Valentine’s day


It is that season where everyone and everywhere seems mushy mushy about love and while some people have gotten comfortable basking in the euphoria that comes with the season, others are overwhelmed with a rave of confusion and one of them is ‘how to find the perfect valentine gift for the one I love’

Now, while valentine’s day is a day of love, it isn’t specifically said it must be a day of only romantic love. What this means is that you can gift anyone -ranging from your romantic partner, siblings, colleague at work, down to your religious leaders and parents.

No doubt, there’s a little anxiety about how to get the perfect Valentine gift for your loved one. Read on, this article presents you with tips on how to go about it seamlessly.

Linger in your loved one’s closet.

I mean that both figuratively and literally. Give yourself a day where you think about their day. What’s in it, what its stresses are, what its delights are. The best response you can get is, “How did you ever think of this?” The answer: you thought of them.

Ask an expert.

Nahhhh. I do not mean you talking to some expert you find online. I’m thinking of that expert who is a best friend, who loves the same thing your loved one does, who shops in exactly the same places. Simply ask them, “What would you get X or Y for Valentine?” Seek and ye shall find.

Give where they give.

I’m always touched when someone gives a gift to a worthy cause in my name. It’s even more touching if it’s a worthy cause that they know I give to regularly. They’ve read my heart.


She will tell you what she wants/likes even if she doesn’t realise.

This may seem like an obvious tip but most people tend to drop hints about what they like and want, even if they don’t realise they are doing it.

They may have said that after their next pay-day, they might spoil themselves with those new earrings, gadgets, make-up brushes, trainers, speakers, etc. which is an obvious indication of the things they want. Another huge one to listen out for is, “I want a few new cushions for the sofa but I can’t justify getting them right now.”

However, some women may be a little more subtle or not be trying to drop hints at all. Some more phrases worth listening out for are:
– I’m nearly out of perfume
– My boots are starting to look really worn
– I could do with a jewellery box

The key to surprising people with gifts they wants is to listen for indicators in normal conversation, especially if she is complaining (as everyone does) about something she currently has! Also, make a note of it straight away so you don’t forget.

Think about them as a person.

We don’t just mean think about ‘what will they like’ as you desperately rush around a store. We mean think about what they already have and what they already like. Do they have a lot of jewellery or home knick-knacks, are they a fan of wine, tea or soft drinks, what do they enjoy doing?

Write down what you already know about them in a list and you’ll be surprised how much difference this makes when you shop for a gift.

For instance, if you know they have a lot of jewellery, you might realise that you don’t really want to buy them more, but it shows they might need something to keep it all together, something like a jewellery box.

By following this thought pattern you can explain why you bought her/him that gift and, trust us, if you show her/him it’s because you pay attention to her/him, you will get some major brownie points.

Buy a simple gift but make it unique.

You know they like a drink of wine in the evening . Yet what can you do with that information to give them something they’ll love – getting them some new wine glasses and a bottle of rosé might sound a bit simple.

But, it’s important to remember that when you are buying gifts for them, you want to get them something that they’ll love and use. So take those wine glasses and that bottle of wine and have them personalised with a special message or date that will be meaningful.

The same idea can work with so many other types of gifts too like jewellery, cushions and even candles.

This will show that not only have you thought about what they like but taken that information to a whole new level to make sure you put a real smile on their face.

Don’t buy her/him something mundane – spoil her/him!

However, the key to getting her a gift she will love is buying something that spoils her. You may argue that she is not the type of woman that likes being spoiled, however, we are here to tell you that any woman likes knowing someone loves her enough to really put effort into her gift and buy her something special.

Don’t fall into the trap of getting her something she needs that isn’t special, for instance:
– I’m nearly out of shampoo
– My break pads are starting to look really worn
– I really like my mum’s fabric softener
– I could do with some new socks

You see what we mean.

A gift doesn’t have to be a thing.

Bear with us for this one. If you think of buying a gift, you think of a (hopefully) beautifully wrapped item that she can open and hold – This doesn’t have to be the case.

If there is something you think she may enjoy doing it’s possible that an experience day or weekend away may be a better gift for her than a new jumper.

There are so many experience days out there, from spa days, vineyard tours and cupcake decorating classes to super car driving blasts and bungee jumping experiences, so it’s definitely another thing to put into the equation when buying gifts for her.

The perfect gift could be an experience, a dinner out, tickets to a concert or a play or better yet a gift that can be given all year: “I’m bringing you breakfast in bed the first Saturday of the month for the rest of the year” or “I’m going to help you clean up your closet by the end of February.” The gift is in the doing.


One of the greatest feelings a woman can ever have is a man’s true love. Though your boyfriend may take time telling you he is in love with you, chances are he already has through his actions. That’s what happened to me. I knew my husband was in love with me by the way he paid close attention to all my needs. He genuinely cared to hear about my good days and my bad days. Moreover, I didn’t have to ask him to do something for me. He just knew. He loved spending time with my family and me. And he said “I love you” first.

For the most part, women are quicker at expressing their emotions to their partners; meanwhile, men take a longer time. You may assume that your boyfriend is not in love with you because he has not verbally expressed his feelings or revealed the three words all women love to hear. But take a close look at his gestures, his mannerisms and how he looks at you. The love he has for you is in the tiniest details.

Here are six ways you can tell the man you love is in love with you, too.

  • Shows interest

When your boyfriend starts to ask you in-depth questions about your likes, dislikes and future goals, he is in to you. He wants to learn everything about you. He sincerely cares.

  • Delicate touches

He grabs your hand gently during a walk in the park or at a family gathering. He caresses your hair softly. He hugs you for no reason at all. He affectionately touches your face as he stares at you. Sometimes just sitting at home watching a movie and cuddling on the couch speaks volumes.

  • Spending time together

When you find your boyfriend spending less time with his friends and more time with you, he is in love. He is not giving up on his friends; he simply chooses to spend as much time with you as possible. His priorities begin to shift.

  • Does anything for you

He doesn’t care what it takes, but he will make anything possible for you. He may not necessarily be interested in the things you are interested in, but he makes the effort to take part. He doesn’t mock what brings you joy. Perhaps you love a particular musician, and he doesn’t. But he surprises you with two concert tickets – one for you and one for him.

  • Meeting his family and friends

As old-fashioned as this may sound, when a boyfriend introduces the woman in his life to his family and friends, he is serious. He has hopes to take the relationship to another level. His feelings are deeper than you know.

  • Talks about marriage and children

If your boyfriend inquires about your feelings on marriage and children and expresses his thoughts on the matter, chances are he’s been thinking about a future with you. And if you both share the same feelings about marriage and creating a beautiful family together, love exists.

  • Says those three special words first

He tells you “I love you” before you do. It doesn’t matter when or where he says it. All that matters is that he wants to say it first.

Again, it’s easier for a woman to share her innermost thoughts compare to most men. Many men have a hard time verbalizing their feelings even though they do love you. However, through their positive actions and attentive ways, you will know he is in love. Give him time and you’ll hear “I love you.”

Its the much acclaimed season of love again – Valentine!. No matter what your plans are going to be, getting your partner a gift is the really good way to spark your relationship up.

Hey ladies and mums especially, your man would love it, don’t wait, do this and he will know how you feel about him.

You lack ideas, well here are some really cool gifts to consider;

1. Wristwatch

No man is the same, but this is something 80% of them would love. They always need this, you only need to know his preferred collection, leather or not, and you’re good.

2. Wireless Earpods

This is quite out of the box, he will love your thoughtfulness. Men love it when a woman is updated. This is handy.

3. Shaving Set

This shows how caring you are to think this far. After all the kids get most of their needs like this met. And him, why not.

4. Sport or gym wear

This would always stick because even without your presence he will feel you close and when sweaty, the clothes will stick to his skin bringing your thoughts too.

5. Perfume

This brings gratitude, every man will appreciate any woman who wants them feeling great. Good perfume creates that aura. And they also have your memory with them wherever they go.

6. Socks

Yes, best bet he will love it. This is something simple and thoughtful.

7. Cufflinks

This is so relevant for his clothes like earrings are to us. He can never have too much of it.


This is a good idea for the cooperate husband. If he is into ties then he would be glad.

8. Video games

Not every man plays games though. But the passion and commitment most guys show to sports, video games will make them love you even more.

9. Shirts

This might be an obvious gift choice but all you have to do is buy the type he likes, and you’ll put a smile on his face.


Does he sag ? I guess not either he can’t have too many belts. Add to his collection.


He uses this so much, so this is a great one. Not so many men change this often.


If your man is a reader, then you’re doing the right thing for his thought pattern. Get one from the writer or genre he loves.

Have a deserving Valentine with the love of your life Queens!

Japanese women are rebelling against a decades-old Valentine’s Day tradition that mandates them to give chocolates to men.

According to the tradition, on February 14, the nation’s female workers are expected to give “giri choco,” or obligation chocolates, to their male colleagues. Women are also expected to buy heartfelt chocolates, “honmei choco,” for their crushes or loved one.

“Valentine’s Day (in Japan) got turned upside down to become a symbol of the Japanese patriarchy,” said Jeff Kingston, a Japan expert at Temple University in Tokyo. But this year, women are calling time on the financially draining practice.

A recent survey by a Tokyo department store found about 60 per cent of women will instead buy chocolates for themselves on Valentine’s Day. Only 35 per cent planned to offer chocolates to their male colleagues.

Japan began celebrating Valentine’s Day in 1958, after Japanese confectionery firm Mary Chocolate ran a campaign suggesting that women give men chocolates. In the 1980s, chocolate companies attempted to redress the chocolate buying balance.


Women in Japan are rebelling against a decades-old Valentine


White Day was introduced on March 14 as a date for men to return the favor although Kingston says that women often ended up gifting more chocolates than they received. Both dates turned out to be a boon for the chocolate industry. Valentine’s Day now accounts for a quarter of Japan’s yearly chocolate sales, according to the Nagoya International Center.

Last Saturday, the Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular People (RAUP) staged its 12th annual protest against “romantic capitalism” in Tokyo.

“We’re against companies exploiting events like Valentine’s Day to push excessive consumer culture and guilt-trip people who aren’t in relationships,” said Takeshi Akimoto, a member of the tiny fringe group, comprised of nine students and workers. One of the group’s complaints is that Valentine’s Day chocolates in the workplace can make some employees feel that their value is determined by how much confectionery they receive.

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Beauty entrepreneur, Dabota Lawson in a post shared on her Instagram page, advised people with broken relationships not force it because of the pressures which Valentine’s day brings.

She wrote;

You will not heal by going back to what broke you . Don’t send that text and don’t make that call ,Love yourself and Ignore the pressure of today. Happy Valentine’s day

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