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Schick Magazine stars the glamorous Nollywood actress and producer Beverly Naya on the cover of their first issue since the pandemic, themed the Love Yourself issue.

Beverly talked about loving yourself in your skin, her award winning documentary, “Skin,” and much more.

The Magazine made the big reveal on their social media saying:

“🌎💖✨ SCHICK presents our new cover star, Nigerian actress and producer, @TheBeverlyNaya 🇳🇬 🌟 With the release of her award-winning documentary ‘Skin’ which has inspired a generational shift around the perception of beauty, the undeniable force is on a mission to make her mark with a powerful voice ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 She gets candid about self-confidence and being comfortable in her skin, in our “Love Yourself” Issue 💛✨💫

Available from August 17th on IamSCHICK.com/buy #LetsBeSCHICK⁣⁣
Editor-in-Chief: @SimiEsiri⁣⁣
Creative Direction: @TitiAdesa⁣⁣
Photography: @TheKashope⁣⁣
Styling: @IamDanielObasi ⁣⁣
Makeup: @FlawlessFacesByJane⁣⁣
Hair: @TasalaHQ

Beverly Naya revealed to Schick:

I had to create a documentary to raise awareness of the negative effects of colourism. I needed the powerful message of self-love and self-confidence to travel much farther.

On Black creatives:

I want to see more Black actors and crew members well-represented in big films and not just the ones that specifically tell a black story to a black audience.

On self-love:

Self-love is empowering and liberating because it allows you to own who you are wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

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Missed the cover for the latest issue? Click here to see it.

The quarterly publication, for smart, stylish and successful African women delves into Aṣa’s life and work, discussing her five-year hiatus from the music scene, the cultural influences that have shaped both her and her craft, and the real change she wants to see in Nigeria.

See excerpts from her interview below;

On Music:

“Music is subjective, some will like what you do, and some won’t. One day, you’re in a 5-star hotel, the next, in a below 1-star hotel. Life is full of ups and downs, and that’s what makes it stimulating. I think the most important thing is never to lose sight of who you are and your purpose in life.”

On Her Personality:

“I don’t take myself too seriously. People think I’m a little uptight, but I like meeting and learning about people. Once we get past the introduction, I end up becoming the class clown!”

On Being a Woman:

“You are simply an angry feminist. No one looks at the fact that being a strong woman is the influence of good parenting and society.”

On Love & Dating:

“It’s either guys think they aren’t in your league or you have 150 sailors waiting at every port to swoon at your feet! Either way, it can be quite lonely and difficult to find someone who doesn’t mind taking the back seat to see you grow and wilfully take you for all you are.”


Photography: Seye Isikalu

Creative Direction & Styling: Titi Adesanya

Hair: Janet Nwose

Makeup: Violet Zeng

Location: The Hop Shop, Castle Lavender Farm, Kent



Credit: Bella Naija

In an interview with new magazine, Schick, owned Dr Sid’s wife, Simi Esiri, multiple award-winning actress Rita Dominic, 41, revealed when asked why she was still single that she could have been married a long time ago, but things didn’t work out with the person.

“I believe that God is in charge of my life and will present the right man to me at the right time,” she said.

Asked whether social pressure to settle down get to her, Rita replied,

“I am a human being and I would be lying to say that it doesn’t sometimes. More so because it’s something I sincerely want to do but the feeling passes when I remember that society will not live with the person. I will live with the man, so it is very important that I do it because I want to, not because society wants it for me.”

Speaking about sex and if it gets better with age, Rita said;

“If you ordinarily don’t enjoy it, age won’t make a difference. I find that when a woman embraces her sexuality, many Nigerians equate it to being Ashewo , as if we should act like sex is not pleasurable,”

Speaking about dating, Rita said she dates when someone special comes around but finds it generally as a nightmare

“especially in this days of social media where with one click you are all over the internet.”

She also admits that she loves being in a relationship;

“I love being totally drawn to someone and doing all those loving things couples do, but I am also wary of liars and bullies”

Leading bloggers and fashion industry powerhouses joined Simi Esiri, publisher and editor-in-chief, SCHICK Magazine and Titi Adesanya, Creative Director, SCHICK Magazine to announce the official launch of SCHICK Magazine, the highly anticipated fashion, beauty and lifestyle publication curated for the smart, stylish and successful African woman. The exclusive media briefing was part of a 2-day fashion exhibition holding this weekend to commemorate the launch of the Magazine.

SCHICK Magazine was inspired by the publisher’s experience while living in the diaspora and then moving back to work in Africa’s burgeoning fashion and beauty industry. The magazine style is simple, contemporary and creates an appealing experience for the young African woman who is fashion conscious and wants to be informed of all the latest developments in the world of style and beauty. The quarterly issued magazine will be packed with engaging content that includes the latest fashion trends, functional fashion, fashion history, SCHICKDebates, SCHICKWeddings, SCHICKAtWork amongst many others.

*“I strongly believe that the focus is now heavily shifting and by 2025, fashion and entertainment industry can be the sustenance for the economy. Individuals like us need to come together to enable this industry grow to where it should be*.” said Simi Esiri, SCHICK’s Publisher and Editor-in-chief.

*“Africans have a unique sense of style, culture and creativity. SCHICK will provide the right international platform to showcase who we are, what we wear and what we do.*” said Titi Adesanya, SCHICK’s Creative Director.

The media briefing precedes the 2-day launch event this weekend where invited guests will be taken on a journey through the making of themagazine and will enjoy an art gallery style exhibition with pages of the debut issue blown out in life-size canvas pieces as well as the opportunity to mingle with SCHICK’s debut cover star, leading award-winning actress Rita Dominic with other notable celebrities and influencers in attendance.

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