Meet Apostle Busola Jegede, an intercessor with a powerful prophetic anointing and the founder of Daughters of Destiny Interdenominational Fellowship. Steeped in a deep communion with the Holy Spirit, Apostle Busola Jegede is fervently dedicated to the ministry of prayer and intercession. With a divine apostolic mandate, she is on a mission to raise women as intercessors for families and nations across the globe.

A Multifaceted Leader

Apostle Busola Jegede’s journey is marked by diverse achievements and unwavering commitment to empowering others. Graduating from the University of Ife with a BSc in Sociology and Anthropology in 1987, she later pursued a career in accountancy, becoming a qualified Chartered Accountant in 1991. Transitioning into entrepreneurship in 1996, she brings a wealth of hands-on experience to her endeavors.

Empowering Women

Apostle Busola Jegede’s passion for empowering women extends beyond the spiritual realm. Through initiatives like the Destiny Business Institute, she equips women with entrepreneurial skills and helps them unlock opportunities for success. Additionally, her ministry extends to mentorship, counseling, and empowering women in various spheres of life.

Ministry and Outreach

Apostle Busola Jegede’s ministry encompasses a wide spectrum of activities aimed at nurturing and transforming lives. From vibrant prison ministries to establishing prayer groups worldwide, she is deeply committed to mobilizing women to fulfill their divine destinies. Her teachings, counseling sessions, and written works provide practical guidance for Christian living, particularly relevant to women.

Author and Speaker

A gifted writer and sought-after speaker, Apostle Busola Jegede has authored several impactful books, including “Revival and Breakthrough Prayers for the Winning Christian,” “Pillars of Destiny,” and “The Secret Place of the Most High.” Her speaking engagements at conferences and seminars inspire audiences to pursue spiritual growth and personal development.

Family and Legacy

Apostle Busola Jegede is happily married to Kayode Jegede, an Engineer, and together they are blessed with three wonderful boys. Their family exemplifies the principles of love, faith, and unity.

For more information about Apostle Busola Jegede and her ministry, visit Daughters of Destiny Interdenominational Fellowship or Busola Jegede’s Official Website. You can also follow her on Twitter @busola_jegede or  her insightful videos on YouTube.

Apostle Busola Jegede’s dedication to prayer, empowerment, and ministry continues to impact lives around the world, leaving a lasting legacy of faith, hope, and transformation.

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Grand Finale
Saturday June 8th BLING Dinner Award recognition/Buffet @ work of Fame Chinese Restaurant Brampton.

Apostle Busola Jegede’s dedication to prayer, empowerment, and ministry continues to impact lives around the world, leaving a lasting legacy of faith, hope, and transformation

For additional information about Apostle Busola Jegede and her ministry, individuals can visit Daughters of Destiny Interdenominational Fellowship or access Busola Jegede’s Official Website. Further updates and insights can be found by following @busola_jegede on Twitter or exploring her collection of insightful videos on YouTube.

Apostle Busola Jegede’s unwavering dedication to prayer, empowerment, and ministry continues to impact lives globally, leaving behind a profound legacy of faith, hope, and transformation.

Olayinka Ekenkwo, affectionately known as Hephzibah, stands as a source of inspiration and dedication in her devotion to faith, service, and legal advocacy. With an unwavering passion for God and a profound mission to guide others to Jesus Christ, Olayinka’s journey unfolds as a remarkable testament to her commitment and purpose.

Early Beginnings and Spiritual Awakening

From her early years in Ibadan, Nigeria, Olayinka’s journey has been marked by a deep-rooted commitment to her faith. Graduating from the esteemed University of Ibadan with a Bachelor of Arts degree, she embarked on a path that would intertwine her spiritual calling with her professional endeavors.

A Call to Serve

In 1987, Olayinka took a transformative step by surrendering her life to Christ, igniting a flame of passion for evangelism, intercession, and prayer. Embracing her role as a vessel for God’s work, she dedicated herself wholeheartedly to serving others and spreading the message of salvation.

Balancing Faith, Career, and Legal Advocacy

While her spiritual journey flourished, Olayinka also pursued a career in the corporate world, beginning as a personnel officer and later ascending to the role of Human Resources Manager. Her dedication and perseverance propelled her forward, leading to opportunities for growth and advancement. In addition to her corporate endeavors, Olayinka pursued legal studies, earning recognition from the Law Society of Ontario in 2018.

Seeking an Impactful Speaker for Your Event?

Look no further! With a wealth of experience spanning from her teenage years, Olayinka Ekenkwo has honed her skills as a moderator, presenter, master of ceremonies, and preacher. From her early days as a television continuity announcer and program presenter at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in Ibadan, Nigeria, to countless engagements at weddings, birthdays, and social events, Olayinka brings a unique blend of professionalism, charisma, and passion to every occasion. Make your event unforgettable with Olayinka Ekenkwo as your speaker!

Elevate Your Potential with Expert Coaching

Discover the transformative power of coaching with Olayinka Ekenkwo, a dedicated advocate for continuous growth and improvement. With a passion for passing on knowledge and making a lasting impact, Olayinka offers comprehensive coaching services tailored to career advancement, personal development, and spiritual growth.

In the realm of career, Olayinka provides invaluable advisory services aimed at helping you achieve your professional aspirations.

On a personal level, she believes in the importance of continual self-improvement, offering tools and strategies to enhance your value and relevance.

As a spiritual coach, Olayinka’s guidance is rooted in the truth of the Holy Bible, providing a solid foundation for a life of purpose.

No matter your area of need, Olayinka Ekenkwo stands ready to coach you to the next level of success and fulfillment.

Empower Yourself Through Insightful Workshops and Seminars

Join Olayinka Ekenkwo for engaging seminars and workshops focused on personal growth and development. With expertise in various areas, Olayinka offers transformative sessions designed to help you unlock your potential and achieve your goals.

Explore topics such as discovering your purpose, activating and reactivating your dreams, pursuing a second career, and even realizing your potential as an author.

Empower yourself today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment with Olayinka Ekenkwo’s enlightening workshops. Book her via this link.

Elevate Your Prayer Life with Expert Guidance

At the School of Prayer, delve into the transformative power of prayer with Olayinka Ekenkwo. Gain access to biblical techniques that address any area of concern and receive prayer bullets guaranteed to bring victory over struggles.

In the School of Deliverance, issues are tackled at their root cause, not just their symptoms.

Sign up today here and unlock the full potential of your prayer life with Olayinka Ekenkwo.

Ensure a Solid Foundation for Your Relationship with Purpose-Driven Courtship

Embark on a journey of purpose-driven courtship to safeguard against the pitfalls of failed marriages. Join her classes and receive expert guidance to fully prepare for the journey ahead. Join via this link

Legal Advocacy with a Focus on Social Justice

Discover Olayinka Ekenkwo’s practice specializing in employment law, human rights, citizenship and immigration, wills and estates, real estate, and business law. Serving the Town of Ajax, Durham Region, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice, Bowmanville, Peterborough, Newcastle, and Scarborough, Olayinka is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to the public.

Olayinka takes pride in her social justice-oriented practice, focusing on workplace harassment and discrimination violation issues. She advocates for employees experiencing discrimination, bullying, or harassment in the workplace, and educates employers on their human rights obligations.

Connect with her via this link for her legal services.


Dr. Juliet M. Daniel is a trailblazing cancer researcher who has dedicated her life to making groundbreaking contributions in the field of biology. In a world where survival can be an arduous battle, Dr. Daniel rises above the challenges, defying the odds and leaving an indelible mark on the lives of others. With unwavering dedication and a passion for scientific exploration, Dr. Juliet M. Daniel has become a prominent figure in the field of cancer research. Her innovative work and groundbreaking discoveries have the potential to transform our understanding of cancer, offering hope and improved outcomes for countless individuals.

Born in Barbados and now a proud Canadian, Dr. Juliet Daniel is a beacon of inspiration, using her expertise and passion to revolutionize our understanding of cancer and pave the way for new treatments and therapies. As a biology professor at McMaster University, her relentless pursuit of knowledge and her unwavering dedication to her research have positioned her as a leading figure in the scientific community.

Join us as we uncover the extraordinary life and achievements of Dr. Juliet M. Daniel—a woman whose commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and improving the lives of cancer patients has made her a true force to be reckoned with.

Dr. Juliet M. Daniel’s Educational Journey

Dr. Juliet M. Daniel’s educational journey is marked by personal tragedies, unyielding determination, and a relentless pursuit of scientific knowledge. Her path began at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where she embarked on her bachelor’s degree in life sciences. It was a transformative time for Juliet, as she left the familiarity of her home in Barbados and ventured into the world of academia.

During her last year of undergraduate studies, tragedy struck, shaping the course of her life and career. The loss of her neighbor to breast cancer followed by her mother’s diagnosis of ovarian cancer deeply impacted Juliet. Six months after her mother’s diagnosis, she tragically lost herself to the disease. These profound experiences ignited a fire within her, driving her to dedicate her life to understanding and combatting cancer.

Motivated by her personal experiences, Juliet continued her educational journey by pursuing a Ph.D. in microbiology at the University of British Columbia. The allure of a warmer climate in British Columbia enticed her, especially after enduring chilly Ontario winters. Under the guidance of esteemed mentors, she delved into cutting-edge research, seeking to unravel the mysteries of cancer biology.

Dr. Juliet M. Daniel’s Career Journey

Following the completion of her Ph.D., Dr. Daniel embarked on postdoctoral research fellowships at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. These experiences further deepened her understanding of cancer and provided invaluable opportunities to collaborate with leading scientists in the field. Her time in Tennessee honed her research skills, broadened her perspective, and set the stage for her future contributions as a cancer biologist.

In 1999, Dr. Juliet M. Daniel achieved a significant milestone in her career by joining McMaster University as an Assistant Professor. Her appointment was record-breaking, as she became the first Black female scientist to be hired by the university. Despite a field still predominantly dominated by white men, Dr. Daniel’s presence and achievements serve as an inspiration for aspiring scientists from underrepresented backgrounds.

Throughout her tenure at McMaster University, Dr. Daniel has made remarkable contributions to the field of cancer research. Her expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment to scientific discovery have propelled her to the forefront of the scientific community. As a Professor and Cancer Biologist in the Department of Biology, she continues to push the boundaries of knowledge, seeking to unravel the complexities of cancer and develop innovative approaches to treatment and prevention.

Dr. Daniel fosters diversity and inclusion within the scientific community. Recognizing the need for greater representation, she has actively worked towards increasing the number of Black cancer researchers in Canada.

Dr. Juliet M. Daniel Pioneering Research

Dr. Juliet M. Daniel

Among its contributions is Daniel’s pioneering work on triple-negative breast cancers (TNBC) as well as their impact on underserved populations. She has opened up new avenues of research with her discovery of the Kaiso gene. Additionally, she also sheds light on how cancer spreads and replicates.

The presence of this particular subtype of breast cancer disproportionately affects Black and Hispanic women, highlighting the need for targeted treatment research.

A key goal of Dr. Daniel’s research is to identify genes or markers that may contribute to racial disparities in TNBC prevalence and mortality. Through the study of TNBC genetics and molecular details, Dr. Daniel hopes to improve cancer outcomes for women worldwide suffering from this challenging form of cancer.

Through her research, Dr. Daniel is not only advancing scientific knowledge but also striving to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by cancer, particularly in underserved communities.

Professional Achievements and Recognition

Dr. Daniel has prestigious awards and honors in recognition of her contributions. She has received grants and funding from esteemed organizations and institutions, such as the (CIHR), (NSERC), and the U.S.  (CDMRP) Breast Cancer IDEA Awards. These funding opportunities have allowed her to continue exploring cancer research and create new avenues for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

She was also honored with prestigious awards like the Ontario Premier’s Research Excellence Award, the Hamilton Black History Month John C. Holland Professional Achievement Award, and the African Canadian Achievement Award of Excellence in Science. These accolades highlight her outstanding contributions to cancer research and recognize her as a leader in the scientific community.

Dr. Daniel has received the Hamilton YWCA Women of Distinction Award, the BBPA Harry Jerome Award, and the Barbados National Honor Gold Crown of Merit. Her mentoring efforts are recognized through the National Let’s Talk Science Program and various non-profit organizations.

Dr. Daniel’s dedication to promoting diversity in science has earned her respect and admiration. Her exceptional professional achievements and recognition showcase her profound impact on cancer research and advocacy. Her discoveries, numerous awards, and commitment to diversity have solidified her status as a leading figure in the scientific community.

Mentoring is a two-way street. I actually do quite a bit of work in the mentoring field–I am a mentor, I have a mentor, and I help train people to be good mentors. Your career is part of your life, and great mentoring changes you deeply, not just the way you work. Here are four tips for mentors and mentees alike:

Look for clues of success
Successful people are successful for a reason. People who have achieved greatness in an area of their lives are typically using great strategies. And these people tend to make excellent mentors. So when looking for a mentor, look for the clues of success. Think about what is important to you and the things you want to achieve personally and professionally. Do you want to be a better businessperson, mother, leader, yogi, speaker, writer, etc.? Start to look for people around you who exemplify the skills you want to acquire.

Mentoring goes both ways
To be sustainable and healthy, mentoring must be a two-way street. Both parties need to give 110% to the relationship. This ensures that the mentor and mentee continually learn from each other. Give as much to your mentor (or mentee) as he or she gives to you. And if you are looking for a mentor, actively seek out ways to add value to their life as well. Understand what matters most to them and find ways to contribute.

There is no one-size-fits-all
No one can (or should) guide you in all facets of your life. I actively seek out different mentors in a variety of areas in my life such as fitness, finance, public speaking, etc. For example, I’m expecting a baby girl, so I reached out to mothers and daughters and asked them to share their wisdom with me. Identify growth opportunities in your life and think outside the box.

Change your definition
A mentor is someone whose life or work you value and admire, and whom you think might be a good guide. These days, a mentor can be any age, in any field, so stop thinking of a mentor in traditional terms. Too often we limit our mentors to those “above us.” Don’t let a persons age, title, or experience pigeonhole your thinking.

 -Camille Preston

source: Fortune Insiders