A woman, who was raped by a family member who is a reverend from the time she was 2 till she became pregnant with twins at 19, has told of how she suffered sexual abuse and how she was tied up and accused of luring her abuser after the truth came out.

The story of Mmanti Umor is one that reveals the heights of callousness but at the same time highlights the power of the unbroken human spirit.

Mmanti Umor was raped consistently from the age of 2 till she was about 19, she gave birth to twin babies as result of the incessant rape. She was also accused of being a witch who lured her abuser and was taken to a park, stripped and tied to a tree for one month.


Woman raped by family member from age 2 till age 19 when she got pregnant with twins opens up on


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Below is a sneak peek.


Source: LIB

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