Mofoluwasho Monisola Liasu is a Lagos based practising lawyer. She attended the University of Lagos, Akoka where she bagged a first degree in law and thereafter proceeded to bag an additional post graduate degree in International law and diplomacy. Folusho runs a thriving lingerie business (Posh Lingerie) which caters to the intricate needs of ladies. Folusho being very humane, is passionate about humanity, widows, special needs children, physically challenged and cancer survivors. Her interest in this special category of people stems from their inability to meet their basic needs, thereby leaving their survival at the mercy of philanthropists and willful givers. Her advocacy is publicised majorly on her Facebook profile where her passion is seen  through all known conventional means to source for funds and generate awareness for the groups’ often pitiable plight and weary conditions. She longs for a day where there will be a cure and has been doing her best to sensitise the public about early cancer detection/screeing and has led many to go for screening in designated cancer centred.  Folusho shares her deepest passion with me in this inspiring interview. 

Childhood Influence 
My childhood prepared me for what I do today. The challenges and fun memories growing up contributed immensely to who I am now or what I do, my temperament too. I am quite an emotional and sensitive person, this could be a weakness and great strength, an emotional person tends to care about others more

The need to always support the vulnerable…
Growing up, I always tend to care for others, I can’t bare to see injustice or others cry and what I do now is a reflection of that. My mum once told me that my major gift is generousity and I should hold on to it tightly. I do not have an NGO but I am a director in NGO presided by Defunke Dewunmi and also a volunteer in Niola Cancer Foundation by Eniola Salu. I basically promote any one doing a good course on social media and off social media,once I sight you are doing something genuine for the good of others, I will help pursue it. I will promote,help raise funds and counsel. I have done that severally for cancer foundation, special needs centre and so many others. I generally pursue anything good. I try to create awareness against vices like domestic violence,rape,stigmatization of disabled or special needs individuals also I solicit for help for the vulnerable amongst us. Recently I have focused on empowerment, let’s not just give fish but teach them how to fish.  I have tried raising funds for people especially widows, victim of domestic violence, cancer etc. I generally spread the message of love on social media since the social media is highly patronized by many of us. I spread the love message to churches and those around me too.

Being a trained lawyer contributes to what I do…
Well, Yes, Lawyers are advocate. We advocate against injustice and we also solicit.We meet different people in  trouble and some stories we hear move us to help in our capacity as lawyers and sometimes beyond howbeit professionally. So being a trained lawyer has added so much value to me.

Why I  raise funds for cancer patients…
I saw a post of a young lady who contacted me and was desperate to get help. She had breast cancer. She was not stigmatized by it. She posted on her walls and posted on my walls. She freely showed her infected breast and the one that was operated on, she wanted to live by all means. She was full of life, laughing at my fun posts, her energy even while dying was infectious, she would even sympathized with those going through ailments. I couldn’t raise much neither did I create enough awareness because I was sckeptical of people’s responses since what she needs is huge and sadly she died. I felt guilty for a long time though people comforted me that it was bound to happen but I didn’t hesitate to raise funds for another when opportunity presented itself. It’s apparent I can’t raise such enormous funds on my own, I will rather team up with NGOs to achieve this.

Due to my numerous activities, my business has been seriously affected and bank accounts near zero (laughing) though I will concentrate on it soon but with all others I do I get fulfilment but you know it’s necessary to make money too. (Laughs)

Other project and activities
I have a lot of projects, majorly in my head(laughs) but some are underway. We are trying to gather parents of special needs children for a funtime, just to appreciate them for the hardwork in taking care of their adorables. Uppermost on my mind is going to schools and communities to educate teachers and students in accepting and loving children living with disabilities, even albinos and special needs children. I am gathering necessary information and notable people to accomplish this together. I want to also appreciate Madam Joseph Effa Chukwuma CEO of Project Alert Initiate on violence against women and girls. She recently started an initiative to sensitise communities and churches on women living with disabilities and to speak against their exclusion in important matters and areas,
violence and all sorts they face. I am happy to be a volunteer in that project.

Right now I am channeling my energy on a project by Black Diamonds championed by Defunke Dewunmi, a large hearted lady who has greatly helped,encouraged and pushed me in this charity journey . A project to feed and celebrate 5000 indigent children on the 24th of December.We want them to feel the Christmas,it’s a huge project and we are calling on all Nigerians to help make these children happy by joining us.

Greatest reward
My greatest reward is seeing smiles on the faces of people, when they say thank you after helping them solve a problem that has been tying them down.Like Tola Makinde of Mo Rainbow foundation  would say, Folusho you are just a burden bearer’. (Laughs)Don’t know if that’s apt though but bearing other people’s burden and making them smile is just enough for me. I haven’t received any physical award, I have never thought of that neither is it a priority. I just want people to smile, I cannot save the world but I could or motivate others to alievate the pains of just one person. That is reward is enough for me.

Nigerians are benevolent enough…
Well Nigerians are givers. Most of what I give people are due to the benevolence of Nigerians especially women because of our natural motherly instinct to give. I don’t take undue credit. I always say I am not the philanthropist, those who give their widowsmith behind the curtains from N500 to thousands are the philantropist.I am just the cryer and medium in which the funds are passed and I am utterly  grateful to those awesome donors. To the matter, Yes,Nigerians are givers because we are sentimental and religious and most religion preach giving but unlike the westerners we are still held by so many ideologies or beliefs. E.g.. Most of us believe in the dark powers (juju ) and believe some people are cursed that is why they are sick or have problems and such persons must not be helped lest such ailment is transfered, the religious fanatics are also guilty of that. I don’t encourage begging but before I can preach empowerment to an hungry man, I must feed him first so that he can listen to me. An hungry singing stomach cannot listen to an external drum. That’s my philosophy

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