Ty Bello


TY Bello and Tope Alabi teamed up for a powerful new song titled “Logan ti o de“ in 2018.

TY Bello has now revealed that she’s collaborating with the gospel artist again for a new project, an album titled “The Spirit of Life“.

TY Bello shared the exciting news as well as a teaser of new music on Instagram.

She wrote:

14-41-14… this is. A special day for me really .. 14 years of love .. 41 years of life and another reminder that 14 days after is perfect. Even I came 14 days late .. but it wasn’t late at all.. it was perfect timing ..my mum was at the hospital to have me in the 31st of December… 41 years later I gave my self a deadline of 31st December 2018 to finish work on the project with @tope_alabi_.. I did EVERYTHING .. sleeping and average of less than 2 hrs a day … pouring in everything. .. pushing everyone on the music production to the max ( sorry guys🙈) .. today on this 14th its all done .. I did my final tweeking .. I’m looking at the body of work and all I feel is gratitude. This is by far the most important album I’ve ever produced .. 17 songs .. gifted like fresh bread of heaven. We literally worked on each song in awe an wonder of His song and the depth of the beautiful @tope_alabi_. This is God’s present to me… THE SPIRIT OF LIGHT .. out this week. #happybirthdaytome



Credit: Bella Naija

Photography in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing professions today. Nigerians have come to realize the essence of photography and how it affects our everyday lives. Unlike before, photography is now seen as a proper profession.

Most photographers earn as much as six figures per job and get up to three jobs in one day. Photography also used to be known as a male dominated job, but recently, females have proved the saying, ‘What a man can do, a woman can do better right, as they have embraced photography and are doing great at it.

Here are 10 Nigerian female photographers excelling at their jobs:

1. TY Bello
ty belloToyin Sokefun-Bello, better known as TY Bello, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, photographer and philanthropist. She is popularly known for both her photography skills and singing skills and she has created a successful career for herself in both industries. She was trained by renowned photographer Don Barber, with whom she went to train after spending the first four months of her NYSC at Fototech.

2. Aisha Augie-Kuta
Aisha augie kutaAisha is a photographer and film maker. She creates documentary, fashion and aerial photography. She explores a lot of ideologies in her works, such as portraying two sides to a story , gender and identity. Aisha’s photography creates visual art forms that speak through her lens.

3. Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko
yetunde ayeni babaeko Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko is the CEO of CAMARA studios, an established photography studio based in Ikeja, Lagos. The Enugu born, Germany raised photographer has been taking the photography industry by storm since 2004 and is still conquering much territory. For Babaeko, women are the custodians of tradition, so she uses black and white photography to capture the timelessness of her goddesses. She also uses her photography to document and educate women on breast cancer.

4. Tosin Pedro Gbamis
tosin pedroTosin is a wedding and portrait photographer who travels all around Nigeria to capture and document rare moments in peoples lives. She tells the stories of love and life through her images.

5. Bisola Ijalana

Bisola Ijalana is the Creative Director of M12BabyStudio. She enjoys creating arts of newborn, baby and Maternity Photography, capturing the essence and Purity of Life. Her Photography is for anyone who treasures the joy of a new life!

6. Yagazie Madu
yagazie maduYagazie Madu, a doctor of Optometry and the Head Visual Artist at Gazmadu Photography. She specializes in Portraits, Wedding and Lifestyle Photography. She also loves to capture and document moments, people, beautiful place, real life situations and a huge sucker for love stories.

7.  Adeola Olagunju
adeola olagunjuAdeola Olagunju is quite unique with her works which is usually conceptual and deep. She is a critical, creative, meditative, and passionate artist. Her images speak volumes as they stage the photographer’s attempt to break free from the norm of photography

8. Yemi Disu
yemi disuYemi Disu is the CEO of Four23 Photography. She is into Maternity, wedding , kid and fashion photography. She started out with photography as a hobby and has now evolved in her profession.

9. Iyaomolere Morayo
iyamolero morayoIyaomolere Morayo is the CEO of The Voice Photography. She prides herself ans her photofeaphy brand in Telling fantastic stories of love and family one frame at a time.


Popularly known as the Mother Theresa of Africa, Mama Janet Ekundayo dedicated her life to taking care of orphans.

She projected the meaning of her name, “Ekundayo,” which is translated to mean, “(my) tears has turned to joy.”

Mama Ekundayo had five biological children of her own but that did not stop her from adopting others because of her love for children. Mama Ekundayo enjoyed the company of children and so taking care of them came naturally to her.

In 1969, Mama Ekundayo decided to dedicate the rest of her life to taking care of orphans and abandoned children. She took in the 469th child by 2007. By the year 2008; she had cared for over 500 children.

One interesting thing about Mama Ekundayo was that all the children she cared for were from all over the country, from different tribes and ethnicity.

Located in Isanlu Makutu, a rural part of Kogi State, her orphanage is called Ekundayo Children’s Home.

Although, Mama Ekundayo received donations from kind-hearted individuals and other institutions, she also used her little provisions in caring for the children.

Mama Ekundayo always referred to taking care of the children, a calling she could not resist an she was said to be always full of smiles and also loved to sing.

Unfortunately in 2009, Mama died.

Not many knew of mama until Nigerian singer, TY Bello produced a song titled ‘Ekundayo’ in 2008 in her honour. The song was part of her popular album, Greenland.

Ty Bello’s Description Of Mama Ekundayo In 2014:

Holding my camera really close to her…silence fell again..in between her songs of praise she would suddenly pause and look up and out lost in a trancelike gaze at what only she could see. It felt like the earth stood still…then she would fall back into song again.

This must have happened six times while I made portraits of her. The moments were holy… I didn’t interfere but I knew it was fine to photograph. It felt like I came close enough with my lens I could partake in whatever it was that had her transfixed.

Strangely I was never too close… it was almost as if I wasn’t even there… that was exactly seven years ago. A year later, @tosynbucknor and a group of people had taken a trip to see her.. They came back with a gift. Mama had taken time to knit me a green and white ‘oja’, a traditional swaddle or scarf used for carrying a baby on ones back. Mama and I never really spoke about babies… I was also sure she knew I didn’t have any kids so it baffled me that she specifically told them to tell me it was for my son.

Madam Ekundayo passed away barely a year after her gift came. Shortly afterward, I got a call from someone else who had gone to see her before she passed. Mama made a gift for you TY.. She sent it through someone and it’s taken a while to come.

When the gift came, I was brought to tears… she sent a photograph of herself and had knitted the exact green and white scarf she sent a few months before. Five years later, I’m a mother of twin boys.. I stare at her photos and wonder what she gazed at in a distance.. Did she see God..? Did she see the future..? I can say this for sure…. I’m certain she saw my sons…

We celebrate Mama today and always. Thanks for touching lives,Keep sleeping well in the bossom of the most high.

Source: woman.ng