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Ariyike Akinbobola has a Certificate in Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice from Harvard X and she also coaches Immigrant families relocating abroad on expectations and how to navigate their new reality and she consults for aspiring authors who want to learn how to self-publish their books on Amazon.

Through her Ariyike Arise Initiative Africa, she has helped to fund the education of Children in disadvantaged communities in Africa.

In 2020, they donated one thousand facemasks to People in disadvantaged communities in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria. She believes the world would be a better place if everyone did more for others.

In 2021, Ariyike Akinbobola became the first winner of the Immigrant Leader award at the Universal Women’s Network Women of Inspiration Award.

Ariyike Akinbobola
Ariyike Akinbobola

As an advocate for Female Genital Mutilation abandonment in Nigeria, she volunteered as a digital advocate for UNFPA / UNICEF and was recognized as the UNFPA / UNICEF Frown Award – Female Genital Mutilation Abandonment Advocate of the year amongst other recognitions.

Ariyike also volunteers as a Literacy Ambassador for Project 99A in Canada and a Mentor with the Canadian Multicultural Group.

Her books, Beautifully Coloured and The Cost of our Lives, both Amazon Bestselling books are available on Amazon. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, dancing, meeting new people and creating content on her YouTube channel. Ariyike is married with Children.

She was recently celebrated as one of the 16 Inspiring Women Making a Difference In Canada by Women of Rubies.


When I saw Janey Buzugbe at the Elevate Festival in Toronto a few weeks ago, speaking passionately about Intersectionality and diversity, and how she’s been able to navigate the tech sector as a black woman in Canada, I knew I had to share her story to inspire other women.

Janey Buzugbe is an energetic entrepreneur and tech partnerships leader who believes in living life by giving; what she has to give is humanity at the intersection of business and technology, and she is doing so significantly.  She heads the Black Innovation Programs and Partnerships at the DMZ – the #1 University based Incubator – providing leadership and support to 400+ Founders across 5 programs with resources and access to 30+ partners to support their Startup growth.

She is the founder of Immiducation, a community-first Startup that supports over 17000+ immigrant professionals with career-readiness skills, a career network, and access to careers in Tech. Over the past decade, her tech career has spanned the corporate, non-profit, and Startup worlds in digital marketing, program and product management, recruitment, and Tech partnerships.

The amazing entrepreneur holds an undergraduate degree in Information Technology, postgraduate certificates in Media and Account Management, and a Master’s in Management Innovation. She is also the host of JaneyofCanada; a YouTube channel providing career and settlement advice for immigrants.

Janey Buzugbe shares her inspiring journey with Esther Ijewere in this Interview.

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Janey Buzugbe
Janey Buzugbe

Childhood Influence

I grew up the first daughter of a military father and a very ambitious and entrepreneurial mother. Growing up watching my mom working on several businesses in addition to a not-for-profit as well as growing her career in public service, I thought for sure I did not want to be her. Never thinking that this entrepreneurial spirit was already coded in my DNA.

Moreover, specifically, my career in Tech Partnerships and people-facing roles definitely is aligned with how I grew up, pretty much being the family organizer and manager; going to an all-girls’ high school where the foundation for the confidence I have was honed; playing sports to competitive levels; as well as being the youngest in my class, yet course leader for 5 years all through my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. So, I am no stranger to leadership and being in male-dominated spaces. So, yes, my upbringing prepared me for life as a social entrepreneur and a leader in Tech

 Inspiration behind Immiducation

When I moved to Canada in 2015 as an international student, I found that as a Newcomer, even with some guidance from family, I was making some mistakes and missing out on real opportunities that translated to money or career growth in Canada. So, at first, I started a YouTube channel, JaneyofCanada (Janey Buz), to share my learnings. For Example, my video “Top 10 things everyone coming to Canada should know” now has over 150k+ views. As this channel and my career grew, I would get inquiries to speak on how I grew my career to leadership in such a short time and on the channel, I would get inquiries about certain professions and regions in Canada I could not speak to as those were not my firsthand experiences.

After coaching more than a few people, I realized the challenge of underemployment – not getting work in your field of training and/or earning way less than the average Canadian – was a pervasive problem.  I heard it very clearly in 2021 to build a community of like-minded professionals to support each other and bring forward-thinking employers to the community to engage and hire from.

Truth is, you become what you see, so we created a space for high-achieving newcomer professionals to see what they could become and access support in becoming that.

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How My Involvement In settlement Of  Newcomers, Black Innovation Programs And Partnerships Impacted Me As A Black Woman

This is an interesting question. At first, I did not identify as a Black Woman. Coming from Nigeria, I believed the term ‘Black Person’ referred to melanin-blessed folks who were born and/or raised in North America. You see, I was just a Nigerian woman. The thing about labels and identity is, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you see yourself as if other people see you differently. I quickly realized that everyone saw me as Black and so I began to learn about my new identity.

As I learned, I experienced the diversity of different Black people, then I also realized my privilege of being a debt-free, well-educated, family-oriented African woman. I realized that these privileges and others are not available to every Black person but also, even with the privilege, the playing field is not leveled for us. Then, I made the decision to put my energy and passion into being a champion for the under-represented, whom I prefer to refer to as ‘Underestimated”. This has impacted the way I see myself and the world around me. That there is power and strength when the world does not see you coming!

My Passion For Issues Centered Around Intersectionality, Diversity And Inclusion

My passion for the cause stemmed from my experiences as an underrepresented, (underestimated) Newcomer, African Woman. I want people to stop and think when they say things like “Your English is so good” or assuming because I am Black, I can rap, twerk or I do not have a dad in the picture.

This way, they are assuming something (often negative) of a person because of how they look. Instead, they could be curious without demeaning a person. That initial statement could sound somewhat like this “Is English the main language where you are from”? This turns an assumptive statement into an open curious conversation and makes the person on the receiving end feel included.

Janey Buzugbe
Janey Buzugbe


To shed some more light, in Canada, as I have now grown to Leadership, I have experienced what is colloquially known as “performative or optical allyship” where people want to come of as forward-thinking, so they want to have a Black women leader as part of their organization or project; to nail the diversity picture but they often miss the mark on Inclusion and belonging; where your ideas, thoughts and culture are not welcomed or celebrated.

The Audience Reception And Lessons From My Panel Session At The Elevate festival

I learned that the sky is the stepping stone for us women. I learned that we often, especially as women, buy into some negative assumptions that keep us stagnant. For me, being in the innovation space and even part of a selection committee for a Venture Capital firm, I believed being a solo founder is a deterrent in getting funding from external investors but here I was sitting next to a solo founder who had raised some good money from Investors.

So now with every deterring thought, I try to counter it by asking  myself, “ Janey, who told you that this is true?” and “is it absolutely true for everyone?” . I also learnt that my story is important – to continue to share with boldness and humility. People need to see what they can become or at least validate that they are not alone.

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Thoughts On The Profiling Of Black Women, And How They Can Be Supported

Yes, Black women are underrepresented, and we face the double-bias of being Black and Woman. However, we are still a force to be reckoned with – we are just underestimated. To Black women, find yourself a support community that will build you, you can learn from and help you on the days you feel low.

This is very important! Not sure where to start, check out Immiducation. And to allies, try to move from being passive to active, reach out of your comfort zone to communities you don’t usually find yourself. You support one Black woman, you support a whole generation – this is more than being an Ally, this is being a Champion.

How I Am  Using My  Organization To Create Room For Black Women In The Tech Sector

For me, it is important to create opportunities that I wish I had and I want to see for myself. So firstly, 90% of my team at Immiducation are exceptional Black women whom I am eternally grateful for. When we have our monthly coffee chat with industry experts, I aim to have Black Women or other people of colour because I believe you become what you see. We plan on launching a mentorship group in the near future solo for Black women

Why I Started My Youtube Channel; Janeyof Canada

I  had my YouTube Channel in my head for many years before I created it – a lot of people had told me my energy was very good for the media. However, it took me a while to start because I needed to figure out what type of content would truly be helpful for my audience while not being something I would get bored of. So after a few tries, I landed on content to support other career-minded newcomers.

This was how Janey Buz (JaneyofCanada) was born in 2016. So as I progressed in my journey through 3 Study Permit applications, 1 Work Permit application,  1 permanent Resident application and 1 Citizenship application; all of which I did myself, I wanted to share with others my immigration and career journey. Now, the channel community has grown to over 18,000 with about 1 million views.

Most impactful, is the 100s of emails from grateful people who share that through my videos, they have landed in Canada in either their dream school or as a permanent resident and didn’t have to spend money using agents or consultants. I am on a mission to democratize immigrant success for my generation and beyond.

3 Women Who Inspire Me  And Why

My mother – Janey Buzugbe (Snr); She taught me many things I know about being a strong, Christ-loving, entrepreneurial and career-oriented woman with a personality that lights up a room while putting the people in her life, her family as priority

Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson – My mentor; she taught me that I matter, her energy is through the proverbial roof; something I thought I needed to shrink about myself. She’s taught me that this energy is exactly what the world needs!

Beyoncé – Just because! Her creativity and business sense is one to be reckoned with. #WeRunTheWorld

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 To The Woman Who Has Lost Hope Due To Marginalization And Lack Of Support

Please do not give up. Go where you are celebrated and not tolerated. Quit fast, quit often if the environment is deteriorating your mental health and self worth. Join a community and share/confide with people who can lift you up. You are the CEO of You Inc., so do what any CEO would do. To help your confidence, keep a list of things you have achieved, compliments and positive feedback you have gotten over the years – I call this your “Brag book”. This is your weapon to combat imposter syndrome or feeling inadequate. Trust me, your brain does not hold as much as you’d like to think. Write it down.

Janeyof Canada

My Work-Life Balance Routine

I never miss out on my sleep and catching up with my loved ones. I also try to take walks and dance in between meetings. I am learning now that “NO” is a full sentence and trying to practice that. It took me landing in the hospital to start to prioritize my health and I promise you; it is not worth it. Work will always be there and so would be others to do the work. But my life – my time on earth, I have only got one.

Being  A Woman Of Rubies

My God-given strength and ability to bounce back and push myself, surrounded by incredible support, to be a better version of Janey than I was yesterday because I truly believe that this is how I can live out God’s purpose for me.

You can see more of Janey Buzugbe work here: https://www.immiducation.com/

Click Here Watch Short Video of Janey Buzugbe  speaking at the Elevate Festival


These women have been able to break the barrier that prevents black women from reaching the top of their careers. They have been celebrated for their accomplishments, and recognized for changing narratives and making room for other women to thrive through their various endeavors.

In celebration of International women’s month, we highlight these 8 Nigerian women who are making us proud In Canada.

  1. Esther Ijewere

Esther is the founder of Women of Rubies, a newspaper columnist, author, public relations and media strategist, and women’s advocate. She uses her online platform as a storyteller to highlight the contributions of Nigerian-Canadian women across the country.

Her work as a community builder and activist has been instrumental in helping to bridge the gap between the Nigerian and Canadian communities, creating a sense of belonging and connection for those who have immigrated to Canada. As a gifted storyteller, Esther uses her storytelling skills to raise awareness about social issues and inspire others to take action.

Esther’s stories often focus on the experiences of women, particularly those of Nigerian-Canadian women, and the unique challenges they face as immigrants in Canada.

She also anchors  a talk show_ “Get Talking with Esther” an online talk show aimed at helping individuals put their thoughts to words, promote positive living, and find their voices

She was recently recognized as of the 100 Most Influential Female Founders in Africa.

Inspiring Nigerian Women In Canada
Esther Ijewere-Founder-Women of Rubies

2. Chioma Ogamba

Chioma is one of the most sought-after Immigration consultants in Canada. She addresses Business Immigration, Student Visas, Residency by Investment, and Citizenship. The amazon is the founder of Kisha Immigration, a licensed immigration firm found in Alberta, Canada.  Her brand was formed out of her drive for assisting people to look for greener pastures abroad and put smiles on people’s faces through their dream actualization.

Chioma is a first-class honors graduate of Applied Business Computing in the UK. She also schooled in four other countries: Canada, Nigeria, Malaysia, and the  United Kingdom. She moved to Canada as a permanent resident and obtained certification in Information Technology, Immigration Consulting, and an MBA in Business Administration.

Immigration Consultant in Canada
Chioma Ogamba- CE0-KIsha Immigration

3. Eno Eka

Eno Eka is a business analyst and change manager based in Calgary, Alberta. She is an award-winning career coach and speaker who has been recognized for helping more than 20,000 professionals around the world kickstart their professional careers.  She is a business analysis content developer and course instructor at the University of Manitoba. She is the CEO of Eny Consulting Inc and the Founder of Business Analysis School.

Eno Eka Miss Pragmatic
Eno Eka

4. Adedoyin Omotara

Adedoyin is a life coach, business coach, speaker, women empowerment advocate, and beauty entrepreneur. Born in Uk to Nigerian parents, her passion to live a purposeful life made her abandon her thriving Corporate Engineering field and turn into a women’s empowerment advocate and beauty entrepreneur.

The inspirational icon founded her well-structured company Adoniaa Beauty which can stand the test of time after retirement by attending business courses and investing in business coaches.

Adedoyin extends the business knowledge gotten from running her own company to others and she has helped a lot of business owners start, structure, and grow their firms productively.

Inspiring Niigerian women in Canada
Adedoyin Omotara | Image: Sheleads

5. Beauty Darosa

Beauty Darosa is the owner of Naija Jollof, a Nigerian food counter located in Westwood Square Mall in Mississauga, and other locations across Canada.  Naija Jollof is a business that serves Nigerian dishes. Their food counter was birthed with their goal to prepare Nigerian traditional food and street food that Nigerians in Canada can enjoy especially Jollof rice.

Beauty Darosa
Beauty Darosa- Co-founder- Naijajollof

6. Moyosore Sadiq-Soneye

Moyosore Sadiq-Soneye is an accomplished and versatile professional, holding dual qualifications as a lawyer in both Nigeria and Canada. She has obtained a Master of Law degree from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom and holds two diplomas in Paralegal Studies and Immigration Consultancy, asides from her LLB & BL.

In addition to her legal career, Moyosore is a writer, movie producer, and coach. She has produced three Indigenous Yoruba-language movies: Isipo, Ebi Mi Ni, and Asepamo, which are currently available on AfricaMagic (DSTV) and YouTube platforms.

Inspiring Nigerian women In Canada
Moyosore Sadiq-Soneye

7. Adekelu Ogunleye

Adekelu a.k.a Kelu is an entrepreneur who owns Kelu Cooks, a business firm that focuses on tantalizing Intercontinental and African meals. The serial entrepreneur also owns other businesses, called ‘international Obioma,’ and Kelz cleaning services because of her passion for cleaning and organization skills.

Adekelu has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Lagos, in literature. She obtained a diploma in developmental service work program from Cambrian College, Canada from which she was given the ‘Leadership Award,’ and ‘Building Momentum Award.’

The talented fashionista obtains a style consultant certification to take her potential to another level. Adekelu Ogunleye’s passion for humanity ignited her interest in social work.

Nigerian Women in Canada
Adekelu Ogunleye

8. Monisola Kusanu

Monisola is the founder and CEO of fast-growing Sugartowndesserts, a cakes and desserts catering brand that provides custom cakes, desserts & chocolate-covered treats for all occasions and celebrations.

The brand has since grown in leaps and bounds. Sugartowndesserts is known for its unique tastes, colorful designs, and Customer-centric offerings which stand them out from the pack.

Monisola has a BSc in Statistics from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, Nigeria. Her statistical knowledge helps her to better understand her customers, optimize her production process, improve her product quality, and increase profitability. She is revered for her commitment to excellence, eye for detail, and innovative ideas.

Monisola Bukola Sugartowndesserts

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Blessing Timidi Digha has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Female Genital Mutilation. She is a Community Based Researcher with over twenty years of experience working on issues centered around Gender Based Violence.

Blessing does a lot of counselling around Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and she is very vast at the work she does. She works with individuals, communities, stakeholders, gatekeepers, organizations and most importantly, Policy makers using community mobilization and engagement techniques for the purpose of social justice.

She has played different roles in the success of different policies in Nigeria, Africa, and Canada either through high level meetings, sensitization, training, contributions .

One thing that makes Blessing happy is seeing the young feminists she has mentored over the years make giant strides and contribute to the conversations, policies and rights of girls and women globally.

Blessing Timidi Digha

She works part time with the Nigerian community in Canada providing support, client management, and referrals in a prominent non-profit organization and works in the movie industry building and rigging sets.

In this interview, the fearless feminists share her inspiring story with Esther Ijewere

Childhood Influence

My childhood prepared me for what I do now, everything has added up to this moment and the future to come. I grew up in Kaduna alternating between my parents and grand aunt’s house. I grew up having people advocate for me and most importantly giving me room to advocate for myself. Asides church and school, both parties always ensured I picked up a skill or joined extracurricular activities like the famous Space2000, sports learning instruments etc., I did not always like it but every skill I have picked up along the way has contributed to my life. I also had my rebellious phase.

My Passion For Sexual Reproductive Health And Rights (SRHR)

When I was ten or so, one of the sisters in church was seen with a brother in church. Guess who everyone had smoke for? The sister. I remember asking why Bros J was exempted and the answers did not make sense to me at the time, but I also remember my mom sticking up for her and saying if she was going to get punished then he too had to be punished (my mom faced her own share of criticism for this move). It stayed with me for a long time. Then I got pregnant as a teenager and that experience changed my life forever.

From trying to get an abortion and deciding against it because of how dirty and scary the place was among other reasons, the stigma, my parents having to stand up for me, registering and attending antenatal, teenagers confiding in me, me starting a sexuality education club launched me fully into SRHR. The more I worked and related with people, the more the scope of what I was doing increased.

I was just doing my thing in one small corner in Ogbomosho and boom, I was growing, learning, unlearning, and rising through the ranks. People wanted to listen to me not just because I had professional experience but here, I was, a living experience of how SRHR impacts girls and women.

One experience that has also stayed with me and I have talked about this a lot is talking to secondary school students about abstinence and this student stands up and asks me what about those who were already sexually active, don’t they deserve information, resources, services, and support.

Managing My Role As A Feminist, Advocate, Storyteller And Community Based Researcher

Thankfully, all these roles intersect, managing these roles comes with a lot of listening, confidentiality, unpacking my personal biases, humility, passion, learning, unlearning, field work, talking, data, taking up and giving space to others.

Journey Since I Became An Advocate

Fulfilling. Very fulfilling. It has its difficulties and takes a lot from one individually and as a collective, but it is very fulfilling. I have learnt so much and in the same vein, I have contributed so much to conversations, policies etc. globally. Feedback, especially when someone comes back to say something you said or did contribute to xyz in my life, it gives drive to do more. When I am quoted in certain rooms and data, it makes the work worth it. The women saved from abusive situations, girls & women saved from FGM, the policies, research, movements one has been and is a part of among others all add up.

My Thoughts On FGM As It Relates To Africa, Especially Nigeria

We still have a long way to go with Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, yes I admit that progress is being made but there is still a long way to go especially as FGM is now becoming more medicalized (carried out by more medical practitioners to argue for its safety) and type 4 becoming more rampant (Type IV includes pricking, piercing, incising, scraping, cauterization, nicking of the clitoris,  burning or scarring the genitals, introducing substances into the vagina to tighten it, Labia stretching among others). We need to go beyond the beautiful laws we have on paper to effective implementation and systems in place.

My Work In the Non-Profit Sector

I work in a non-profit organization providing client management, support, referrals, information, and services to the Nigerian community. Initially, the role catered to Nigerian women providing a safe space for conversations and interventions, but we eventually expanded the role to cater for the entire community – men, women, young people etc. . The lessons I have learnt is that first, a lot of Nigerians associate shame and stigma with accessing numerous services especially if they are free or government provided/subsidized and so I get to be creative and meet people where they are to ensure they access these services. Second, Nigerians are not unlearning certain mindsets when they migrate and get in trouble because of it.

Blessing Timidi Digha

Importance Of Therapy To Healing

Therapy is very important to healing. It helps you hold up a mirror to see yourself. You can have Jesus, Allah, Ifa , and still see a therapist or psychiatrist. Therapy helps you unpack so much in a safe environment, but you must be willing to put in the work. Therapy is work, I always tell people “If you are going to lie to your therapist (or psychiatrist), then maybe you should not be in therapy.” Therapy is work, there are days where you will scream your lungs out, shed ugly tears, keep silent, sleep off etc but it is important. There are also certain milestones or experiences in your life that will demand that you go for therapy e.g., divorce, loss associated with death, migration.


Boundaries, Pedestals, unnecessary/unrealistic expectations and demands.

Other Projects And Activities

I work part time on movie sets doing construction and electricity, I love it so much. It is exciting to be a part of building and taking sets down especially the finished products when I can recognize the locations. I watch certain movies I have been a part of and smile from the cockle of my heart.

 I studied Food Science and Engineering in the university, and it is always refreshing to apply the knowledge from all those mechanical and electrical electives on set. I do content creation on women’s issues and lots of consultancy on these issues. I am also into research as a freelance researcher while transitioning into academia. The thing is that I am a creative, so I have my hands full with a lot of projects and activities as an individual and through collaborations.

 I am currently setting up my home studio so I can record with ease and at any time. Who knows, in the future, people can get to use the studio but for now, it is mine to use. I have gone back to my pole dancing classes, I started pole dancing as a form of fun and exercise during the pandemic and stopped when everything shut down, I am back at it now.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job

The fact that I am doing something that impacts another girl and woman positively. The versatility of the job is also intriguing, you can be anything you can to be with the right experience and education.

Three Women Who Inspire Me And Why

  My Mom– She is a go getter, always working to get better in her personal and professional life

* Me– I am learning to blow my own trumpet and I have put in work, passion, and time to impact lives plus I keep showing up every day despite all life has thrown at me.

Bola Aramowo-Badejo– go getter per excellence, she grounds me, tells me the truth even when I do not want to hear it. She inspires me to get a PhD and be the best in my fields.

 What We Can Do Better As A Society To Support Women In Abusive Relationships

The society needs to do better about stigmatizing women in abusive relationships, laws and policies should cover the different scopes of abuse not just physical abuse, government led initiatives must be readily available. For example, shelter systems, rapid responses (private led initiatives should complement existing government structures not the other way round).

One Thing I  Wish To Change In  The Development Sector

Better pay. The development sector does not pay enough for the work people do and this impacts a lot of the outcomes we see. It is not enough to ask people to come with passion, passion does not pay the bills, money pays the bills. Another thing will be the gatekeeping especially of the younger ones, the fact that someone is younger does not take away from the expertise they have.

One Thing People Do Not Know About Me

I am an introvert to the core, though because of work and other factors I have been able to work on my people skills and communication, but introversion is my default state. I am also very shy which is funny because I get to talk a lot. I love kickboxing.

Blessing Timidi Digha


Being A Woman Of Rubies

 I put my best into whatever it is I am doing and build tables and bridges for others especially other girls and women.


Nigerian Women In Canada are breaking boundaries, and making the motherland proud.  Being a  women’s advocate and new  Immigrant In Canada, the first thing I did was to check out women whose work and life would inspire me to dare to be different, and stay focused. I have celebrated some of these women for their work and global achievements on my platform as “Women of Rubies”, and I followed their work closely.

These women have been able to break the barrier that prevents black women from reaching the top of their careers. They have been celebrated for their accomplishments, and recognized for changing narratives and making room for other women to thrive through their various endeavors.

In no particular order, here is our “Part 1” Women of Rubies list of 16  Nigerian women In Canada who are making us proud.

Adeola Olubamiji
Dr. Adeola Olubamiji
  1. Dr. Adeola Olubamiji

Adeola Deborah Olubamiji is a Nigerian-Canadian technologist specializing in 3D printing  (3D printing  (also known as metal and plastic additive manufacturing). She became the first Black person to obtain a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering in 2017 from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. She is the chief consultant at D-Tech Centrix, an education and career consulting company, located in Ontario Canada, and Indiana USA.

Dr. Addy is also the Founder of STEMHub Foundation, a Canadian non-profit that empowers and teaches science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education to students and early career professionals. In addition, she seats on the board of Health Science & Innovation Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana as the Secretary of the board.

She was recently recognized as one of the 100 Accomplished Black Women In Canada. She is a multi-award winner and mentor to several young people.

2. Dr. Rita Orji

Rita Orji is a Nigerian-Canadian Computer Science Professor, a Canada Research Chair in Persuasive Technology, and the Director of the Persuasive Computing Lab at Dalhousie University in Canada.

Rita has contributed some amazing things to Canada, including founding and directing the Persuasive Computing Lab at Dalhousie, and conducting research on designing interactive technologies that empower people, improve lives and contribute to solving many societal problems. “As a professor, she conducts research, teaches, supervises, and mentor students, write grants, and gets involved in many community services.

Due to her passion for mentoring the next generation of youth and female tech leaders, promoting research excellence, equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM, Professor Rita  founded the Education for Women and the Less Privileged Foundation, NGO, and she recently launched a YouTube channel, “Time with Prof. Rita.” She was recently recognized as one of the 100 Accomplished Black Women In Canada.

Rita Orji
Dr. Rita Orji

3. Brenda Okorogba

Brenda Okorogba is an award-winning service and learning experience designer. She has a gift for creating targeted public services and learning solutions that address relevant classroom, workplace, community, career, and business needs in advancing opportunities for equity-deserving groups in particular.

Her client-centered approach and dignity-informed methodologies have resulted in over $40 million in grants for nonprofits, small business owners, and startup entrepreneurs. Students have successfully secured more than $80.4M in college funding, transitioned into dynamic career paths, learned specialized skills, built positive personal identities, increased their social and emotional learning skills, and improved their leadership abilities.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors of social-impact-driven Canadian Charitable organizations where she contributes her time and ideas on issues focused on gender equity and social inclusion, youth education and employment, workforce development, immigrant women, affordable healthcare, and housing.

Brenda Okorogba

4. Tracy Folorunsho-Barry

Tracy Folorunsho-Barry is a multi-award-winning career strategist, recruiter, Founder, and CEO of GROW Women Leaders and GROW Foundation. During her migration to Canada from Nigeria, Barry faced struggles with integrating into the country. She lacked the proper guidance and support she needed as an immigrant. Barry also found that her struggles were common for other immigrant women in Canada and decided to take action after freeing herself from a limited lifestyle.

She took the initiative to start helping other women, especially immigrants, reach their full potential and access new opportunities regarding their careers. Since then, she has dedicated her career to helping thousands of women, especially immigrants, get hired and advance their careers. 

In 2017, under GROW Foundation, Barry launched Project150: Accomplished Immigrant Women in Canada and the Speak Out Women series where she began gathering stories from more than 200 immigrant women across Canada who have overcome adversity to achieve success in their careers and lives. 

Later in 2018, Barry founded GROW Women Leaders (GROW), a career leadership development and advancement platform designed to help women get hired and advance their careers. In 2021, she opened The GROW Space, a socially conscious 7000sq ft facility that houses Nurture café, lounge, co-working space, and more. Proceeds from the facility go directly towards supporting women, especially immigrants, to get hired and advance their careers – the public is encouraged to use the facility to work and study in.

For her contributions and community involvement, she has been honored with various awards and recognitions such as; Top 100 Black Women to Watch In Canada, Top 6 Immigrant Women of Inspiration,  and a notable recognition by  Mayor Don Iveson and the City of Edmonton in 2020.

Tracy Folorunsho-Barry- Grow Women leaders
Tracy Folorunsho – Barry

5. Patricia Bebia Mawa 

After launching a successful career as a TV personality in Nigeria as the host of the show Lunch Date, Patricia Bebia Mawa relocated to Canada and essentially started her media career from scratch. She’s now the executive vice president of the Afroglobal TV channel as well as host and producer of the long-running TV show, Planet Africa, which is broadcasted across Canada on OMNI TV and syndicated to Europe and Africa.

She is also the executive vice president and editorial director of Afroglobal parent Silvertrust Media, which she co-founded with her husband, Moses. Their media empire includes magazines, TV shows, awards, and an expanding online presence.

Listed in the Who’s Who in Black Canada, she is a recipient of the Toronto Police Community Service Award, the International Women Achievers Award, the Martin Luther King DreamKeeper Award, and a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Patricia Bebia Mawa
Patricia Bebia Mawa


6.  Ehi Ade-Mabo

For over 10 years, Ehi has inspired and empowered men and women of all ages and walks of life to rise above their challenges and be the best they can be. Whether you struggle with finding your sweet spot in your purpose, relationships, finances, brand, and self esteem, or you just know life should be more exciting than it is now, you are not alone. Ehi Ade Mabo has continued to encourage and coach people of all ages to find the zeal, power, and Passion to rise above their current struggles, and live the life of their dreams.

Ehi Ade Mabo Is a life Coach, blogger, writer, speaker, and author. She has impacted thousands all over the world with her teaching and mentorship.

Ehi Ade-Mabo- Nigerian Women In Canada
Ehi Ade-Mabo

7. Adebola Adefioye

Adebola is a Child Development Practitioner. She holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Child Development from Seneca College, a Master’s in Child and Youth Care, from Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), and a Certificate in Advancing Women’s Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding for Community Development from Coady Institute, Canada. She is a final semester student in a Graduate Certificate program in Mental Health Intervention (MHI). Adebola has worked with children, women, and families in different settings (child care, school, shelter, crisis line, and community). Adebola is passionate about building authentic relationships with racialized, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Person of Colour) children, families, and communities and collaborating with them to reduce inequities, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and improve mental health and wellness.

Adebola works for a provincial non-profit agency on a project that focuses on understanding the impact of COVID-19 on racialized mothers and educators in Ontario. The project will inform recommendations for feminist, child care, and family program policies in Ontario, Canada.

She is also actively involved in Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) work. She offers training, workshops, and public education programs to various organizations. She is the founder of the Afro Women and Youth Foundation, a non-profit organization providing leadership, empowerment and mentorship programs to Black immigrant women and youth in Toronto and Sudbury, Ontario.

Adebola has won many awards.

Adebola Adefioye- Nigerian Women In Canada
Adebola Adefioye – Seneca

8. Ariyike Akinbobola

Ariyike Akinbobola is a Nigerian Author and Amazon Canada Best Selling Author, content creator, foreign trained Lawyer currently working as a Senior Business Immigration Analyst in Toronto. Her work experience spans over a decade in the Media, Entertainment, Consulting, Immigration and Not-for.Profit Industries. Through her entertainment Platform, Ariland Entertainment, she hosts Moving Abroad: Immigrant Success Stories, an immigrant talk show where she interviews Immigrants succeeding globally. She also showcases African culture, fashion, lifestyle and Immigrant experiences through storytelling.

Ariyike started creating content on her Youtube channel (Ariyike Akinbobola channel) in 2012 and she was among the first set of Youtubers recognized by Youtube at the Youtube stars event where 5 Youtubers were recognized in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a Professional MC and has successfully hosted events globally and she has also moderated sessions on Diversity and Inclusion, Kindness, Digital Media, Entertainment Law, Communications and TV Presenting.

Ariyike has a Certificate in Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice from Harvard X and she also coaches Immigrant families relocating abroad on expectations and how to navigate their new reality and she consults for aspiring authors who want to learn how to self publish their books on Amazon. Through her Ariyike Arise Initiative Africa, she has helped to fund the education of Children in disadvantaged communities in Africa. In 2020, they donated 1000 facemasks to People in disadvantaged communities in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria. She believes the world would be a better place if everyone did more for others.

In 2021, Ariyike became the first winner of the Immigrant Leader award at the Universal Women’s Network Women of Inspiration Award. As an advocate for Female Genital Mutilation abandonment in Nigeria, she volunteered as a digital advocate for UNFPA / UNICEF and was recognized as the UNFPA / UNICEF Frown Award – Female Genital Mutilation Abandonment Advocate of the year amongst other recognitions.

Ariyike also volunteers as a Literacy Ambassador for Project 99A in Canada and a Mentor with the Canadian Multicultural Group. Her books, Beautifully Coloured and The Cost of our Lives, both Amazon Best selling books are available on Amazon. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, dancing, meeting new people and creating content on her YouTube channel. Ariyike is married with Children.

Ariyike Akinbobola- Nigerian Women In Canada
Ariyike Akinbobola


9.  Ejibola Adetokunbo Taiwo

Ejibola Adetokunbo-Taiwo is an entrepreneur, an entrepreneurship consultant, a business coach, and an advocate for women entrepreneurs who is passionate about encouraging, empowering, and supporting women to use entrepreneurship as a tool for leadership and economic advancement.

She’s the CEO of Simply Ejibola Inc., the Founder and Principal Consultant at de Sedulous Women Leaders, and has also been the lead creator of several entrepreneurship initiatives like femImmiGRANTS, a grant specifically for BIPOC female entrepreneurs in Canada, the iiNTEGRATE NEXT program for newcomers in Canada, the iLaunchHERproduct, a program aimed at connecting women-owned businesses with big box retail stores in Canada, and the Rise Up Pitch Competition, a national grant program for Black Canadian women entrepreneurs.

Ejibola has been recognized for her work by several organizations like the Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Immigrant Magazine, Diversity Magazine Canada, 2022’s 100 Accomplished Black Women, and she is also one of our 2021 Top 25 Women of Influence Awards recipients.

Ejibola Adetokunbo Taiwo- Nigerian Women In Canada
Ejibola Adetokunbo Taiwo

10. Deborah Ojo 

Deborah Ojo is the founder and CEO  Deborahomes, A  multi million dollar real estate investor and an award winning real estate broker devoted to serving the needs of real estate buyers and sellers throughout the Greater Toronto Market . When she is not  investing into real estate, she is helping her client start or continue to achieve their financial freedom through Real estate.

Deborah is known for her honesty, highest level of client service and 100 % determination to help you achieve your goals no matter what.  Deborah has built an incredible network of fellow agents that makes Deborahomes a natural repertoire of dynamic qualities that set her apart and enable her to successfully procure the goals of the buyers and sellers she represents.
With over 10 years experience In the Real Estate sector, she has taught over 63 seminars and counting to minority communities on how to Own their own piece of real estate free of charge as a way to give back to those communities, and helping women who have passion for the business find their path and earn a living.
Deborah Ojo - Nigerian Women In Canada
Deborah Ojo


11. Dr. Onye Nnorom

Onyenyechukwu (Onye) Nnorom, family physician, specialist in public health and preventive medicine (born 27 February 1981 in MontrealQuebec). Nnorom is the associate director of the residency program in public health and preventive medicine at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health. She also leads the Black health curriculum at the university’s medical school. Her work addresses the health inequities that racialized and immigrant communities face.

Onye Nnorom’s work focuses on health equity and the impact of racism on health. In particular, she studies anti-Black racism as a driver of health inequities in Canada.

Since 2016, Nnorom has led the University of Toronto’s efforts to build education on these issues into its medical school curriculum. In February 2020, Nnorom was appointed the first ever equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) lead of the University of Toronto’s Department of Family and Community Medicine. She advises the department’s executive on policies that impact EDI for faculty, residents, students and staff.

Nnorom is the creator and host of the Race, Health & Happiness podcast. She launched the show in 2020 to help racialized people stay well, thrive and find joy. Its first season coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, which disproportionately affected Black and other racialized peoples. She was recently recognized as on the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian.

Dr. Onye Nnorom- Nigerian Women In Canada
Dr. Onye Nnorom

12. Jenny Okonkwo

Game changing community builder, founder of award winning Black Female Accountants Network An experienced business and finance leader, Jenny is passionate about helping women uncover their full potential in order to become their best professional selves and achieve their career goals. In 2016, a workplace representation gap led her to create Black Female Accountants Network (BFAN).

BFAN is an award winning volunteer non profit group that has helped newcomers to Canada reconnect with their professional careers, inspires and encourages future generations of female business leaders, creates professional and personal growth opportunities for local members.

In 2019 as a result of her work, Jenny was nominated and became a “Top 75” Finalist, Canadian Immigrant Awards, was recognized as one of the “Top 100” Black Women to Watch in Canada and received the “Be the Change” Award from Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario.

Jenny also received formal recognition in 2019 from MP Omar Alghabra, in his previous capacity as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade Diversification. Jenny is a member of the AICPA (Association of International Certified Professional Accountants) National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion.

Jenny Okonkwo- Nigerian Women In Canada
Jenny Okonkwo


13. Nnenna Uboma

Nnenna Uboma is the Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) of Beyond Math. Nnenna is an Analytics Senior leader and has over 20 years of experience leading high performing analytical teams to develop industry edge solutions. Nnenna is known for her “Can do” attitude and ability to think out-of-the-box. Nnenna has grown passion for tutoring and coaching analytical professional over the past decade. She has mentored many successful professionals in Analytics Nnenna spends her spare time nurturing High School kids in Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills. She was recently recognized for her work at the 100 ABC

Nnenna Uboma- Nigerian Women In Canada
Nnenna Uboma

14. Janey Buzugbe

Janey is an energetic entrepreneur and tech partnerships leader who believes in living life by giving; and what she has to give is humanity at the intersection of business and technology. As of recently, she headed the Black Innovation Programs & Partnerships at the DMZ, providing leadership and support to Founders across 5 programs with resources and access to 30+ partners to help grow their ventures – but that is not all. She is the host of JaneyofCanada; a YouTube channel providing career & settlement advice for immigrants and also the Founder of Immiducation, a community-first Startup that supports over 17000+ immigrant professionals with career-readiness skills, a career network and access to careers in Tech.

Over the past decade, her tech career has span over the corporate, non-profit and startup worlds in digital marketing, program & product management, recruitment, and Tech Partnerships.
Janey holds an undergraduate degree in Information Technology, postgraduate certificates in Media and Account Management and a Master’s in Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

Janey Buzugbe- Nigerian Women In Canada
Janey Buzugbe

15. Maryam Muritala

Maryam is  a Foreign trained lawyer with areas of specialization in Business , Technology , Copyright and Trademark Law, and Contract Management. She is also an  experienced Business Development Consultant.
She  has helped entrepreneurs across five continents launch successful and thriving businesses through  Canada Vendors, a Business Development and Advertising Company using digital marketing tools to give structured visibility to businesses across Canada and the diaspora.
At Canada Vendors, they offer Business Development Consultations and Solutions, Advertise brands using digital technology, connect service providers with prospective clients, and host Business Networking Events. Between 2020 and 2022 during the lockdown, we interviewed 255 Small businesses across various communities in Canada offering supports  successfully hosted BRAND EXPO  in 2021 and 2022
Canada Vendors  launched a mini-series on youtube in 2021 titled “THE ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY” spotlighting business owners across communities in Canada, so far we have interviewed entrepreneurs from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, British Columbia, and Alberta. The series is ongoing and they hope to spotlight more entrepreneurs across Canada.
Maryam Muritala- Nigerian Women in Canada
Maryam Muritala

16. Nifemi Fagbohun

Oluwanifemi Showole-Fagbohun is An Internationally trained Chemical and Polymer Engineer whose experience spans wide from Project Research Engineering, Project Management, Beauty Consultancy, Event planning, Business Coaching, Author, Customer Resolution Specialist , Health and Beauty Safety Advocate, Independent Executive Sales Consultant, and a lot more under her belt.
Nifemi fondly called ‘Niffy’ wears many hats as a Global Beauty Mogul, Beauty expert/consultant @niffysignature .  Founder and Business Coach @montrealvendors , Wardrobe Stylist @accessoriesbyniffy, An Independent Executive Sales Consultant, Wife and Mum to 3 Adorables.
Her love for health and safe beauty practices infused with her passion for women empowerment has led her to create a Makeup Brand called ‘Niffy Signature’ with her own line of Vegan and Cruelty-free Makeup Products.
She has a great penchant for paying attention to details and this earned her awards over the years : ‘Award of Excellence’ from the Nigerian Hair Show where she meticulously doubled as the official Makeup Artist for the Models and as one of the Judges. ‘Award of Recognition’ in Montreal where she was the official Makeup Artist for the ‘Walk of Hope for Mental Health’ event in 2018, ‘Community Personality Award’ from Canada vendors in 2020. ‘Award of Recognition’ in April, 2022 from the City of Saint Laurent Councillors, Montreal Community for her tremendous impact in championing and building the small business community in Montreal, (Quebec) along a slew of other notable mentions.
Oluwanifemi’s love for community building, adding value to lives and the need to ensure all small businesses feel recognized, loved and celebrated birthed the Montreal Vendors platform in Quebec.
She created the Montreal Vendors platform 10th April, 2020 with the desire to add value to her small business community at the onset of Covid when it was really tough for businesses. Her major focus is on Promoting all Small Businesses in diverse fields as we promote diversity in Montreal and all around the province of Quebec at large.
Nifemi being a Canadian Licenced Business Coach and also a Canadian Certified Executive Sales Consultant, both under the tutelage of St.Pius Career Centre under the English Montreal School Board, is using her knowledge to impact her small business community to the fullest of her capacity.
She’s presently a Nominee for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards 2022.
Nifemi Fagbohun- Nigerian women in Canada
Nifemi Fagbohun
….It doesn’t end here.
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Nigerian Women In Canada
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