It is sad that many women are crumbling under the weight of abusive and dysfunctional marriages

It is sad that these women believe this is normal. They see themselves as Messiahs that have the magic wand to make their relationships and marriages successful.

What a pity! It is a suicide mission trying to keep a relationship all by myself. You will crumble under that weight. It is not meant for you alone as a woman.

One of the lies that was sold to women many years ago was that the success and failure of their relationships or marriages was their sole duty.

Why many women are crumbling under the weight of abusive marriages

This is why we see many women crumbling under the weight of abusive and terrible marriages. They are being maltreated, yet everywhere they turn to for help, they are told to put in more effort for their marriages not to fail.

They go back home to continue enduring emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and verbal abuse. But they also wonder why their marriages are hell on earth.

Woman, you cannot do it alone. You cannot build a happy home alone. You can’t be building when your man is tearing it down with his actions. Don’t kill yourself for nothing.

It is not your job to keep a man interested in you or your relationship. He’s either making efforts to be the man you need or he’s not. You can’t force him to be who he’s not.

You don’t need to sacrifice your sanity or life for a bad relationship. You don’t even need to change yourself or stop living because of any man.

Respect yourself and demand to be respected too. All the people telling you to keep enduring a bad relationship won’t be in it with you nor suffer the consequences with you.

Live your life. You are lovable and perfect just the way you are. It’s not your fault if that man can’t see the wonderful woman that you are. Just don’t die on his behalf.

Relationships are not magic. It involves conscious efforts from both parties to make it work. Women, stop crumbling under the weight of abusive marriages. It’s not worth it.

You are just harming yourselves emotionally, psychologically and mentally. This is why many women are battling different ailments in their later life because of the effects of staying in abusive and loveless marriages.



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