Jenifa’s Diary


Every viewer of the popular drama series, ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ knows her as Adaku. But she is a trained lawyer, who veered into broadcast media and now an On Air Personality whose name is Omotunde Adebowale David. Also called aka Lolo 1, she opens up on her status as a single mother in this interview.

On What Excite her 

I love it when I see my dreams coming to pass. It could be so exciting when things take shape; it is such a sweet feeling.

Handling Trolls online

I tell people ‘don’t look at online people, they are children; just ignore them.’  What I just do is look and move on. If it bothers me so much I delete you and block you because the more you answer the more you are misunderstood. The truth is that some people out there are just crying out for attention. You don’t need to focus on them.

Coping as a single mum of one

I am not divorced yet I am still in the process. We are in court already and it will be done in a few months. Being a single mom is one of the most challenging things I have ever faced and I am writing a book because a lot of people demonize single moms. There is no rule book that tells you this is how you should go about it, you learn as you grow older. You face a lot of challenges. What I do is focus on the important which is the up-bringing of my children. In my case, my kids’ father and I talk; we have a good relationship. But the only thing is that we don’t live in the same house and the kids relate well with both parents.

Giving Marriage a second shot

I would love to be married again. I won’t tell you if I am waiting for it to come. I am just asking God to help me get through this. However, if I meet someone I consider good enough, that would understand me; of course, I will be willing to try again because marriage is a great institution.

My love for Funke Akindele really knows no bound since the ‘Jenifa’s diary’ has found its way to our screen,tabs,phones and laptops giving us reasons to forget Nigeria’s economic recession while it last. And yes! The mimics too, its trending.

But beyond the comedy is a bundle of life lessons. The theme song about Jenifa as a go-getter and her willingness to be at her best, of course beyond the gender borders,financial or social disability is a reason to succeed. Be your best overcome hurdles, set a path to tread for younger women and let your success be a force to motivate other women.

Woman! Thou art loosed! How many times you have failed isn’t an excuse not to try again. Always see a reason to succeed amidst pointers of failure.Be your own Jenifa! Make mistakes,learn from them and set the records straight for good.

And Kudos to Funke Akindele, you’ve done well ma’am.


With Love As Usual,


Are you bothered about women that has broken your desired record? Not to worry, do your best and you will shine as you and not them. Believe in yourself and Success will be your companion.