Ladies, you have been praying about your new relationship. You even chose to pray when he started misbehaving.

You asked God to show you signs if you should marry him or not.

Suddenly, his mild bad attitudes became worse. He even maltreat and abuse you more. He doesn’t respect you and doesn’t bother about your welfare.

You have been asking him what went wrong and he says nothing or talks down on you.

You have been fasting and praying more for greater signs and wonders and after every prayer, his attitudes become worse.

What else do you want?

Greater miracles? Unseen signs and wonders?

The problem is not that you can’t see the signs, you just expect a change because you’re deep in love. You are obsessed.

The love is not the problem, he is not the issue too, you just haven’t discovered who you are what you want and what you deserve.

You even think you don’t deserve better. You are so used to being abused and you have embraced it more. You keep projecting your insecurities but you think you are just a slaying Queen.

Take a look at your past and your present. Observe the patterns, notice the emotional instability and ask yourself questions that can preserve your future.

Don’t get carried away by the internet and it’s societal pressure of what a woman is.

Don’t read fashion magazines alone, read quality books too.

Your life is more than what you see now. You are a treasure waiting to be found.

Pause and seek within. You deserve more.

Don’t limit yourself to the experiences you have had with friends and men while growing up.
You need to sort out your issues and inner demon before it consumes you.

I know what it feels like to be insecure and have low self-esteem. It’s not a good pace to be. I know what it means to seek for validation from men and relationships but that’s not what you need yet. Let God fill your heart and give you a sense of purpose and essence. Work on your values and what you project. Talk to someone if it’s not doable by you.

Enough of nudity, promiscuity, abusive relationships and purposeless life.

It’s time for you to evolve.

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