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In the heart of Zimbabwe, Angeline Makore stands as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for transformative change. A fervent youth activist, Angeline’s unwavering dedication is reshaping lives and communities across the nation. Her tireless efforts span various crucial fronts, from advocating for women’s rights and mental health to combatting violence against women and girls. Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of Angeline Makore and her remarkable impact on her country.

Championing Women and Girls

At the core of Angeline Makore’s expertise lies her resolute commitment to championing the cause of women and girls. Her ceaseless work to end violence, promote sexual and reproductive health, and foster female empowerment serves as a testament to her unwavering passion. Angeline’s efforts radiate hope for countless women throughout Zimbabwe.

Her visionary contributions have transcended national borders. Angeline earned acclaim by receiving the prestigious Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award, recognizing her pioneering work with the Mwedzi Social Enterprise. This award underscores her innovative approaches to addressing the intricate challenges faced by women and girls.

Leading Spark R.E.A.D

Guiding Spark R.E.A.D, a youth-led nonprofit organization, Angeline Makore is driving transformative change on multiple fronts. Through this endeavor, she tackles vital aspects such as education, empowerment, and holistic well-being for young individuals. Spark R.E.A.D stands as a testament to her dedication to nurturing the potential of the next generation.

Angeline’s academic pursuits seamlessly align with her advocacy efforts. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with honors, she translates knowledge into tangible action. As a Women Deliver Young Leader and a Vital Voices VVLead Fellow Alumna, her impact extends beyond borders, solidifying her role as a catalyst for change.

A Global Catalyst for Change

Angeline firmly believes in the transformative power of young individuals to effect lasting change. Her vision encompasses communities characterized by sustainability, health, and economic stability. Her participation as a European Parliament Sakharov Fellow and her role as a peer-to-peer judge in the GenH Challenge by Johnson & Johnson exemplify her commitment to driving global change through local initiatives.

A Remarkable Journey Continues

Angeline Makore’s journey, from an impassioned youth activist to an influential advocate for female empowerment and youth advancement, underscores the potency of dedication and innovation. With each milestone achieved and recognition earned, she etches an indelible mark on Zimbabwe’s landscape. As Angeline continues to lead, inspire, and innovate, she emerges as a formidable force shaping a future marked by equality and empowerment for all.

The Anambra State Ministry of Women and Children Affairs on Sunday, said that it has received a complaint about an alleged underage marriage involving a girl from Ihiala identified as Chinwe, and a man from Ozubulu, Mr Izuchukwu Igwilo.

The statement signed by Lady Ndidi Mezue, the Commissioner, Anambra State Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, said the ministry is following up on the case as it continues to collaborate with several persons and organisations including security agencies towards quick resolution.

“The ministry is in contact with the girl’s family, Anambra Police and other interested parties in the matter including human rights activists,” the statement reads.

“The ministry’s utmost concern at this period is the safety and well-being of the young girl in question, as well as the well-being of her young child. As a result, the ministry has up till this time not made any press statement, granted any media interviews nor released any pictures concerning this matter, this is to protect the dignity and privacy of the innocent persons involved. We call on all those working on this case with us to toe the same line.
We can report at this time that considerable progress has been made on the matter and wish to state that the young girl in question is not yet in the custody of the ministry as reported on several social media platforms.
We wish to assure the public that in line with our mandate, and as can be seen in previous social welfare interventions undertaken by the Ministry, we will pursue this particular case towards achieving a satisfactory and positive outcome.”

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BBC’s documentary has revealed that among the Becheve tribe of Cross River, girls are sold into marriages, sometimes before they are even born, to settle debts.

Described as “money marriage,” and the girls as “money wives,” these girls are owned by their husbands in exchange for money lent to their parents.

Watch the documentary below:

Veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor has opened up on her marriage to her late husband.
Speaking to RTV, Patience Ozokwor revealed that she was forced into marraige by her parents at age 19, and wasn’t giving any choice as she couldn’t disobey them because she wasn’t brought up in that manner.

“It was not my decision. And if it’s not my decision then I was forced into it. I did not see any reason my parents were forcing me as I was still young. And even at that age I had so many suitors and they just wanted me to get married. You know when you come from a polygamous family and your mother is struggling for her own daughters to get married and this other one is also struggling for her own daughters to get married and when this one came around and I said no I should make a choice. but I was not allowed to make that choice. They didn’t give me that choice and at the end, I had to obey my parents. I was not brought up to disobey them at all.”

When asked if she enjoyed the marriage, she replied saying

 “Sincerely speaking as a Christian I did not.”

Adding that he was once married to girl who was arranged for him but the marriage didn’t work out.

“The girl was sent to London to meet him but she got there and found out she didn’t like him so she decided to move on with her life. So they didn’t leave together as husband and wife. He waited till after he came back after the war to come and marry me and there was no reason for that.”

Speaking further on her marriage, she revealed that it wasn’t easy at all for her as a young girl
“The marriage was not easy at all for me as a young girl, it was not easy but when you have two children and it is also not in the culture of my parents for you to jump from one man to another. I lost it sometimes and I had make due with the children God gave me that is why I am very close to my parents.
When asked her view on marriage she said;
 ” It is an ordained thing by God and it should be honoured. When a man and woman are declared man and wife that is final, your plate of food is out of your parents’ house.

She further said that there are only two reasons a person should leave their spouse according to the bible, life and infidelity.

 “If life is involved, God did not say don’t separate. God has standards and christians must adhere to the standards of God concerning marriage because there are one or two things that a husband and wife divorce otherwise it is not coming from God. So it didn’t come. I didn’t catch my husband cheating on me and he didn’t catch me so we had to stay together until death parted us. When he died, I became free, people started coming for my hand in marriage but I said no, it’s already late”

Patience Ozokwor also said she couldn’t remarry because of the foundation she had, the kind of home training and because of her stand in christianity.

Kano state governor Umar Ganduje has backed moves to ensure girls spend more years in school and delay marriage.

In talks with United Nations Population Fund executive director Babatunde Osotimehin, Ganduje called for “public enlightenment so that the age for marriage is shifted at least to 18.”

He said the move to peg an age had challenges that were not necessarily religious but required legal backing.

“We will go for legislation to give it strong backing based on religious injunction so we carry our people along,” Ganduje said.

He added that the Emir of Kano, HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II, named grand patron for women and children’s health, was championing the cause.

Osotimehin is visiting Kano and Kaduna in efforts to shore up state government support for interventions that will reduce maternal mortality, improve girl-child education, increase investment in girls and promote their rights and access to reproductive health services.

“When it happens in Kano, it happens in Nigeria. If Kano succeeds, Nigeria succeeds,” said Osotimehin.

“We should work toward getting girls to go to school and stay in school. A girl who goes to school and stays in school till about 18 is a better mother than a girl who has a child at 10.
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