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Amazon just acquired Zoox, a self-driving startup company, run by Black female CEO Aicha Evans, for $1.2 Billion, Black Enterprise reports.

Zoox is the maker of self-driving vehicles built for purpose that also happen to be eco-friendly. Since 2014, the company has been testing these autonomous vehicles in Las Vegas and San Francisco, with most referring to them as a “robotaxi” service. For the last two years , Evans has been at the helm, working as CEO to help the company expand. Now, Amazon, a longstanding investor in various self-driving startups, has acquired the company for over $1 billion. 

“This acquisition solidifies Zoox’s impact on the autonomous driving industry. We have made great strides with our purpose-built approach to safe, autonomous mobility, and our exceptionally talented team working every day to realize that vision. We now have an even greater opportunity to realize a fully autonomous future,” Evans said. 

The online retail giant plans to use the technology to tackle last-mile deliveries, officially automating ground delivery and revolutionizing the industry. Chief Safety Innovation Officer at Zoox, Mark Rosekind, spoke about the possibilities of the partnership, saying, “We now have an even greater opportunity to realize a fully autonomous future. We’re going to start seeing [in] three to five years where people start actually deploying in cities, but it’s going to be 20 to 30 years before you start seeing this all over the place.” 

Evans will help spearhead the initiative, continuing to lead in her current role as CEO. 

Congratulations Aicha!

It’s important to point out that not all ‘bad’ feelings are bad. Sometimes, being angry, sad, unhappy, or stressed is a healthy and natural reaction; you should not go out of your way to suppress, ignore or bottle up your feelings. But if you experience these emotions on a frequent basis they can become chronic and even addictive. That is when healthy negativity turns into toxic negativity.

Here are four ways to deal with negativity at your workplace;

1. Stop Blaming and Start Learning

Next time something goes wrong, don’t point the finger of blame. You’ve probably heard the saying that whenever you point a finger at somebody, there are three fingers pointing back at you. Instead of blaming, first take a look at what you could have done differently to react to – or entirely avoid – the problem you’ve experienced. In most cases you will find there is always something you can do differently or better next time. Learn from your mistakes, adapt, and grow!

2. Stop Complaining and Take Ownership

Instead of complaining about a problem, do something about it. Does the guy in the next office constantly interrupt you? Are you not getting the recognition you deserve at work? Don’t complain to your friends or co-workers. If it bothers you enough to complain about it on a daily basis, then take action and make changes. Ask the guy to stop interrupting you or send you an email instead. Talk to your boss about a raise or a change of duties. Just do something. And if nothing works and you are still unhappy… maybe you have a much bigger decision to make.

Sometimes there is a fine line between complaining and simply communicating about a problem. A good general rule to go by is if you tell somebody about a problem more than once, you are complaining. Doing it daily will make it a chronic activity that is very poisonous to you and others around you.

3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

One of the most effective negativity antidotes is to do kind things for others and feel the positive energy that comes with that. Next time you see a mom struggling with her baby trying to open a door, run over and open it for her. Help somebody carry something up the stairs. Pay for somebody’s parking meter or their lunch in the drive-thru. Leave a $20 bill in the bible in the hotel room. All of these simple little things can add up to you feeling really good about what you did. That positive energy can cut through the foulest of moods.

4. Build Positivity into your Organizational Culture

Make a positive, helpful and healthy attitude part of the mission, vision and values of your company. Hire people who light up the room when they walk in and bend over backwards to help others around them. Work with clients who love to do business and who are passionate about what they do. Work with vendors who care about their work as much as you care about yours. Make ethics a key ingredient of your cultural formula and enforce a strict moral code. Help others when in need and celebrate your victories loudly!

Negativity is weaker than you think

When you’re in a bad mood, it may seem that the dark cloud will never go away. But you’d be surprised how easily you can change your mind and mood if you put your heart into it. Try following a few of these tips (and share them with others!) over the next few weeks and see if the overall spirit and attitude of your workplace improves.


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Born in the 90s, beauty entrepreneur, media personality and actress, Iheme Faith Uloma, a.k.a Ifu Ennada, is no stranger to the limelight. Bursting into our consciousness as a Big Brother contestant last year, she is also an event host and speaker and has moderated several panel discussions in various fields. Shortly after leaving the #BBNaija show, Ifu launched her beauty brand, beautIFU Ennada which debuted as a haircare line for natural hair girls. BeautIFU Ennada turns one today and, in celebration, she is launching a wig line, a line of pre-stretched braiding hair extensions called E’Zee braids, a state of the art salon, a beauty academy and store. She has also announced a reward program for everyone on her beautIFU Ennada train, 5millionaday, a platform for teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their business. In 2017, her self-produced and written short film, “Tears of A Broken Virgin”, which premiered at the In Short Film Festival won her Award for Best Actress. In 2016, she was nominated for AMAA Awards best young and promising actress for her role in O Town by CJ Obasi and has since featured in top TV Series like Tinsel, Ebony Life’s HM Travel and Tours, MTV Base Shuga and movies like Obsession by Judith Audu, The Quest by Dabby Chimere and Hire A Woman by Chinney Love. Passionate about women and a strong advocate for women who have gone through abuse, she sits down with GuardianWoman to talk about being in the eye of the storm, how poverty pushed her to do well, her soft spot for women and her plans to take over the beauty industry.

Your stage name is very interesting. Tell us how you came about it? Did you always have it or you coined it for BBN?
Ifu Ennada is actually also my official name, just not what I have on my passport, but it is recognised legally as my name and I have also trademarked it. Ifu Ennada is simply my name creatively rearranged, it’s the initials of Iheme Faith Uloma and Ennada is Adanne spelt backwards. I created Ifu when I was 17 years old and added Ennada when I was 19. I was a newbie TV presenter and needed a name for TV. I wanted something catchy but original, so that was how Ifu Ennada came to life.

Since leaving the BB Show last year, you have been in the eye of the storm severally. Is this deliberate?
Everything I say or do is deliberate, but how people react to it is not my responsibility. I’m very expressive and bold. I am also kind and respectful, so I’d never do or say anything to hurt anyone, but the media has a way of twisting one’s words and action to make great headlines that’ll bring them more traffic.

Tell us about your beauty brand in detail? 
My beauty brand, Beautiful Ennada turns one today. It debuted with a line of haircare products inspired by the hair loss I suffered about two years ago. My hair wasn’t growing and I had lost my edges and every product I tried had failed. So, I started doing research and taking mini courses online and finally came up with some of my recipes. At the time of this discovery, I didn’t have the resources I needed to launch the business, but going into Big Brother changed that. We have helped a lot of women get back their hair including popular celebrities like Mercy Aigbe, who endorsed us publicly after our super hair growth oil restored her hair. We’ve also been publicly endorsed by American-Nigerian celebrity hair blogger, Naturally Temi. Since we launched, we have gradually expanded and are now set to introduce more products into the line while launching a new look. Also these products will cater to people with different hair types, natural and relaxed, textured and so on. We’re also set to launch a state-of-the-art salon, beauty store and a beauty academy.

You launched a product this week, tell us about it; what impact do you think it would have?
This week, I launched a first-of-its kind fashion accessory called the Wig Hat. It solves the problem of bad hair days by providing a fashionable Wig Hat covering. Wig Hat is basically a wig sewn to classy Fedora hats and baseball caps. We introduced it with six different styles. Everyone can preorder till August 7, when the Wig Hats will become physically available.

The beauty industry as we know is well saturated. How are you managing to break through and be seen?
In my corner in the beauty industry, it is saturated with mostly products that are hardly effective and give no value for money, but that can’t be said for my products. A lot of my sales are based on referrals and testimonials. This is what has made me successful in a short period of time. In everything, I always strive to give value even if it means making little or no profit. I’ve spent almost a year working on two major projects I want to launch. The new and improved recipes for my products and a hair extension line called beautiful Ennada E’Zee braids. Any other person could have launched quickly and made it available to the general public, but not me. It has to be 100 per cent and my conscience must be at peace with me before I can put it out for sale.

Tell us, what does 5millionaday mean and what does it do?
5millionaday is an online platform where I teach entrepreneurs how to grow and make money with their businesses. The name was inspired by a statement I made on TV. I was talking about the power of sales and how I made up to N5 million during a sales period, but people twisted my words and said I claimed I make N5million everyday. The small mindedness of these set of people led me to start 5millionaday. I wanted to teach young entrepreneurs everything I know in business and also motivate and inspire them with my work. I’ve been doing that since we started. I’m currently teaching my first online course on the platform titled, “How To Secure The Bag In Your Business.”

As someone firmly entrenched in both the beauty and entertainment industry, how are you marrying both worlds and making it work?
I am very passionate about beauty and entertainment. When I have a very demanding project in my business, I don’t take on any demanding acting jobs, but I do a lot of MC work because that is easier to execute.

You revealed that you suffered abuse in the past, how are you using your experience to help other women?
I counsel and speak to women when I can. I try to be there for them and help them get through it all. Also I connect them to some of my influential friends who take up the case and try to bring the abuser to book.

If you hadn’t gone down this line, what do you think you would have been doing now?
If I wasn’t in my line of businesses, I would have still been a creator in another capacity. I’m a creator and I love to bring things to life.

What do you think of mentoring for women, is it important especially for women-owned businesses?
Over the years, the society we live in has constantly dragged women to the back of the line and made her feel she’s not enough when she’s the very giver of life here on earth. Women are so powerful, but we live in a world that has been made to feel like it belongs to men. A lot of ladies have been brainwashed into thinking that only men have the capacity to make wealth. This is why it’s important to continuously mentor women in business, especially the young ones just starting out and to make them understand the limitless power in them. I truly wish more women would be supportive of women. It’s truly sad that when you look around, you find out that there isn’t much unity amongst women, but I’m here to change all that in my own capacity as a public figure and celebrity entrepreneur.

Both industries you are presently in are billion dollar industries all over the world. In your opinion, what can Nigeria do to become a major player?
Reduce the taxes paid by businesses in these industries and invest in these industries. Make very low interest loans available and generally just give us a survivable environment to operate in.

Doing what you are presently doing cannot be easy; what are some of the challenges you have faced and how did you pull through?
Getting the right staff, people who share your energy and goals is a challenge. Also, not being able to control certain factors, which are just beyond control, is another challenge. Business can be very frustrating, but the joy of fulfilling someone’s need by giving them good value makes it worth it.

Tell us something that has influenced your life and career positively today?
My past, growing up in extreme poverty, watching my sibling die in front of me due to lack of money to get good healthcare, reading other people’s stories and so on; all these have influenced me positively and made me the woman I am today.

How are you using your voice to help and encourage other women?
Everyone who knows me personally and follows me online knows I have a soft spot for women. A good number of my following online are women who are inspired by me. I try to be there for them when I can and if there’s a cause that needs my voice, I lend my voice to it, by all means.

If you could influence change, what change would you effect for Nigerian women?
I would change the way the average Nigerian woman thinks; how she sees her fellow woman as competition. I would make them know that wealth is not exclusive to men. We women are so powerful but we don’t even know how much power we have and possess.

What does your typical day look like?
My typical day starts with me not wanting to wake up from sleep because I barely sleep for three hours and have a lot of work to do. After I get ready for the day, if I’m working from home, I dive right into work and also monitor my staff. Sometimes I forget to eat till late into the night. I always end my day with prayers and thanksgiving to God Almighty who made and makes everything possible. I usually go to bed by 2:00am or 3:00am, sometimes even 4:00 am.

Wow! So how then do you relax and de-stress? What is your guilty pleasure?
I haven’t had time to do anything for pleasure or leisure in a long while. For now, I just sleep when I can because I’m always working, so I spend time resting my body and mind when I can.

Who and what inspire/drives you?
My past inspires me to work hard. My father inspires me. He’s my biggest cheerleader and supporter. When I have no faith in myself, my father has faith in me and never gives up on me. He tells me that I can do anything if I believe I can.

Tell us what the next five years would look like for you and your brand?
Growth, growth, growth; that’s all that’ll happen. Having more business partners and taking over the world. I’m presently partnering with a Kenya business woman, Nasieku Ellein who’s also the CEO of The Merakii beauty salon and studio and jointly, we’re taking over the East African market. I’m also partnering with the CEO of Adaora Beauty Supply, Los Angeles to take over the US market as well. I have a number of key partnerships that have been executed and more to come. In the next five years, my businesses, my business associates and myself will be regulars on the Forbes List.

What last words do you want to leave with those that have been inspired by you?
Less than two years ago, there were days when all I had on me was just N100, some days I had nothing, but today my story is not close to that. Keep pushing and never give up, always know that nothing is impossible, this I believe is the meaning of Ifu Ennada.

Interview by Tobi Awodipe  for Guardian

Ladies, don’t send your nude pictures to anyone. At this time and age of advanced technology, your nudes can get all over the world if it falls into the wrong hands. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and WhatsApp, sending any man or anybody your nudes is a bad idea.

With the kind of men on the loose these days on many social media platforms and how they destroy the reputation of ladies who have foolishly given them their nudes in the past, one would think other ladies would learn from them.

But no, many are still sending nudes as a proof of love to strangers who can use it against them at any slight misunderstanding. When you guys break up, your nudes will be scattered all over the world.

Ladies should learn how to say no when a guy asks for their nude pictures. It’s become incredibly common place and the trend needs to stop. I don’t know where some ladies got the idea that sending nudes will keep a man by their sides forever. You are digging a hole for yourself if you still carelessly send nude pictures to your boyfriend, fiance or husband. Just stop it!

Here are 5 reasons you should never, ever send your nudes to men.

He can screenshot it and share without your knowledge

One of the reasons not to send nude pictures to anyone no matter how much you trust them is that most people know how to take a screen shot with their phones. And the person you sent your nudes to can save it and share without your knowledge.

He can use it against you when you both break up

Everyone thinks the relationship they are in is going to last, but the harsh truth is that most relationships, when they end, don’t end on the best of terms. Things can get nasty, complicated and bad after your breakup. Your ex can become vindictive enough to use your nude pics of over three years ago that he saved could do some damage to your reputation when you two break up.

You don’t know where your pictures might end up

Once your nude photos are put online, you never know how long it will be there. Even if you make your lover promise to delete the pic as soon as they see it, that isn’t a guarantee that they actually will. It might end up on porn sites and you won’t like it.

You don’t really know the kind of person you are dealing with

Some men are sadists. They love to see women in pain. You don’t know why your lover asked for your nudes. You don’t know his history with women. You don’t know whether he loves collecting nudes from women so that he could blackmail them later. You can’t really tell. So don’t send nude pics at all.

He won’t stop asking for more

Even if you sent him one after being pestered for so long, there is no guarantee that he will stop at one. He will keep asking for more and you won’t be able to say no. So, don’t even send any. Respect yourself and care enough for your future to never send nude pics to anyone.

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TiffanyJ, an artist and entrepreneur, suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts when she was young. So, in hopes of helping young Black girls that are battling depression, she has created an avenue to boost their confidence and self-esteem through a new superhero doll called “Super Beauty”.

At 12-years old, TiffanyJ started to experience depression that is considered common to young Black girls. At 14-years old, she realized that she can share her feelings through songwriting. But by the age of 24, she became self-employed and became the author of her first published book titled It All Starts With Me: An Interactive Guide To Discovering Self and Loving.

Through her book, she shared her own experiences and gave some advice to those who have been battling depression like how she used to be. She also held an annual Beauty, You Are Boot Camp. It was such a great advocacy and she saw that she can do more to reach more.

“For a while, I had been on a mission with self-esteem advocacy, but that book did not reach the audience and mentees I had that were young girls,” she told Black Enterprise.

Now, she has created Super Beauty Pep Talker, a speaking doll that says positive and inspiring messages such as “Nobody Do Me Better Than Me.” She hopes to let young Black girls know that they are unique and beautiful.

TiffanyJ hopes to sell the Super Beauty Pep Talker in Wal-Mart and other retail store chains.


You will agree with me that we are currently experiencing a rise in temperature, due to the decline in our atmosphere’s natural protection, the ozone layer which protects us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. We can’t stop going out: the only way is for us to be aware of its adverse effects and how to maintain our health.


  • The sun gives off rays of light called Ultraviolet rays (UV) that can either benefit or harm you.
  • It doesn’t matter your age or skin color, everyone is at risk especially people whose endeavors entail that they work in the sun all day.
  • UV rays reflect off smooth surfaces, such as water, concrete, sand, and snow; you are more at risk in these areas.


  • Skin changes – you begin to see signs like wrinkled, tight, freckles, and dark spots on your skin.
  • Skin cancer – overexposure can lead to the development of melanoma, a severe kind of skin cancer that can spread to other areas of the body.
  • Premature aging – The more time you spend in the sun makes your skin age earlier than normal.
  • Eye injuries that could lead to blindness – UV rays pose a threat to your cornea, which can lead to blurred vision, cataracts and blindness if not treated.
  • Suppress proper functioning of your body’s immune system and skin’s natural defenses.


  1. 1. Lifestyle Changes
  • If you reside in the tropics, it’s important you plan your daily movements so as to avoid the direct sun between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. when the sun rays are at peak.
  • Use Sunglasses😎, sunscreen tanners and tinted makeups.
  • Interval breaks by getting into a shade.
  • Cover up – Wear clothing and hats to protect your skin from UV rays, especially for your kids whose skin are more sensitive🌞.
  1. Nutrition
  • Make a commitment to have these as part of your diet: Fruits rich in vitamins C and E can reduce the sunburns. Citrus (lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits), Carrots, Strawberries, Pomegranates, Green Tea, Almonds, Red Grapes, watermelon, Green vegetables, Turmeric, and Tomatoes🍏🍇🍓🍒🍅🌶🌽🍉🍋.
  1. Dietary Supplementation
  • If you will find it hard to meet up with your daily nutrition! No need to worry, there are whole food nutritional packs you can supplement your diet with.

Recognize these risks and take practical precautions, for this will help you enjoy the sun, and reduce your chances of sun-related health problems.

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I am Hosanna Oyibo, a Public Health Coach. I am an avid reader, personal development enthusiast, network marketing professional and a volunteer. I’m also interested in travelling, gardening, and sports. You can read about me and visit my blog with a click on this link https://about.me/hosannaoyibo. T