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Meet Udunma Nnenna Ikoro, a powerhouse in the communication, education, and empowerment sector. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Udunma’s journey is nothing short of inspirational, marked by a fervent dedication to uplifting individuals and communities through education, advocacy, and entrepreneurship.

A Visionary Leader in Communication and Education

Udunma’s journey began with a strong educational foundation in Linguistics and Communication Studies from Abia State University, Nigeria. Armed with a thirst for knowledge and a drive to make a difference, she embarked on a path that would ultimately lead her to become a trailblazer in her field.

With over 18 years of experience as an English language teacher, Udunma’s expertise extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. She has leveraged her knowledge to establish an online English Learning Academy and virtual consulting business, bridging the gap between traditional education and digital innovation.

Pioneering Change Through Advocacy and Empowerment

Udunma’s impact transcends the realms of education and communication, as she is deeply passionate about advocacy and empowerment. As an advocate for gender equality, youth empowerment, and sustainable environmental practices, she has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at creating positive change in her community.

Through programs such as the TIWA SUMMIT, The Intentional Women Africa Conference, and The Intentional Girl Emergence Bootcamp, Udunma has empowered countless women and girls to embrace their potential and pursue their dreams with confidence.

A Catalyst for Literary Success and Entrepreneurship

In addition to her work in education and advocacy, Udunma has made significant strides in the world of literature and entrepreneurship. Rising from a “clueless writer” to a Multiple Amazon Bestselling Author and Publisher, she has authored 12 books, including bestsellers like “Author’s Compass” and “The Intentional Woman.”

Through her consultancy firm, Communique ResourceHub, Udunma has provided invaluable support to professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the complexities of book publishing and content strategy. Her impact has been felt not only in Nigeria but also in countries around the world, where she has consulted and published books for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Udunma Nnenna Ikoro
Udunma Nnenna Ikoro

A Legacy of Empowerment and Excellence

As Udunma Nnenna Ikoro continues to champion change and empowerment in Lagos and beyond, her legacy serves as a beacon of hope for future generations. Through her unwavering commitment to excellence and service to others, she exemplifies the transformative power of education, advocacy, and entrepreneurship.

In a world where challenges abound, Udunma’s remarkable journey reminds us all of the potential for positive change and the importance of lifting others as we climb. As we celebrate her achievements, let us be inspired to embrace our own potential and work together to create a brighter, more empowered future for all.

In the dynamic landscape of business innovation, Vivian Ekwegh stands as a trailblazer steering the ship of Declutterdotcom into uncharted waters. As the formidable CEO of this transformative venture, she has not only reshaped the perception of household item resale but has also become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring women entrepreneurs. Let’s unravel the remarkable journey of Vivian Ekwegh, the visionary leader shaping the contours of e-commerce.

A Visionary Leader’s Genesis: From IT Sales to Declutterdotcom’s Helm

Vivian’s journey into the world of household item resale is rooted in her passion for finding unique, quality items at affordable prices. From her early days of spotting bargains to launching her first-grade thrift business in 2018, Vivian’s vision evolved into the creation of Declutterdotcom in 2019. Her goal was clear—to bridge the gap between the price of new and used items, creating a convergence platform for sellers and buyers. What began as a personal passion transformed into a thriving online platform that has since grown to be the foremost declutter company, facilitating the sale of used items while allowing buyers to save on quality household goods.

Vivian Ekwegh Declutterdotcom

Strategies for Success: Building a Clientele of 60,000 in Four Years

In just four years, Vivian has strategically positioned Declutterdotcom as the go-to platform for household item resale, boasting an impressive clientele of over 60,000 customers. The journey involved re-educating people about used items, creating a niche market for barely used items, and leveraging her network as a brand ambassador. The foundation of integrity, quality sourcing, and trust-building has made Declutterdotcom a success even without a physical location, thriving purely in the online space.

A Fusion of Expertise: IT Sales, Digital Marketing, and Academic Brilliance

With six years of experience in IT sales and digital marketing, Vivian’s trajectory in the tech industry has been nothing short of remarkable. Her early career milestones include being the Business Lead for Cisco sales at Technology Distributions and later serving as the Sales Account Manager at Cisco Nigeria. Armed with a first-class honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Benin, Vivian seamlessly melds technological expertise with business acumen, contributing significantly to the growth and success of Declutterdotcom.

A Trailblazer Beyond Business: Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Beyond professional accomplishments, Vivian Ekwegh has become a beacon of inspiration for women aspiring to lead in business industries. Challenging traditional norms and consistently breaking barriers, she encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to “Just START!” Her journey underscores the transformative power of ambition, determination, and strategic thinking.

Vivian Ekwegh Declutterdotcom
Vivian Ekwegh, Founder- Declutterdotcom

Combatting Online Scams

Addressing the escalating issue of online scams within the declutter resale space, Vivian delves into the challenges posed by fraudulent activities. Emphasizing the imperative for a collaborative effort, she stresses the necessity for legitimate vendors to work together, educating clients to recognize potential scams and collectively preventing any deceptive practices in the industry.

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In a world where empowerment leads the way to greatness, Brenda Okorogba shines as a standout figure. As a highly accomplished service and learning experience designer, facilitator, and multi-award-winning professional, she has a genuine passion for creating targeted learning solutions and advancing opportunities for equity-deserving groups.

Brenda’s impact resonates across classrooms, workplaces, communities, careers, and businesses, leaving a lasting mark on all she touches. From securing college funding to fostering leadership abilities, her dedication knows no bounds.

Join us on an inspiring journey into the remarkable world of Brenda Okorogba, where empowerment holds the key to boundless success.

Brenda Okorogba’s Professional Achievements

Brenda Okorogba possesses an extraordinary gift for creating custom learning solutions that address the unique needs of equity-deserving groups. Her expertise has propelled individuals and organizations to remarkable heights of achievement. Throughout her impactful career, Brenda has held diverse positions that have allowed her to utilize her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in the community. In recognition of her leadership abilities and dedication to advancing women’s rights, Brenda was selected as one of the Young Women’s Leadership Delegates by YWCA Canada in 2018.

In her role as a Learning Experience Designer, Brenda has demonstrated her expertise in designing, customizing, and facilitating impactful learning experiences on a wide range of topics for clients and organizations worldwide. Her work has influenced the lives of over 16,000 professionals and students from more than 30 countries across five continents.

Through her coaching and guidance, Brenda has assisted individuals in achieving remarkable success in their academic and career journeys, resulting in a 98% academic and career success rate. She has played a pivotal role in empowering individuals to launch profitable businesses and successfully transition into new careers. Notably, Brenda’s efforts have also contributed to securing an astounding $80.4 million in scholarships and tuition fee waivers, enabling deserving individuals to access quality education and pursue their dreams.

Brenda’s passion for promoting inclusive education, job opportunities, economic dignity, collective prosperity, gender equity, social inclusion, and optimal wellness drives her commitment to improving the quality of life for everyone. Through her various endeavors, Brenda continues to make a tangible difference, positively impacting the lives of countless individuals and communities.

Establishing Momentswithbren Consulting

Brenda Okorogba


At the forefront of Momentswithbren Consulting, Brenda delivers professional training and coaching services that cater to a diverse array of clients, organizations, and institutions. With a strong focus on leadership development, Brenda propels her clients toward accelerated success through bespoke training programs, strategic advisory services, and outcome-driven programming. Countless individuals and organizations have experienced Brenda’s guidance, reaching their fullest potential and achieving their goals.

Brenda Okorogba Commitment to Social Impact

Brenda’s dedication to social impact goes beyond her professional endeavours. She actively contributes to several Canadian charitable organizations, serving on the Board of Directors for esteemed institutions such as the Students Commission of Canada, Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity, and Immigrant Women Services Ottawa (IWSO). In these influential roles, Brenda leverages her expertise, passion, and commitment to drive positive change and empower marginalized communities.

Empowering Women Through Social Entrepreneurship in the Upper East Region of  Ghana

Furthermore, Brenda is a staunch advocate for economic dignity, recognizing that financial stability and empowerment are crucial for individuals and communities to thrive. She seeks to promote economic opportunities, especially for marginalized groups, and fosters an environment where everyone can achieve economic independence and prosperity. At present, Brenda is actively engaged in providing invaluable social entrepreneurship coaching to women entrepreneurs operating small businesses in the Northern region of Ghana. This transformative initiative is made possible through generous funding from the Government of Canada. Through her expertise and guidance, Brenda is empowering these women to develop their entrepreneurial skills, enhance their business acumen, and create sustainable ventures that contribute to the socio-economic growth of their communities. Her dedication to promoting gender equity and economic prosperity is evident in her work, as she strives to uplift and empower women in the region to achieve their fullest potential as successful business owners.

Students Commission of Canada

As a board member of the Students Commission of Canada, Brenda plays a vital role in supporting the organization’s mission to amplify youth voices and advocate for their rights. She brings her deep understanding of the challenges faced by young individuals, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds, and works collaboratively to create programs and initiatives that address their needs. Through her strategic guidance and dedication, Brenda helps the Students Commission of Canada to have a meaningful impact on youth empowerment, education, and well-being.

Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity

Brenda’s involvement with the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity showcases her commitment to nurturing the potential of young people. As a board member, she actively shapes policies and programs that promote equitable opportunities for youth across Canada. Brenda’s expertise in learning experience design and her passion for empowering young individuals from diverse backgrounds make her a valuable asset to the council’s efforts in fostering youth prosperity and advancement.

Immigrant Women Services Ottawa (IWSO)

Another organization that benefits from Brenda’s leadership is the Immigrant Women Services Ottawa (IWSO). Serving on its Board of Directors, she contributes to the organization’s mission of empowering immigrant women and fostering their integration into Canadian society. Brenda’s own experiences as an immigrant woman inform her understanding of the unique challenges faced by these individuals. Her role on the board helped her- strengthen programs, initiatives, and advocacy efforts that support immigrant women in areas such as employment, education, and social integration. Brenda’s dedication to empowering immigrant women strengthens the IWSO’s ability to create lasting positive change in the lives of these individuals and their communities.

Through her positions on these Boards, Brenda brings her expertise, passion, and commitment to advancing opportunities for equity-deserving groups. She collaborates with fellow board members to develop impactful programs, drive policy changes, and support initiatives that address the unique needs and challenges faced by marginalized communities. Brenda’s contributions extend beyond her professional career, demonstrating her dedication to creating a more inclusive, equitable, and empowered society for all.

Brenda Okorogba’s exceptional skills as a service and learning experience designer, facilitator, and advocate for equity-deserving groups have made her a driving force in empowering success. Through Momentswithbren Consulting, she has impacted numerous individuals and organizations, helping them unlock their potential and achieve remarkable results. Brenda’s dedication to social impact, as demonstrated through her board positions in charitable organizations, further showcases her commitment to creating positive change in the lives of marginalized communities. With her unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication, Brenda continues to transform lives and inspire others to reach their full potential.