin B complex? .  Ok, let’s go on the journey together to unravel  the mystery behind this vitamin that keeps our body going well like a well-oiled machine.
B vitamins play a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being. As the building blocks of a healthy body, B vitamins have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function and cell metabolism.
B vitamins are water-soluble, which means your body does not store them. They are excreted from the body daily and for this reason, your diet must supply them each day.
Most people get the recommended amounts of these vitamins through diet alone since they are found in a wide variety of foods. However, factors like age, pregnancy, dietary choices, medical conditions, genetics, medication and alcohol use increase the body’s demand for B vitamins.
The B vitamin family is made up of eight B vitamins, they are:
B1 (Thiamine)
B1 helps the body make healthy new cells. It’s often called an anti-stress vitamin because of its ability to protect the immune system. This vitamin is necessary to help break down  simple carbohydrates.
Get it from: Whole grains, peanuts, beans, spinach, kale, blackstrap molasses and wheat germ
B2 (Riboflavin)
This B vitamin works as an antioxidant to help fight free radicals (particles in the body that damage cells). It may also prevent early aging and the development of heart disease. Also, riboflavin is important for red blood cell production, which is necessary for transporting oxygen throughout the body. Several studies suggest B2 can help stave off migraines, but more research is needed to be sure. Be careful, while sunlight does the body good, ultraviolet light reduces the riboflavin content in food sources.
Get it from: Almonds, wild rice, milk, yogurt, eggs, Brussels sprouts, spinach and soybeans
B3 (Niacin)
One of the primary uses for niacin is to boost HDL cholesterol (i.e. the good cholesterol). And the higher a person’s HDL, the less bad cholesterol they will have in their blood. Vitamin B3 deficiency is very rare in developed countries, though alcoholism has been shown to lower B3 levels in some individuals. Niacin, used topically and ingested, has also been found to treat acne.
Get it from: Yeast, red meat, milk, eggs, beans and green vegetables
B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
You can find small amounts of vitamin B5 in just about every food group — its name even says so. Pantothenic comes from the Greek word pantothen, meaning “from everywhere.” In addition to breaking down fats and carbs for energy, it’s responsible for the production of sex and stress-related hormones including testosterone. Studies show B5 also promotes healthy skin with the ability to reduce signs of skin aging such as redness and skin spots.
Get it from: Avocados, yogurt, eggs, meat and legumes
B6 (Pyridoxine)
Along with fellow B vitamins 12 and 9, B6 helps regulate levels of the amino acid homocysteine (associated with heart disease). Pyridoxine is a major player in mood and sleep patterns because it helps the body produce serotonin, melatonin and norepinephrine, a stress hormone. Some studies suggest vitamin B6 can reduce inflammation for people with conditions like rheumatioid arthritis.
Get it from: Chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, lentils, sunflower seeds, cheese, brown rice and carrots
B7 (Biotin)
Because of its association with healthy hair, skin and nails, this B vitamin also goes by “the beauty vitamin.” It may help people with diabetes control high blood glucose levels too.
Get it from: Barley, liver, yeast, pork, chicken, fish, potatoes, cauliflower, egg yolks and nuts.
B9  (Folate)
You may have heard another name for B9 — folic acid — which is the synthetic form used in supplements and fortified foods like cereal and bread. Studies suggest folate may help keep depression at bay and prevent memory loss. This vitamin is also especially important for women who are pregnant since it supports the growth of the baby and prevents neurological birth defects.
Get it from: Dark leafy greens, asparagus, beets, salmon, root vegetables, milk, bulgur wheat and beans
B12 (Cobalamin)
This B vitamin is a total team player. Cobalamin works with vitamin B9  to produce red blood cells and help iron do its job: create the oxygen carrying protein, hemoglobin. Because you can only find vitamin B12  in animal and no plant products, vegans must use a supplement or fortified foods for B12 intake or risk serious health consequences
Get it from: Fish, shellfish, dairy, eggs, beef and pork.
I have always supported nutrition to achieve optimal health. If you will need supplementation of vitamin B complex, your doctor is in the best position to say that.
Joyce Adenike Busari is the Founder of Biyou Women Only Spa and Health Bistro, a health restaurant based in the hearts of Alausa in Ikeja, Lagos. Joyce is an accomplished and CIBTAC Certified Esthetician, Electrologist, Laser Technician and Holistic Nutritionist, with over 15 years experience in the beauty and wellness industry.

In 2005, upon completion of the prescribed training in skincare and nutrition, she gained valuable experience while employed by one of the United Kingdom’s pioneers in the health and beauty field, and was recognized as one of the top therapists in their various clinics across the country. Advances in technology have now enabled her to broaden her extensive experience in skincare and weight-loss over the past 10 years with the use of heat and light therapy.Joyce is European-trained and graduated from the renowned Champneys College in Tring (UK). Joining a progressive team of skincare professionals at one of Europe’s elite spas expanded her knowledge and expertise in advanced skin care therapies.

As a wife, mother of four, and a dedicated professional, Joyce is acutely aware of the importance of continuing education; she has furthered her studies in anti-aging skincare practices and technologies, as well as holistic modalities such as Aromatherapy and Reiki.Her passion for total health, beauty and well-being led to her intensive study of Nutrition. This knowledge has given her the ability to remedy the skin from the inside out and also assist individuals in reaching their optimum health and weight-loss goals.This birthed Health Bistro a restaurant providing meal plans and only Healthy Continental and African dishes.

Standing behind Biyou’s philosophy and the products and services it promotes is extremely important to her. As a result, she is diligent with her research and testing which can take weeks to months to satisfy her high standards, before a potential new product or service can be offered.She expatiates more on why she chose to run a women only spa, women’s wellness and her recently opened health restaurant in this interview with GuardianWoman

Tell us how the spa started?
After studying in the UK, I worked in a Spa and when I got back I realised that there was something missing. Most of the spas were targeted at relaxation but I wanted something more, I wanted to help women be the best version of themselves. When women have children, they tend to have missing links, but I want to help them be the best of themselves amidst all. Help a woman be how she used to be.

Is that possible?
Of course, I am a living witness; you can burn all those fat with the right eating habit.

How old is the spa?
It is about four years old officially, but before then we were running little portion of the business before expanding.

Describe the sections of the spa?
We have the skincare aspect that includes the facials, body scrubs, waxing and massage. And then the weight loss and nutritional aspect where we consult with women to know what their needs and weight-loss goals are and then we take it up from there. Then we have treatment plans and protocols for her to achieve her desired body. We also have our skincare line, which is organic and natural body products that I make myself and I am happy to do it. For the skincare range we have the black wash, which is the African black soap. We have about four skincare range, which we will gradually expand- we have the Blak Roc deodorant that lasts for about 18 months, the British Cancer Research has endorsed it, because when you use it, it allows your pores to breathe. We have the black castor oil, which is good for people that want to grow their hair; we have the lotion, which has natural food enzymes that exfoliates the skin and moisturises. Our best seller is the Black Wash with honey, Shea butter and avocado. At the spa we have different products for people with stretch marks, who want to hydrate their skin and then want their skin looking brighter.

Why run a women-only spa? 
When I was working in the UK, I never liked the idea of working on men, and coming home to Nigeria, for most of my friends, their husbands are very particular about where they go and so I just thought to myself, since this is what I am comfortable doing, I will just continue with it. Because every woman who comes in here is naked and free and that for me is the reason I am sticking to women. We have some Arab women that come here, too, and their husbands are very strict with where they go, sometimes, they call in to know if it is truly a female spa and so they are comfortable. I think all married men are comfortable having their wives here.

What are the advantages of running an all- women Spa? Do women network here? What calibre of women patronise your place?
As an exclusive Spa, our clientele are mostly high-end that love to network with other women. An all-women Spa provides the ideal space for workouts and treatments without the disturbance of being approached or ogled at by men. The Spa is to be treated as a place for doing result-oriented therapies, and not as a dating venue. Most women do not like to mix up the two activities. Husbands, too, are more comfortable and encourage their wives to visit the spa more.

Secondly, when you are not in shape, it is much more embarrassing to do treatments and workouts in the same building with partially naked men. With female-only patrons and therapists, you can do your treatments more comfortably without being self-conscious, and focus on results. Nigeria is an amazing mix of different cultures, and there are women coming from conservative backgrounds. Such women are not free and find it highly inappropriate to be partially naked with men present, and it clashes with their religious beliefs. All-female Spa are specially tailored for a woman’s physique and her specific needs. A woman’s body develops and works, in quite a different way than a male’s one. Only a woman can best understand the problems faced by another woman, whether it is physical or emotional. The women-only Spa provides the best support group you can imagine. You will already be struggling with being out of shape and overweight, and the right support can do wonders to your routines. You immediately start gaining confidence, and know that getting into shape is definitely within your reach. Other members of the Spa would have gone through the same struggles you are facing, and you can always turn to them to clear your doubts and fears.

Has it been a lucrative venture, since you’re limiting yourself to a particular segment of the society?
Yes…we thank God. I would not use the word “limiting” because even with regards to a unisex spa, women clientele are the majority and the most important segment to target.

How does your weight loss system work on women, since you have said that most women do not have the time to follow strict regime?
When a woman comes in here, we check her weight, height and Body Mass Index (BMI), from there I can now calculate what her ideal weight should be. From then we can now talk about how often she can come around and then we can talk about how we can achieve it. Apart from that we also do meal planning; I am an advocate of eating once a day I call it intermittent fasting. As an adult, we don’t need much food unlike children who need it to grow.

What calibre of women do you cater to?
We have the middle and high profile women and it is also responsible for the location we have chosen too, nobody wants everyone to know they were seen entering a spa and out.

Do you have other professionals working with you?
Yes, my manager is trained abroad, too, hence every other staff gets these expertise from us.

How affordable is your spa?
Very affordable

Are you planning to open more branches?
Yes… Abuja is in the works

What is the capacity of your place?
We can treat about six to nine people at a time.

How did you come about the name of your spa?
My mum is Japanese and that influenced the name. I want people to come in and feel comfortable in their skin. There should just ‘Be You’, be confident and happy with you.

Tell us more about your weight loss services? 
We have two types of weight loss services we run; the sporadic which helps to firm and break body fat and the Ultra-sound calibration which also breaks body fats internally and your body processes it, that is why we can’t do more than twice a week on that machine. Depending on your body type, in one month some people will have lost about five kilogram.

Kindly give examples of clients with results
We have a client who started with us at a 110kg, she is not yet where she wants to be but currently, she is 95kg and this is two months into the weight loss journey.

You are doing some expansion, what other things are you introducing?
We have just introduced the restaurant; this came about because I saw that healthy living and healthy skin is all about what is inside and a lot of our clients, even when you give them a meal plan to follow, some of them are too busy to stick to it. Not only do we handle weight loss but also for people with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. They want to get better but do not know how to go about it and so we decide to help them by showing them what to eat. Aside cooking for them, we sell the ingredients so they can cook them at home, too.

Is it only for your clients or for the general public?
The restaurant is opened to the general public to both male and female but it serves only healthy foods and pure drinks. This idea was born out of years of nutritional consultations, counselling and writing meal plans for my customers. It finally became clear that most of my clientele did not have the time or understand the science of food in order to prepare healthy wholesome meals daily….this gave birth to “Health Bistro” Serving lower-calorie traditional Nigerian food and beverages which is not only good for guests, I believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s good for my soul.

You recently turned 40. How do you feel at this age? How have you been able to maintain your well-toned shape and youthful look?
Indeed…Family and friends insist we are vampires (smile). My husband and I eat only once a day, one healthy meal daily without snacking. We have been eating like this for over 10 years now and we both feel like teenagers.

You job entails helping fellow women to relax and unwind, how do you find time for relaxation too? 
I get high in my own supply. I practice all that I teach and regularly join customers in various treatments at the Spa

Tell us about your growing up?
My mum was a health freak, so I grew up doing exercises and it became my passion and since I couldn’t get the certification here, when I got the opportunity to travel in my family, I just went for it.

How about family life?
I have four children. My husband is very supportive and we are into this together, he is also very passionate about health and wellness.

Do you think people are paying attention to their health and wellness?
Currently, I think that there has been a lot of awareness, I don’t think anyone wants to spend the later part of their lives going from one hospital to the other, I think the awareness is getting out there, that what you put in is important.

Why should anyone pay attention to his or her wellness?
At the end of the day you want to live longer and be better in your outlook in life and in your daily life.

What is your fashion sense?
I am very conservative in my dressing.

Who is your style icon?
Michelle Obama- she doesn’t show her body, but there is class in her dressing. Here in Nigeria, it is Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and Joke Silva.

Being of a mixed-blood, how have you been able to merge the Japanese and Nigerian cultures? 
My father is from Ondo and I was born and bred in Nigeria, I only know my Yoruba roots and culture. I speak pidgin and Yoruba fluently, but I do not understand Japanese nor can I speak the language. My mother who is Japanese is very much Nigerian also.

Kindly advice them on how they can look good for the season.
Avoid over-eating; eat only between 12:00pm and 6:00pm. You may drink water, tea or coffee outside the eating window. Start with a broth-based soup, smoothies or salad.
By the time you reach the main course, a few bites will be all you need to feel satisfied.Eat what you love. Instead of piling your plate with things that you don’t really like, pick only the foods that give you true enjoyment.

Avoid treats everyday; keep your treats to one day a week. Alternate alcoholic beverages with sparkling water. Alcohol turns to sugar in the body and will make you fat. Go to social gatherings, work parties and events to socialise (not to eat). Watch out for sneaky sugar, avoid processed foods and sauces. Start the New Year with a good full body detox.


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The actress who is now based in the United States of America, lectured fans on the pros and con of cosmetic surgery via her Instagram page on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

She said it is not a bad idea for any woman to carry out a corrective surgery after a post-traumatic event but it has consequences when done at quack medical institutions.

“Warning to all my sisters crazy about big butts. While you contemplate having that waist,breast, and buttocks snatching. Be careful! There is nothing wrong in a woman’s decision to enhance her beauty either post-pregnancy, post-traumatic event or to correct some deficiencies. While you make these decisions consult with the best, weigh the side effects and the long-term consequences. Any idiot can set up a surgical center, have you done your due diligence by checking if these folks are board certified? If they have liability insurance In case anything goes wrong?

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Warning to all my sisters crazy about big butts. While you contemplate having that waist,breast and buttocks snatching. Be careful! There is nothing wrong in a woman#emo#4oCZ##s decision to enhance her beauty either post pregnancy, post traumatic event or to correct some deficiencies. While you make these decisions consult with the best, weigh the side effects and the long term consequences. Any idiot can set up a surgical center, have you done your due diligence by checking if these folks are board certified? If they have liability insurance Incase anything goes wrong? Ignorance is no excuse.. If majority of you know the consequences associated plastic surgery let alone anyone done wrongly, you will seek professional help and consults before reaching such conclusion to go under the knife. The greatest killer post surgery is INFECTION let alone in Nigeria where we have zero guidelines and rules governing health care let alone plastic/cosmetic surgery. Are the equipments used on you well sterilized? Fake Beauty comes at a cost.. 10 years from now, I hope you don#emo#4oCZ##t regret being botched. Personal responsibility is important. An informed patient is an empowered patient. If you have to go enlarge you butts, go to board certified plastic surgeons. Don#emo#4oCZ##t follow trends you can not keep up with 10 years from now. Remember we lost a former First Lady due to complications from plastic surgery in Marbella Spain. While they do fat transplants, use silicone and raise your muscles to perform all these shenanigans! Remember side effects and Adverse Effects. I hope none of you face any sentinel event. Where are all my doctors in the house, please explain more to our people @prince_prince_11 @dr.emmaessien @adanna_david @peacesascha @doctor_e31 Repost @drjaimeschwartz with @get_repost #emo#44O7###emo#44O7###emo#44O7## The long term risk for a lesser cost surgery abroad can end up being more expensive to fix if something goes wrong and even worse sometimes it#emo#4oCZ##s unfixable or fatal. Safety and plastic surgery go hand-in-hand #emo#8J+WkA==###emo#8J+PvA==## Always consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and make safety a priority. #plastic surgery #botched #revision #safety #cosmeticsurgery #breastaugmentation #liposuction #beauty

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“Ignorance is no excuse… If majority of you know the consequences associated plastic surgery let alone anyone done wrongly, you will seek professional help and consults before reaching such conclusion to go under the knife. The greatest killer post surgery is INFECTION let alone in Nigeria where we have zero guidelines and rules governing health care let alone plastic/cosmetic surgery. Are the equipment used on you well sterilized? Fake Beauty comes at a cost.. 10 years from now, I hope you don’t regret being botched.

“Personal responsibility is important. An informed patient is an empowered patient. If you have to go enlarge you butts, go to board certified plastic surgeons. Don’t follow trends you can not keep up with 10 years from now. Remember we lost a former First Lady due to complications from plastic surgery in Marbella Spain. While they do fat transplants, use silicone and raise your muscles to perform all these shenanigans! Remember side effects and Adverse Effects. I hope none of you face any sentinel event. Where are all my doctors in the house, please explain more to our people @prince_prince_11 @dr.emmaessien @adanna_david @peacesascha @doctor_e31,”


Abubakar, an Assistant Director, Nursing Services, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Teaching Hospital, Bauchi, gave the advice while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday.

According to her, relaxing breasts muscles will prevent various ailments which could affect the breast.

She advised women to avoid using tight and trending brassieres which she referred to as ‘push ups’.

The muscles of the breast need to rest. So, women and young girls should please allow their breasts to rest when at home.

“We should also clean the breast region thoroughly and regularly.

“We should endeavour to change our brassieres regularly and avoid sleeping while still wearing them,” she said.


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However, according to him, only about 500,000 pints have been raised.

Alonge disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Lagos, during a health and blood drive at YABATECH.

The theme of the event was: “True Humanity to Peace”.

The event included blood donations and a free breast screening for female staff and students.

Alonge said that the Nigerian health sector records a lot of emergencies whereby patients require blood daily and sometimes, they have to spend so much in search of blood.

“The statistics show that in the Nigerian health sector, we need two million pints of blood but we’re able to raise only 500,000 pints.

“This mainly comes from family donors when their loved ones need blood.

“But we see many accidents and other situations where people need blood daily and sometimes find it difficult getting it,’ he said.

The commandant said that the vision of NRCS, Lagos State, is to ensure that blood is available in their bank.

“In January, our detachment raised 120 pints and this time we were able to raise 90 pints, making it a total of 210 pints,” he said.

Alonge said the reason for the decrease was because only full-time students were in school presently, compared to January when the part-time students were there.

He urged people to participate more in humanitarian activities like blood donations to help save lives.

Commending YABATECH detachment, Mr Lawson Sekegor, Chairman of the Mainland Division of the society, said the amount of blood raised at the event would help the state’s branch surpass it’s target.

“Normally, we have expectations from the state body, the number of pints for this year is 500.

“Based on the amount raised here and what we already have, we can beat the target because we need less than 10 pints more to reach it,” he said.

Jonathan Adegboye, 18, a student of the University of Lagos, who donated blood said the exercise made him happy knowing he was helping to save lives.

He added that it also helped him overcome the fear he had of donating blood.

“Overcoming the fear was not a day’s job; last month, I tried donating blood but I gave only two millilitres before I backed out,” he said.

Another donor, Deborah Adeola, a 22- year- old student said that donating blood gave her the opportunity to check her blood pressure, weight and blood level.

Also, Mr Olakunle Lasisi, the Secretary of NRCS, Lagos Branch, urged Nigerians to imbibe the act of voluntary blood donations to help ensure there is enough blood in the blood banks.

He noted that donating blood not only benefits the recipients but also the donors.

According to him, he had an experience a few years ago where he was usually drowsy and sometimes felt dizzy.

He decided to go for a general blood test and was advised to go and donate blood.

Blood donation refreshes donors.

“Not donating blood is not beneficial to you because you will end up having more than required, which has its disadvantages,” he said.

NAN reports that donating blood may help the donor reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases and other health conditions.

It also gives the donor the opportunity to get a free blood analysis which may include testing for HIV and hepatitis.

According to FEDHEALTH, a South African health blog, blood donors are 33 per cent likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease and 88 per cent less likely to suffer a heart attack.

The lowered health risks have to do with iron depletion. Iron has a significant impact on the body.

“High blood iron can cause a variety of symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, hardening of arteries, accelerated cholesterol oxidation, decreased libido and enlarged liver.

“When donating blood, you are removing 225 to 250 milligrams of iron from your body, reducing your risk of health complications,’ it said.

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Girls who live in less developed areas barely have access to these essential commodities while women who are low-income earners are finding it difficult to buy them.

Using the hashtag, #EndThe9jaTaxOnPads, these women are sharing their stories online to urge the government to end the tax on sanitary pads so as to make them more accessible.

See some of their tweets below:


No girl child deserves to use rags or tissue because she can’t afford sanitary pads.
No girl child deserves to wear one pad throughout a day because she want to manage.
Sanitary pads should be affordable for every woman






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