Breast Cancer


A regular screening test is very important because it helps find breast cancer in its early stages before any symptoms appear.

Breast Cancer: Symptoms and prevention of this deadly disease.[medicalnewstoday]
Breast Cancer: Symptoms and prevention of this deadly disease.[medicalnewstoday]

With breast cancer becoming the most common form of cancer among women, the importance of having the knowledge of it cannot be overemphasized.

Because finding breast cancer as early as possible help gives one a better chance of having a successful treatment.

Be that as it may, it is important to state here that having the knowledge of breast cancer, which comes hand in with knowing what to look for, does not take the place of having regular screening tests.

However, symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast, bloody discharge from the nipple and changes in the shape or texture of the nipple or breast.

There are also cases where breast cancers can be tender, soft, or rounded. Additionally, they can even be painful.

For this reason, new breast mass, lump, or breast change should be promptly checked by a health care professional experienced in diagnosing breast diseases.

Here are other possible symptoms of breast cancer to look out for

How to prevent breast cancer?

Reasonable women put into consideration the steps to take in other to prevent breast cancer. But so far, it has not been proven as to what can be done to prevent the disease. Instead, it is the lowering of the risk factors that have been given.

Here is how to reduce your risk of breast cancer:

1. Don’t smoke

Studies have succeeded in showing a link between smoking and the risk of breast cancer. And this is most particular in premenopausal women.

In addition to the risk of breast cancer, it is known to most people that smoking lowers the quality of life and increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and at least 15 cancers – which of course breast cancer, is included.

2. Limit alcohol

Researchers claim that chances of developing breast cancer become high when you consume more alcohol. Even small amounts of alcohol are said to also increase the risk of breast cancer.

It is, therefore, advisable for you to try as much as you can to minimize your intake of alcohol.

3. Avoid birth control pills, particularly after age 35

Unknown to most women, birth control pills have both risks and benefits. And the younger a woman is, the lower the risks are.

But for women above the age of thirty-four, birth control pills pose a threat to them as they have a slightly increased risk of breast cancer when they take it.

However, the risk goes away quickly, after stopping the pill.

In addition to the possible risk of breast cancer, the risk of stroke and heart attack is also increased while on the pill – particularly if a woman smokes.

4. Be physically active

The health benefits of exercise are priceless. As a matter of fact, it can be a silver bullet for good health.

Studies have shown that women who are physically active for at least 30 minutes a day have a lower risk of breast cancer.

5. Avoid post-menopausal hormones

Just like birth control pills, post-menopausal hormones have mixed effect on health. It increases the risk of some diseases and at the same time lowers the risk of others.

However, it has been proven that both estrogen-only hormones and estrogen-plus-progestin hormones increase the risk of breast cancer.


Sometimes a breast cancer can spread to lymph nodes under the arm or around the collar bone and cause a lump or swelling there, even before the original tumor in the breast is large enough to be felt.

Swollen lymph nodes should also be checked by a healthcare provider.

Although breast cancer might not always be the case, it is, however, advisable to always go for screening whenever such symptoms are seen.

Business Woman and entertainer, Dencia, has taken to her Instagram page to recount how she removed a breast lump at the age of 12, which according to her was the first time she heard about cancer.

Dencia who urged girls to be their sister’s keeper, disclosed that the surgery left her with a keloid scar for many years and she just noticed recently that it has gone. Read her post below;

When I was 12 going on 13, I was seating in my dorm room in Cpc Bali (Cameroon) when an older girl who was abt 18 “Belinda”was discussing her breast lump removal surgery,My skinny ass had big boobies & as I heard the story, I immediately touched my breasts & realized my right breast had something extra in it,i went to the nurse who sent me home immediately.

I’m lucky to be raised by a grandma who was very hands on with my health, things went so fast & I was ready for surgery with Dr Ashu in Yaounde, Cameroon.

When the surgery was done it was risky cuz two drs operated on me at the same time Nose,throat & boobies

The next thing was testing the lump for cancerous cells, Yop my first time hearing abt cancer, I remember taking the big ass lump 2 the lab & it was tested, thank God it was just a big ass lump.

I write this cuz a lot of young girls like me in boarding schools away from their parents need older girls like Belinda to tell their story so young girls like me can learn & action is taken fast.A lot of girls don’t get lucky, some end up with cancerous lump which can turn into CANCER. U are never too young & never too old, let’s be our sister’s keeper, I was just a curious young girl, a lot of girls aren’t that curious.

P.S I ended up with a keloid scar for many years & I noticed last night it was completely gone, u can’t even tell I had this surgery which is super crazy, I was treating it will stretch mark cream from whitenicious & lightening it & it’s completely gone which is rare. Thank God

This was a random picture that inspired me to tell this story,wasn’t taken with the purpose for this.

Had my first mammogram & wasn’t even 30

#Scar #Breastawareness #BreastCancerAwareness #Lumps #TouchYourBreast #Breastcancerawarenessmonth”



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Christine Kato is reative director and founder House of Christine Art and Designs a Nigerian based company which creates Art inspired designs. The young northern based designer was born on May 2nd 1994 in Makurdi,Nigeria; a sociology graduate of the University of Abuja,Nigeria. I

Christie is an avid writer, artist, designer, a human and animal right activist, and a feminist who uses her design for notable causes. She is presently using her bag designs to create awareness for breast cancer awareness. In commemoration of the breast cancer awareness month I bring you the inspiring story of a young woman whose breast bag initiative isn’t only helping to educate people on cancer but also advocate for more Health reforms as it relates to treatment and medical help.

Childhood Influence

I wouldn’t say I had this planned but I had a good foundation to prepare me for what I was to expect in the future; I always knew I could achieve anything I wanted as long as I put my mind to it. I was fortunate enough to have the basic things I needed to help me succeed.

Being an animal right activist

I believe animals are Gods special angels on earth; God placed them into our care for us to honour them: We lose more of our humanity when we are cruel to animals; we are the only true voices animals have; we must fight for them; we must save the animal; we must save our planet.

House Of Christine

House of Christine Art and Designs is a Nigerian based Art/Fashion company which creates unique art pieces.
Our Art designs are form of one expressing himself: an essential ingredient to empowering the hearts of people they are a remarkable way of depicting culture all over the world, they act as therapy to convey memory, hope: to remind us that we can strive to see it appreciate it and have. it self appreciating art tells stories reflection of the society garnering attention to people about causes that are otherwise ignored.

They are pure works of art so they are delicately crafted so every ornamental detail, structure and functional property matters,so as to convey the message about the inspiration of the design.All designs are the first of its kind they are all intellectual properties of house of Christine arts and designs and are subject to patents

House of Christine Art and Designs is all about creating Art that people can relate to and showcase with confidence.


Inspiration behind breast bag for Cancer

“The inspiration behind the design emanates from a feminist view: a revolution; the need to empower women to reclaim, celebrate and embrace their bodies, sexualities: to display the power of feminity: to create awareness about issues affecting women; to make feminity look fierce to celebrate womanhood.” October is breast cancer awareness month and there is no better time to celebrate the design than now!

The reception so far

There has been a lot of contention and controversy over the breast handbag design; some received it positively others negatively; some see it for what it really stands for while others have a different perspective of what it is; causing a lot of stir with attacks here and there. My staffs are also under attacks; and are told to cut ties with me.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m stubborn. I go for what I want! I fight for what I believe in! I’m an artist! I love what I do! I am unique! I am bold and daring!The more attacks I receive the more I’m motivated I am to push on.This is my world I rule it!.


I would say an idea is just an idea until it is executed; also new ideas take sometime to be accepted but i would say what motivates me in life and my craft is the hunger to overcome a hurdle a difficulty, a problem a challenge. When I have an idea and seems so impossible to create and others think it’s weird and crazy. I keep pushing no matter how long it takes in order to actualize what I have in my imagination: ironically when the piece has been created it receives appreciation and that’s the best feeling ever. The road can very lonely but it later ends in victory learning from so many mistakes and finally creating a masterpiece. It’s such a satisfying and fulfilling feeling.


The greatest reward i have ever gotten lies in knowing that my consistency, persistence and hard work has finally paid off despite the odds; its such a fulfilling feeling knowing that I’m able to undertake any challenge and successfully achieve it.

My brand in 5 years

In 5 years, my brand would be on a global level impacting and changing lives; breaking barriers competing among top world brands.

On Giving up

A few times in few seconds but I knocked some sense right back into me; I have got the heart of a fighter; nothing ever good comes easy and if it did it wouldn’t be cherished as much as if one worked hard for it; I see every problem as a new opportunity to make positive impact.

Being a Woman of Rubies

I’m strong, passionate, bold and daring powerful beautiful woman! I’m a trendsetter, I break the norms; I set the trend! I’m a woman of substance.

Advice to women battling with breast cancer

Women should see themselves for the magnificent beings they have been created to be; they must tap into their potentials and transform it in power; they must learn to embrace their true uniqueness and love themselves; chase their dreams and soar high! For those battling with Cancer, please don’t give up the fight.

Serena Williams is participating in an I Touch Myself Project, which was inspired by late singer Chrissy Amphlett, who passed away from breast cancer in 2013.

Serena Williams posted on Instagram:

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month I’ve recorded a version of The Divinyls global hit ‘I Touch Myself’ to remind women to self-check regularly. Yes, this put me out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to do it because it’s an issue that affects all women of all colors, all around the world. Early detection is key – it saves so many lives. I just hope this helps to remind women of that.

Watch below.


The Executive Director, Ovie Brume Foundation, Adeola Awogbemi, has said that 40 women die of breast cancer each day.

Awogbemi stated this during a walk organised by the organisation for pupils as part of activities to mark the World Cancer Day 2017 in Yaba, Lagos.

According to her, cancer constitutes a major challenge to development, undermines social and economic advances throughout the world, hence the need to raise awareness on the disease, which is rapidly becoming a global pandemic.

To reduce the number of women dying of breast cancer and to ensure that the disease is detected early, Awogbemi advised that preventive measures should start from childhood.

She said, “We feel strongly the need to educate people about the pandemic and stem the tide by making information available to people.

“It is not the cancer that is really killing them but late detection. Most people are in denial, so they fast and pray for it to go instead of treating it. If you detect it early, you can still treat it and survive it.

“When it comes to preventing cancer, it is wise to educate the young ones. Perhaps if they start preaching this gospel, if they start creating awareness in their schools and communities too, people will become aware.”

Also at the event, the Country Occupational Health Coordinator at Lafarge Africa Plc, Okoronkwo Chimobi, said that cancer had become a social problem.

According to her, Nigerians should be worried about the alarming increase in the number of women that have been diagnosed with the disease.

She said, “A woman is like the foundation of the family. She’s a wife,  sister and  mother and once cancer takes her out of the equation, the whole pyramid suffers. Most men who lose their wives to breast cancer find it hard to pick up the pieces of their broken lives.

“Awareness is crucial, if we want to prevent these deaths.  If you educate a girl, she will pass on the knowledge to her mother and the community. There is a vaccine against cervical cancer. It should be given to young girls who have not been initiated to sexual intercourse. We need to vaccinate these children and tell them that if they delay in having sexual intercourse it can protect them from this disease. ”

Source: Punch