Emily Wale-Koya


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Azeezat Adejare: Lawyer and Culinary Entrepreneur

Fireside Chat

Azeezat Adejare is a figure of legal understanding and culinary innovation. A licensed attorney, she has woven her expertise through the fabric of legal practice, earning recognition for her commitment to justice and client advocacy. Beyond the courtroom, Azeezat has embraced her passion for African cuisine, establishing herself as a culinary entrepreneur. She is a pioneer in redefining and promoting African food, intertwining cultural heritage with contemporary taste, garnering her admiration within the culinary community.

Her achievements span diverse realms, reflecting her multifaceted interests and capabilities. Azeezat’s journey is a testament to her versatility and dedication, breaking stereotypes and fostering community through her dual pursuits. Her work has garnered attention, positioning her as a community pillar elevating African cuisine and advocating for legal empowerment.

Chinanza Favour Youth Ambassador and Author

Fireside Chat

Chinanza Favour is a distinguished Youth Ambassador and Author whose work has made a substantial impact in the realms of personal transformation and global empowerment. Hailing from Nigeria, she has become a beacon of inspiration for her dedication to fostering positive change and uplifting communities.

Chinaza is a Youth Ambassador who advocates for education, leadership, and personal development. She also works towards gender equality and youth empowerment at local and international levels. as an author and in youth empowerment, she highlights her commitment to positively impacting the world, especially among young people seeking personal growth and global empowerment.

Wendy Wintech: Content Creator and Youtuber

Fireside Chat

Wendy, or Chyluv, is an award-winning tech professional with a decade of experience. She serves as a Senior Agile Business Analyst at a major North American logistics company and is a Program Manager at BlackTECH. Wendy is passionate about bridging gender inequality in the tech industry and has earned recognition, including the Community Champion Award and Women in Tech Excellence Award. She holds a degree in Computer Science and a master’s in Human Capital Management, with expertise in Business Development, Agile Business Analysis, Strategy, and Content Creation. Wendy is also certified in several areas. She values quality time with her family, including her spouse and four children.

Rinret Gofwan: Mental Health Expert

Fireside Chat

Rinret Gofwan, an expert in behavioral change and emotional well-being, specializes in trauma therapy, emotional intelligence coaching, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). With a strong educational background, she holds degrees from the University of Abuja, the University of Jos, and the University of Maiduguri, including a Master’s in International Relations and Strategic Studies. Rinret is also the visionary founding director of the Miriam Gofwan Women and Children Foundation.

Emily Wale-koya: Women’s Empowerment Coach

Fireside Chat

Emily Wale-Koya is a renowned figure in personal branding and online entrepreneurship. With a background in law, Emily transitioned into the digital space and has since made a significant impact. She created the School of Personal Branding to assist people in uncovering and optimizing their brands.

Emily’s accomplishments are notable. She has successfully coached and mentored numerous individuals, empowering them to transform their online presence into profitable ventures. She empowers women through Women of Rubies by sharing insights and experiences.

Emily Wale-Koya’s LinkedIn profile showcases her extensive personal branding and entrepreneurship expertise. Her impressive achievements include turning dreams into 7-figure realities, a testament to her dedication and proficiency in the field. Her journey from law to digital entrepreneurship exemplifies the power of reinvention and the pursuit of one’s passion to succeed in the ever-evolving online landscape.

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Emily Wale-Koya, a renowned author, speaker, consultant, and coach, is one of those exceptional individuals who stand out as shining beacons of success and empowerment in a world where digital entrepreneurship is rapidly on the rise. With a track record of empowering over 12,000 students to build 6-7-figure businesses online, Emily’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

A Devoted Mother and a Visionary Entrepreneur

Emily Wale-Koya is more than just a business maven. She is a devoted mother of four, and her journey is a testament to the incredible power of determination and resilience. In an era where many believe that achieving professional success means sacrificing personal life, Emily defies this stereotype.

Emily’s journey into the world of digital entrepreneurship began with a desire to provide a better future for her family. Her vision was clear: she wanted to build a successful online business while maintaining her role as a dedicated mother. This drive led her to master the art of e-commerce, online marketing, and personal branding.

Empowering Thousands with Knowledge

What sets Emily apart is her commitment to sharing her knowledge and helping others succeed. With over 12,000 students trained, her courses have been a transformative force in the lives of many aspiring entrepreneurs. She imparts not only the technical skills required for online success but also the mindset and determination that are crucial for long-term growth.

Emily’s courses cover a wide range of topics, including e-commerce, digital marketing, personal branding, and entrepreneurship. Her students hail from various backgrounds and levels of expertise, and her teaching style is both engaging and informative. Her approach is practical, focusing on actionable strategies and real-world experiences.

A Two Million Dollar Success Story

Over the past five years, Emily has leveraged her expertise to generate over $2 million in sales for her clients. This extraordinary achievement underscores her deep understanding of the digital landscape and her ability to craft and implement successful business strategies. Emily’s clients have benefited not only from her wealth of knowledge but also from her unwavering commitment to their success.

Recognition on a Global Scale

Emily Wale-Koya’s impact is not confined to her students and clients alone. Her expertise and empowering messages have been featured in various conferences, television shows, and international blogs. Her insights are sought after by those looking to unlock the secrets of online success and personal branding.

The School of Personal Branding

In her quest to empower individuals further, Emily Wale-Koya founded the highly regarded “School of Personal Branding.” This institution has become a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking to make their mark in the digital world. The School of Personal Branding is a testament to Emily’s vision of nurturing personal brands and helping individuals stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

Emily Wale-Koya’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and the belief that success in the digital age is achievable while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. She is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a dedicated mother and a generous mentor to thousands. Her impact is not limited to her students, clients, or readers; it extends far beyond, inspiring a new generation of digital entrepreneurs. Emily’s journey reminds us that with the right mindset, knowledge, and determination, we can empower ourselves to achieve remarkable success in the online world.