Yes, women are not allowed to give birth in the village.

What happens is that when a pregnant woman is in labor, she’s taken out of the village and allowed to return only after the child is born.

A pregnant woman spoke to the BBC, asking that the practice be abolished.

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From being kicked out of her home at 17, to getting fired from a grocery store and then working as a stripper, Cardi B shared her story with Maurice DuBois, talking about her very public persona, her social media presence, and the challenges she’s had to face in her career.

“It’s been an extraordinary year for Cardi B, the woman who keeps beating the odds,” the platform said of Cardi.

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BBC’s documentary has revealed that among the Becheve tribe of Cross River, girls are sold into marriages, sometimes before they are even born, to settle debts.

Described as “money marriage,” and the girls as “money wives,” these girls are owned by their husbands in exchange for money lent to their parents.

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