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On April 6th and 7th, a dynamic two-day event packed with inspiration and insights unfolded as the Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp took participants on a journey of empowerment and education. Hosted via Zoom, this virtual gathering brought together women from diverse backgrounds, eager to elevate their brands and amplify their voices in the media landscape.

Day 1: Setting the Stage for Success

Highlights from the Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp
Patricia Bebia Mawa, Vice President, Afroglobal TV

The excitement was palpable on April 6th as Patricia Bebeia Mawa, the keynote speaker, shared her remarkable journey of building the largest Black-owned media outfit in Canada. With Afroglobal and Silvertrust Media, she charted a path of consistency, clear goals, and unwavering focus. Her message resonated deeply with attendees, setting the tone for the transformative day ahead.

 Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp
Ruth Aliu, Founder, Techity Consulting

Ruth Aliu, founder of Techity Consulting, delved into the critical realm of cybersecurity and digital presence. She emphasized the importance of safeguarding one’s online assets and leveraging the right platforms to enhance brand visibility.

Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp
Councillor Cheraldean Duhaney, Ward 1, Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury

Councillor Cheraldean Duhaney, the first Black woman to hold her position in the Town of West Gwillimbury, inspired participants to claim their seats at the table and persevere in the face of challenges.

Career coach Chekwube Uchea captivated the audience with her personal narrative of career transition, offering a roadmap for those seeking to navigate their professional journeys. Through candid reflections and practical advice, Uchea underscored the transformative power of self-investment, urging participants to prioritize their personal and professional development.

Erica Effah, Founder, Erica Tiwaa

In another enlightening session, Erica Effah, a Toronto-based content marketing guru, shared her expertise on crafting effective content strategies and fostering community engagement. With a wealth of industry experience, Effah offered invaluable insights into the nuances of content creation and distribution, highlighting the importance of authenticity and audience engagement. Her actionable tips and strategies provided attendees with the tools they need to leverage content as a powerful tool for brand growth and community building.

Chiddie Anyasodo, Co-founder, Chotayah

Furthermore, relationship coach Chiddie Anyasodo delved into the critical role of nurturing healthy relationships for both personal and professional growth. Through her engaging presentation, Anyasodo emphasized the interconnectedness of relationships and success, underscoring the importance of fostering meaningful connections in both professional and personal spheres. Her insights served as a reminder that cultivating strong relationships is not only essential for professional advancement but also integral to overall well-being and fulfillment. Attendees left the session equipped with practical strategies for cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships, poised to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

Nike-Kay Okunubi of Niki Kay Clothing shared her expertise in fashion and encouraged women to embrace their unique style.

The day concluded on April 6th with heartfelt gratitude from Esther Ijewere, the founder of Women of Rubies, who expressed appreciation for the speakers and sponsors who made the event possible.

Day 2: Empowering Through Storytelling and Financial Education

Women of Rubies Media Visibility Bootcamp
Damilola Ajibade, Founder, The Journey Amplified

Day 2, which unfolded on April 7th, began with an inspiring session led by Damilola Ajibade, who shared her compelling immigrant experience. Through the lens of her own journey, Ajibade illuminated the transformative power of storytelling, particularly through the medium of photography. Her narrative underscored the importance of embracing one’s unique background and experiences as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Women of Rubies Media Visibility Bootcamp
Katrice Bent, Founder, Katrice Justice

Following Ajibade’s impactful session, financial educator Katrice Justice took the virtual stage to impart crucial insights on financial literacy for business owners. With a focus on practical financial management techniques, Justice emphasized the importance of understanding cash flow, budgeting, and strategic financial planning. Her guidance provided attendees with actionable steps to strengthen their financial foundations and support long-term business success.

Fola Adegoke, Founder, Winfinite Consulting

As the day progressed, cybersecurity expert Fola Adegoke delivered a compelling message urging women to break barriers and explore opportunities in traditionally male-dominated sectors. Drawing from her own expertise, Adegoke highlighted the critical need for gender diversity in fields such as cybersecurity. She emphasized the value of women’s perspectives and contributions in shaping innovative solutions and driving industry progress. Through her empowering words, Adegoke encouraged women to embrace their potential as trailblazers and catalysts for change in traditionally underrepresented domains.

Esther Ijewere urged participants to leverage the knowledge gained to propel their brands forward and invited them to join the Rubies Collective community for continued support and resources. Emcees Ejiro Osakede and Oluwatoyn Ogunade kept the energy high throughout the sessions on April 7th, ensuring an engaging and empowering experience for all.

Participant Feedback:

Attendees raved about the wealth of knowledge and inspiration gained from the BootCamp. Many praised the diverse lineup of speakers and the practical advice shared, expressing eagerness to implement newfound strategies in their professional endeavors. The sense of community and support fostered throughout the event left a lasting impact, empowering women to strive for success and visibility in the media industry.

Women of Rubies Media Visibility Bootcamp

Women of Rubies Media Visibility Bootcamp

In conclusion, the Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp on April 6th and 7th proved to be a transformative experience, equipping women with the tools and confidence to make their mark in the media landscape.

As we celebrate the achievements of these trailblazing women, let us continue to support and uplift one another on the journey toward gender equality and empowerment.

Stay Tuned:

For those who missed out or want to revisit the enlightening sessions, the BootCamp replay will soon be made available via womenofrubies.com/mvbc3.

Welcome to a sneak peek into the upcoming Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp 3.0! We’re thrilled to present the third edition of this transformative event, scheduled to take place on April 6th and 7th, starting at 1pm EST each day. As a quarterly event, the BootCamp brings together an array of inspiring speakers and thought leaders to empower women in their media journey.

Meet the speakers;

Ruth Aliu: Empowering Entrepreneurs with Tech Expertise

mvbc speakers

Ruth Aliu, the visionary founder of Techity Consulting, will be delving into “Tech Strategies for Small Business Success: Website Maintenance, Support, Cybersecurity.” With her extensive experience in IT and entrepreneurship, Ruth will provide valuable insights into essential tech strategies tailored for small business success. Attendees can expect to gain practical knowledge on website maintenance, tech support, and cybersecurity to thrive in the digital landscape.

Chiddie Anyasodo: Powering Relationships with Visionary Coaching

Media Visibility Bootcamp 3

Chiddie Anyasodo, a professional Relationship Coach and Matchmaker, renowned for her creation of Power Couple Relationships through her luxury service, Chotayah, will be sharing her insights at the boot camp. With her background in engineering and a career in Fortune 500 companies, Chiddie brings a wealth of problem-solving skills and leadership to her entrepreneurial ventures. Her journey through failed relationships fuels her passion for helping others find fulfilling partnerships. Described as respectful and practical, Chiddie combines visionary thinking with practical experience in coaching and strategizing.

Erica Effah: Transforming Content Strategies with Data-Driven Expertise

Media Visibility Bootcamp 3

Erica Effah, a Toronto-based content marketing professional with over 7 years of experience in D2C and B2B tech spaces, will be one of the distinguished speakers. Her journey from digital creation to becoming a Content Marketing Strategist, propelling startups from seed to Series A funding, showcases her expertise. Erica’s data-driven approach prioritizes efficiency and business growth, making her insights invaluable for attendees seeking to optimize their content strategies.

Chekwube Uchea: Nurturing Career Aspirations in the Tech Industry

Media Visibility Bootcamp 3

Chekwube Uchea, Founder of CLUDIVE and GEMMA CLEANS, will be leading the session “Navigating Career Transitions: Strategies for Success.” Drawing from her own journey and expertise, Chekwube will share valuable strategies and tips for navigating career transitions with confidence. Whether attendees are seeking new opportunities or exploring new paths, Chekwube’s session will provide actionable insights to empower their career journey.

Nike Kay-Okunubi: Cultivating Growth Through Innovative Fashion

Media Visbility Bootcamp 3

Nike Kay-Okunubi, the Founder/Creative Director of NIKI KAY, introduces an African-inspired women’s clothing brand known for its unique style and exceptional quality. Originating in Nigeria in 2013 and later registered in Canada in 2020, NIKI KAY evolved into a Ready-to-Wear label upon its Canadian reformation. Nike’s proficiency in business development, marketing, and customer relations, coupled with her background in Business Management and Finance, has enabled her to achieve consistent growth in her business. Her expertise supports numerous small businesses in achieving growth through innovative financing solutions and strategic planning.

As we anticipate the Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp, attendees can look forward to absorbing insights and inspiration from these remarkable speakers. This event promises to empower participants to elevate their visibility and impact in the media landscape. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from this exciting event!

Media Visibility Bootcamp 3

Grab your ticket here

Women of Rubies, a renowned platform dedicated to celebrating and empowering women, is excited to unveil the lineup of distinguished speakers for its highly anticipated Media Visibility BootCamp 3.0. Scheduled for April 6th and 7th, this transformative event promises invaluable insights to all attendees.

Among the esteemed speakers for the BootCamp are; TV Host and Wealth Creation Coach, Tope Mark-Odigie; Financial Educator, Katrice Justice; Fashion Creative Director, Nike Kay-Okunubi, and Career and Transition Coach; Chekwube Uchea, among other industry experts. Each speaker brings expertise in media visibility, offering strategies to elevate personal and professional brands.

Joining them are six additional speakers, including Damilola Ajibade, founder of The Journey Amplified, Fola Adegoke, founder of Winfinite Consulting, Chiddie Anyasodo, Relationship Coach, Dr. Kelechi Okoro, Health Influencer and Medical Doctor, Checkwube Uchea, Career and transition coach, Ruth Aliu, Founder of Techity Consulting, and Erica Tiwaa, digital marketer and content creator.

The two-day event will feature insightful sessions and fireside chats conducted via Zoom, covering personal branding, storytelling, and leveraging digital platforms. Early bird tickets are available until March 14th, with Rubies Collective members receiving an extra 15 percent off. Membership details can be found at womenofrubies.com/RubiesCommunity

“We are thrilled to bring together such an exceptional lineup of speakers for our Media Visibility BootCamp 3.0,” says Esther Ijewere, Founder of Women of Rubies. “Our goal is to empower women with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today’s media-driven world. With the expertise and guidance of our speakers, attendees will leave feeling inspired, informed, and ready to take their visibility to new heights.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and connect with like-minded professionals at the Women of Rubies Media Visibility BootCamp 3.0. Register now to secure your spot and embark on a journey toward greater visibility and impact.

Read about MVBC 1.0 here and the second edition here

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For enquiries; email – mediabootcamp@womenofrubies.com

Maria Eneyi is the founder of Enechambs Foods,business that has grown significantly since she kicked off 2 years ago, from starting with a N55k capital to making over seven figures monthly.

Enechambs food is a virtual store that deals with seafoods and other raw food items. Maria and her team are on a journey of reducing sicknesses caused by wrong food handling practices, by ensuring raw foods are directly sourced, processed in a healthy environment, and as well packaged for maximum protection.

She has successfully established her business presence in Nigeria, African countries, European and American nations delivering neatly processed and packaged food at their doorsteps.

Maria has trained over one hundred students how to start a food packaging business through her Enechambs food Institute.

In her words, ‘Our mission is to become a household name for everything groceries shopping within and outside Nigeria. In this interview with Esther Ijewere, the public administration graduate shares her inspiring story.

Childhood Influence

I was born in the very early 1990’s in the  city of Kaduna state,  tudun wada precisely before the Sharia crisis of 2020,I could remember accompanying my mum during holidays and midterm breaks to sell cooked food at a spot popularly known as “mama put “ then, we took hot rice to those who couldn’t come to her stand to buy food. There I learnt how to serve customers with a smiling face and greeting them so they can come back the next day.

Maria Eneyi
Maria Eneyi, CEO- Enechambs Food

After the crisis, my mom had a provision and cosmetics shop at the Central market in Kaduna where I accompanied my mum to the store whenever I was on holiday from the boarding school.

My dad also had a salon then where I visited mostly weekends as it was one of their busiest days where we had to provide errand services for women who came to make their hair.

So going to their stores helped me gain firsthand knowledge in marketing, Sales and customer relationship and has formed the basis of my success in business.

Inspiration behind Enechambs food

When I followed my mum to the market where her store was located, I saw first hand how foods were managed by the market men and women, how they used insecticides to wade off pests and rodents in their stores where these foods laid, how different hands will touch the raw foods and most times they end up not buying and then an unassuming customer  will come and buy.

I also saw how busy professionals rushed into the market between the hours of 4-6pm to shop for dinner and most times they got foods that are not as fresh as the morning set or foods that have been touched by different people which was a major turn off from an incredibly young age for me.

I have also met people who just do not like groceries shopping from the local market and on my own part is what I love

Having experienced all of these inspired me and I thought of how I could really make life easier and better for people by giving them a better food option and this gave birth to Enechambs food.

Enechambs Food is a virtual store that deals with all kinds of seafood like snails, dry fish’s prawns etc. and other raw food items like egusi, Ogbonno, palm oil, proteins of all sorts, tubers, grains etc.

We are on a journey to reducing sicknesses caused by wrong food handling practices, by ensuring raw foods are directly sourced, processed in a healthy environment, and as well, packaged for maximum protection.

The Journey so far

My journey so far has been one filled with so many lessons, difficulties all in the quest of evolving into a global brand.

When I started, I struggled with gaining the trust of people to patronize me and I remembered one time in the quest of looking for trust I sent some foodstuffs to Abuja to some persons who showed interest but, on the condition, they will pay after they receive the products.

After sending you will not believe they refused to pick up from the park giving one excuse to the other, one told me she has travelled with someone I spoke with before heading to the park, the others complained of where the park was located.

But look at us now, we are gradually making a name for ourselves that people do not hesitate to commit six figures even without knowing me.


Over time we have not really been faced with serious challenges But a few that we experience are:

  1. Logistics: Enechambs food being a virtual store means we take orders virtually and most times we send stuff outside Kaduna state and Nigeria too.

For the Nigerian deliveries,

There are times we get orders for perishables to the eastern other states but because of the situation of the road and the vehicles used for this purpose are halfway gone , items that are supposed to spend less than 24hours on the road spend more than that which isn’t good for business  so because of this constant experience, we were forced to stop collecting orders for perishables except the client want the tomatoes to be processed into paste.

Internationally, Nigerians in the Diaspora also wish they can still access all Nigerian foods most especially incredibly good Palm oil. So, getting the right route to send this item is usually difficult.

  1. Finance: for a very perfect finish of our processed foods, equipment is needed to achieve it. The food business is highly capital intensive and these equipment needed are not cheap and as a small business owner it is not easy gathering such money for equipment, so this is a significant challenge.

Also, in our quest of becoming recognized globally, our products need to be standardized by the appropriate bodies locally and internationally and all these costs a lot of money.

Why I resigned from my Teaching Job

As a subject teacher, I was taking four (4) subjects, I have three (3) kids and no house assistance. There are days we process food like snails or meat for export till 2-3am then we rest for 1-2 hours before we start preparing for work.

This was not the life I had imagined as growing up, I saw how my parents owned their time and made decisions and this had already been factored in my head.

 After the covid pandemic when I started my business, after a year I noticed some months, I made more than my salary and some months I made close to or my actual salary.

After 1 year My business grew into making over 6-7 figures in turnover and then I knew there was more from where it was coming if only I gave the business the desired attention it needed.

Although, I struggled to make up my mind as I was already attached to my students but then I wanted to be free so I can do more. Eventually I did and it has been an amazing journey.

How my work inspired other women

Managing business and family is not a walk in the park. But because of how determined I am to succeed in this business all the things happening around me never discouraged me but fueled me more.

I remember when I was working there were days I kept my kids in the custody of my neighbor or locked them in the house after I came back from work by 3:30pm to do market runs.

There were also days I would leave them in school in the custody of the Nannies or security to pick up or drop off items.

So, some months back, my neighbors and I were having a talk and one was asking me how I manage my business, three kids with no domestic assistance and how my house and immediate surroundings are always intact, so she had to tell herself to sit-up. Guess what? She has recently just started her business from home too!!

I’ve had women write me,  telling me how I inspire them on social media  and how they will like to do what I do but they have  kids below the ages of 5 and 10 and don’t think they can do  it and when I open up to them that I also have 3 kids with no help they are always shocked as to how I do it… most of them have dropped their excuses and have started pursuing their dreams.

Other projects and activities

Right now, there are no other projects, we are only focused on this business and how we can scale up, get licensed by the appropriate bodies, sit on international shelves, and become a household name and globally recognized.

What I enjoy most about my job

What I enjoy so much about this business is the joy that fills our customers’ faces when they receive their package within and outside Nigeria. Aside from the joy, it gives me a sense of fulfillment when my clients do not have to bother about stocking up for themselves, loved ones or parents. The feeling of solving a major food problem is what I enjoy. Serving you undiluted, Unadulterated, cleaned, processed, and neatly packaged food stuffs is my calling

Three women who inspire me and why

Chiddie Anyasado: Meeting her changed my entire life and reduced the time I would have spent finding my feet.

After she placed an order with us to be delivered to the United Kingdom, she announced us to her audience and her entire tribe came knocking on our doors.

Since then, our business went up and turnover increased to over 100%. She is so meek, supportive and a pacesetter. She has refined and brought a lot of hidden potentials in me.

Numerous times she has challenged me in so many ways. Her approach to matters is also quite different from the normal and a huge inspiration to me.

Ifeyinwa Ighodalo:  How this woman started a business at 52 years of age after she and her partner parted ways surprises me.

What I learnt from her, despite living a comfortable lifestyle and having it all, her love and concern for the welfare of her former workers made her come back to doing business and even better. Following her lessons made me understand that your staff are also a major priority.

Ayodeji Megbope: Remember that lady who sold Moi Moi in the white House?  how a complete novice in business was able to learn all those stuffs like accounting, bookkeeping and all that. I tell myself if she can do it I also can. She is also one confident woman who knows what she is capable of doing and one who is not ashamed. I see a lot of her qualities in me and it is a major strength for me.

Being a Woman of Rubies

My ability to stand tall even amid all the challenges leveled up against me that would have brought my end makes me a gallant woman of ruby.

How I am scaling up despite the economy


I constantly show up and I deliver well. I reach out to anyone who I feel can help me as a person or brand. This has brought so much help, referrals to the point I don’t even know if the economy is bad anymore.


A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Chiddie Anyasodo is the co-founder of Chotayah, a high-end executive matchmaking service for professional Africans all over the world. Through the platform, Chiddie and her husband Ben, have helped many African singles discover and route out the obstacles preventing them from being in a healthy relationship. Chiddie’s career path evolved from engineering into full entrepreneurship over the years. She has worked in different phases of the Upstream Oil and Gas industry – initially as an International Mobile Field Engineer with Schlumberger, working in different countries. She also worked as Business Development Manager, later joined another company as the Global Vice President for Commercial, before moving on to build her own businesses.

Chiddie Anyasodo, Co-founder- Chotayah

Having previously experienced numerous heartbreaking failed relationships, Chiddie understands relationship pains and so empathizes fully with clients. This understanding ignited her passion to study relationships, how people can find High value Spouses and build healthy fulfilling relationships in their own terms .

Chiddie coaches and strategizes with heart, bringing the perfect combination of visionary thinking and practical experience to her service.

Chiddie is happily married to Ben Anyasodo, they are both co-founders of their matchmaking platform, Chotayah

Ben and Chiddie Anyasodo, Co-founders – Chotayah

Ben and Chiddie have a proven track record of creating head-turning power couples who augment each others’ successes.

The services they’ve crafted for Chotayah are bespoke and exquisite, tailored to each client’s desires and challenges, and focus on putting the seeker back in complete control of finding their ideal mate.

Together they have helped many African singles discover and route out the obstacles.

About Chotayah

Chotayah has become the most trusted name in high-profile African matches and marriages.

Speaking on the inspiration behind Chotyah, the sought after relationship coach had this to say: “I got rejected many times with excuses like ‘you earn too much,’ ‘a woman shouldn’t earn more than a man’. ‘You are too boyish, too ambitious’. ‘Your job exposes you and makes you travel too much’ and ‘you won’t make a good wife’. ‘A successful woman will never respect a man’.

“At one point, I was told by some pastors and relatives that I had a spiritual problem. You can imagine. After praying so much and the cycle kept repeating, I decided to try alternative methods.

“First, I tried to use some Western dating sites like E-harmony and Match.com. But they always rejected my application as I was Nigerian. I also tried to hire a matchmaker in the USA then, but she didn’t work with people outside the USA.

“So, I decided to go on my own. That experience made me start reading and exploring what makes relationships work. I also got a relationship coach, started studying serial men and women who always seemed to have lots of attention from their love interest.

“I took everything I learnt and crafted my own strategy to find my man. It took me about 8/9 months to find my man and no more heart breaks. My friends who knew about all my negative experiences started using the same formula and it worked for them.

“And every day, I see so many people like me going through the same challenges that I went through. Successful high-flying people who have succeeded everywhere but seem they are not able to succeed in the love department.

“I then decided to go study matchmaking in the UK and Relationship Coaching in New York. My husband is a Behavioral Change Expert & Therapist. We decided to join our passion and expertise to give birth to Chotayah.”

To know more about Chiddie’s , Follow her via  her social media accounts below





Many singles  are seeking true love, love that is pure, safe and whole. Love that allows them to connect to their highest self, because they know that true love doesn’t need to be perfect, It just has to be true. Dating apps are fast becoming the “one stop centre” and go-to places to find companionship these days.

However, there is a more direct way to connect with your life partner, one that avails you the opportunity to have first hand information on your love interest, with zero stress. Chiddie Anyasodo and her husband Ben, are making this possible through their matchmaking platform “Chotayah”.

Chiddie’s career path evolved from engineering into full entrepreneurship over the years. She has worked in different phases of the Upstream Oil and Gas industry – initially as an International Mobile Field Engineer with Schlumberger, working in different countries. She also worked as Business Development Manager, she then joined another company as the Global Vice President for Commercial, before moving on to build her own businesses. The Electrical / Electronic Engineering graduate has been described as an eclectic love for developing ideas.

She is the other half of Chotayah, a high-end executive Matchmaking service for professional Africans all over the world. Chiddie and Ben have helped many African singles discover and route out the obstacles preventing them from being in a healthy relationship. Through Chotayah , they are transforming how the most elite African entrepreneurs and high networth individuals on the planet connect with their dream partners.

The amazing mom of 2,, Relationship Coah, and Professional Matchmaker shares her inspiring journey with Esther Ijewere in this exclusive interview.

 Childhood Influence

 Well, thinking about this, I saw my mom find wives for my uncles and I found it fascinating. I also set up friends and family for fun. I grew up in Owerri, a beautiful city in Eastern Nigeria. I am the first child and only daughter of my parents. I have 3 younger brothers. I have always been very independent, ambitious and strong-willed since I was a child. I was also a voracious reader. I was called a tomboy. I grew up shielded by my parents. I studied Electrical Engineering in the University. However, what really prepared me for this was my early 20’s when I started dating, I had so many bad experiences and I had no one really to guide me. Such topics were a taboo in my house. My mom was very prim and proper and you do not discuss boys and love. If a man admires you, he is expected to come and meet my parents and ask for my hand in my marriage. The times I tried to tell her I was in a relationship, she got very upset, told me it was disgraceful and sinful. It was also ironic that the same mom who didn’t think I should be in the same room with a man was also going to church and prayer houses, sowing seeds and praying for me to get married. lol

Inspiration behind Chotayah

Both hubby and I had challenges in finding the right person. There were so many myths about love and relationships which we practised then separately but were all wrong.  On my side, my dating experience was quite sad and filled with heartbreaks after heartbreaks.  My genotype was an issue. And for some people the fact that my mom died of cancer scared them away.

I got rejected many times with excuses like – you earn too much – a woman shouldn’t earn more than a man. You are too boyish, too ambitious. Your job exposes you and makes you travel too much and you won’t make a good wife. A successful woman will never respect a man. At one point, I was told by some pastors and relatives that I had a spiritual problem. You can imagine. After praying so much and the cycle kept repeating, I decided to try alternative methods. First, I tried to use some Western dating sites like E-harmony and Match.com but they always rejected my application as I was Nigerian. I also tried to hire a matchmaker in the USA then, but she didn’t work with people outside the USA. So, I decided to go on my own. That experience made me start reading and exploring what makes relationships work. I also got a relationship coach, started studying serial men and women who always seemed to have lots of attention from their love interest. I took everything I learnt and crafted my own strategy to find my man. It took me about 8/9 months to find my man and no more heart breaks. My friends who knew about all my negative experiences started using the same formula and it worked for them. And everyday, I see so many people like me going through the same challenges that I went through. Successful high-flying people who have succeeded everywhere but seem they are not able to succeed in the love department. I then decided to go study Matchmaking in the UK and Relationship Coaching in New York. My husband is a Behavioral Change Expert & Therapist. We decided to join our passion and expertise to give birth to Chotayah.

Leaving engineering for Entrepreneurship

I think it’s genetic LOL. My grandfather was a successful businessman – he sold palm oil to the Portuguese and imported – canons, tea sets, and textiles. My grandma was a textile wholesaler in Onitsha. She also came from a family of businessmen and women.  My Dad is a doctor who owns his own hospital. I grew up seeing all these and hearing their stories, I guess that influenced me. I started my first business in SS1 (at 14yr) selling earrings to my classmates in the boarding house. I just did it for fun to see my money multiply.

How the matchmaking process on Chotayah works

We use a scientific process; psychology and tech, we always put into consideration their traditional African culture which is unique to everyone that comes to us as you know African culture is rich and diverse. Finally we use our intuition. When a client contacts us that he is seeking a spouse. We then have a 1- 2 hours session to know his relationship history and background to understand him properly and come up with the best Strategy that will give him results. It’s also in this session that we can figure out if he is a good fit for us, we are not able to help everyone unfortunately. We do a bit of background checks and if everything comes out fine, we then take him on as a client. Our matchmaking always goes with Relationship Coaching and Behavioural Therapy. We first work on him/her as a person to find out what is stopping this person from finding love – is it just that he is too busy, not positioned properly or is it something from the inside? We remove those blockers  and help him develop a unique  personal plan for him/her… And we go searching . As we search, we do a lot of  data analysis using proven scientist methods combined with emotional intelligence to see if they are a match. We then go through every match with our client till we both agree on The ONE. We coach them, guide and provide emotional support while dating and sometimes till they get married.  Some still come back after marriage and we keep helping them navigate early married life.


What kind of person will hire a Matchmaker

Matchmaking is not for everyone. The most common being they are very busy: they are highly selective and have certain criteria they are not able to find ordinarily around them; they love their privacy – many of clients do not even have a social media account. Some are highly placed people in the society or very busy highflying professionals who want to protect their confidentiality. They come to us because they need an expert to handle their dating life. They are the sort of people who will hire a personal trainer, personal stylist and personal chef. They always want bespoke and personalised services with someone they can trust to deliver excellence while being extremely discrete. Some have tried so many times to find love, gotten disappointed several times and then decided to use us. We love the diversity of our clients. We have people from 28 to 70+ years old. While we cater to a mainly african niche, we also get requests from people of other races who want to marry africans. When it comes to the kind of thing they do, we get approached by them – The Top CEOs, Royalty, Politician, Sport Stars, Celebrities,highly Celebrated and sought after Professions – We have people in Research, Oil & Gas, Tech CEOs, Specialist Medical doctors. These people are usually the best of the best in their fields but seem to have a challenge finding love. One thing they all say is that they are busy .. Most ambitious professionals don’t have the time or resources to commit to finding the kind of person that they want but the Chotayah team  does . This I understand as I have been their shoes

Challenges of being a Matchmaker

Trying to find if a person is being honest and truthful about whom they claim to be. And depending on the client, this costs a lot of money as we work  the best hands in background checks and they don’t come cheap. In the beginning, We have met all types of people and you know human management isn’t so smooth LOL… The journey taking people from the life they are used to a new transformed life that will enhance them for success was challenging in the beginning as humans will usually reject change, but with time, I devised means to make the transformation process easier for them.

What I enjoy most about my job

My greatest joy has been helping people who felt their case was hopeless find happiness. I love seeing people transform and become better versions of themselves.

 3 women who inspire me and why

 My mum, she was a very peaceful person who loved helping people and seeing them succeed. Her influence made me develop the kind of mindset I have towards helping others. Oprah Winfrey – She is iconic . I admire her doggedness in accomplishing her dreams and also helping others do the same. I love Indra Nooyi, former CEO of Pepsico – She is showing how a woman can be powerful, successful and balance family life.

On If people understand the meaning of true love

I think many people confuse Infatuation for Love.. Infatuation usually happens earlier on in the relationship is driven by strong emotions. That period when you have all those hormones running through your head and colouring everything you see about the other person. You have those intense feelings, the butterflies, you only want to be with them 247 neglecting every other thing in your life, and they can do no wrong.The good thing is that infatuation doesn’t last and if you are patient, the hormones will stabilize, and you can then see if you truly love this person and they love you back – which is True Love. Emotions are not enough to keep a relationship for the long term. On the other hand, True Love is more stable, more like deep friendship -where you have seen each other’s negative and positive sides and truly decide to stay together in mutual respect and deep admiration of each other. True love always has good intentions, is trusting, honest, accessible, responsive, loyal, consistent, and always growing. And you can always feel some of the passionate feelings characteristic of infatuation in a true love relation but its healthier and infatuation will always wear off. Expert psychologists say it can take 2-3 years to wear off.

My work-life balance routine and support system

My husband is my support system. He is highly organized and helps me organize my projects. Most times when I am down, he takes up the wheel 100%. When it comes to everyday work, I also delegate a lot.

If I could change one thing in the matchmaking and dating world

 I will change the process and mindset. I feel its shouldn’t be first about connecting people but about them finding real, healthy, lasting love. Focus should be more on people having the right mindset for love, understanding how to have a happy and fulfilling relationship. If all businesses put this first, then they will change their business models.

To the woman who has given up on love

 I will ask her why. Is she giving up because she has a new vision and direction for her life and she genuinely thinks that a loving relationship isn’t what she wants? If yes, that’s fine and I wish her Goodluck Or is she giving up because of endless disappointments? If yes, then she has to examine herself to know why the kind of love she wants isn’t coming. And NO, it’s not because all men are bad or that all the good men are taken. They are there. And she can definitely find and attract them, if she can change her mindset and strategy. 

Matchmaking nuggets, and red flags

Matchmaking: Always be clear on what you want in a relationship. Make sure you are willing to give your best to the person you are seeking to love. Be open-minded and positive. Red flags: Always listen to your intuition, if it says something isn’t right, investigate it.

Being a woman of Rubies

 I am a very compassionate person who loves people and loves to see them succeed. I believe in using my talent, knowledge, and time to empower people around me so that they can improve their lives.