Bonang Matheba


She launched the luxury brand yesterday with some of her close friends and colleagues in attendance.

For the event, the focus of the day Bonang Matheba looked so dreamy in a gorgeous dress from South African designer Gert-Johan Coetzee, who is described as a fashion designer to the stars.

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The Atmosphere

The Guests

K Naomi Noinyane

Fundi Kumalo

Khai Jenner

Yanela ‘Yaya’ Tokota


Nadia Nakai

Tshepi Vundla

Tebogo Mekgwe

Mihlali Ndamase

Luthando Shosha

Siyanda Dzenga

Siyamthanda Ndube

Lerato Seuoe

Khanyi Mbau Matanoia

Sarah Langa Mackay

Babalwa Mneno


Let’s Party!

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Bonang Matheba stays working her magic with new major deals everywhere – book deals, TV show deals and beauty brand deals.

The South African star is the cover girl for Destiny magazine’s June 2017 issue and in the magazine she talks about how she’s changing gears and making exclusive new deals this year.

Destiny mag writes:

Bonang Matheba made a reported seven figures off her first Revlon deal as a global brand ambassador in 2014. So while it’s certainly a big deal to be getting her own Revlon range later this year, “Brand Bonang” is less about money and more about confidence and honesty with which she’s finally sharing her story, in the June issue of DESTINY!

See more photos from the cover shoot below.

Photo Credit: Twitter – @destinyconnect

Bonang Matheba keeps winning our hearts all the time! Call her a diva, a social media queen, a super woman – she is all of that and much more!   Here are our top ten reasons for not being able to get over her:

  1. Bonang is pro-woman all the way

Boning is a staunch lover and promoter of women. Even more, she is a strong believer in the strength and dreams of African women. To her, a woman can have it all.  Her dream to promote self-love in women led her to launch her lingerie line, Distraction. Through it, she encourages women to embrace their bodies.

  1. She’s got burnt and made it through

Bonang did not just wake up one morning to become an overnight ‘disney’ princess. She has had her very fair share of disappointment and frustration. She’s been called names. What she did? She moved past it all and gave herself a better choice. She grew to be the woman we all love now.

  1. She’s a serial achiever

Bonang is such an inspiration to many young ladies. She has had more achievements than most media personalities can get for themselves. Of course, she has become a favourite cover star for renowned international fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Grazia, Marie Claire and Elle South Africa. Talk about a black girl who rocks?


  1. She is love’s biggest fan

For Bonang, love is everything. That, for her, is the biggest principle to live and work by. She tells LLA, “it is the love that drives the passion of what I do, being true to myself means I will always be authentic in what I do and the brands I align myself with, happiness brings positivity into your life and the more of it the more life seems great”.

  1. Bonang is an early planner

For Bonang, life did not have to start at 21. At 13, she did not have anyone telling her what to do, she had it all figured out. She knew just what she wanted to be and went right ahead to chase after it at 16 by kicking off her career in a South African’s television series for kids.

  1. She’s a perfect fit in two contrasting worlds

If she is not here on the noisy, photo-splashed side of glam, then she’s on the other side. Either way, Bonang makes a perfect blend of both worlds. She knows how to be just the diva and the home girl.


  1. She’s a super slay queen

Bonang is a fashion favourite and definitely a designer’s muse. She does as much justice to the red-carpet as to the streets. She is a slay queen with a capital ‘S’.

  1. She’s not just about the glam

Bonang is not just about the pretty face or the 6-inches. She pushes herself to be better and smarter, and we’ve come to know that a pastime of hers is reading. Oh yes, she loves to read. Her favourites are socio-political books. So, thinking of being the next Bonang? Try reading a few books.

  1. She is on the look-out for everyone

There is no disputing the fact Bonang loves her fans and wants as much good for them as she does for herself. She is an amazing giver. Whether it involves offering mentorship to young girls or inviting her fans to an expense paid trip, Bonang is willing to do so much and more.

  1. She stays leading!

Bonang is our quintessential Leading Lady! She just keeps on winning! She is a perfect blend of both the entertainment and fashion industries. She is leaving the B prints everywhere she can possibly be. We love, love, love her!

Source: Leadingladiesafrica.org