‘I like you’ He said as he pressed his lips against hers so swiftly as if to meet a timeline.

The slap that followed the unsolicited ‘lip pressing’ was even swifter.
‘How dare you?’ She asked in a tone so lethal, one would think the soft spoken naive girl had just been possessed by the forces of darkness.
Her eyes narrowed with disgust as she clenched her fist tightly in a bid to restrain herself from further physical expression.
She would never have thought she was capable of defending herself with an assault so publicly.
How could she have known he would harass her this way?
She’s just a fresher at the university and her friends brother was supposed to help her settle in while he concludes his extra year.
She has just been reduced to her body or was it her lips? She has been defiled. Violated. Molested.
Isn’t this rape? Only without penetration?
Oh God, why her?
Why anyone? What did she do wrong?
She has been scarred. That girl too. Oh the boy. And the other one. On and on.
Rape victims, they are scarred. Emotionally, physically.
You do not pray to be violated. How can anyone make light of such an occurrence. An evil act that is forever etched in the memory of the victims.
Silence doesn’t mean consent! What is happening to morals and values? We deliberately flushed them down the drain?
Any non-consensual sexual acts or actions against a person either by physical force, coercion or abuse of authority is violation of rights and a clearly defined case of rape.
For the sake of emphasis, a person who is incapable of giving valid consent due to unconsciousness, age, intellectual disability and is engaged in the act, is being raped!
A person who therefore knowingly makes light of these actions is an enabler who aids and abets and whose punishment should be as severe as the perpetrators. Or what other intents does an enabler have?
Many organizations are working tirelessly to reduce the statistics on rape reporting which as at today is a grossly dark figure of 91.6%. Actions of enablers, such as; stigmatizing victims, making jokes out of the act, silencing or encouraging victims to remain silent are reasons why the efforts of these organizations are perceptibly futile.
Individuals are joining walks to stop rape yet some other persons are belittling their efforts, perhaps, more interested in making it a parody.
Rape is not a joke!
Victims should not be stigmatized!
Victims should not be mocked!
Enabling is as evil as perpetrating!

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