It’s the season to be jolly and Today’s Women Magazine is bringing us more than enough reason to be jolly with their December issue.

In the spirit of the holidays, TW Magazine’s latest edition is all about celebrating love & life while still focusing on the important issues.

Omawumi, Nengi Adoki, Vivian Anani & Ronya Man are the cover stars of this issue and are also the stars in the forthcoming movie, “Chat Room”.

They had a chat with TW Magazine on the making of the movie with a purpose of enlightening the world on issues of sexual violence.

TW also had a chat with director and filmmaker, Chikwe Ibekwe about the remarkable story that birthed the movie.

Nigerian singer, Omawumi, in a recent interview, opened up about life as a mother and marriage in general.

She said:

“Marriage and motherhood has taught me to be extremely patient; it has taught me to always understand that everybody has their side to a story. It has also taught me to be very understanding towards everybody.

To an extent, it still boils down to patience; you don’t put too much load on people or have too much expectation of people. Always be ready to receive people with love and forgiveness. I think the best way to explain it is that being a parent has made me understand my relationship with God”.

When asked if both has impacted her music career , she said:

“Yes of course. It has really helped and influenced or rather shaped my music and the way I put music out right now. Of course, one has to be extra careful; because you don’t want to pass the wrong message. Motherhood has been a blessing to my music; it has been a blessing to me. It has been a blessing to everything surrounding me”.