The joy of every mother is to be able to create and establish a bond with their baby. However, if you find yourself withdrawn and unable to bond well with your partner and your baby, rapid mood swings, you find yourself feeling anxious and unable to sleep and eat properly and feelings of guilt or worthlessness overwhelm you and you find yourself preoccupied with the thoughts of death, you are suffering from postpartum depression.

So how do you overcome postpartum depression?
Speak to your doctor.

Speaking to your doctor about how you feel is the first step towards getting well. Your doctor will tell you’re suffering from postpartum depression and help you find a wellness plan such as medications, rest and or a support group of women who have gone through postpartum depression.

Seek the support of others.

Tell your partner exactly how you feel and how you want him to come in.

Let him know you need help and support and as much as you can, tell him the kind of support you need from him. Create a bond with your partner and work it out as a team.

If you have your family around you, let them in and seek their help and support.

Receive the support they are giving when they give it too.
Healthy social contacts and relations have shown to relieve stress faster than any other method of stress reduction.
Don’t keep to yourself. By all means, find a way to express your feelings – the good and the bad – to your friends and family and support group.
Find someone who can listen without being judgmental and talk to them.

Make yourself a priority

No, this is not you being selfish. It is just what it is, making yourself a priority. The more well you are physically and emotionally, the better you feel.
Forget about the house chores for now and focus more on yourself and your baby.

Exercise at least thirty minutes a day, it doesn’t have to be stressful, just a walk or stretch can do just fine. Exercise is just as effective as medications when it comes to treating depression so, work it out. Keep moving.

Get as much sleep as you can.

Yes eight hours sleep might not be feasible if we are to be realistic about the attention newborns deserve but you should also find time to rest and nap in between. Poor sleep only makes the depression worse and leaves you cranky, irritated and yelling at everyone including your baby.

Establish good eating habits as what you eat affects your mood a great deal. Feed on nourishing meals that have positive impacts on your mood and quality of your breast milk.
Avoid soda and caffeinated drinks, replace them with healthy drinks. Drink a lot of water. Eat fruits and vegetables in good amounts. 

Find and make quality time for yourself.

Do the things that make you happy, read a book, stay in the sun for a few minutes daily, get a massage and take a bubble bath.

Pamper yourself because you matter too.

If after doing all of these, you see no improvement, please see a therapist for a more professional help and solution.



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