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Tope Mark-Odigie stands as a beacon of transformation, leveraging entrepreneurship as a catalyst for societal advancement. With a fervent belief in real estate as a pathway to wealth creation, she tirelessly advocates for good governance to foster an enabling environment for Nigerians to thrive. For over a decade, she has graced television screens as an award-winning host of Nigeria’s most popular breakfast show, captivating audiences with her insights and infectious energy.

Visionary Solution Provider

As a visionary solution provider, Tope has collaborated with corporate organizations, non-profits, and government agencies to develop effective strategies addressing unemployment and promoting behavioral transformation. Her commitment to mindset reforms underscores her dedication to achieving collective societal growth.

Leading Initiatives for Empowerment

At the helm of REB360, Tope serves as CEO, spearheading initiatives focused on empowering individuals and fostering wealth creation through real estate. Additionally, she is the driving force behind WIRE Africa (Women in Real Estate, Africa), an NGO dedicated to facilitating the participation and financial empowerment of African women in the real estate sector.

Tope Mark-Odigie

Inspirational Figures

Tope draws inspiration from three remarkable women who have left an indelible mark on her life. Her mother, Mrs. Olayinka Odubella, epitomizes resilience and success, instilling in Tope the values of perseverance and determination. Ibukun Awosika, an entrepreneur and devoted servant of God, embodies the essence of success across multiple domains, serving as a guiding light for Tope’s aspirations. Lastly, Oprah Winfrey’s journey from adversity to unparalleled success serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and resilience, inspiring Tope to reach greater heights.

The “Game of Money” Conference

The “Game of Money” conference epitomizes Tope’s mission to demystify the complexities of financial management. By assembling a diverse lineup of coaches, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals, the conference aims to impart invaluable insights on wealth creation, inflation management, and financial resilience. Through this platform, Tope seeks to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and corporate sectors, empowering individuals to master the intricacies of the financial landscape and achieve financial freedom.


Tope Mark-Odigie’s unwavering commitment to empowerment and societal change serves as a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship. With her vision, resilience, and passion, she continues to inspire growth and create lasting impact in communities across Nigeria and beyond.

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of professional success and entrepreneurial ventures is a figure whose journey epitomizes dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment – Chichi Okiche. With a fervent passion for shaping exceptional talent and driving organizational success, Chichi’s story is one of resilience, determination, and remarkable achievements.

A Journey of Expertise and Excellence

Armed with a degree in Human Resource Management, Chichi embarked on her professional odyssey over 13 years ago. Currently serving as a Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition and Development, she has carved a niche for herself in building high-performing teams and implementing strategic recruitment initiatives that seamlessly align with organizational goals. Her prowess in identifying and nurturing top-tier talent has been instrumental in fostering a culture of continuous growth within her organizations.

Beyond the Corporate Realm

Yet, Chichi’s narrative extends far beyond the confines of corporate success. A visionary entrepreneur at heart, she is the Founder of Sokiche Consulting – a dynamic firm specializing in Social Media Management and HR Consulting. With an astute understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape and human resource dynamics, Chichi leads her team in crafting compelling strategies for brands, guiding them through the intricacies of the modern business landscape.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Innovation

Further showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit, Chichi is also the driving force behind Kokahair – a thriving human hair wig company. Through Kokahair, she empowers individuals to embrace self-expression and confidence, offering quality hair products that redefine beauty standards.

Making an Impact Beyond Business

Yet, Chichi’s impact transcends mere business ventures. As a socially conscious leader, she actively participates in non-profit projects supporting black businesses in Canada. Her unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity underscores her dedication to making a positive impact beyond professional realms.

As she continues to trailblaze across industries, Chichi remains a beacon of inspiration to aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of Chichi Okiche – a true testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence.

Black female authors are breaking boundaries and sterotype beliefs associated with personal finance.

The start of a new year is a great time to invest in yourself, and one of the best ways to do that is to increase your financial literacy. Money is a powerful tool that can be used to create generational wealth, build financial security for you and your family, and avoid the pitfalls of debt that so many of us fall victim to within the black community.

If you’re ready to begin the road to financial success but are unsure where to start, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’re sharing ten books authored by black women that bring a unique perspective to personal finance and provide valuable insights on budgeting, saving money, and investing wisely.

1. The Black Girl’s Guide to Financial Freedom: Build Wealth, Retire Early, and Live the Life of Your Dreams By Paris Woods

Through a combination of personal stories and actionable advice, Woods provides a roadmap for Black women to gain financial freedom.

This book includes steps for women to take control of their money and build wealth. It also discusses managing money in relationships, increasing net worth, and building generational wealth.

2. Stripped: An African Woman’s Guide to Building  Generational Wealth by Solape Akinpelu


solape Akinpelu Stripped
black female authors

This book  is widely celebrated for its actionable strategies that support African women in building and managing generational wealth. The book serves to answer the burning questions and allay the commonest fears that most African women have when it comes to managing their money and building wealth. It also establishes the need for a mindset reorientation with practical guides and steps to guide African women in trans-generational wealth-building.


3. Get Good with Money by Tiffany the Budgetnista Aliche

This book covers investing, budgeting, debt repayment, and savings providing readers with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions, create a budget, and understand their relationship with money through relatable stories and personal experiences.

black female authors

4. The One Week Budget by Tiffany the Budgetnista Aliche

This book offers a step-by-step plan to help you create a comprehensive budget tailored to your financial goals and needs in just one week.

With a straightforward approach, Aliche outlines the five steps to budgeting success: tracking, cutting, automating, increasing, and protecting. She provides detailed guidance on tracking expenses, cutting costs, automating payments, increasing income, and protecting your finances. The One Week Budget also includes helpful budgeting resources, tips, and exercises to help you stay motivated and on track.

4. We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

In We Should All Be Millionaires, Rachel Rodgers encourages her readers to pursue financial freedom by making the most of their current resources and taking ownership of their lives.

black female authors

She argues that anyone can become a millionaire, no matter their financial situation, by taking control of their finances and using them to create a better future. Rodgers also outlines the steps to build a successful business, manage debt, and create wealth.

5. The Money Manual: A Practical Money Guide to Help You Succeed on Your Financial Journey By Tonya Rapley

This book is divided into three sections:
Building a Foundation: This section teaches the basics of financial literacy, including budgeting, saving, and planning.

Establishing Goals: This section focuses on creating and executing a plan to reach financial goals.

Taking Action: In the final section, you’ll learn how to make your financial goals a reality, including strategies for investing, debt management, and building wealth.

6. Financial Freedom for Black Women: A Girl’s Guide to Winning with Your Wealth, Career, Business, and Retiring Early —With Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Side Hustles, Stock Market Investing, & More! by Brandie Brookes

This book addresses the unique challenges Black women face when trying to build wealth. It offers realistic advice on topics such as budgeting, investing, and building credit, as well as strategies for tackling debt and how to build generational wealth.

It also includes inspiring stories of successful Black women who have achieved financial freedom.

7. Clever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money, and Build Wealth by Bola Sokunbi

This book is broken into three parts:

Money Mindset: Sokunbi discusses how to develop a positive relationship with money, including how to identify and change negative money thoughts and beliefs.

Get Control of Your Finances: This section focuses on money management, from budgeting and tracking expenses to setting financial goals and building an emergency fund.

Get Rich: This section covers strategies to grow wealth, such as investing, starting a side hustle, and building passive income streams.

Sokunbi also provides actionable advice, inspiring stories, and personal anecdotes to help her readers gain financial freedom.

8. Fearless Finances: A Timeless Guide to Building Wealth by Cassandra Cummings

This book covers budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, insurance, and retirement planning.

Cummings provides clear instructions and strategies to help you make smart financial decisions, overcome your fears around money, build a legacy of wealth, and achieve long-term financial security.

We hope these black female authors will inspire you to take your finances seriously this year.


Before you get married, read this. The journey of marriage is that which requires careful planning, deliberations and considerations on both partners. Both parties should be knowledgeable enough about what they are getting into before tying the knot. Before considering who you marry, there has to be a clear understanding of your life, journey and the kind of family you want to have. This would determine the team players like you and prepare you for marriage.ur spouse.

So here are 5 things to consider;

1. Value

 In marriage, values are important because they determine your actions and reactions and it is important to consider your spouse’s values before marriage. Values are principles that determine how you live your life, what you do, the people you walk with, who you connect with and who you get engaged with. It is better that you know what your values are so that you do not end up dating people who do not share in your values.

Examples of values that can really create a friction in marriage are Integrity, Spirituality, Family and Hard work. If you are dating someone who is dishonest, lies a lot and does not keep to promises or who does not care about people, when you get married, you will find out that you both will feel disconnected in many ways leading to unmet or failed expectations and disappointments.

2. Personality Types

 Your personality determines how you behave, your strength, your behavior and view towards life. Knowing your personality helps to master those areas that can easily hunt you down and master those strengths that are way makers for you.

To be able to do this, you need to know your temperaments. Your temperament is the way God wired you from birth. It’s the part of you that precedes any environmental factors.

We have four major ones which are:




Find out which of these you are, discover how they work for you and also take feedback from people on how well you can be better while on your journey to self-mastery. So that when you get married, you can know how to manage yourself and also manage your partner’s behavior and personality too. Learning about personality types will help you manage your relationship with your partner. It will help you understand why they act in some ways.

3. Purpose

 Everyone is born with a unique purpose in life but not everyone is able to recognize the significance of this life’s substance or acknowledge the purpose which can make life meaningful and fulfilling even before they find that special person to complement them. A life without a purpose to serve as compass for direction during the years you are single may develop many complex issues in the years to come both in your personal and married life.

Your purpose can only be found in God. One of the things you want to do is build self-awareness, understand yourself in God, discover your strength, understand your talents, your gifting and build a close walk with God so that you can see how all of these things fit into the plan he has for you before you were born.

One of the biggest reasons of this is that, many people experience a reawakening moment in marriage and discover that the person they married is not willing to support them in their purpose. To avoid this, get a glimpse of your future and walk with someone who can help you fly with it.

4. Your Walk With God

 I’ve noticed that Spirituality or Faith for many people is at the core of their lives and they really want people who can share the same thing with them. So before you get married, it’s really good that you build a relationship with God so that you can really understand your life and build a strong anchor for yourself. So that when you get married, you do not seek for happiness and joy from your spouse. But you know that you have a true source that is deeper than that.

Having a consistent relationship with God prepares and gives you an advantage in your life’s choices; because you would not be kept in the dark about the vital things that matter to your life and as such help you make healthy choices.

5. Family Pattern

 Discover the patterns that are operating in your family like anger, delays or late marriage.

What are those patterns in terms of behavior, lifestyle, circumstances or delays that you have noticed?

How can you wage against it?

Do you want to develop yourself; do you want to pray about it?

Do you want to become accountable?

Do you want to build structures around your life so that you can be a different person who does not end up in a marriage that repeats itself?

So with these five things, you can be able to build self-awareness around it and one of the ways you can build self-awareness is to read more books, take part in programs, have a mentor, seek support from other friends who have the same like mind goal and always take feedback from life.

Journaling is a good way to track your life experiences and patterns.

These are some of the things you can build your life with so that you can get married and be at peace with yourself and who you have chosen.

In what ways have you been preparing yourself towards marriage?

What will you start doing differently?

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In the wake of Rinret Gofwan Dare’s passing, we stand in solemn remembrance of a remarkable soul whose life was a beacon of transformative healing and unwavering resilience. It is with heavy heart that we extend our deepest condolences to her friends, family, and all those who were touched by her profound influence.

Rinret was a cherished member of the Women of Rubies community. She was a  distinguished speaker at our Media Visibility BootCamp in December, she leaves behind a legacy that transcends time. As a licensed trauma therapist, certified emotional intelligence coach, and specialist in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), her journey was an inspiring testament to the incredible power of personal and collective transformation.

A Personal Journey of Healing and Wholeness

Rinret’s story began as a survivor of trauma during her formative years, igniting a quest for healing and wholeness not just for herself but for others grappling with mental and emotional traumas. Her journey exemplifies the indomitable resilience of the human spirit and the ability to find light even in the darkest of times.

Expertise in Transformation

With extensive professional expertise, Rinret focused on advanced training for treating complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addressing compassion fatigue, and assisting individuals in navigating the intersection of trauma and addiction. Her knowledge and skills played a pivotal role in helping numerous individuals reclaim control over their lives.

Diverse Educational Background

Rinret’s diverse educational background, including degrees in Communication, Psychology, Sociology, and a master’s degree in International Relations and Strategic Studies, provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of human behavior.

The Miriam Gofwan Women and Children Foundation

As the foundation director at the Miriam Gofwan Women and Children Foundation, Rinret spearheaded impactful projects, such as “Pad a Girl Africa,” addressing menstrual hygiene challenges in public schools. The foundation’s reach extended beyond Nigeria, offering support to women and girls in Kenya and Uganda.

The Healing Room Support Group

Initiating “The Healing Room Support Group,” Rinret created safe spaces in Abuja, Jos, Kaduna, and Lagos for women and men to heal from emotional and traumatic experiences.

Holistic Healing at PEKAAT Wellbeing Hub

As CEO of the PEKAAT Wellbeing Hub, Rinret collaborated with professionals to offer holistic healing therapies, including private therapy, group therapy, family therapy, dance therapy, art therapy, and more.

Legacy of Transformation

In conclusion, Rinret Gofwan’s journey stands as a profound testament to the transformative power of healing and resilience. Her tireless work, both professionally and through the Miriam Gofwan Women and Children Foundation, changed lives and instilled hope in those who have faced trauma.

May her soul rest in eternal peace. 🕊️

 In the silent moments of the night, grief visited me, bringing a heaviness that words struggle to express. I decided to take a break from my usual routine, uninstalling some apps in hopes of finding a quiet space to process the recent losses.

After a week of what seemed like a needed break, I reached out to Yemi, an old friend. Our chat started with everyday things, like his app called GrabHub, where people in Canada can get discounted groceries. Little did I know that our talk would take a turn towards grief. I asked how he dealt with losing a loved one and he said ‘I just had to accept they were never coming back and live with that.’

Biola, a friend, also shared her experience with grief, telling me about her mom’s passing  few years ago. In her heartfelt words, I felt a connection and an understanding of the pain that grief brings. She encouraged me to take my time and honor my emotions.

However, amid these supportive moments, a jarring message arrived from someone who didn’t understand the need for me to take a  break. It made me realize that people have different ways of dealing with grief, and sometimes, it’s okay to step back and be alone.

From this experience, a few lessons emerged—lessons that I carry with me.

Firstly, everyone responds to grief differently. It’s like a song, and each person’s tune is unique. Understanding and empathy are crucial during such times.

Secondly, I learned the importance of setting boundaries, especially when emotions are raw. The incident with the insensitive message made me realize the need to protect my space during vulnerable moments.

Thirdly, I discovered the power of intentional solitude. Choosing to be alone can be a way to heal and rediscover oneself. This journey is teaching me that silence can be a friend in times of grief.

Additionally, as part of my coping mechanisms, I find solace in reading daily affirmations for grief, a practice I share on page 11 of my book, ‘How to Make Affirmations Work for You.



Currently, I am immersing myself in the wisdom of ‘What A Time to Be Alone’ by Chidera Eggerue, finding comfort and insights in the pages of these sources.

In the days ahead, I plan to explore  Yemi’s app, GrabHub, finding comfort in simple things like looking at African food photos. It’s my way of coping with the pain and grounding myself.

As I navigate this silent season, I hope these lessons resonate with others facing grief. May we all find our unique paths to healing and honor the memories of those we’ve lost.

 I dedicate this article to the memory of my late dad; Emmanuel Ijewere and friends; Rinret Gofwan  and Uche Ugo. They all added color and light to my life in different ways, and their memories remain cherished.

Late Emmanuel Ijewere, Rinret Gofwan and Uche Ugo
With my late Dad, Emmanuel Ijewere, a few years ago

Rest In peace, Daddy…

Barakat Mohammed stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of creativity and entrepreneurship. Armed with a degree in Mass Communication and Media Technology from Lead City University, she further fortified her skills with a certification in Cosmetology and Skin Care Formulation, reflecting her innate artistic flair.

Entrepreneurial Genesis with BMVillage

Barakat embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with the establishment of Gifted Hands, an art studio, and Aishla’s Beauty Store. This venture evolved into BMVillage, a flourishing skincare line that became a primary source of income. Her commitment to making a positive impact led her to actively participate in Paged Initiative, utilizing media for advocacy purposes.

Hospitality Industry Odyssey

Drawing inspiration from her love for the Hilton brand and a destiny-driven connection, Barakat’s journey in the hospitality industry began. Starting with an internship at Hilton Abudhabi, she later worked for esteemed establishments such as Hilton Abudhabi Corniche and Nisa Wellness Retreat. These experiences not only honed her communication and analytical skills but also enriched her understanding of diverse cultures.

Navigating Art and Entrepreneurship

Balancing entrepreneurship in the beauty industry with her passion for art proved challenging for Barakat. Despite the intense focus on her skincare line and hospitality ventures, she maintains an artistic touch in all aspects of her work, acknowledging the ongoing presence of art in her life.

Impactful Volunteering with Paged Initiative

Barakat’s involvement with Paged Initiative broadened her perspective on issues related to rape, abuse, gender-based violence, and challenges faced by women and children. This experience equipped her with valuable insights for effective advocacy and community impact.

Media Communication Skills in Action

Her background in mass communication played a pivotal role in navigating various industries. From photography to design and branding, Barakat applies the skills acquired during her degree to the real world, identifying the best communication mediums at specific times.

Elevating BMVillage with Cosmetology Certification

Barakat’s certification in Cosmetology and Skin Care Product Formulation deepened her understanding of skincare ingredients and their compatibility with different skin types. This knowledge, combined with her artistic abilities, contributes to the creation of effective and visually appealing skincare products under BMVillage.

Celebrating Influential Women

Barakat pays homage to three inspiring women who have shaped her journey. Her beloved mother, Mrs. Aisha Ojone Umar, provides unwavering encouragement. Queen Amina of Zauzau inspires strength and focus, while Mrs. Roslin Ora Oguche, her grandmother, embodies selflessness and leaves a legacy of charitable deeds.

Qualities That Define Barakat as a Woman of Rubies

Barakat’s journey, personal growth, and resilience against all odds define her as a Woman of Rubies. Her ability to thrive and push forward stands as a testament to her strength and determination.

Amidst the vibrant culinary landscape of Ontario, Canada, one name resonates – Beauty Obasuyi. Hailing from Nigeria, Beauty’s trajectory to acclaim as a Canadian Chef and accomplished real estate agent underscores the resilience, determination, and unwavering pursuit of her passions.

A Single Mother’s Odyssey

Beauty’s story begins as a single mother of two who decided to relocate to Canada in search of new opportunities. With limited resources, she faced the daunting challenge of survival. Undeterred, Beauty turned to what she knew best – cooking. She started offering her culinary creations from house to house, catering to busy families and single parents needing a convenient and delicious solution.

Beauty Naija Jollof

Venturing into Real Estate

As her culinary talents gained recognition, Beauty saved enough to transition into the world of real estate. For eight years, she served as a licensed real estate agent, helping clients find homes beyond bricks and mortar – homes that told stories and fulfilled aspirations. Her narrative of migration and triumph uniquely positioned her to connect with clients on a deeper level.

Naija Jollof: Culinary Excellence Takes Center Stage

Driven by her unwavering passion for cooking, Beauty combined her love for food with her entrepreneurial spirit. The result? The birth of “Naija Jollof,” a restaurant rapidly becoming Canada’s largest African restaurant chain. With five locations spread across Ontario – Waterloo, downtown Toronto, North York, Brampton, and Mississauga – Naija Jollof introduces vibrant African flavours to the Canadian palate.

Beyond the Kitchen: Philanthropy and Giving Back

Beauty’s journey isn’t confined to the realms of food and real estate. Through her foundation, Starlight Home Organization, she actively contributes to her community by providing meals to the underprivileged in Toronto. Her commitment to philanthropy is a testament to her belief in the transformative power of giving back.

A Beacon of Hope and Empowerment

Beauty Obasuyi’s remarkable journey from Nigeria to Canada, her culinary prowess, dedication to philanthropy, and success in real estate make her a beacon of hope and empowerment. Her story resonates as a personal triumph and an inspiration for those facing challenges in their journeys.

Guinness World Record Cooking Marathon: A Culinary Feat Unveiled

In an extraordinary stride toward culinary greatness, Beauty Obasuyi is set to embark on a Guinness World Record Cooking Marathon. From January 10th to 18th 2023, she will showcase her culinary expertise by cooking non-stop for 8 days, igniting taste buds and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in gastronomy.

Connect with Beauty Obasuyi

Beauty invites you to experience culinary excellence, explore philanthropic opportunities, and seek expert real estate advice. Follow her journey and connect for a taste of the extraordinary via her social media pages and website.


Being paid your worth in a career of your choice would make you realize that sometimes money can buy happiness. It can certainly make sad days a lot more comfortable!

Work is work, no matter who you are, so being influenced by salary when making a career decision is actually a pretty practical way to look at it. Some of the top careers out there are also the kind we dream of becoming when we’re little kids: who remembers wanting to be a vet when they were younger?

Here are some of the highest paying careers to pursue:

1. Anesthesiologists

The number one highest paying job in America is currently an anesthesiologist. The average annual wage of an anesthesiologist in 2018 was $267,020. This is an astounding amount for people who simply implement anesthetic procedures before surgery.

To become an anesthesiologist, you have to go to medical school for four years. Before this, you must pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). This is the standard for being admitted to medical school. After this, you have to get a license, do a four-year residency, obtain a state license, and finally become board certified. Don’t worry: you do start earning a salary during these stages.

2. Airline pilots, co-pilots, and flight engineers

Highest paying careers -pilot

If you want to be a pilot, you don’t actually have to have a Bachelor’s degree, but it will certainly help your career path. You have to get a student pilot certificate and a medical certificate in order to fly a plane solo. After this, there are different kinds of licenses you need depending on the specific type of flying you wish to do. To fly for a major airline, for example, you need to earn your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate.

A pilot and co-pilot require the same qualifications. Most pilots will begin their careers as co-pilots and will work their way up. A flight engineer assists the pilot(s) and checks systems and instruments to ensure safety and effectiveness. All three earn an average salary of around $150,000 per year.

3. Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers source materials for human energy consumption, and design and develop methods in order to make extraction as efficient and economical as possible. The average annual pay of a petroleum engineer is $129,990. As with most jobs, salaries depend on what state you live in and also depend heavily on experience.

In order to qualify as a petroleum engineer, you need to study for a Bachelor’s degree in either petroleum, mechanical, or chemical engineering. You may then need to gain experience as an apprentice or volunteer. You might also want to continue further study to make your CV more competitive, but this step isn’t actually necessary.

4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Oral surgeons are pretty much-glorified dentists who focus on tasks like pulling out wisdom teeth, while maxillofacial surgeons do procedures that have something to do with the jaw. Anesthetic procedures are sometimes included in the work of maxillofacial surgeons. These surgeons earned an average of $242,370 in 2018.

To become an oral or maxillofacial surgeon, you can choose two routes. You can either go to dental school then apply for a surgical residency (four to six years). After this, you can take exams to be board certified. Alternatively, you can earn a dual degree as both a dentist and medical doctor. This degree usually takes about six years to complete, but at the end of it you come out with two degrees. Residency requirements are embedded into the course credits of this degree.

5. Financial Advisors

A financial advisor provides advice about how to spend, save and invest money. They will often provide tailored plans to their clients to achieve a long-term goal such as retirement or investment opportunities. To become a certified financial advisor, you have to earn a Bachelor’s degree, complete a course of study that is certified, and then pass a certification exam.

Your initial Bachelor’s degree can be in any subject, but you must complete certain topics at a college level to be fully qualified. These include insurance planning, income tax planning, and estate planning (to name a few). The median pay of a financial advisor is approximately $90,000.

6. Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Obstetricians and gynecologists both specialize in female reproductive health to some degree. Where gynecologists do things like cervical screening and general check-ups pertaining to reproductive health, obstetricians are more hands-on and are focused on the care of pregnant women. This will often include prenatal and postnatal care and also child delivery.

In 2018, obstetricians and gynecologists earned an average of $238,320 for the year. Many people in these careers are known as ‘ob/gyns’ because they can fulfill both roles. In order to become a qualified ob/gyn, you start by completing a Bachelor’s degree in any science subject. Biology is a good choice for this career. After this, you must attend medical school, complete a residency, and finally become certified.

7. Orthodontists

Orthodontists are a type of dentist who specialize in braces and other corrective measures. There are currently over 5,000 orthodontists in America, who earned an impressive $225,760 in 2018. The difference between oral surgeons and orthodontists is quite significant. This might be due to the fact that oral surgery generally involves complex surgical procedures.

It’s certainly interesting to see that specific roles within wider fields command different pay structures: one would think a dentist is a dentist, but these statistics show otherwise. The path to becoming an orthodontist is a long one: after completing a (generally) four year Bachelor’s degree, you have to go to dental school for four years and then do a residency of two to three years. After this, you have to complete certain tests in order to become board certified.

8. Psychiatrists

Psychiatry is an interesting addition to our list of highest-paying careers. Psychiatry is often considered one of the more artistic, or non-scientific, sciences. In other words, it’s often debated whether psychiatry is really a science or a humanities it involves the study of human behavior and psychosis.

However, in the United States, the training requirements to be a psychiatrist as the same as any medical doctor. So, in order to become a psychiatrist, you have to do a Bachelor’s degree, then attend medical school, and complete a residency to become board certified. In 2018, psychiatrists earned an average of $220,380 per annum.

9. Family and General Practitioners

A general practitioner is someone who went through medical school but only did the essential qualifications to become a doctor. A family practitioner, then, is really the same thing. They’re just called a family practitioner because they often have a lot of families who visit their clinic.

Doctors in fields like surgery and anesthesiology have to do more training in order to become qualified. A general practitioner is the doctor you go to at your local clinic when you have a mild illness such as flu, or afflictions such as a recurring headache or if you want to know why you feel tired all the time.

Family and general practitioners, despite their lack of specialty, still make a substantial salary. In 2018, the average salary for family and general practitioners was $211,780.

10. Computer and information systems managers/ IT Managers

black person typing on computer

An IT manager is a technical expert who oversees the installation, maintenance, and security protocols for IT systems. They also manage other team members to ensure a smooth operation. Software companies also hire IT managers to install the software they have designed into the systems of their clients.

To become an IT manager, you have to study a relevant Bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. After this, you take on entry-level roles and gradually build up experience and expertise. The longer you work in the field, the more experienced you are. Eventually, you’ll be confident enough to apply for leadership and managerial roles. IT managers earn an average of $86,000 per year.

11. CEOs

Chief Executive Officers are at the very top of a business hierarchy. They often manage hundreds of staff, and the financial responsibilities fall largely at their feet. You can become the CEO of your own company by starting it yourself or work your way up to become someone else’s CEO. If you’re starting your own company, you don’t technically have to complete any college degree, but you will need a lot of industry experience. If you wish to work for someone else, they will be more likely to hire you if you have a university education.

Either way, there is no official step-by-step guide to becoming a CEO. It’s all about experience and networking. CEO salaries are potentially the highest of all, depending on who you work for. There are CEOs who earn millions every year, but the average salary of a CEO working for a small company is around $100,000.

12. Speech Language Pathologists

Also known as SLPs, speech language pathologists work with people of all ages to improve speech, communication, and sometimes swallowing problems. They are also known as speech therapists, and there is no difference between the two terms.

To become an SLP, you must complete a Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD), then a board-accredited Masters. After this, you begin a post-graduate fellowship (which you need a temporary license for), take an additional exam, and then apply for your license. The salary of a SLP ranges from $60,200 on the lower end to $96,980 on the higher end.

13. Pharmacists

Pharmacists can work in a variety of places including grocery stores or hospitals. They dispense medication, ensure correct dosages and compliance with medical regulations, and often liaise with patients regarding their overall health. To become a qualified pharmacist, you should study a board-accredited Pharmacy program, which takes six years.

The program includes a mix of coursework and work experience. Most programs have two years of taking classes and passing coursework and general exams, and then up to four years in a work setting. Once you’ve completed these stages, you must pass the licensure exam at the end of this program in order to become fully certified. The average salary of a pharmacist is an impressive $121,500.

14. Lawyers

Black female lawyer

The final installment on our list is a highly competitive career. Lawyers represent clients in trials and advise them on the best options going forward. There are many different types of lawyers that specialize in different areas: family lawyers, divorce lawyers, and so on.

To become a lawyer, you first earn a Bachelor’s degree in law, then attend law school for three years. To get into law school you have to pass an admission test known as the LSAT. After these initial years of study, you gain experience wherever you can as a sort of apprentice lawyer while working towards passing your state bar examination.

The average lawyer’s salary is $115,820. The salary you make as a lawyer depends on many factors: your success rate, experience, the size and reputation of the firm, and your general demand. For example, a lawyer who gets their client a great deal in a high-profile case followed by media can potentially earn millions a year, whereas a new lawyer starting out in a non-profit organization will be at the low end of the earning scale. For example, personal injury lawyers in New York can earn around $80,000 in a year

Many of the highest paying careers involve many years of undergraduate and/or postgraduate study, while some require tons of experience. No matter what job you’re interested in, you will always have to climb the ladder to some degree. You can never start at the top, but you will get there eventually. Good luck in your search for your dream career!


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Source: Baucemag

Storytelling is the compelling thread that weaves through the fabric of today’s dynamic digital media landscape. It has become a game-changer for individuals and brands seeking to enhance their visibility. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional, or influencer, mastering the art of storytelling can significantly elevate your presence in this ever-evolving media space. Here are five effective tips to help you leverage storytelling for increased media visibility.

  1. Craft an Engaging Origin Story

    Your journey is unique, and sharing the story of how you started can captivate your audience. Craft an engaging origin story that outlines your challenges, triumphs, and pivotal moments. An authentic and compelling origin story establishes a strong foundation for your brand and resonates with your audience.

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As you navigate the dynamic landscape of media, storytelling emerges as a potent tool to increase visibility. By crafting an engaging origin story, spotlighting successes, integrating storytelling into your content strategy, humanizing your brand, and creating compelling visual narratives, you can effectively leverage storytelling to boost your media presence. Implement these five tips and watch as your narrative resonates, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.