Freedom is an amazingly powerful part of life. Some of us have it all and some of us wish we had more, but we all have the most important freedom of all.

According to Dr. Viktor E Frank , “The last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” –

How often have you stopped to think about how free you are?

Today and everyday forward, I encourage you to embrace what we have at our fingertips. Make the below a part of your everyday life and allow yourself to live freely.

What makes us, as humans, free?

We are free to smile, laugh and play to our hearts content.

We are free to have an idea and create a career out of it.

 We are free to spend time with the people we love.

We are free to read and learn and to use our knowledge to teach and help others.

We are free to be as healthy and treat our bodies with as much respect as we want.

Every person in this world is free to choose their thoughts. We are all free to choose the meaning we give to life’s occurrences. No matter our circumstances, however wonderful or terrible, no one can take our freedom to choose our reactions to what life throws our way.

Life will not always go right. In fact at times it may feel like it’s gone terribly wrong. That’s all part of the journey. It is during these crucibles that it is on each of us to choose the meaning that most serves our life situation.

Choose your thoughts wisely. They are the only thing that can’t be taken away.

What do you do to feel free on a daily basis? What empowering meanings do you give to your experiences? Share in the comments section below.


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Nigerian singer, Aituaje Iruobe a.k.a Waje, in a bid to create awareness about societal issues and how to they can be overcomed, shared an inspiring story tagged #MyFreedomStory on Instagram.

According to the ”Omini knowest” crooner, she could have been a commercial worker battling with several sexually transmitted diseases(STDs) but instead she used the opportunity given to her to become an award winning song writer and musician.

She wrote:

”I could have been that commercial sex worker with no hope for the future, living in the slum and wondering if the next STD I contract would end my life BUT because of the opportunity given to me, I have become an award winning vocalist and songwriter and a voice for generations, leaving an indelible mark in the music industry and my country.This is


”Together we can transform more lives in our communities. Visit www.freedomfoundationng.org to help transform a life. @freedom_fdn #TransformAlifeToday”