If you want to know the positive impact of social media , Please go on Olufunmilayo Odunaike wall on Facebook, this beautiful woman who have been tagged “Mother Theresa” on Facebook made a simple post to give 20,000 to someone in need and ended up getting more donations of over half a million from well meaning Nigerians.

Although this is not the first time she will be “Paying it forward”on her page but this particular post however went viral and got the attention of  passionate Nigerians , who not only donated but also gave material support to those in need. Sh also had a panel who helped in the selection criteria to help in disbursing the money to those who TRULY need it.

Since she kicked off the “Paying it forward” initiative several accolades have been rolling in from different people, mostly Facebook users who were blown away by her kind heart.


Here is what some have to say about her kind gesture:

Chris Adetayo wrote:

Homage. To Olufunmilayo Odunaike, Facebook Nigeria’s Mother Teresa and the Sage of “Paying It Forward”. 2017 is only 2 months old but it’s doubtful if anyone will surpass what she has already done for quite a number of unknown folks in Nigeria via Facebook in what remains of the year.

Like all great things, it started out rather casually. And small. She put up a post asking anyone who is struggling to provide food for self and or family to write out a small justification for support. She had N20,000 on offer. Before long, she was flooded with lots of tear-inducing stories of folks seeking help. More impressively, many friends joined in contributing money for the cause. By the end of the day, she had enough to offer 17 “unknown” people N20,000 each.

Fuelled by the growing financial support of many who are drawn by 1] the keen desire to help those going through hard times and 2] the innate trustworthiness of Funmi, this cause has grown in leaps and bounds. And ever so diligently, Funmi and a small panel of like minds select recipients based on well-judged and clearly spelt out criteria, disburse the sums available and render full account of same. All on her Facebook wall. This week, this self-imposed task has seen this full-time worker, wife and mother visit some patients in an hospital to make donations. Mother Teresa will be immensely proud.

So, Sis, take a bow. The world is celebrating you already! And to all my FB friends who are moved to help out the needy in this trying times, please reach out to them through this lady with a heart of gold. The Angels will smile at you” 

Omotoyosi Ogunbanwo  had this to say :

See ehn…. anyone who asks who Facebook epp needs a slap on the face really.

Olufunmilayo Odunaike made a post this morning promising to give #20k to someone in need. And right now I have no idea how much the total donations have been.

This evening it was about 240k in total.

Wow…. I am beyond surprised.

Loads of people are in need.

You don’t have to have enough to give out.

I always tell people, you can never give out without receiving. As long as you do it with happiness and love.

I have no words for all the donors.

It is my prayer that the universe smiles on them. And they get all they ever wish for.

People are suffering. The economy is hard. Give the little you can. Your neighbour might have no idea what to eat for dinner. 1k can do a lot in some people’s life.

Give and never stop giving.

And you would never lack.

Try it.

You don’t even need to pray. Just give with love.

Thank you @olufunmilayo for this initiative.

Yesterday Funmi gave a report on how much was raised on her Facebook page:

Paying it forward.

N175,000 raised between yesterday and today. Wow! All donors prefer to remain anonymous. Some have indicated that the funds go to 2yrs old Mary Idowu who is finally receiving treatment. I am glad we’ll be able to go back to LASUTH as promised. From a meagre N20,000, we already disbursed N615,000 and raisedN790,000 in total. My people, you are the reason we continue to pay it forward. God bless you. When we come together, we can do amazing things. Thanks to you all.

*** We salute your courage and appreciate all you have done and still doing to help humanity. Thanks for giving hope to the hopeless and shining a light on their dark path.

You are a Woman of Rubies inside out and we celebrate you Funmi.


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