i, I’m Oye and I’m the founder of Oye-Ebony Beauty Emporium. I started Oye-Ebony in 2014 as a side hustle while working as a Customer Care Executive with a Telecommunications company in Nigeria. I wanted an additional source of income but also realized how the women in the call center cared less about how they looked. I also noticed I always got a lot of good compliments about how I look and that’s how I became their beauty plug. I started a blog where I shared beauty tips and did some reviews on beauty products that I come across and love too.

We live in a time where people think the most expensive products are the most effective but I know that’s not true. I’ve been in the beauty industry for almost 7years and it’s made me realize that women need guidance to help make the right beauty choices. Our online Beauty Consultant is available to make every shopping experience easy. I launched this e-commerce site to showcase the best and affordable local and international beauty brands for beauty enthusiasts on a budget but the vision is bigger than that.
Oye-Ebony Beauty Emporium is committed to helping women prioritize inner beauty while they shop for products to enhance outer beauty. True beauty is not only about one’s appearance to the outside world but how you feel inside.

Welcome to Oye-Ebony Beauty Emporium- Beauty is in you…


Oye-Ebony Beauty Emporium is an e-commerce platform, focused on trendy and pocket-friendly local and international beauty products. The platform is the destination for an amazing range of exciting and effective beauty brands (Local and International). The Nigerian beauty industry is filled up with skincare and hair care brands that are undiscovered locally and we want this platform to showcase them.
Founded in 2014, Oye-Ebony Beauty started as a mobile and Instagram store catering for beauty enthusiasts on a budget.
“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates” – Kate Angell

Do you often realize that you look older than your age, when comparing yourself with other people? Do you believe that genetics is blame? Indeed, it is useless to declare war. But to compete for the youth and beauty of your skin is possible. For this purpose, first of all, you should reconsider your diet.
Remember you are what you eat. All problems of the body, the face shows like a mirror.

Take care of your health from the inside and the outer result will surprise in a few weeks. Discover 6 foods that should definitely be in your diet.


Eggs enrich our diet with vitamins A and selenium. Selenium is a valuable trace mineral which is required for skin beauty. Eggs help to cope with acne, don’t allow show age spots, protects against age-related changes in fighting free radicals. Thanks to selenium, the skin becomes fresh and elastic.
To preserve the attractiveness and youthfulness of your skin, try egg dishes present in the diet at least a few times a week.


Serving of the beans must be in the daily menu, if you suffer from acne. The nutrients will help to get rid of age spots, reduce the risk of scarring. The main positive effect of bean spreads for the digestion — it stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and excretes excess cholesterol. Beans effectively stimulates many digestive processes, efficiently removes toxins and wastes. Be sure to clean your stomach and you will see the result on the skin.


Oleic acid, and the avocado very much, improves skin regeneration, and is especially suitable in middle and old age. There are a lot of b vitamins and fiber. And most importantly — avocado helps to slow down the activity of the enzyme, which results in aging skin, collagen fibers begin to deform and wrinkle.


It is known that carrots contain lots of beta-carotene, an antioxidant responsible for the renewal of skin cells. In fact, many cosmetologists recommend using a cream with the retinol, and it is nothing like a well-known vitamin A, which is formed in the body from carotene.
And beta-carotene is one of the most natural tanning activators, since it contributes to the production of melanin. So do you want a nice tan and healthy skin? Eat carrots with vegetable oil or sour cream (the assimilation of vitamin A needs fat).

Created by MUA Jane Ogu from Flawless Faces by Jane and Stella Ndekile, a Lagos based Medical Laboratory Scientist and part-time makeup artist. According to the duo Nuban Beauty was born from a ‘great passion for makeup & beauty and the need to provide high quality makeup products with international standard for the African makeup lovers.’

According to their website:

Welcome to NUBAN BEAUTY, a Nigerian based makeup/cosmetics brand dedicated to giving you the very best of makeup and beauty with major focus on providing quality and affordable makeup products designed specially for the African woman.

Our major goal is to bring high quality and affordable makeup products and tools to makeup lovers and professionals everywhere in Nigeria and Africa.

“You cannot achieve good makeup without good tools”  Francois Nars.

In the very near future, we aim to diversify our line of quality and affordable make-up tools and products. Our aim is to serve ladies all over Nigeria and we are thrilled to be a part of your empowerment, beauty and makeup journey.

Nuban are best know for their sumptuous eyeshadow palettes like their ‘Beauty Intensified Palette’ which features 25 colour eyeshadow palette featuring 6 matte shades and 19 shimmers. Its your secret weapon to create stunningly gorgeous eye makeup.

The Nuban Beauty Intensified eyeshadow palette was born out of the need to satisfy and celebrate you, our nuban beauties. Each colour bears a female Nigerian name from the different tribes in Nigeria.



Credit: Pulse