All vocalists can be singers but all singers cannot be vocalists. This is because of the weight in classical music. Singers that are adept in light music often find it difficult to sing in the classical mode. On the other hand, singers who sing in classical mode can sing in the light mode very easily. These are the main differences between the words, singer and vocalist. Here is our list of top five vocalist in Nigeria:

1. Omawumi

Omawunmi, the original Warri queen, came into limelight in 2007 when she became the first runner-up on West African Idol. She has since taken the Nigeria Music Industry by storm with her powerful soprano voice. Her music ranges from Jazz to R&B to Reggae, creating music that anyone can relate to. Her vocal prowess sets her aside and puts her on top of our list

2. Tiwa Savage

A vocalist per excellence, Tiwa has lent her sonorous voice to international music legends Mary J Blige, Chaka Khan, George Michael, Whitney Houston and Andrea Bocelli just to mention a few. After she had accumulated an exhaustive amount of vocal and lyrical credit, she returned  to Nigerian shores. Tiwa blessed us with sound goodies that showed her keenness in the vocal department.

3. Waje

The beautiful voice that made Psquare’s Do Me even more pleasant, Waje is another vocalist with a voice so powerful, you find yourself enamored. Her vocal range covers over 3 octaves. Her top notch vocals with her high energy is one of the many reasons why we believe she will be in the music scene for a very long time.

4. Simi

The ‘Ara ile’ crooner ventured into the music scene some years back, giving us a taste of her sonorous voice and giving us something to look forward to. She came back with full force, dominating 2015/2016 with her singles and melodious voice, making us want some more.

5. Chidinma

The winner of 2010 edition of MTN Project Fame dazzled us with her voice while still in the competition, that it was almost not surprising when she won. She then stepped into the music industry, giving us full serve of her rich and beautiful voice. Whether it’s a duet or a feature or her own song, Ms Kedike’s warm and sweet voice is a force to reckon with.


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